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any couples had a live-in BULL.

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So you don't have a place to live? Um... you, the "bull" is supposed to be in control of your world...NO?!?


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When I was married to Diane, one of her boyfriends (we didnt know theywere called Bulls then) lived in with us for nearly 2 years.It wasnt as good as it sounds as Dicker (the boyfriend) did not like me at all and never ever let me join in with him and my wife.Diane adored Dicker and did anything he told her too so I did not get used by him or even ridiculed (which I wanted desperatly ) Diane did though whenever she could she would use humiliate me she sometimes managed to sit on my dace whilst full of Dickers spunk, it wasnt easy for her as he would have been realy mad if he found out. I was pleased when Dicker left Diane as it meant we could get back to normal ie Diane fucking others in front of me and humiliating me to her hearts content OH happy happy days ......
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any couples had a live-in BULL.
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