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smooth pussies

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hello all......i am after advice on which shaver is best for regular pussy maintenance.
i enjoy the ritual of helping her prepare to meet her bulls by wetshaving her pussy smooth but would like to know more about the electric razors on the market.
Shell tells me all her bulls love her bare and she is more sensitive to their cocks when smooth....and as a cuckold husband anything i can do to help her and her bulls is very satisfying....
thank you in anticipation....regards....terry.


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i prefer wet shave, ideally like to watch the cuck hubby do it while i watch hm shave his wife.
as for electric shavers, perhaps the ladyshaves are better for such a job,


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thank you nick for your reply....i like the sound of shaving my wife as the bull waits to mount and service her...another dimension!
it appears that there are several shavers on the market, i will look through them.
i was hoping to benefit from the collective experiences of the forum and go on recommendations.
thank you once again....regards...terry.


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I've been shaving my wife for years and we have found that wet shaving is the only way to go. Electric shavers just don't get as close and they don't give her the smooth silkiness that her boyfriends like so much.

I agree with you that there is a thrill to preparing your wife for her lovers. And a bare pussy works for my wife, her boyfriends and me (when she gets home later).


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smooth pussies
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