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My guy friend has a big dick.

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I have a guy friend who I know has a big cock. I know this because of the stories he has told me about him fucking women and because of I know a few women he has fucked and they both told me his dick is huge.

I have a tiny dick. I want my guy friend to find out that I have a little one and secretly fantasize about him mocking me for having a small dick.

Anyone else have a similar situation


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My wife's first lover was my best friend. He has an 8" thick cock compared to my almost 5" dick. I knew because he always showed it off when we were younger and in college.


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My wife has been fucking my best friend for that last couple months. She told me that he is not really longer, but thicker and fills her pussy better. She also told me that he fucks better, longer, and makes her cum harder than I can.

As guys do sometimes, we go back and forth calling each other names...bitch...dick bag...etc. Just a couple days ago, the neighbor, my wife, and I were cooking out at his house. We needed something to put the steaks on when we pulled them off the grill. I mentioned that I would go get plate and he said "get your ass to your house and get something to put this food on!" I was already on my way and just shrugged it off. Later my wife told me that he looked right at her after he said it...gave her a smile/grin...laughed...and she smiled right back and laughed as well.

I told her that I was very turned on by that...and that I love being her "bitch" and his as well....but only sometimes. Still got to be a man sometimes.


Posts: 159
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what were the situations that your friend showed you his dick?
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My guy friend has a big dick.
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