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Anyone tried The Cuckold Consultant?

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I've been a long time lurker on this forum and was wondering if anyone has ever tried any of the guides/services of the "cuckold consultant"? I won't post the link because I dont want to spam the forum, but if you google it, it comes up pretty easily.

Any reviews or experiences? Its pricey, but if it works, would be worth it.


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I have not, but I believe all his products and services are backed by no-hassle risk-free 60 day money-back (double your money back in some cases) guarantees.
UK Yorky


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That looks like an intriguing website.

But surely if it works, then CuckoldPlace would be full of testimonials and stories from guys who have successfully used the Cuckold Consultant.

I filled in the online assessment and read all the blurb, but ultimately he just wants your money.

So I too would be interested to know if any of you guys have splashed the cash with The Cuckold Consultant, and if so, was it a success?


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It's an interesting proposition he offers. I have been successful in getting my wife parts way there, but it has never materialized. From my perspective, it takes a ton of work and dedication to turn this fantasy into a reality if you don't happen to be with someone that is already/ predisposed to be interested in this lifestyle.

I feel like I could use some guidance on where to go next, what I've maybe been doing wrong, and how to get to the next step, but haven't really ever been able to get good advice that I think would work.

Yorky - I see your point that if it worked, CP would be full of testimonials, but I wonder how many of us, despite having the passion, really have the dedication or willingness to pony up the money to make it work. Also, not sure how long he has been around. I've been on this board for nearly a decade, but I am just now finding out about the cuckold consultant.

If anyone has any first hand experience, it would be greatly appreciated.


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I would be extremely cautious, is there any track record for this guy?


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I searched the forum and couldn't find any mention of him. I thought for sure that someone on this forum would have given him a try... even one person.
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Anyone tried The Cuckold Consultant?
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