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Google glass for wife/bull/cuck?

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Sorry. I accidentally locked the topic the first time I posted it...

So I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He did a piece on a new app on google glass that is designed to let you record sex from your pov or stream it to your partner or someone else so they can watch things from your pov. The thought occurred to me that there are all kinds of possibilities for the cuck to watch from the wearers pov. I guess the best angle would be for the bull to wear the recording glasses, streaming to the cuck. It might also be interesting to see it from the wife's pov. Knowing my girlfriend, she'd probably enjoy watching me masturbate as she was getting it from some hung lover. I'd love to hear what ideas come out of this forum on this. Maybe someone should write a cuckold app?
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Google glass for wife/bull/cuck?
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