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What Is A Cuckold?

The word "cuckold" probably comes from the practice of the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo mates with an alpha-male, who then moves on to encounters with other females. The female then returns to her mate, and the two of them raise the babies which resulted from mom's "night on the town." Traditionally, a (human) cuckold was the object of scorn and derision; when it was discovered that a man's wife had found fulfillment in another man's bed, she was an adultress and he was her cuckold. It was often said that he "left with his tail between another man's legs."

The dictionary defines a cuckold as "a man with an unfaithful wife."

In the context of alternative lifestyles, the cuckold occupies a position somewhere between the traditional definition and that of "swingers." The difference with the first definition is that today's cuckold is both aware of his wife's "infidelity" and is sexually excited by it; the difference with the second definition is that "swingers" are mutually involved, or at least approach the sex bed as equals, which is not the case with a cuckold.

In plain English, a cuckold is a man who stands by and accepts his wife's infidelity, being sexually excited by her actions. He may have normal sexual relations with his wife part of the time, or he may accept that his wife has chosen another man to replace him completely in her sexual bed.

Why Would Someone Choose To Be Cuckolded?

Having read (and written) extensively on this, I have found the following themes. Any combination may exist to explain a specific couple's relationship.


Being cuckolded is often a display of total submissiveness, with the added element being that at least one other permister (the lover) knows of the cuckold's role. Cuckolds may take pleasure in serving their wife and, in some cases, her lover as well. If a permister wishes to experience presentation, bringing breakfast in bed to his wife and her lover would surely fit the bill; and if he wants to feel dominated by his wife, having her tell him to leave them alone so they could make love undisturbed would be almost unbearably exciting! In addition, the knowledge that she can do whatever she wants with regard to sex, while he is restricted to only what she approves for him, is probably the ultimate in presentation: he turns over his genitals to her, while she offers no such commitment in return.


Many swingers and alternative-lifestyle adherents draw the line at offense, and reject it with disgust. Yet these same people will accept s&m as understandable! Humiliation is, in my opinion, simply mental s&m. Why would someone choose to be "disciplined," and find it to be sexually exciting? If you can understand that, you can understand the lure of offense as a sexual stimulus. And if a man seeks to be humiliated, what could be more humiliating than seeing, or hearing, or learning of his wife choosing another man to bed? If the experience includes the wife acknowledging that her lover is better endowed, or a better lover than her husband, the offense is complete.


Yes, jealousy is a turn-on for cuckolds. In fact, it is probably one of the greatest ones, though few cuckolds have written about it. After all, look what he has lost: his wife's faithfulness, his wife's body (temporarily, if not permananently), his equality as a sexual partner, his dignity... and all these have been given to another man! Permisterally, when I began to feel jealous, I began to feel truly cuckolded - and very excited!


Though I think this is secondary to the two reamisters above, it is true that there are not many opportunities in life to watch two people having sex. This is why home videos are so popular! But nothing can equal the real thing, life and in front of you... and so, inviting another man into your wife's bed will undoubtedly give you a front-row seat for the festivities.


One cuckold explained his excitement as "caused by the duality of being both afraid and excited. Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac... maybe my body requires a certain amount of adrenaline, which can only be generated by fear."

What is there to fear? A cuckold can fear (while being turned on by) the thought of being humiliated in front of his wife and her lover; he can fear being told he cannot cum for a specified (and lengthy) period of time. He can fear hearing sounds of pleasure from his wife that he never heard when she was in bed with him. Or, he can just fear the unknown...

The Unknown

Many cuckolds acknowledge that they have no idea why this turns them on, but for most of us, it is a sexual fantasy of the most overpowering variety. As I told my wife, I would rather watch her in bed with her lover than have sex with any woman on the face of the earth! So, like most sexual fantasy, we may be able to explain elements of the attraction, but we cannot explain it completely. Many cuckolds relate that they had no idea this turned them on, until their wife discussed a good looking man, or related the story of a man making a pass at her. Suddenly, the husband gets a distinct message from "another authority," and wonders what the hell is going on. THAT is a cuckold in the making!

Why Would A Wife Choose To Cuckold Her Husband?

