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Are cuckold couples truly happy? Or just addicted to thrills?

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Just read an article at (yes, Oprah - here at cuckoldplace! haha) that got me thinking a lot about the cuckold lifestyle and how truly "happy" those of us into this fantasy are:

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What do you think?

Do you think most in the lifestyle are "peacefully happy" already and our fantasy just adds to our core happiness?

Or do you think that most are trying to find happiness by doing this, addicted to the thrills that cuckolding provides us?

I'm not making a judgment either way... I just thought it was interesting to think about.

I would think that most couples where cuckolding actually works for them, already have a underlying happiness in their lives, and that those who are looking for this lifestyle to make them happy are the ones where it often crashes and burns.

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I think you're right. I don't think cuckolding is a substitute for a real loving and happy relationship, but an additional spice. My wife and I have been married for 30 years, have been into cuckolding for about 8 years and regard it as "adult play time". It is no replacement for building a life and raising a family together but in our case it is a fun addition and an escape from some of the pressures that real life brings.

Oh, and it also gives my wife a great release every now and then. She always comes home with a contented smile on her face. Not surprising when you see what she has been up to!



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I think open relationships are not happiness, but help to achieve it.

Relations "socially accepted" restrict the nature of the individual and therefore limit their happiness.
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Are cuckold couples truly happy? Or just addicted to thrills?
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