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she said she,ll try it.

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i,ve been suggesting for years for my wife to have a threesome because i,ve always wanted to see her cum on a big hard cock but she always dodged the issue. last year when i was masturbating her i said she,d love to try a big dick and to my surprise instead of saying no she said i couldnt handle it if she did. that got me to thinking it wasnt because she didnt fancy it but my reaction that held her back. we,ve been together since we were sixteen and she had sex once with someone else after a takesen party but came home and told me because she was upset about it. that was fifteen years ago, we,re both forty this year. anyway a couple of weeks ago we were at a fortieth birthday and both got pissed and slept in the next day. we started getting horny when we woke and she started playing with my dick and telling me it was another guy doing it and that she was going to let him suck me off. then she told me this has always been her fantasy and she,d like to do it. i said i would if she let him fuck her so i could fulfil my fantasy at the same time. she said she,d make a deal, if i stop smoking and take less(not that i,m a heavy takeer) she will lose weight so she feels confident with herself then she,ll pick a guy from a contact ad and we,ll do it. does she really want to try this or just playing along to get me to stop smoking and her lose weight. i hope she,s gagging to try but dont know what to think. help. what are your views. i love her she loves me and this would just top it.


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would someone with experience please give me an insight as to what they think is going through her mind.


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hopeful, I think by what you have said, she is ready!. Give her a chance to be proud of her body and her good looks. Quit smoking!! will be "smoking" where it counts when you see another man introducing his cock to her magic purse!
e-mail rumncoke ...<[email protected]> I'll tell you some stuff but stop smoking...
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she said she,ll try it.
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