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Dressing Her for Her Dates...

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Chastised Husband


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I thoroughly love getting my Hot Wife dressed and ready for her dates. Picking out extremely sexy outfits and preparing her look...
Chastised Husband


Posts: 29
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My Hot Sexy Wife seduced me into enpowerd chastity with regular boughts of intense teasing and denial nearly 7 years ago. My intense deperation to cum has allowed her to bend my will to her and made me give-in to her needs and lustful desires. Within a few years of being pleased only by my tongue, finger, her toys and her strap-on over my metal cock tube, she needed to be satisfied by a real cock.

By carefully and repeatedly manipulating my release from her tube and teasing my aching, thobbing cock to the razors edge of cumming, but then denying me that long awaited orgasmic relief and sadistically powering my cock back into her locked tube. At times, she would not allow me to cum for weeks, but just about every day or so, she would subject me to her cruel and torturous teasing and denial. She put me in a state of insane desire to do or agree to anything, just to be able to release the boiling cum in my balls.

Over time she would only grant me an orgasm if I agreed that my cock was no longer permitted to enter her pussy and to allow her to take various lovers to satify her needs to be fucked to satisfaction. Soon I was so mad with desire that she had me trained to ask her to get fucked, just so I could cum.

It was at that point, that she began to date her lovers on a regular basis and was treated to endless satisfying sex from their cocks. My tongue was put to use on a daily basis, taking her to orgasm after orgasm, while my cock desperately fought against the tight constraints of her locked tube and cum boiled in my balls.

I am now her Chastised Cuckold Husband.

Only when she has returned from her hot dates and I have tended to her tender, well fucked pussy and ass, do I ever get a moment of release from her locked steel imprimisterment of my cock. And only rarely does she allow me to cum.

I now look forward to her dates and do everything in my power to please her in every way possible...just for a desperate chance to cum. She has even trained me to gain incredible enjoyment from helping her get ready for her dates and making her look so hot, sexy and totally fuckable for her lovers.

I now thoroughly love getting my Hot Wife dressed and ready for her dates. Picking out extremely sexy outfits and preparing her look...Like last Saturday night she had a really hot date and wanted to be incredibly sexy for her lover.

While she bathed and shaved, fixed her hair and make-up, I picked out her outfit and met her in the bedroom. I shaved her pussy and ass to absolute perfection leaving only a nice small manicured patch above her clit. I oiled and powdered her pussy and ass, making them so smooth and ready for her lovers cock. Then I helped her insert rings in her nipple and clit piercings.

I tightly laced a black vinyl corset around her waist. It sat just below her breasts and extends down over her hips. When I was done, she had an exquisite hour glass figure. She stood very erect with excellent posture, her breasts where lifted and thrust forward. Her back was slightly arched pushing her ass into a delightful position.

All the clothes she would be wearing required this tight narrow waist. They had been specially tailored to be form fitting, and thereby accentuate and exhibit her curves and contours.

I then rolled shear back seam black stockings up her legs and attached them to the garters from her corset. I slid a 2 black vinyl collar around her neck and buckled it behind her neck. Then I rolled long black latex gloved over her hands and up her arms. They went almost all the way to her arm pits. I polished them to a bright shine.

I helped her into a form fitting white shear satin blouse, that had been darted and tailored to hug her narrowed waist and highlight her exposed breast. It flared slightly at the bottom to accommodate her hour glass waist and hips. Its buttons stopped just above the top of the corset and gave her some incredible cleavage.

I helped her squirm into a very tight, black vinyl miniskirt that fell just below the tops of her stockings. It is very snug and form fitting. That way when ever she sits down or leans over, her stocking tops will be exposed.very sexy.

Lastly, she sat down and allowed me to slide onto her feet, her black patent 5 stiletto pumps with ankle straps.

When we were done getting her ready, she was a total cock painfully strained against her locked stainless steel chastity tube.

Just before her lover arrived to pick her up, we went through our regular good bye ritual. Still sitting, she parted her legs and showed me her pantiless pussy, that Id worked so hard to prepare and perfect. As she slowly stroked and fingered her silky smooth and glistening lips, and played with her clit ring. She told me how horny she was, how her pussy was so hot and wet, and needed a good fucking. She reminded me that I was no longer permitted to fuck her pussy or ass and that they were only for the pleasures of her lovers cock.

Grabbing me by the back of the head, she drew my face into her pussy. As I tongued her sweet lips, she reminded me that in just a little while, her lovers cock would be where my tongue was. My cock throbbed and ached against the constrained of her chastity tube.

She then pushed me away and reminded me to be waiting to serve her when she returned.

With that, she got up and with squirming, mincing, strutting steps, walked passed me to meet her lover. Man did she look hot and totally fuckable. What a Hot Wife.

When she returned hours later, I met her, kneeling in the entry way. She strutted past me and sat in a living room chair. She commanded me to kneel between her legs and tend to her well fucked pussy and ass, with my mouth and tongue, as she delighted in telling me the details of her passionate, orgasmic encounter with her lover. She did mention that her lover really appreciated the hard work I had put into her sexy look and presentation to him. She thought he fucked her extra good and long, because of how hot she looked.

As my tongue worked its magic, she experienced several more orgasms. My locked cock desperately struggled against her diabolical chastity. I only hoped that my dedicated attention to her sexy look and attire, along with my loving tending to her well fucked pussy and ass, that she would reward me with a long denied orgasm.

She has several select lovers and dates 2-3 times a week. Its been 5 weeks since she permitted me to cum.Im still waiting and hoping she will soon grant me the orgasm that Im so desperate to experience.
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Dressing Her for Her Dates...
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