While there are women who simply cheat on their husbands, this is not part of our discussion, as it is not a mutual decision. If you find out that your wife is cheating on you, don't read this -- get to a marriage counselor, or a lawyer! Many cuckolds describe years and years of asking their wife to have sex with another man. Usually, the wife opposes this, for several reamisters. First, it goes against everything that was promised in the marriage vows, and she cannot believe that it will do anything but ruin her marriage. Second, it is often threatening to the wife, as she assumes it is a pretext for the husband to have sex with other women (if you both want to do that, have fun; you're back in the "swinger" category, and this site is not about you). Third, many wives -- especially once they are out of their 20's and no longer look like Barbie -- worry that no other man will find them attractive, and they do not want to set themselves up for a disappointment. Finally, they worry (with good reamister) about all the mean, nasty stuff out there: bad people, bad vibes, bad diseases.

So, why do wives say yes? While some do it simply because their husbands are not satisfactory lovers, I believe that most begin (note that I said begin; the reamisters change later) to satisfy their husband's burning desire to try this. Also, if they had few sexual experiences before marriage, they may be curious as to what else is out there, and if their sexual experiences have been somewhat tame, they wonder what all the talk is about!

Once the wife begins to see other men, it is another step -- and often, not an easy one -- to cuckold her husband. After all, she loves the guy! (If she does not love him, it's time to head for the marriage counselor or the lawyer again...) It is hard to believe that her husband really wants her to like her lover more, or at least to like sex with her lover more; it is even harder to believe that he really wants to hear that from his wife. Usually, this part begins very slowly, as the wife hesitatingly relates the pleasurable details of her tryst to her husband. She notices his outstanding (!) reaction to what she says, and notices that the more explicit she is, and the more she talks about her pleasure, the more hubby goes crazy. If her husband watches her in bed with her lover, she will be very hesitant to display her pleasure, until he makes it clear that he is very turned on by it!

So, why go through all this? In my wife's words, "I can have my cake and eat it, too." What could be bad for a woman who realizes that her husband will do everything he can to make sure she has great sex with her lover, and will welcome her home (often to a completely cleaned house ) when she is done!

And, back to the wife's initial worry that no other man could possibly find her attractive: imagine her surprise and delight when the nice looking, intelligent guy she meets is very turned on! Seeing him hard, feeling him get excited as she undresses, as she touches him, as he touches her... brings her right back to high school, but with an adult's understanding of what sex is all about. Does absolute wonders for a woman's ego!

What Is The Difference Between A Cuckold And A Man With A "Hot Wife"?

Though you could certainly describe the cuckolder as a "hot wife," the difference, IMHO, lies in the original dictionary definition, "a man with an unfaithful wife." A woman crosses over the line into "unfaithful" not when she has sex with another man with her husband's consent, but when she prefers sex with her lover to sex with her husband -- and tells him so.

Major Cuckold Themes

"He's bigger than you"

In spite of all the ads in men's magazines, we haven't found a way to change what God gives us. Few women marry a man because of the size of his penis, but much has been written about how good it feels to many women to be "filled completely." So, wifey goes searching (or the well-behaved cuckold searches for her) for a man who can measure up. Some women find a large penis to be painful or uncomfortable, but if she finds the experience to be fulfilling , hubby must recognize that there is no way on earth that he can offer her what her lover does. In our society, in which "bigger is better," it is truly humiliating for a man to see less between his own legs than he sees on the man between his wife's legs! Not to mention the conversations with her lover, who tells him how good his wife feels "deep inside," and then laughs at the fact that hubby can never, ever know what that feels like. In other words, this man feels parts of your wife's body that you can never touch -- so go sit in the corner, and listen to her make me cum with those places you can't touch!

"He's better than you"

Why wifey would want this is obvious -- what a surprise, after 5, 10 or 20 years of marriage, to learn that sex is more fun than you knew! And for cucky, the embarrassment is even greater than if her lover is bigger: at least if he is bigger, you can claim that there is nothing you can do about it. But if he is better -- especially if he is about the same size as cucky, then the plain truth is, "You are not such a good lover." (Actually, that's the diplomatic truth; the plain truth is that you're a lousy lover!)

