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my wife needs big young cock-part 3

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That night I told my wife all about Alex and to my surprise she was even more fascinated to hear about him than I expected. We were in bed and she started to say how my little cock disgusted her and how she needed a really long thick cock to satisfy her hot cunt. Emma is 39 and very attractive and I told her Alex would love to fuck her. She practically came on the spot and said "go on then fuck me with that big dildo and put your little cock up my bum so I can imagine its Alex's huge cock filling me up. I was incredibly turned on by her dirty talk and moans and fucked her really hard up her bum whilst fucking her cunt violently with the big(9inch ) thick dildo up her cunt she adored it and kept saying "fuck me Alex and spunk up me " whilst getting me to describe Alex's feelings in detail. We both had shattering orgasms - especially my wife, thrashing her head around imagining the teenager's massive cock spunking hot squirts of seed up her.

The next day I offered Alex the chance to do some jobs for us and asked if he could help out the next week at our barbecue party and stay the night if he wanted. Emma went crazy with excitement and said she was sorry but she simply HAD to be fucked by him and if I didn't like it I didn't have to watch - but of course I did!

to be continued.


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parts 1 and 2:It all started when my wife inadvertantly saw our 16 year old mister getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. My wife Emma had left them alone one evening and returned to pick up her keys that she had left in the kitchen only to find the door locked. The stereo was on loud and she went round to our mister's ground floor den and was about to knock on the window when she saw throught a gap in the curtains our mister stark naked stretched out and his girlfriend licking and sucking his cock.
Jamister's cock was absolutely huge and the sight really turned my wife on. She confessed to me she was obsessed with his uncut cock with its long supple foreskin, smooth shiny purple knob and long thick shaft. I was poorly circumcised at birth resulting in an ugly lopsided scar and although my wife and I enjoy sex my 5 inches long rather knobbly and thin cock is not a turn on for her. We often use a dildo to satisfy her - she loves a big dildo up her vagina whilst I push my small cock up her arse.
Well she could not get our mister's amazing cock off her mind and when I fucked her hard she would fantasise it was Jamister not me. She started being fascinated with young lads and their virile bodies so I decided to find a lad who could satisfy her and keep her hands off our mister.

After searching everywhere I found the perfect lad at our local swimming pool. I saw him in the shower soaping his really long cock, he had a superb athletic physique with a muscled but hairless chest, cute bubble butt, long athletic legs and looked really fit. He turned out to be 17 and, I later discovered, a virgin. I knew Emma would fall in love with him and could just imagine him driving his huge cock into her .
I devised a plan to get him and my wife into bed and will continue with part 2 if anyone is interested. Also love to hear other (TRUE) stories.



# Posted: 26 Jul 2007 14:32:13
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Sounds like a situation with great potential. Please tell us more.



# Posted: 26 Jul 2007 14:52:46
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Cant wait to hear part2



# Posted: 26 Jul 2007 15:00:06
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I'm ready!



# Posted: 26 Jul 2007 16:08:28
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I got to know Alex over the next few weeks and we swam together regularly. He is a really charming boy so energetic and fun loving, boyish yet tough and a superb athlete.
There is a clothes spin dryer just inside the the men's changing room so as we went in after our swim, I quickly stripped off my trunks and asked Alex to do the same and hand me his trunks to dry. He hesitated for a bitso I told him not to be shy and he grinned and glanced at my little cock then pulled off his swimmers and stood butt naked before me his cock swinging free. Wow what a superb body so young and slim but so athletic and taut with fine muscles and a really good shock of dark pubic hair crowning his very ample cock. Really long thick shaft and a big flared covered cockhead above nice large balls hanging low. He then had to walk all the way to the lockers naked to get his towel before we went to shower.
I could not take my eyes off his beautiful thick golden skinned cock - even flaccid it was bigger than mine and his slender hips and tiny bum exaggerated his size.
I gave him some shower gel and we both soaped our bodies, Alex turning away from me and hiding his cock until I offered him some more gel and he was powerd to turn round and step towards me so I got a perfect view of his cock which had now grown even larger. I pretended to be drying my hair but peeked out and watched Alex carefully peel back his long foreskin and gently soap the glistening purple dome of his cockhead then pulling the foreskin right back his sculpted knob was fully exposed as he washed round behind the prominent rim.
It was one hell of a cock and later, when we got talking about girls over a beer in the pub, he confessed to me he was a virgin. I told him I was surprised such a good looking and well endowed boy shoud still be a virgin but he told me both his previous girlfriends had run a mile when they saw the size of his cock and would not even give him a handjob let alone a blowjob in case he got carried away and tried to fuck them with his huge cock. I aked him how big his cock was when erect and he said it was just over 8 inches, but it was the thickness that really scared the girls. I told him what he needed was an older woman - thinking of my wife Emma - who would appreciate him. I hoped to sow the seed of an idea in his mind.
We had several more beers and the subject kept returning to sex as Alex told me how horny he gets and how he was desperate to fuck a girl.
I devised the perfect plan to get him into bed with my wife. To be continued
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my wife needs big young cock-part 3
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