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New way my evil gf is controlling me

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recently my gf has decided that my internet access needed to be monitored and controlled, so she installed a blocking program and set it at the teen level so a ton of stuff gets blocked, this is the only adult site i can access, but the program has content filters too, so its set not to allow any pictures from this site to be viewed. But the worst part is it sends a report out to any email you choose and if i even try to search for any stuff itll be in the report. what she is gonna make me do is if im bad or if she wants to humiliate me she is gonna put a random friends email address in and make me search for humiliating things like gay and tranny porn, sph stuff and then shes gonna send it. part of me likes this idea but on the other hand it means no porn for me anytime soon.

justin mathewson


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As you've said shes evil, I guess you dont like what shes doing. Heres an idea - use your smart phone!
And you can take that into the toilet, or anywhere!! Brilliant eh?


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Do I read right? The one who wants to be controlled, doesn't really like to be controlled.

It might turn out for the best. Be sure you search for stuff that is HOT for you. It may materialze in your life.


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i feel that is very Dominant of your's like online chastity.
PC couple


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Get a new laptop and keep it hidden. Or get a new girlfriend.
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It sounds like you have an ideal gf who is on the right track. Tell her that your sexual excitement and arousal increase the stricter she controls you. Ask for chastity and denial. Explain your joy of keeping your crotch clean and celibate for her as much as she enjoys having her loins soiled by her lovers. You should seriously consider asking her to keep you on a much shorter leash. Tell her that Strict = Sexy to you. She'll figure it out from there.
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New way my evil gf is controlling me
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