Sally's lover -- the man who made her decide to cuckold me permanently -- is almost exactly my size. But when I asked her to give us each a grade, he got an A+; after making sure that I really wanted to hear the truth about myself, she said I am a C+. Now, when she and I make love, she will often sigh and tell me she wishes Ty was inside her instead. I would be very hurt by this, if I wasn't busy cumming!

"Don't Touch Me"

Here is a major difference between a Hot Wife and a cuckolding wife: Often, I read of husbands fucking their wives before they head out on a "date." Cuckolds hardly ever get to touch their wives before a "date," unless it is to clean her, dress her or apply her makeup! And, of course, this makes sense: if her husband really isn't much of a lover, then why would she want to ruin the mood, or take the edge off her anticipation? In my case, about four days before a "date," Sally stops allowing me to touch her or even to see her undressed; in her words, "I'm saving it for him."

In more extreme cases, where the wife has replaced her husband with another man (or men) on a permanent basis, her body may simply be off limits to him at all times. In these cases, the occasional glimpse of a breast or pubic hair can trigger spontaneous orgasm!

"Clean Up the House While I'm Gone"

If the husband acknowledges his sexual inferiority, he may feel compelled to try to make it up to his wife in any way possible. Therefore, he may be among the most obedient husbands on the planet! Remember, hubby gets off on his own sexual failings; therefore, cleaning the house, etc., only serves to remind him that he's doing this because he's not very good in bed. This may be one of the few times you see a man vacuuming with an erection .

Again, in my case, Sally only has to preface any request with, "Hey, C+...," and I jump to comply!

"I Want to Have His Baby"

I tend to believe that the vast majority of cuckold stories in which the lover impregnates the wife are fictional, though I could be wrong. After all, the couple will have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives. But certainly, if you want to feel that you have "lost" your wife to another man, having him impregnate her would probably do that in spades! I do not judge here, so I mention that a number of cuckolds are very turned on by finding their wife's birth control sitting on the dresser when she goes out.

Watching Or Waiting?

There is a lot of discussion about which is more erotic: watching your wife in bed with another man, or waiting at home (or anywhere) while she goes off with him. Generally, the cuckold has little say in this; his wife will probably be more comfortable with one than the other, and that is what she will choose. Seeing sex happen in front of you, and realizing - over and over again - that the woman you see in the throes of passion is your wife, is breathtaking. Even when you engage in sex, you don't get to witness it; seeing a man's penis slide in and out of a vagina is stimulating enough, but when it is your own wife's vagina, it is overwhelming. And watching (and hearing) orgasms... the same thing, in spades!

On the other hand, if the mind is the most powerful sex organ, there is much to be said for the cuckold who sits at home and masturbates, wondering what his wife and her lover are doing now (and now, and NOW, and...). If you thought teenage boys jerk off a lot, I assure you that they are amateurs compared to cucky in the sixth hour of waiting!

Cream Pie

I would say that this has been talked about too much, if it weren't for how much it turns me (and most every other cuckold) on! Whether it is presentation or offense, licking another man's semen from your wife's pussy is #1 on the hit parade. Why is that? I believe it is a combination of every male taboo rolled into one:

- Men aren't supposed to eat cum (well, straight men aren't...)

- Men are supposed to guard their wives' chastity/purity with their lives.

- Ejaculating in a woman is a strong symbol of possession, and seeing another man's semen in your wife's most private, intimate place is a clear sign that you are not the sole (or even primary) permister in her life... or at least in her body.

- If there is any single thing that "proves" that your wife was unfaithful, it is the sight of semen dripping from her vagina, when you know you didn't put it there. Pornographers may be able to substitute liquid soap in pictures, but when you're face to face with the real thing, you know it.

- The only way for that semen to get in your wife was for her to bring him to orgasm. A creampie says, "Not only did she cuckold you, but she did it very well."

- Semen does not taste good; if you're lucky, it does not taste terrible. Licking it up - especially if it is a large amount - is very, very difficult, and emphasizes the humiliating nature of what your wife is doing to you.

