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Husband has huge dick, but doesn't know what to do with it

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I have an interesting problem. My husband is fit, attractive and has a very large dick (the largest I've ever had).

Yet, he has very little stamina. The only time he has ever lasted long enough to give me an orgasm was on our honeymoon, and when I started coming he slipped out! That was over four years ago. One time, I tried to take my time with him so he would last a long time, and he came in less than three seconds. He wasn't even all the way in! I screamed "No!" and got so angry and frustrated.

He can only bring me to orgasm with his fingers, and his sex drive is very low. He likes sex maybe twice a month while I want it twice a day.

I'm deeply unsatisfied, but we have this very attractive neighbor that I would like to introduce into our relationship. When my husband travels, I have been getting to know him. We live right next door to each other (share a condo wall), and he once invited me in to show me his condo. Another time, my furnace pilot light went out and he came over to light it for me. He was not wearing underwear, only pajama pants, and I could see everything through them. So tempting...

Now, he even does favors just for me like mowing my lawn, blowing leaves and fixing things. So... I hear lots of guys talking about how to get their wives to agree with this lifestyle. Any suggestions on how to introduce it to a husband? I have no idea if this is something he might be interested in, but I'm definitely open.


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First you need to do it on your own. Find the right bull to fuck you and then start working on introducing it into your relationship. Oh yeah, I'd like to volunteer to be the bull too.
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My wife & I got into it slowly by way of the swinger lifestyle. We would go to parties and she would be the object of everyone's attention. I usually found someone to be with as well. However, in time, I began to realize that I wanted to only be with my wife and devoted myself to her only. She, however, has continued to have lovers. She has narrowed it down to one regular lover that satisfies her needs. Unlike some on this site, I still have sex with my wife, although not nearly as often as I had in the past or would like. And, for the past couple of years, I only have sex with her after she has been with her lover and I have cleaned her up orally.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you are patient, it can be very enjoyable for you.


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all over the same ,, get a chastity belt and lock him up.....
you will see things change >>LOL .. reg..andrea1
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Tell him that you want a threesome with him and one of his friends. See what he thinks. My wife and I are working on our neighbor (he is also my best friend), with some success so far we are trying to get him to just take her and make her pussy his. I know that he is able to go multiple rounds and want her to experience what that would be like.

For me...its all about her. Good luck, and have fun.


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Just curious, how long is it. Are you OK with say a 6 inch long by 6 inch around cock with plenty of stamia who also loves to give oral sex?


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Some of your responses are hilarious!

I doubt I'll go out and find a bull without telling him about it. I don't want him to divorce me because I blindsided him, I just want us to have way more fun.

Allen - your idea will probably work best, and the idea of a chastity belt is also intriguing! I think that would really turn him on, as I have seen him smugly and silently enjoy when I dominate him.

Pingo - I'm guessing 8-9 inches, possibly a bit more than that. I've never measured, but definitely above average, and definitely too large to go all the way inside me without doing some serious damage.

Thanks for the advice, all. It's not easy to introduce your husband to something he is unfamiliar with, but reading about it on here is definitely giving me tons of ideas.

The one thing I'm apprehensive about is finding an aggressive bull - the last thing I want right now is some passive sissy boy who can't keep it up. I am so over that after four years of it. I was SO SPOILED by my past lovers!


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If your neighbour was wearing pyjama pants and exhibiting his cock (albeit it hiding), I would say he wants to fuck you! That is such a come on.

I would speak with your hubby mention how you read about some men are into being cuckold's and see what his reaction is.


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Does your husband like it when other guys flirt with you? Some guys are real possesive and some guys like to show off their wife. If he likes you flirting then play it up. Go out an flirt your ass off. Dress hot. Tell him you like being the center of attention. He'll either love it and push you to do more or he'll "try" to put the brakes on you flirting. Either way, you should have fun. Life is way to short and if you end up looking back and saying I wish I had done something (or someone), you'll regret it. Have fun and good luck!


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Brainbox - it's terribly tempting to hear something like that. Just yesterday I was out in my yard with my mister and "hot neighbor" came over and picked up my young as if he belonged to him! Everything he does is terribly sexy... and with my husband out of town I can hardly think of anything else.

Cuck - flirting sounds good. I've never thought about doing it in front of him... this is going to be fun!
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Husband has huge dick, but doesn't know what to do with it
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