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White Bull to humiliate your husband

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Jim DeGriz


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I am a 6'1" white bull. I will help you humiliate your husband in many different ways. First, I will fuck you in front of him, while he is tied to a chair. I'll leave him there all night as I fuck you again and again. In the morning he goes face down in the wet spots and we take his credit card to go get breakfast. When we get home we fuck in the hallway just out side the bedroom. I pull up your skirt and slide my fingers in your pussy to get you started. You tell me loudly how much you enjoy my hands on your body and how my cock feels good inside of you. I lift you up and shove my cock in your pussy, you begin moaning with pleasure. We go to the bathroom and shower together; you taking great care to clean my cock with your tongue and lips. You untie your husband and send him off to get us wine and chocolate. When he returns he finds all of his clothes and permisteral items relocated to the garage. He is told to stay there until further notice. We then proceed to fuck in each room of the house for the next several days and take polaroids of my cock in your pussy and ass, which we give to him to learn from. We find out where his coworkers eat lunch or get together after work, then show up there and flirt. After a day we start kissing in front of his workplace and friends, and I freely move my hands on your body and up your skirt. We then begin fucking in public places where he or his friends might see us. If you like girls we invite one of his female coworkers over for sex while he is tucked in the closet with duct tape binding him, so he can only watch. We tape this and play it on the TV frequently. We go to Mexico for several days on his dime and return with more photos of my cock in your mouth and pussy.
There are lots of options, these are just a few.
I love to pleasure wives!


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Interesting...and where are you located?
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White Bull to humiliate your husband
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