- If you have to do it in front of the lover, while your wife is holding and kissing him, you will have your "place" made perfectly clear to all involved - especially if the two of them laugh at your difficulty swallowing all of it!

For all these reamisters, most cuckolds find creampies to be among their most powerful fantasies and most erotic experiences.

A Note About "Slut Wives"

There are those men who want their wives to be "sluts"; to relax around to be indiscriminate, etc. I've seen very few cuckolds who express this wish, and I believe it has to do with our absolute respect for our wives. We don't mind being humiliated, but don't mess with our wife - that will turn us off faster than anything at all. So, again, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that very few cuckolds will ever refer to their wife as a slut (and if they do, it'll probably be a cold day in hell before they "get any" again!)


So, with all this good stuff, what's to worry? Plenty! First of all, the couple had better have a wonderful, positive, open relationship. You are going to be playing for real here, and both of you have to be able to say what you are feeling, and to "bail out" at any point that it becomes unworkable or dangerous. In the words of one cuckold, "You and your wife must love each other very much. That love, trust, understanding and willingness to be open and honest must be there, or neither of you, nor your marriage in whatever shape it may take, will survive."

Sex is powerful; there's a reamister advertisers use it! You cannot expect your wife to have sex with someone and not develop feelings for him (unless it is a terrible experience; see below). In fact, cuckolding is even more dangerous in this regard than "hot wife-ing" (is there such a phrase?), because the ultimate fantasy of the cuckold is that she will like her lover more than him! So, take it step by step. I have corresponded with many couples for whom it was a powerful fantasy, but as they took the first baby-steps toward making it real, they realized that they didn't like where it was going. I applaud them - we've got enough divorces.

"What are our limits?" is a question which should be asked and asked again. If you both love each other, and you are doing this to find a new kind of experience, then you should both be overwhelmed with concern for how the other is handling it, and whether the latest step is over the line. Women, there is a nearly-foolproof way to tell: it's called the Peter Meter! If you talk about actually meeting a man for the first time, or about going away with him on a cruise for a week, your husband's cock will tell you whether this is A Very Good Idea, or moving too fast!

Remember, especially, that once the wife has a lover, he does not "go away" like turning off a VCR. He is real, and his presence in your lives is real, too. As one cuckold said, "The offense is very real. It doesn't stop after you've jacked off three times. Her lover is still in the picture." So, folks, this is one you can't "take back"; you can stop, but you can't undo what you have done, or what you have said. If hubby doesn't want to live with the knowledge that his wife's lover is better, or that she longs to be with him, or that those three extra inches really do matter to her, then don't start.

Men, I can only give you the one suggestion which I've told Sally from day one: she has absolute veto power over anything, at any time. She can get up and walk out of a restaurant, or a hotel room, or a conversation; she can say she's done seeing someone; she can say something makes her uncomfortable; and in every case, I'll agree instantaneously. Once she understood that I really meant that (she was afraid she'd "disappoint me," but I explained that it's not my fantasy if she's not e


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Cuckold Sexual Inventory

The follow inventory should be done not only to help you understand your cuckolding needs, but most of all to help your wife understand why you want to be cuckolded. Take your time and answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. It may take a few days to answer all the questions as things will come back to you about your past sexual history. Good luck and happy sharing!

1. Sexual History

a. At what age did you first become aware of your sexuality? Please describe the situation and your thoughts and feelings at the time?

b. Please describe your first sexual experience (masturbation, watching another permister, being with another permister etc.).

c. How old were you?

d. Was there anyone else involved?

e. Were there any magazines, pictures or other stimulus involved?

f. What were you thinking and feeling about the situation before and during the act?

g. What were your thoughts and feelings afterwards?

h. Did you feel good?

i. Did you feel guilty or bad?

j. How long did it take you to repeat the act?

k. How did it feel the second time?

2. Please describe your thoughts and feelings about your first sexual experience with another permister?

a. Did you watch?

b. Did you participate?

c. Did you masturbate during the act or later?

d. Did you masturbate later thinking about it?

e. How did you feel afterwards?

3. Please describe in general your experience with masturbation throughout your life.

a. Have you preferred masturbation to sex with another permister at times in your life?

b. If so, please describe.

