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Ideas for Beginners, baby steps..

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Young couple here interested in getting into the lifestyle a little bit, definitely not wanting to go all the way yet but we are enjoying my S dressing a little slutty when we go out, showing lots of cleavage etc.. She was raised conservative so we're looking for small little things she can start doing to "break down the barrier" so to speak and make her more comfortable being her sexier inner self

We'd love it if you could help with some suggestions of some rather tame "baby steps" we could do to ease into things, my first thoughts are things along the lines of her dancing with another guy in a club, or asking another guy's opinion of an outfit she's tring on.. Basically we're looking for little "challenges" my aspiring hotwife can complete, although tame (to start...) in order to build her confidence and comfort level doing things like this. Situations where she'll be flirted with and can flirt back a little wihtout being "weird" or seeming too forward. Really enjoying the thought of her dancing with another guy, or being massaged by another guy, the touching aspect of both of these activities definitely helps too!

We're having a hard time thinking of "small" things she can or situations to put herself into until she feels more comfortable. I'll be sure to implement any good suggestions then have her report back on them! Thanks



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Get an Ashley Madimister account and have her flirt on-line with the significant number of gentlemen who will respond, wanting to fuck her. It's how I got my wife started. 90% of the inquiries will be junk but she'll get a handful of really promising leads every week.


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Next time you both are invited to a party or a club with friends, encourage your lady to dress sexy hot. It is best if you can get a few takes in her before. Then arrange to have her go ahead and you arrive maybe a half hour later. Give the men a chance to chat her up, flirt and such. She will know they have her pussy in mind. Then you can come in and have a normal evening, maybe pretend to be tired so she can dance with some horny man.
Faggot Pussy


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Can't go wrong trying a lifestyle club


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I agree completely with TinyCock. Encourage her to dress sexy when you go out, and tell her it makes you proud (and turned on) to see when other men attracted to her just like you are. If you both stay open to the potentials it can be a non-threatening way to get started. Swing clubs are great for getting past the sexuality hurdles, but sometimes are intimidating for new folks.

Could not disagree more with the mention of ashley madimister! A truly lame site my female wasted time and money on. Its about as worthless a meeting site as there is on the net. If you can tolerate the silliness, going to or adultfriendfinder might be more productive. We have met her favorite guys on those 2 sites more than any other. Ashley madimister is an entirely worthless site - especially for hookups.


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I disagree regarding Ashley Madimister being worthless. While there is plenty of junk on there, that's also true for AFF.

If your GF/wife is put off by that, that's a different issue.


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Not sure how much your into it but what about you helping things along a bit unilateraly.

Let your wife catch you wearing her panties leave some history on your pc about being a maid, her maid, let her find it. I certanily helped with me and my ex.

Failing that PM me I have another almost fail safe plan.


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My suggestion is an ideal way for your wife to dress and act sexily.Place an ad to meet a like-minded couple for "Same room,none swapping fun".That way your wife will only have sex with you,but will find it exciting to be seen naked by another guy.
If it goes well the first time,persist until you meet a couple where she really fancies a man enough to swap with.If she admits to this,but claims she would feel embarrassed to have sex with you watching,translate this as her wanting seperate room fun.
Keep it all lighthearted and "fun".Once she has crossed this hurdle,being fucked by another man,the world is your oyster.It works!Good luck.


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i came here looking for 'baby steps' for me and my wife, but seems we have done most of these haha. (except the maid thing zero interest in that and think most wives/gfs would not respond well)

here are some steps. make sure to do when she is in the mood. and of course with a girl you are already intimate with. i have not had much luck telling girls about this fetish before having sex with them haha, too much information :p

helps to be a bit ***** for all of these.

