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cuckold husband bondage

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I enjoy tying and gagging my husband when my lover comes over or leaving him hogtied in the closet while we go out to dinner. Are there other wives that enjoy humiliating their husbands in this way? I'm sure there are but I have come across very little on the subjest of cuckold husband bondage. For my lover and I it's a turn on. Jim, my lover will usually tie him to a chair at the foot of the bed. Before Jim or I gag him we make him beg Jim to please satisfy his wife. We make him tell us what a sissy he is and how he loves to serve us. When we've had enough of his sissy begging he is than gagged so Jim and I can enjoy each other without interuption. Depending on my husbands behavior, if he completed all his chores or not he will be gagged accordingly. If he was a good husband he will be rewarded by being gagged with a pair of his own wifes nice wet worn panties. If he made us unhappy with something he will be gagged with either my used panties or a nice silk scarf that Jim has pumped a nice big hot load of cum into. That way we keep his sissy ass quiet while I get my brains fucked out and my loving husband learns to enjoy the taste of another mans cum.
Would love to hear from other wives or bulls that would like to share their stories and ideas about humiliating sissy husbands with bondage.


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My GF would tie me up in the closet sometimes when she was fucking some of her boyfriends. But never when she left the house. Too scary for her, should a fire break.


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I agree with eslater that your husband shouldnt be tied up and left alone in the house.

Sometimes my wife would have me serve her and her boyfriend while they would relax on the sofa in the living room.

She would lock a six-foot length of light chain around my neck and lock the ends of the chain around my wrists. Then I would have to make takes and put together snacks and bring the takes and snacks to them.

I would have to squat in front of them to serve the takes or snacks. She liked the sound of the chain and the way it limited the range of my arms. She or her boyfriend could do anything they wanted to my cock, like squeeze it or slap it, and I couldnt stop them. Nor could I touch my cock when locked in the chain.

My wife also had a punishment chair that she would tie me to when she wanted to punish me. She found an old wooden dining room chair at a yard sale. Something similar to this one with horizontal slats in the back.

She had me remove the upholstery and replace the seat with a flat piece of plywood. A piece of coarse sandpaper is thumb tacked to the plywood seat.

She would have me take off all my clothes and sit down on the sandpaper. After binding my ankles to the front legs of the chair, she would choose which of the horizontal slats she wanted to tie my wrists to. The higher the slat, the more Id bend and the more strain on my shoulders. The highest slat would be the most painful.

She would usually leave me tied to the chair for an hour or so while she did other things around the house. Once, she was really mad and tied my wrists to the second slat from the top and left me sitting for several hours while she did who knows what around the house. My shoulders hurt the rest of the day and my ass was red for a couple of days.


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I like that. Actually I don't leave him alone all that long. We usually just go grab something quick. half the time I don't think my husband knows if he is home alone or not.


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i love to tie the hubby up as i fuck his wife

E mail me : [email protected]


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Well.. being bound is my favorite form of cuckold. We started swinging and I found that I was more interested in watch her with the other guy then me fucking the other woman. We also played BDSM, Dom/sub games, witch lead to me being bound unable to move either on my knees or to a chair while she fucks another man who is either sub or dom. She also uses short chains and padlocks to control my steps and to attach my arms to a loop around my waist.... She loves the sounds they make.


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Despite the risk, my wife likes to tie, gag and blindfold me before she goes out. She'll have me get dressed in my garters, stockings and bra first. Then she'll bring me to the basement to a chair she had me superglue a vibrating dildoe to. That goes up my ass and then she ties my arms behind the chair and my legs to the legs of the chair. She then puts on the blindfold and ends with a dildoe gag. When she gets home she'll often bring her date down to see me in my trussed-up state. She'll often then have me lick her date's cock clean and then suck him to orgasm with the blindfold still on. After depositing his load in my mouth or over my face, her date leaves and I never know who she just had me service. My final job is to completely clean her pussy with my tongue. If I've done a good job I'm allowed to jerk myself off onto her tits which I then must lick clean.


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Can anybody find videos of this sort of thing?


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It is a great idea bound and left. I did however hear of a couple that use to do this. The husbands was gagged and ended up sophicating because of a nasal blockage. Be careful. it was an awful story and she was put on trial, because she was seeing another man. of course they were into the cockold thing.


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Can't speak with authority as a woman that ties her husband up (though I find the idea quite sexy!), but I can comment on being tied up, as I enjoy it as part of my 'alternative' sexlife. I've often been tied up and left alone, though to be fair, my gag hasn't been at all restrictive when that has happened. When the person that has tied me is around though, I'm usually very effectively gagged, and though worn panties are nicely humiliating, they don't usually keep me quiet enough, so I often end up with my pantyhose jammed in my mouth instead, and sometimes, with pantyhose belonging to the man's wife...


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My wife likes to dress me in my lingerie, stockings, heels and tie me to a chair in our bedroom when she fucks her dates. Often she blindfolds me as well and allows her dates to use my mouth as they see fit. It is exciting and humiliating as i always have an erection!
sub sissy seeks cock
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cuckold husband bondage
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