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Do you enjoy people knowing your a cuck

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What do y'all do to "send" the message that you are a cuckold?
I kind of enjoy the looks or people wondering. I make sure when were shopping that we stroll thru the lingerie section and I check things in the panty section. I'll pick me out something in large/xlarge and put in buggy. I always make sure I am at the cashier when she rings them up. My wife wears small/medium. I told her that I want to start wearing pink shirts when we are together. Just something to let others know that I'm "whipped".
How about y'all?


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Very nice question, Quiet sure some cucks love to be cuckolded in the open, would liketo hear about them!


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My wife was previously married but he was too much a ladies man with a very large d*ck. Her ex-husband is currently her lover and he continues to f*ck other women as well as my wife. My Wife can't get enough of his d*ck
and see's him every weekend. Our mailbox labels read her name and her ex husband last name first then ours.

So every time our neighbors check their mail they see the 1st label then the second one, mine being my last name. They really know especially when he picks her up every Sat. morning and my wife comes home Sun. morning.
BD Icqicq


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We have had a steady BBC Bull for a little over five years now. When they want to be alone, the two of them go to his place. I drive my wife there and pick her up. When they want me to serve them, they come here. The Bull parks in our driveway. If they want to go out, they occupy the back seat and I drive. They hold hands or act even more affectionate going to and from the car.

All of this is clearly viable to our neighbors. My wife also wears the cuckold anklet with a black spade charm.

When the three of us are together in public, I am obviously the beta-male and do everything I can to show I am in there service.

My Wife says the next step for me is the Jack of Spades tattoo. I am all for it.


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I wish my wife had a lover that we could go out as a group. I think it would be really nice to walk with them while they are holding hands and kissing in public. She is out of town now and has my encouragement to take on a lover. I actually told her to find someone and be his date for the week. I bought her some revealing tops for her trip and packed condoms in her purse for her. She deserves a real cock and is long overdue.
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Do you enjoy people knowing your a cuck
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