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Fatten Up the cuck

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One of the methods to help cuckolding is for the husband to be less physically attractive for a wife. I am thinking of putting on weight. Having ice cream or something fattening everyday. This would add weight and also increase my boobs. As I put on thirty extra pounds or so I am sure my wife will be less interested in sex. To complete this process I am thinking of taking paxil or some other have to prevent erections. Has anyone tried this or considered it? It would be Hot if the wife made this suggestion and began this process.


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Try a vegetarian diet and bicycling. Both have a long record of weight loss and decreased male sexual performance.

And the whole time you can tell people you are doing it for the health benefits.


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Flatulence. Unless you wife has a fetish for it, she will not find it at all sexy, and eating flatulence inducing foods does not have the catastrophic health impacts of obesity. You might try also taking longer periods between showers, especially on the weekends. Science has shown that bad smells are the among the most repulsive turn-offs to people on a very instinctual level.

Also, does she like hair or not? You could full body shave/electrolysis, which many women would find very unattractive (especially when it comes to pubic hair). How does she feel about tattoos and piercings? That is another avenue that is safer to you health that packing on the pounds.

How about just bad clothes. Even the hottest body can look like crap if it is dressed poorly. (You might especially think here about what you wear about the house or to bed.)
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Well well! Ive heard it all ,,it almost makes Iscream...with amusement are not seriouse man
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Fatten Up the cuck
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