1. watch porn with her.
2. ask her to find some porn with a guy she thinks is hot. harder than it sounds cause most porn is made with hot girls only.
3. watch the porn with guy she likes and comment on his size being big and a turn on. ask her if she wants to feel a guy that big. tell her you think it would be hot if you could watch her with that guy. i would avoid showing too much cuckold or cuckold caption stuff unless she's very kinky.
4. ask if she ever seen a guy that big in person. maybe discuss size of her xbfs, best if during sex. show her that you are not insecure about hearing xbf was bigger by f*ing harder or climaxing when you discuss it. 'he went deeper than this?' type questions, followed by being turned on by it.
5. let her know you it's a turn on when males like her facebook posts when she wears sexy outfits.
6. ask her if she online dated before. if so, tell her it's a turn on to think of guys looking at her pic there still and sending messages. ask her to check if she still gets messages, give permission to reactivate account, and that she should add sexier pics and flirt with guys there just for fun, not meet them. maybe a casual dating site would be better to start than a sex one like adultfriendfinder or ashleymadison.
6. when ***** just the two of you in a club tell her you'll grab a ***** or go to the restroom and that she should talk to a guy she thinks is cute while waiting for you to get back. maybe she does it, maybe not, but she'll realize you don't mind when you are happy coming back and ask about what happened. tell her you were turned on wondering what she was doing.
7. next time you go to club instead of just while you buy *****s, after walking into club, pretend to be strangers or just friends the whole time, let her dance alone while you stand separately having a ***** and watching her get hit on.
8. met a regular swing couple from online with hung guy at a bar. invite them back to your car and ask if your wife can see if the guy is really hung. after she sees it, let them know that you can't cheat only wife and it will probably fall apart so a safe first step and she got to see one in person.
9. show her lpsg a social networking site for guys with big dicks. post anonymous sexy pics of her there and give her the password so she can see all these big dick guys complimenting her and sending messages. ask if she has a favorite hung guy. this site is bad for meeting up though cause you can't search by location.
10. have her facesit you or other sex positions that give her power. buy her sexy outfits. don't let her bj you or positions that give you power. point out when facesitting the power she has, call her sexy, that you are lucky just to lick, and you jackoff without her help.

that's as far as we have gone. next steps hopefully.

11. meet another cuckold couple off craigslist at bar and have the two girls dance and get hit on all night while both guys have a ***** and watch. easier for girls to have fun getting hit on as a team and easier to get rid of unwanted guys in group of two then standing alone.
12. keep doing the bar thing until my wife gives or accepts a phone number.
13. meet a regular swing couple for same room no swapping. if you wanna be a cuckold never mention a swap or doing the other chick. i have found this is the biggest fear for my wife, that i let her cheat only so that i will eventually get to. make sure to never angle it towards you getting anything.
14. keep her flirting on regular dating sites (okcupid, match) until she brags about a guy from there and wants to meet.

i dunno, there must be more, i came up with most of this on my own, i'll keep searching online for baby steps i guess. one thing i've noticed is she gets tired fast of fakes/uglies online so i end up doing most of the online and just sending her highlights to see if she is interested. she has become super frustrated with online and enjoys the in person flirting at clubs the most. online seems to turn her off now, while she often asks for another clubbing night, even bringing up the subject. last time she spent 3 hours dancing and flirting, a new guy every 15 minutes. still no contact info but we're trying. also i have her facesit me after the club and tell me which guys she liked and why. not a true cuckolding, but super fun. also once she finally gets contact info, two issues. first the guy would probably not like the idea of a husband watching, and second i will only allow hooking up if he is more hung than me so there would be an awkward first text after clubbing about, 'are you hung, can husband watch.' haha


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Being a little bit cuckold is like being a little bit pregnant. Same basic mechanism.
..............PSEUDO PERSON


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go out to a club or a hotspot with her but act like her brother. let guys hit on her


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Go out to dinner/bar/club with her not wearing panties or bra. While out have her expose herself to oyhers. If possible finger fuck her in a public place or even fuck her if possible.

Go online and have sex in a video chat room SLS is a good site.

Increase the date factor until you can actually involve another person
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Ideas for Beginners, baby steps..
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