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she laughed when i peed my pants....

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jerry love


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my wife and I were at a club one night,she was dressed in a mini skirt and see thru blouse.I was getting very turned on at all the guys looking up her skirt and asking her to dance.Later in the evening thier was one very dom guy hitting on her and was feeling her up at the table right in front of me.I stood up and told him that she was my wife and could he please watch his hands!....He laughed and grabbed my shirt telling me to sit down and let my wife decide who touches her.Just then i felt the warm flood filling my pants and I was powerless to stop wife burst out laughing making the guy look down to see the large wet stain in my pants.he laughed very loud making other people look to see what had happened.:shame:I was embarrased and turned on at the same time.I went up to the room we had in the hotel and sat in the bathtub ,leaving my wife downstairs with that guy.As I sat in the tub humiliated and ashamed I started to hear my wife and that guy laughing in my head.I got so turned on that i jerked off right there in the tub.later on my wife came back to the room and said she was tired and just wanted to go to relax.I know that i am now even less of a man in front of my wife and i think this will chang our relationship forever.
sissyboy mike


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I agree totally with maid chastity. You should just accept this and run with it. Your wife deserves to be happy, and as her new bitch you should go out and recuit a real man to service her. Ask her best girlfriend to help you....maybe you can be her bitch as well. Wouldn't it be great if you could sit and watch while the two of them cream all over a real man's cock while your wife looks straight into your eyes laughing at you. Maybe she would order you to pee your pants again right in front of them all. I think she should take pics of it and post them here.


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All good advice!
Perhaps you should get the two of you into a similar situation just to make sure she totally understands what it is that you both need - a real Man.


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i do think that diaper offense should be the order of the day for u! u can wear your diaper and plastic panties and pee pee all over yorself as u hold her panties and hear both your wife and her lovers laff at u and if u learn to control your bladder she might even let u wear big girl panties someday!


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So embarassing - I like the idea of wetting my own panties in front of Bull, especially plastic pants

Love & kisses


cuckold, sissy, faggot, cumeater, cocksucker locked in chastity, I love eating Bull cum and creampies, currently taking anal training from select Bulls


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What kind of pants and panties were you wearing? A thin pair of white ladies pants with floral panties would have shown so easily.


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My Domme bitch wife wants me to catch her in bed with her young, bad ass, boyfriend.

She wants me to act aggressive until he moves the covers over and I see how big and muscular he is.
Then she wants me to piss my pants in front of them, cower like a pussy, call him Sir and beg him not to kick my ass.
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Bitch Wives / Bitch Wives /
she laughed when i peed my pants....
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