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Wife gets it from my fat old boss (short fantasy with pics)

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Since joining my company as an accountant straight out of college last year, my young wife had only heard tales of my boss through my horror stories.

The absolute tyrant, irritated by any minor detail, pleased with nothing, always putting everyone down.

And of course, as most stupidly polite people confronted with this type of use in the workplace, I not only put up with it but do my best to please the loud dictator. Any minor positive word he utters fills me with pride and satisfaction instinctively, until the next time he rips me apart again.

He owns all of us with this.

The most amazing thing is that I was told that over the years, hes had a number of affairs with attractive women: secretaries, employees, clients, saleswomen from suppliers... all drawn not to his scandalful physique but to the strong dominant man figure, a man with power whos not afraid to use it to get what he wants. A man they were in awe of.

I had always dismissed this as bullcuckolds brownie, overzealous boss-appeasing myth at best. Until he demonstrated how true this was with my wife.

One day a year, the old ladyfucker lets us enjoy ourselves in a local venue and have a casual company day where we invite partners and engage in "fun" company sponsored activities.

For the 1st time, my wife met him and he was all over her. I wasnt exactly going to intervene. I watched with no particular concern, confident in my and my wife's recent wedding vows.

He did amaze me though. I did remember how I used to get easily sheepish, thrown off-balance or fumbling when obviously hitting on a woman. He was displaying none of that. Even though he was more than obviously courting my wife, that did not mean he was letting the upper hand to anyone else, including her. His commanding attitude, self-importance and bullish behaviour never left him.

After a game of voleyball, I could not see either of them so I went looking for my wife.

I heard a rumble through the closed door of a small room at the funciton venue. I took a quick peek through the keyhole, and saw my boss slowly but surely seducing my wife.

She was laughing as he undressed her, no attempt to resist from her



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He rolled her over and they started kissing, she was giggling like a teenager on her 1st date the whole time.

Then he became more agressive:
"Undress me"
which she did dutifully.

When she got to his underpants, he told her:
"Now pay good attention my little Mrs, I suspect what you're about to see is not quite on the same scale as your little husband out there."

And with that, she uncovered a huge half hard cock. It was old and nasty looking, very veiny, but so virile at the same time. A good 9 incher, with impressive thickness.

She stared in amazement



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"My god, I've only ever been with my husband, I didnt know they existed double the size. OOOOh, I want to try this and see what I've been missing. I have a strong suspicion I might have found more interest in sex with more equipment like this at home"

"But I'm so scared it might not fit"

He told her
"Well, the best way is to lubricate it real good honey"

And with that, he straddled her face and began to powerfeed his mammoth cock down her throat against the wall.

I could not believe it, she had always been a prude refusing to blow me, and here he was telling her to do it like a cheap whore and getting away with it.

She put her heart and soul into pleasing him, and after some initial discomfort, she managed to take most of him between her lips and down her throat. She actually started moaning loudly in the process too.

"Yes, you're starting to get it you prissy little cocksucker. Take it good slut. Yeah, you might be a natural. You like that big old cock dont you slut?"

"Yes sir"

"Is it better than your hubby's?"

"Much much much better Sir"

"Then shut up and get back to sliding it deep in your throat you whore of a wife" he told her slapping her with his big rod"

And suck she did for the next 20 minutes, to his constant verbal use of her and me, until he yelled:
"Its coming cunt. I'm gonna fill your mouth and you'd better not let a single drop escape your lips or you'll seriously regret it"
He must have shot a huge load, beacause I could see her jaw contracting for ages trying to swallow it all".

When she was done cleaning him, he withdrew, still hard as rock and told her.



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"What do you want now slut?"
"please fuck my pussy Sir, I need to feel you in me, to make you cum deep inside me with that nasty horse cock of yours. I belong to you Sir, I will live to pleasure you as long as you will have me. You have taught me what sex was all about in ways noone else could have. I want, no I need to be your married slut for you to do as you please."
"Will you not let your husband near your pussy again other than to clean it with his tongue?"
"No Sir, if that is your wish"
"It is, but enough talk, now you're gonna get it."

Slowly he inserted his enormous cockhead at her entrance.
Slowly, he pushed it in, and she let out a long deep moan which turned into a scream when he vulgarly pushed harder and hit her cervix.

