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My wide wants me sterile, seedless and unable to reproduce.

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My wife has decided that I must have a vasectomy once our second young is born in three months.

I would like to have more youngren, but my wife has announced that either we stop making love or I become sterile. She insisted that there was no point arguing with her as the matter was settled and that she would be arranging my vasectomy or denying me any more sex, whether I liked it or not.

I don't know what to do. Part of me thinks it's not worth the fight she'd have with me and that I should accept the situation.

She has pointed out on many occasions that it's much more of an operation for her to become sterilized, and she doesn't want to have an invasive procedure or go on the pill as she thinks it messes with her body.

I am curiously turned on by the idea of my wife arranging for me to become unable to reproduce, while she is still young and fertile.

She is fairly good looking and when we go out, men do turn to check her out. My wife knows I'm somewhat submissive, but doesn't really enjoy being in charge, so I don't think it's all part of some game she's playing.

The idea that she's fertile and able to reproduce, while she insisted and arranged for me to become infertile and unable to reproduce is a turn on, but is that enough of a reamister to become seedless?

When I asked her if she's sure she doesn't want any more youngren, she jokingly replied "If I change my mind, it's not impossible for me to have another young, it just won't be your young."

She made the initial appointment with my doctor for the 18th February and I think I'm going to go ahead with it.

What would you do? It's not like I'll never have youngren as I have 1 and another on the way. Any thoughts?


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My thoughts are that you ought to go through with it. Some people shouldn't reproduce anymore, and it appears you are one of them. You have two kids--count your blessings. Your wife has asserted herself. Do you really want to go without sex?

Better the snip, than the daily denial.


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Thanks for the advice Lorenzo.

I will go for the doctors appointment, and obviosly say that I want a vasectomy as I'm sure that if I say I'm not sure, then he'll turn me away.

There is a fairly long waiting list for the procedure, which gives me more time to think about it.

Will I feel differently about myself afterwards? and will I regret it?

That's what I'm concerned about.


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My situation is very similar. I'm getting the snip this month at my wife's request. She is very adamant that, after the ordeal of having three kids, she should not have to be the one to have surgery or take the pill. She kept floating the idea and when I didn't act, scheduled the appointment for me. I am vacillating between nervousness and excitement.

Unless you are one of the unlucky few who have post-vasectomy pain, you will likely not regret it. The satisfaction rate is very high, as most men seem to feel liberated. Just do it. Play up the presentation angle in your mind and get a bag or two of frozen peas.


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I have had this done and it worked out great. So a word of advice. The doctor will give you a numing shot before proceding. You want to delay him procediing as long as possible. Then you will not have any pain afterwards. That si the way it happened for me and worked out great. Did it at planned parenthood and it was a late night procedure. Youw will need to be imobile for a day or so afterwards. And they will tell you to put ice on it every so often. Do it. Or you will not like the pain that shows up. But I was supposed to not have sex for like 3 days after words. But it was more like 1.5 days. The sex workded well just needed to be careful with extra moment. But since mine was done ina batch with other men, I know how they got painful results. One guy could barely walk out. But his doctor dove in after the shoot too soon.
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My wide wants me sterile, seedless and unable to reproduce.
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