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Seeking hot wives who desire a steady bull and lover!

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I am seeking a hot wife any age to enjoy and fever breed. I have been a bull for 7 yrs and love it! I am 50 yrs old and 100%italian and love pussy. I can host all females at my home for any length of time. I am very sexual and erotic and can be dominant if needed and desired. I can breed females as well. I own a nice home on 2 acres. Send me your ************** who are 18 plus, sisters, step saughters, and more! I once did a cuckold wedding once and enjoyed the bride before her new husband did! That was hot! Her husband stayed in a hotel and slept alone. So any brides getting married contact me if you want to begin your marriage with your bull and not your husband. I even attended the wedding and had a great time, I told the groom I will be giving your new wife her gift tonight! Lol! Reply to me at [email protected]


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I am also interesed in meeting a hot mom and ******** couple who wish to share the same bull and lover.


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Seeking hot wives who desire a steady bull and lover!
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