Then he went at it like a fast and steady machine, piledriving this amazing rod in her tiny pussy.
"Even if he were allowed to touch you, you'de never feel hubby again after I've had you slut"
"I dont care Sir, your cock is all I need and want. OOOOOOOOH, please fuck me fuck me fuck me"
And with that she climaxed. Only my tongue had managed that feat for her in the past.
5 minutes later, he was still at it, and she climaxed again.

He taunted her, and indirectly me, some more.
"You must have been gagging for it slut. What kind of a whore goes off with a strange fat old man shes just met when her husband is not yards away? Tell me, what kind of a slut are you?"

Between her cries of ecstasy, she managed to answer

"Your slut Sir, I am your slut! You have seduced me and showed me what a real cock is and how a woman should be treated in bed. I submitted willingly. Please fuck me more"

Still no sign of him slowing down. Third climax for her.
He carried on, and finally, I saw him tensing. For ages, he came deep in her pussy which triggered another of my wife's orgasms.

"We'd better get back now" he said.



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I hurried away, headed straight for the men's room where I wanked myself to orgasm in about 5 seconds.

Despite the offense I had just experienced watching my boss fuck my wife better than I ever could through a key hole, it was undeniably the horniest thing to ever have happened in my life. I had just had more pleasure from my voyeuristic exoerience and subsequent jerking off than in any of the times I had had intercourse with my wife.

Which was probably why I was now a cuck.

Coming out of the toilet, who should I bump into but my vile old boss, snickering with a contempt which even by his standards of arrogance, was sky rocketing.

"You know wimp dont you?"
"Pardon me Sir"
"Dont make me repeat myself little faggot, I asked you if you knew that I've just fucked your wife silly, and that she begged me to do it again as soon as I could"
"Yes Sir"
"Good, you realise your cock is useless other then for jerking off now. No more pussy for you, it belongs to me. Same with her ass which I'll have to deflower next time. If you're good, I might let you watch and clean up occasionally"
"But Sir..."
He interrupted me angrily:
"Are you trying to contradict me you impotent worm. Never do that again. Now come with me I have to show you something"
He led me back to the room where he's just done my wife, and closed the door behind us.

Immediately, he overrpowered me as if I were a little boy.
He bared my butt and spanked me so hard I cried like a baby.

He yelled
"Do you understand you are nothing but a cuckold slave, lucky enough that I'm willing to let you live! Do you wimp?"
"Good Cuck. Do you realsie that from now on, not only at work but in every aspect of your life, you only exist to do my bidding, and your wife's?

Yessir, I sobbed in defeat.
I had lost all will, defeated by the strength of his words and of his hands on my ass. My presentation was complete and could suffer no return.



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Since then, my wife has become far more sexually open, just not with me but my boss.

She dresses far less conservatively, even provocatively when she knows she's going to see him.

He's had her in all holes, all positions, every place imaginable.

I have become the perfect clean up slave when allowed to attend, which is far from always.

His favorite sport is now to send me auditing our other branches around the country so he can have sole and free access to my wife.

He truns up unannouned, and shes always sexily dressed and up for it with him



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Then, she takes him up to our marital bed where he fucks her mouth, pussy and butt to amazing orgasms.

When I'm lucky, they phone me and leave the line open for me to listen and enjoy from my hotel room.



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The end


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awesome, keep up this old guys stories.


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Gil Nobody


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wah ! A wonderfull story ! Another like that ! Very very good and the pics are so hot !


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Well Alcale you had me wanking and drooling over your story and pics. Well done. Thanx
karli kunt


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My Dear Alcale:


I was jerking, stroking and rubbing my engorged clittie from the beginning and was drooling and totally consumed by lust as I read and looked at the pix.

Loved the pic of the Boss spanking the submissive little cuck.

Your admiring sissyslut kunt-gurl,
Ms. karli kunt


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a very entertaining work of fiction.


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lovely...especially the second series...thank you....


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Muy bien.................


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My wife was getting it from my boss, he did not know I know about it, this went on for a few years. I was getting lots of overtime so that meant he was getting lots of pussy from my wife.
just love my fun a lot


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That is one of my fantasies too
Rating: 3, 1 vote.
Intergenerational Cuckold / Intergenerational Cuckold /
Wife gets it from my fat old boss (short fantasy with pics)
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