4. Describe any sexual experiences you may have had with the same sex in your formative years (masturbation, sharing porn, sexual contact, etc.).

a. How did it make you feel during the act?

b. How did it make you feel afterwards?
5. During your formative years how did you feel about your penis compared to other males? For example, were you shy about taking showers in front of other boys during gym?

a. Did you notice other boys penises?

b. Were you ever made fun of by other boys?

c. If so, how did it make you feel?

6. Do you think any of your initial experiences relate to your cuckold desires today?

a. If so, how do they relate?

7. Describe your first experiences with being a voyeur, if any?

a. Who did you watch?

b. Did you masturbate while watching?

c. Did you masturbate afterwards?

d. How did the experience make you feel?
8. Describe your initial thoughts about female sexuality?

a. Can you remember the first female you ever thought about sexually?

b. Was she real or was she someone from a porno magazine or an entertainment figure?

c. What were your thoughts about her?

d. Did you masturbate thinking of her?

e. Was she older, same age or younger than you?

f. Can you remember what sex acts you thought about females performing initially?

g. In your thoughts was the act with you or others?
9. Describe the first crush you ever had on a girl.

a. How did you feel?

b. What were your thoughts about her?

c. Did anything ever happen in terms of you telling her or did you keep it to yourself?

10. Describe you first sexual experience with a female.

a. What were your thoughts and feelings during the act?

b. What were your thoughts and feelings after the act?

c. Did you feel awkward performing or feel successful?

11. Please describe your awareness of the first �bad girls� you knew (probably in school).

a. What were the rumors about them?

b. Did the rumors excite you?

c. Did you ever masturbate thinking about the bad girls?

d. If so, were the bad girls with someone else or you?

e. Were you ever with one of the �bad girls�?

f. If so, how did you feeling during?

g. How did you feel afterwards?

12. Can you remember a cuckolding experience during your formative years? For example, maybe an ex-girlfriend dating someone else and you found yourself turned on by it or maybe a girlfriend cheated on you.

13. Looking back at what you wrote so far, list and describe elements of cuckolding during your formative years such as fantasy, masturbation, voyeurism, offense and other feelings you might relate to your situation today.

14. Describe the sluttiest woman you have ever been with or known?

a. Did she or does she excite you?

b. What is it about her that excites you?

c. If you have been with such a woman, how did it make you feel afterwards?
15. Describe your sexual history during your adult years.

a. What is your favorite act?

b. What is your favorite fantasy?

c. Have you had any cuckolding experiences as an adult?

d. How did they make you feel?

e. Why do you want more?

16. Define yourself as a cuckold?

a. What do you desire as a cuckold?

b. What are your limits?

17. Describe your ideal cuckolding fantasy.
18. Why do you want your wife/gf to cuckold you?
19. Why should she cuckold you?

20. How are you prepared to show your wife/gf your love and devotion if she chooses to fuck another man?

21. How are you going to enhance the relationship as a cuckold?

22. Are you prepared to let your wife decide who, what, when and where she fucks somebody without any say so from you?

23. It�s your fantasy now, but what if your wife really enjoys fucking other men, how are you going to handle that?

24. How are you going to love and adore your wife when she starts fucking other men?

25. Why should your wife respect you if you�re so willing to let her fuck others?

26. How are you going to enhance the marriage as a cuckold?

When this is finished present it to your wife and maybe she will understand your desire!


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12 Steps of Cuckolding

1. We are powerless over our Hotwives' pussies and our life has become unmanageable as a

2. We came to believe that our Hotwives could restore us to sanity with the proper control

3. We made a decision to turn our penises and our sexuality over to the care of our Hotwives as we understand them

4. We made a searching and fearless cuckolding sexual inventory of ourselves

5. We admitted to our Hotwives the exact nature of our perversions

6. We became entirely ready to have our Hotwives control our sexuality

7. We humbly asked our Hotwives to control our sexuality and fuck whoever they wanted

8. Made a list of all the ways we could help our Hotwives and their Lover(s) sex life and became willing to perform them all

9. Perform all the duties our Hotwives ask us (household tasks, cleaning of her and her lover(s), etc.)

10. Continues to take a permisteral inventory everyday to make sure we were pleasing our Hotwives

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with our Hotwives and seek their approval while accepting whatever they chose to do and support them

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we tried to carry this message to other cuckolds whenever possible and share our Hotwives sluttiness with them


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What Type of Cuckold are You?

