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Now I understand

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Hey guys and gals,

Just thought I'd share a quick hello and say what an interesting and entertaining site you've got going.

I was involved with a couple on the Gold Coast for a while and always wondered why or how the husband got his jollys by me hammering his wife.
He mentioned this site a while ago but it's only now that I've looked into it.

I must say it all makes sense to me now and admittedly has me wanting a bit more of it.

Who knows, maybe if he's reading this he can contact me and let me get to know his lovely wife


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I have thought about that myself as to just what it is that turns me on about my wife going with other guys, I know it�s more then just the feeling of slipping my cock into her after another guy has pumped his seed in her, it�s also a big mental thing, I cannot work it out so I have given up trying to, I just lay back and enjoy it these days.
It�s not only the fact of seeing her going with other guys because she will sometimes go out with another guy and come home with a wet pussy and tell me what happened and I am just as turned on, and the time that she is with the guy and I don�t know what is going on (except for the fact that she is being fucked) is a hurt that I love.
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Australian and New Zealand forum / Australian and New Zealand forum /
Now I understand
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