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Bull Taking Over a Family

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Here's the post I was talking about.


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On her way over to her friend's house, Jenny could not stop thinking about what was going on back home. She made up her mind and turned her car around and headed back.

When she got home, she crept upstairs to listen at her parent's bedroom door. She could hear her lady before she reached the door.

"That's it slave, suck my lover's big, black cock! Get that fat cock deeper in your throat! Suck it faggot!"

Jenny could hear her man gagging on Bull's cock. She couldn't believe how her lady was talking to her man. She had lost almost all respect for him. "He deserves to be treated like this," she thinks.

"Good enough, slave. Now get your face in my pussy and make it nice and wet for my lover's big, black cock. That's a good cuckold. Make me nice and moist with your tongue. Oh, that feels so good. I think I'm ready for your cock, Master. May I please have it?"

"That didn't sound too convincing, slut. Beg me to make you come on my cock."

"Please, sir. I need to have your magnificent, hard, black cock inside me right now! Please fuck me in front of my pussy, cuckold husband. Show him how a real man can please his wife. Not like him, with his tiny, white penis. I need you! Please, fuck me!"

She heard Bull ask her man, "How about you, Cucky? Are you ready to watch me fuck your wife in your own bed? If so, beg me."

Her man's reply shattered any respect Jenny had for him. "Please Sir, please fuck my wife in our bed. It will soon be your bed. She needs your big, black cock to please her because I have an tiny, white penis and I'm a premature ejaculator. I could never fuck her like you can. Please, Sir. Please fuck my wife and cum in her pussy so I can lick your sweet nectar from her. I need you to fuck my wife. Please do it."

"Alright slave. Just so I know you both want me to fuck her. Alright bitch. Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck her doggy style, Cuck. I want you underneath us and I want you licking us both while I fuck your wife in your bed."

Jenny thought she must be crazy, but her own parents were turning her on. She didn't even realize she was masturbating. She was just as much as a freak as her parents. She wished she was in the room watching and she tried the door, but it was locked.

Jenny masturbated as she listened to the pure ecstasy and pure orgasmic bliss of her lady's screams and moans of pleasure as another man besides her husband fucked her.

Jenny could hear her lady, who was the most vocal of the three, instructing her man where to lick her and her lover. Jenny actually was happy for her lady, but for some reamister was really mad at her man.

"What a fucking pathetic piece of cuckolds brownie your man turned out to be," she thought to herself. She really wanted to stay now and torment him for the sudden change in her life. She wanted to boss him around and punish him for not being a man and letting his own wife deny his right of marital intercourse for a black man. From the sounds of the pleasure he was producing for her, Jenny believed her lady made the right choice. This was all her man's fault, and Jenny was going to make him pay.

Finally, after listening to them fucking for a very long time, Bull declared, "I'm getting ready to cum. Get ready slave, I'm going to cum inside your wife and then I'm going to pull my python out and stick it in your mouth. If you fucking gag again, so help me, your wife will punish you. Here I go ... nnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh!"

Jenny imagined what her man was going to look like sucking his wife's lover's messy, cum-covered black dick. She felt like she was going to cum herself, so she stopped masturbating and quickly left before her parents could discover her presence.

As she drove to her friend's, an hour later than planned, Jenny began imagining what it was going to be like being fucked by a hung black guy who is fucking her own lady. She was excited. She couldn't wait to turn 18 and have this exciting, sexy black man move in and take over her family. Her pussy was so moist that she was dampening her panties.

"I can't believe I'm getting off on this so much," she said out loud. "My daddy is going to regret this. I'm not going to be as nice to him as Mother. He's going to be my bitch. Oh, yes. I can't wait."


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Quoting: Oddone
IS this a big taboo?

I would think that any sexual contact between relatives is very taboo.

I'll continue this story if anyone wants to hear more. Otherwise, I'll move onto something else.


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please do.. love it...


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Vol92, look at this.


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Jenny received the news from her parents that morning of how things were going to be from the time she turned 18 in the house she grew up in. It was actually her lady who spoke most of the time while her daddy only stared at the floor with his head hung low.

"Jenny, you know we both love you. But your dad and I have made a life changing decision that will involve you if you continue to live here after your birthday this weekend. This may come to a complete shock to you, because I think over the last few years your dad and I have hidden our 'lifestyle' from you."

Jenny was confused and said, "What the fuck are you talking about mom?"

"Jenny. I'll just be blunt with you because I've made up my mind and your man is my slave and he has to do whatever I say. I want to start by telling you that this all began with your man. He was obsessed with watching me have sex with a black man..."

"What!" Interrupted Jenny.

"It's called 'Interracial Cuckoldry.' There's some submissive gene in a lot of white boys where they desire a woman who will only fuck black guys. I know. I was as befuddled as you are. I found all kinds of this interracial porn on some file your man had on his computer. It turns out he didn't try to hard to hide it from me and his stupid little white boy mind planned on me seeing it and being turned on by it. I was furious at first. I went off on him, didn't I slave?"

"Yes mistress," Jenny's man replied. Jenny's stomach turned at the sight of her man submitting to her lady.