I would like to start this discussion on the different types of cuckolds and their relationships. First a little background on me and my interest in this subject. My wife and I have been practicing the cuckold lifestyle for over 3 years now. Before that my wife was a Hot Wife and dabred in swinging and some Domination and presentation.

I have been active in many cuckold forums, cuckold groups and run my own cuckold group. I actively chat with other cuckolds, Hot Wives and wannabe cuckolds. My lovely Hot Wife and I have met 4 other real life cuck couples. One aspect that I have observed is the confusion between a Hot Wife relationship and a cuckolding one. It is my opinion that the main difference between the two is in a cuckolding relationship the wife controls the relationship sexually. She makes the decisions about the lovers that she will meet and play with. The cuckold may or may not get to participate in the wife's illicit affairs. In a Hot wife relationship the husband often makes the decision or it is made jointly. The husband always participates is some aspect of the affair. In both types of relationships the wife is referred to as a Hot Wife. Lately, Hot Wives in the Cuckold lifestlye are being referred to a Cuckoldress.

Below are some general thoughts and comments from my experience and what I have observed. They are in no way put forward as fact, they are just put forward for purposes of discussion. I would love to hear from other Hot Wives and cuckolds as to their opinions.

In general there tends to be 3 types of cuckolds in my humble opinion:

Cuckold Type 1 - The traditional cuckold

* The cuckold may have come to the lifestyle by finding out his wife is cheating
* There is a certain aspect of deviance by the cheating wife
* The cuckold can seem almost ***d by the cheating wife's behavior
* The cuckolds say they enjoy it but if you really read what they're saying in their posts or comments it's almost as though they do not have choice and they lack of choice excites them
* At some level the cuckold does enjoy the emotional ***, much like a masochist
* They enjoy the offense aspects of cuckolding (wimp factor, knows his place, small penis)
* The slut wife sometimes includes him and sometimes she ignores him
* The cuckolds tend to be more submissive in all aspects of the relationship and the hotwives tend to be more dominant in all aspects
* The cheating wife may practice sexual denial with the cuckold

Cuckold Type 2 - The non-traditional cuckold

* Came to the lifestyle after talking the wife into it
* They love their hotwives having sex with other men
* Their hot wives enjoy teasing the cuckold and letting him be a part of it somehow (the cuckold is not necessarily always physically present with her and her lover, but she makes sure that he is a part of it by calling or telling him all the details when she arrives home)
* The cuckold and the slut wife are open about all aspects of the wives sexual activity, no deviance
* The cuckold enjoys the hotwife's sluttieness and her sexual power over him
* The cuckold tends to have more desire and passion for his wife after she has been with another man
* These cuckolds tend to be only sexually submissive
* In all other aspects of the relationship the cuckold and wife are equal partners

Cuckold Type 3 - The Fem or Wimp Cuckold
* The cuckold enjoys feminization brought on by the hotwife
* The cuckold enjoys the powerd femization by the hot wife, made to wear panties, make up, bras, etc.
* The cuckold enjoys the offense of not being man enough to handle his wife
* The slut wife tends to be dominate in all aspects of the relationship
* The hot wife may or may not include the cuckold in her sexual activities
* The cuckold has definite bi-sexual tendencies
* The hot wife may use a strap on dildo on her fem cuck
* The hot wife may include the lover in using the cuck for her pleasure (oral and anal)

