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cum spit in your face

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just wondering if theres anyone out there who has had caum spat into their face, their own or someone elses. i got this idea into my head the other day n ive been hard over it nearly constantly since. i cant find any vids or pics of it tho so ife anyone could help me out with that too that would be AMAZING.



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It's happened to me many many times


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My wife likes to slide her cum dripping pussy over my face till my face is covered in cum.


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gettin a creampie in the face is awsome! but ive never even seen a pic of a girl spitting cum back in a guys face. n not slow like a snowball, just a short sharp spray. i cant get the idea out of my head.


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My 1st wife Diane Jones, twice spat her boyfriends spunk in my face.
Ist time, he dropped Diane off outside our house after taking her out for the night and Diane sucked him off in the front doorway I opened the door just as he was leaving and Diane turned from waving him off and istantly spat a great mouthfull of fresh spunk right into myface I loved it after I got over the initial shock.
Diane only did it once more, but it REALLY was fabulous, pity we never had any photos of it though.


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I LOVE to spit cum right on my cuckold and my other subs' faces. My black bulls really seem to get a kick out cumming right in my mouth after f*cking me so hard, and seeing me spit all over their cumslut faces. I also like my subs to beg for me to spit into their mouths or all over their faces.

One thing I like to do is make my sub take a huge amount of cum into his mouth from my black lovers, and hold it in his mouth for long periods of time. Sometimes they have a mouthful for the whole day.


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So hot indeed. I did that with my ex, cumming on my own face as she was jerking me off... so humiliating.
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cum spit in your face
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