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Seduction of reluctant wife

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Most clips start with the couple already having sex, but what turns me on is the seduction, the reluctant wife who is seduced by a determined lover.

Anyone have stories, pics, or better yet, clips of wives who give in despite resistance?


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the same 2 me ................
it's very excitin


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I like watching a slow seduction too.

I once watched my gf getting french kissed on the sofa in a hotel bar. I think it's the profound quiet that often accompanies such forms of seduction that turns me on


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This is my favorite cuckold story. It starts out with a man and wife on a vacation for their aniversary. In the begining, the wife is completely faithful and has no intention of straying. But her husband has secretly contacted a black man about seducing his wife on this trip. The couple meets the man innocently and they make friends. The husband continuously finds excuses to leave them alone together to allow his black "friend" a chance at seducing her. Slowly, over the course of the story, she is expertly seduced by the man. The story is very well written, showing how her emotions and thoughts change over time, showing how the way she dresses for the black man changes, and also details the anxiety the husband feels as he watches his wife slip away from him to become "black only". Its total fantasy but it is so well done that I have read it over and over. I hope I havent revealed too much. Enjoy!

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My wife is reluctant. She knows about my fantasies. She teases me sometimes. But say it will never happen

Last week we had a short vacation. We were had dinner with our friends. The waiter flirted with the two girls. My wife was very much flattered, and wispered into my ear: maybe we should ask him to our room?

I got instantly hard, but the situation with our friends there made it not possible

If we were alone, I would have left her in the bar, and waited. She would have gone

So, next time?
A cuck to my GF - A bull to all other women


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Tip of the cap to iwmwtcm for the story link - very hot story! I loved the seduction angle, though the interracial theme is unnecessary for me. Well worth the read (and save..and edit, LOL).


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I agree. The interracial aspect is unnecessary for me as well. I wish the author would write a part 2 or write some new stuff. I sent a message through Literotica but he never responded.


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years ago my wife was persuaded to pose for an artist to draw,then for several of his friends each time showing more up until now when he has her trained to pose however he tells her to including showing her open pussy!


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norwegian: sounds as though your wife is ready for action if the right opportunity presents itself...shame you had company that night...could have turned out to be a night to always remember. Good luck the next time...hope you accomplish it!
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Seduction of reluctant wife
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