"Well, it did turn me on Jenny. I'd always been attracted to black guys, but in our day a white girl didn't go with them. Now, it's not that big a deal. This white boy I married for his stability, his earning potential, his gentleness, and how quick he is to please me. The black bull I'm fucking now is my lover because he's dominant, he's the best lover I've ever had, and because he has a big, black cock."

"Mom! What the fuck? I can't believe you're saying this to me." Jenny was plugging her ears with her fingers. "Lalalalalalalala..."

Her lady pulled Jenny's fingers out of her ears. "Jenny. Stop that. I can see how much this is upsetting you."

"It's grossing me out mom! How the fuck would you feel if your mom just told you she was cheating on your dad with a black guy!"

"Jenny. I'm not cheating on your man. I'm cuckolding him. There's a big difference. I'd never cheat on your man if he didn't give me his blessing. In fact, I have film of your man begging me to take my first big, black cock. When I tell him that 'once I go black, I'll never go back,' he begs even harder for me to replace his tiny white penis forever with my bull's big, black cock. He wanted me to cuckold him forever and the instant that beautiful black cock entered me, your man was forever replaced by a black man in our bed."

"This is all too much. I can't believe you're telling me this. What kind of fucked up parents are you?" Jenny cried.

"Jenny. I'm so sorry. But I really am so obsessed with my black bull that I promised him I'd do whatever he said if he took my virgin ass in front of you man."

"Mom!" Jenny screamed.

"My black bull told me the only way he'd take my virgin ass is if he could move in once you turned 18. He told your man the only way he'd let him suck his cum from my asshole is if he could move in and take over the master bedroom with me while your man moved into the spare room. Your man didn't even think about it. Tell your flower what you told the black man, bitch!"

"Honey, I told our black master that he could move in and take over our whole family if only he'd fuck your lady's virgin asshole and let me suck his cum out of her..." Jenny's man was so embarrassed that the last few words came out of his trembling mouth in progressively lowering decimals.

Jenny felt like she was going into shock. Her parents were so fucked up. She didn't know what to think. She was disgusted with her dad. "What a fucking pussy," she thought. She didn't know what to think about her lady. In some sick way she was proud of her. Her lady was absolutely glowing despite the unease her flower was displaying.

"So, Jenny. I let my black bull fuck me in my ass until he cam inside me. Your man had a field day licking us while we fucked. If his tiny, white penis wasn't locked up in chastity, he'd probably have cum without touching himself. Anyway. My lover came in my ass and I sat on your man's face and he traded his household to suck my black bull's cum out of my ass. And he kind of sold you out too."

"Honey. Don't say that." Her man retorted.

SMACK! Her lady swatted her man across his face as hard as she could. She grabbed his hair and pulled him to his knees. "Don't you ever question anything I say or do. And don't you ever presume to tell me what to do ever again white boy! You white piece of cuckolds brownie!"

As her lady is berating Jenny's man, she has got him bent over and is spanking him with her hand.

"How dare you try to tell me what to do your pathetic white boy! I am your white goddess and only my black bull can tell me what to do! He can tell me to suck his big, black cock and I will without hesitation. He can tell me to lock up my pathetic husbands tiny, white penis forever and I say, 'yes master!' You are my slave and you are to do what ever any black man or white woman says, including your flower!"

"Yes mistress! I'm so sorry mistress! I love my flower so much and I hate her seeing me this way..."

SMACK! Right across his face. "No excuses. I want less dialog from you and more yes mistresses."

Jenny was getting up and leaving. This was too much.

"Jenny, wait," her lady asked. "Sit down. I'm sending your man to his room so I can talk to you woman to woman."

"No, you're both sick! I can't believe you're doing this. I hate you!"

Jenny stormed out of the house and decided to go to her friend's house to cool off and think about what just happened.


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this is the ultimate level of cuckold life style for me.. and its a pure cuckold heaven: giving whole family to a dominant guy.. being cock caged by the bull 7/24 and just helping him to have maximum pleasure from mom and flower... helplessly watching him making his all extreme dark fantasies on whole family


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I think it would be really cool if they made a movie out of this awesome story. No matter if fantasy or reality it is very hot. Although I permisterally could never give in to a situation like that, I can get turned on imagining that someone could be that much of an ultimate submissive cuckold hubby to allow such an arrangement. In reality, at least where my family is concerned, the black bull would have to be replaced with a much less domineering, less demanding one.


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I love the general theme of a bull taking over a family. Where the submissive husband/man yields to the alpha male and is totally intimidated by him. He has no choice but to offer the family and even accommodates the bull's needs and desires. Ultimate offense is when the flower sneaks a peek into parents bedroom and there's daddy cleaning up the bulls cock after a fresh fuck with mom!


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This is great. I can't wait to read of Jennie's use of her man for her amusement and vent her anger and disillusionment. Keep up the great work.


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very hot


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Red Hot story, but I fear you're sailing very close to the wind with the mods on here!


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Juanito says"I think it would be really cool if they made a movie out of this awesome story.?

I agree but only if the white husband is sissified and ass fucked by the black bull also among him a bitch I think it's what most cucks want any way, then the whole family will been dominated by the oh so masterful black bull.
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Bull Taking Over a Family
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