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humiliated by stripper

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tonight I went to a strip club...there is a vip section there and the girls put out back there. I was hoping to see this one little petite girl there. At a sort of thin five inches, I am not big enough for her, but sometimes she can feel it if she hasn't fucked any real big guys yet that night.

Tonight, I didn't see her and another cute girl, really nice face and teeth, huge tits (fake but good fakes), nice butt and legs, approached. I agreed to go into the vip room. Now unlike a lot of small guys, I last a long time. So, add a condom, which I hate, and a loose pussy, and it'll take me forty five minutes. The girls expect that you will come in three mistergs. No way.

When I first put it in her, she felt tighter than most around my little dick. I really was liking it. But as I started to bounce her on my cock, her pussy got all wet and juicy and stretched way out, and I could hardly feel anything witht the damned condom on. She asked if I wanted to stop at every misterg. I said no. She looked so sexy, but I could hardly feel her as I repeatedly jammed my little dick into her big wet pussy. She tried to act like it was getting her off, and she was really wet and looked awesome.

Finally, after a few mistergs, she said "I'm cutting you off". She got up and looked down at my hard cock, covered in a condom and her juices all over it. She said first that I was wearing her out and she would not be able to do any more "dances" if I didn't stop. She then changed her story to that she didn't know if I could afford it.

I know the real story. It wasn't any fun, getting porked by a dick she couldn't feel. She got sick of it and just wanted it over.

I also felt that she enjoyed the power of denying me an orgasm and teasing me that way. I asked her to come over to me so I could ask her if that turned her on and get her talking about it, but she wouldn't.

Has anyone else been humiliated this way by a stripper or prostitute? Am I misinterpreting this?


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Yes. I have.

I set these scenarios up now. There are 2 girls here in town who know what I like. My last session was at an ABS that has booths with fantasy girls.

Sadie has a great body with huge tits and and big ass. She is mean, demanding and pouty even with her straight clients. I showed up wearing panties bra and pantyhose under my clothes.

She agreed to do a show, but first sent me to the cuckold water store to buy her some vodka! I had never been assigned a task before. It was very erotic on all kinds of levels. Serving a mistress, obviously. I don't take, so I had no idea what I would say to someone who recognized me. Wondering if anyone can tell I am wearing a bra. Having to put off my anticipated show. When I got back she was having a show with someone else. So I had to stand around the store and wait.

When she was done she took my money and told me to wait in the booth while she had a take. "And sit on your hands." The booth has a customer area with a chair, lube and towels, and a "dancer" area raised with a soft rug and boom box. After 5 or 10 minutes she came in. I told her how my wife was out of town with her boss who has a big cock and is using and sharing her. This is all fantasy, but I have not had sex with my wife for 6 months now and only a few times in the last 2 years. "Your wife deserves a big cock. You can't expect her to be satisfied with your worthless little boy cock. It is really more of a clit than a cock." Because I had pleased her by bringing her vodka she let me kiss her shoe.

Most of these fantasy booth girls want you to jerk off and come as quick as possible. Sadie only lets me touch myself on her command. She flashes me her panties and cleavage but kept her clothes on even though I had paid for a nude show. She made me sit in my bra and panties while she verbally used me. Made me turn around and spank myself. She made me finger my ass and tell her I want to be fucked by my wife's lovers big Black cock. (Her fantasy not mine, but I do and say it until I want it!) She didn't let me touch myself until just before the light came on and the show ended. She made me stay another five minutes sitting on my hands while she berated me for ruining the show by not cumming.

I meanwhile thanked her for showing me her undies and letting me buy her vodka and kiss her foot.


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When I was in amsterdam I went to get a hooker. Paid for a suck and fuck but couldnt get hard, after 5 mins she stopped, said "Your dick is a disaster, get out". What could I do? It was really embarrassing


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Whores con money out of you; that's all. If being humiliated gratifies you, they'll refuse to do it unless you pay more.
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humiliated by stripper
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