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Humiliated in public... in secret

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Very hot story, I'd love to hear more. Once me and an ex were having a birthdayparty of her sister's fried. She also had a fuckdate later that night. Nobody knew but we. So when it got to 10 o'clock in the evening she excused herself for not feeling well and told me she would be fine going home by herself and I could stay and enjoy the party. I said shouldn't I come with you, but she said it's ok, just feeling really tired and need to go to bed. She kissed me goodbye and went home. Looking into her eyes that moment was breathtaking.
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Peter C


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I remember a similar situation with me and my then wife Debbie. We were attending a birthday party in a pub just around the corner from a guy she had had sex with before. It was arranged that after the party she would go to his flat for the night whilst I went home alone. Knowing she was going to have sex after the party and I wasn't was gut-wrenching in a nice way!

Things didn't go to plan though. She was at his place briefly but left, asking me to come and pick her up from near the pub. She told me she was freaked out by his demands for a bondage session with him tying her naked to his bed. It was too soon for that - he'd only fucked her twice before, although we had known him for years as I'd worked with him.

When I picked her up it transpired that our neighbours's s0n (in his 20s) who lived nearby had seen her sitting on a wall, stopped to talk to her and make sure she was alright. Knowing she'd been dr1nking (he'd been at the same party) and hearing that she had been meant to be staying at a friend's and was not expected home, he had instantly seen an unexpected opportunity here for a shot at his mum's married neighbour and had quickly suggested she go back to his flat with him rather than get me to come and pick her up. She declined saying I was already on my way, but that would have been a shock had he been successful! His parents live right opposite my house and the lad is often here. Imagine how I'd squirm with embarassment every time I saw him if he'd have fucked my wife that night!

"Well Pete. It's like this. I didn't actually stay at Mick's in the end. You know young Kieran?...."
Peter C
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Humiliated in public... in secret
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