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My recent business trip to Bristol + PICS

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she looks delickiouls


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#32 · Edited by: enfetish
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Damn, I have just finsihed trying to pour some calming waters on Deryck's post about his wife and cousin (thinking i was helping you out) - and then I spot that Deryck has joined in this witch hunt mentality that seems to be plaguing the site!!! Deryck, I think you should be a little more open minded and forgiving seeing as what happened on your own post!!!

Liteskin, I think you have the right intentions, but the wrong approach sometimes (see my reply to that other post).

EnglishM, well just see my reply!

I have not permisterally met SMV yet (health problems have derailed me and my cuck for some time now), but from our correspondence, I believe them to be real - hopefully we can arrange a meet soon?!

Stop all this damn negativity - there is enough cuckolds brownie in the world already!!!

L x

PS and sorry for chiming in Mistress Vanessa - but I wanted to stand up for us Cuckoldresses!
Keep on Cucking!


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Thanks again Vigo for your support and kind words and thanks l for your support hope your feeling better and yes we definatley need to arrange a meet soon !!!

Deryckt firstly I think we have more than proven we are real and we are not going to keep puttin more and more pics on as the goal posts will just keep moving and you will never be satisfied !!! we didnt just go to a hotel to take the pics we were on a night out and i still have my moles secondly like l said this site is meant to be fun and about cuckolding not a witch hunt about whether people are real or not

now lets get on with the task in hand and humiliate these liitle cuckc !!

rach xx


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Yes maybe i am a little hasty but i,m just REAL!!

I cant stand pic collectors and bullcuckolds brownieters so if someone comes across as a timewaster then i guess i push the button a bit quick.

Anyway i,m never gonna meet smv so it doesnt really matter..whoever does good luck and have fun i know i am lol

take care xxx
Real Bull for REAL meets


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Quoting: Vigo
derycktWTF are you on about?

I was suggesting that the 2 photographs are of 2 different girls and I was curious about why hotels were used.

Quoting: Vigo
The pic is clearly not a fake you can even see the shadow from the sheet and her thumb, and she explained the situation perfectly.

I never said it was photoshopped (read my post again).
Quoting: Vigo
If your so worried about fakers, lets see one of your wife holding a card up, to put our minds at rest about you.

I'm sorry. I dont understand your reamistering;
1. Whether I am real or fake doesn't influence whether smv is real or fake (unless you believe we are the same permister in which case, then yes, we'd both be fake).
2. My 'worries' about smv won't be allayed by proving anything about my wife and I.
3. I've explained elsewhere why I won't provide the proof pics requested by Liteskin.

I take my hat off to you. You've proved jack but have convinced a lot of people. If it doesnt work out here then I suggest a new career in politics or religion. Well done mate!

You'll be relieved to know that I'd like this to be my last word on the subject. I'd be happy to discuss further with people via pm.
"We reveal ourselves through the language that we use."
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Nice pic of your tits covered in black mans cum, would be a pleasure to lick them clean for you.
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My recent business trip to Bristol + PICS
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