The following tendencies seem to be present in all types of cuckolds

* Cuckolds tend to be highly educated and rely on their minds a lot
* The difference between a strict hot wife relationship and a cuckold relationship is in the cuckold relationship the hotwife is always in sexual control, she is the one who makes the decisions about other men and often controls the sexual behavior of the cuckold. In a strictly Hot Wife relationship the husband will be in control of who the Hot Wife meets and fucks.
* Cuckolds tend to enjoy masturbation and fantasy
* Cuckolds are not necessarily very physical in their loving making s*******s and tend to be more mental and emotional
* Cuckolds are not easily turned on by just the physical aspects of sex itself, they tend to need more mental, visual and aural stimulation then the average male
* Cuckolds may have less testosterone than say a Bull who can get excited by physical aspects of sex
* The act of being cuckolded is appealing because of its mental and emotional aspects and it is often long and drawn out over a period of time with the wife dating and such
* The cuckold loves feeling cucky angst for hours upon hours until the slut wife comes home and allows relief
* The cuckold my be fixated on the idea of his penis is not enough to pleasure his wife and take pleasure from her getting a larger cock for her lover
* It is very difficult to define a cuckold relationship, we are all different and ultimately if you call yourself a cuckold and your hotwife has sexual activity with other men and she controls it, then I guess you are one
* Real cuckold couples are rare
* Real Bulls are rare


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How to Get Your Wife to Cuckold You

Most husbands start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men." This is a critical mistake. Just because this idea turns you on, doesn't mean it is going to turn your wife on. Women think differently than men, especially married women---and the key word here is married. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to our husbands. We also have some pre-conceived ideas about marriage that makes the idea of cuckolding seem anti-marriage. Women are taught to nurture the relationship, not destroy it by fucking other men. Just because the husband says he wants it, it still does not make it right in our minds.

Men have to understand that in order for a wife to become a Cuckoldress. It is a process in her mind and during that process many hurdles have to be overcome mentally. The first hurdle for most women is "if I fuck someone else, what will happen to my marriage?" So take the focus off of "fucking other men" and put it on "enhancing the marriage." Remember, women think in terms of relationships and men think in terms of sex. Men are so stupid in how they approach their wives. You�re going to have to talk about re-defining the marriage and how it�s going to work as a cuckold marriage. Believe me, your marriage will change, cuckyboy, once your wife gets more than that pathetic 4 inches you can offer her.

I suggest doing some of the cuckold exercises we have provided in the cuck info section. Let her know you�re serious and this is not some perverted whim that you're going through and will change your mind in two weeks. You must start communicating and a cuckold relationship takes more work then a normal one. If you are not willing to work at it then give it up!!!! Most of the cuck wannabes really do not want to work at it. If she cuckolds you, there will be plenty of work to do, cuckyboy! So get used to it. You will not be giving her the cock she needs anymore, so you will have give her other things in the marriage, cuckyboy.

The next hurdle is to make her feel sexy. After a few kids and 10 years of marriage most women do not feel very sexy. Take her shopping; buy her some sexy clothes and lingerie. If you do not have a dildo, purchase one from our store---and not one that is 12 inches. If the only cock that she has had is your little dick then I suggest something around 8 inches. A word of caution---do not shove the dildo all the way into her pussy the first time you use it!!!! Your wife needs stretched properly and prepared for a bigger lover slowly, and I repeat, "Slowly". She needs to feel sexy again. She needs to feel desired and wanted by other men.

You can support our site if you wish by buying from the Cuckyboy Superstore. Have her wear the clothes and fantasize about other men while using the dildo. Get used to spending money on her, cuckyboy. When she takes a lover you will spend plenty---on hotel rooms, clothes, etc.

Buy some movies; let her see how other sluts enjoy bigger cocks. If your wife has been conservative all her life, she will need to learn how to be the proper Cuckoldress Slut. Get a digital camera and start taking pictures of her all dressed up. Take her out to bars; take her dancing; get her used to going out and maybe some day she will go out and find some cock. Encourage her to go out on her own or with some girlfriends and come back and fantasize with you that she got picked up by another man. Encourage her to flirt with other men.

Take the fantasy a step further. Ask her if you can create a yahoo or msn profile with some picture of her and her email address. Place the profile under married but looking. See if you get any responses from other men. Fantasize about those men fucking her and you serving them.

My last bit of advice is to BE PATIENT. Even though she says she won�t do it, it doesn�t mean she is not thinking about it. Women are devious and it takes a while for us to tell our husbands what we really are thinking. If you engage her in the activities that I have suggested, then she is thinking about it.
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