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Everyday interracial events

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simon softlad


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Being a big fan of all things interracial I keep my eyes open for any little happenings as I go about my daily business. A couple of things I’ve seen recently were worthy of a little jerk off. Both happened on public transport, always a good place to spot some murky going ons in my experience – especially late at night.

I was on one such late night train when a mixed (black/white, boys/girls) group of teenagers got on laughing and carrying on as they do. Well one by one they got off at various stops until there was just two of then left, a black guy and a really pretty white girl. The boy had a bit of swagger about him – I do like that – and was clearly intent of getting this girl even though I reckon she was a couple of years older. She resisted for a bit but it wasn’t long before he had his tongue down her throat and his hands all over her more than ample tits. When they both got off he had his hand firmly on her arse. I like to think he fucked her silly that night.

The second was when a black guy and white women got on and sat opposite me. They were both in their 30s quite professional looking and from the way they were talking I took them to be work colleagues. Well after a couple of minutes they were all over each other, really going for it, kissing with hands everywhere. I didn’t know where to look (that’s a lie, I knew exactly where to look!). He got off the train first then she made a phone call which went something like:-

‘Oh hi honey, sorry I’m late I had to work on a bit. Are the kids in bed? OK I’ll see you in 20 minutes.’
I caught her eye and smiled when she hung up. She blushed a bit but smiled back. There was one cuckolded husband there for sure.

Anyone else got any? Just little things that make you go mmm – nice


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LOve reading your stories and experiences. Have to admit I kinda of like that arrogance and swagger by young black teens, especially if they are direcetd towrads white wives and their husbands


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I tend to see things at airports. Attractive white women with mixed black/white kids. I always find it sexy. More sexy was when I saw a white couple with a young black/white young. YES! So nice to think that she had a baby with her black lover, not her white hub. SO nice to think that he knowingly accepts and approves of her choosing black men over him to man her youngren.


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i love hearing these kinda of stories


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Being from the boring suburbs, I don't get to see much.
There was this one time... I happened to be in the parking lot of a store.
Facing that parking lot is a motel - you know the type: cheap and a bit shabby.

Anyway, about 10am, a car pulls up that seems far too nice to be going to such a place.
Five minutes later, another nice car arrives and parks right next to the first.
The drivers get out: The lady, maybe 35, and she looked awesome. The man, maybe 40, dressed in a suit, as if he was coming from work. They kiss, and then the man goes to the office to get a key. Once obtained, they walk hand in hand to a room. The last thing I saw was the lady pulling the curtains closed, and checking them twice.

For sure, wifey was getting her oil changed that morning.


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Used to go to titty bars years ago. Some were upscale - "classy".

Loved to watch those cute young white dancers; blonds, brunettes and redheads (all flavors) putting on a show. Long hair, beautiful bodies and teasing smiles.

Somehow they seemed to be extra flirty with the black guys who came in.

Wonder if those clubs are still there?


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My husband & I had gone out to dinner one hot summer evening with our 4 flowers (Jr. HS - HS) & our waitress turned out to be a beautiful, young, slender, well proportioned, fair-skinned, blond, freshman, girl student who I knew from the university where my husband & I work. I'll call her Annie here & she seemed to adopt me as her big sister because she didn't know anyone after arriving at school a little earlier in the summer & I had provided her with helpful answers. We had some interesting chats around campus during which I found out about her permisteral life. I had noticed that she wore very revealing clothes without any undies, as do many HS-college girls these days, including myself, our flowers & most of the women in our family since we are nudists & also blessed with beauty. I asked Annie about it & she explained that she was a nudist & hated the undies clinging to her body. One day I crossed paths with Annie on campus & she was accompnied by 3 very nice, very dark, young black guys who were also students and who could not keep their hands off beautiful Annie. They tried to be discreet, but I saw them caress almost every part of her at some point, including her boobs & smooth bottom. I was getting wet thinking about the fun she would be having & I knew she must be too. We went our separate ways & couldn't wait to get back to my office where I could play with my button & later that evening I jumped on my husband. A few days later Annie & I chatted again & she told me that she had a high sex drive ever since the hormones kicked in during Jr high & she had a strong attraction to dark black guys from that point on when she gave her virginity to her first boyfriend(s) who were very dark high school boys. She said she dated white guys too, but, hadn't become monogamous yet & that she had gotten the black ball piercings to show that she sexed black guys too. I had seen her nipples & belly-button had the black ball jewelry & I thought I'd glimpsed it under her skirts when she'd flashed her bottom. She reminded me of myself when I was in HS, although I didn't get piercings or tats & hadn't sexed a black guy until a graduation party, but he was dark also & so were others later.

Anyway, now you know what preceeded the restaurant encounter when my family met Annie. Annie is a wonderful, engaging, articulate, beautiful, young woman who people find easy to talk with. That evening at the restaurant Annie didn't wear anything very sheer as usual, but we could tell she was braless under her black top because you could easily see her boobs nice firm shape, we would occasionally get a glimpse of her boobs & they wiggled very easily as she moved. She was also wearing a white wrap-around mini-skirt that covered her bottom. After Annie met our flowers she revealed that she had a little boy who was 4 years old & that she would get a picture of him from her wallet to show us. While she was gone my husband & I realized that she gotten pregnant when she was young. When Annie returned with the picture she proudly showed my husband & I her adorable dark skinned little mister. When we returned the picture to her she went around to our flowers and squatted next to them as she showed them the photo & chatted with all of us. While Annie was squatting near the girls we all could see that she was pantyless, that she was smooth & that she had a black ball jewelry piercing in her clit hood. When I had seen her on campus I had noticed the piercing jewelry & I'd told my husband about Annie, but our girls were a little surprised by the picture of her dark mister & the black ball jewelry. The girls didn't comment except to say how cute her mister was, but as we went through dinner I noticed our girls occasionally whispering, giggling & squirming. That was not unusual with our girls as they are very close & goof around a lot, but I wondered what was going on in their heads. We discussed Annie, her piercings, sex & black guys on different occasions after that dinner and our girls have also had gotten involved with dark black guys, as well as white guys & Asian guys. None of them have become pregnant yet & some have tattoos and/or black ball piercings like Annie. The same is true for many of our flowers cousins & friends, as well as so many other young white women we see around.


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Just today I was having lunch on an outdoors table at a TGI Friday's when I saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen walking by with her family. She had an incredible body with about the best pair of legs I have ever seen! Dressed very sexy with spike high heels. The family consisted of a very geek looking white husband and her mister walking between them...a young boy of about 10 or 11, with light skin, but very obvious African-American features, including his tight curly hair. He had to be either their adopted mister or the mister she had with her bull...I would put my money on the bull having maned the young!! The hubby is apparently raising the boy as his own and being the good, accepting, ultimate cuckold. While the hubby looks very meek and passive, his wife looks like a super-hot wife! The mixed breed mister was the end result of her cuckoldress ways. It seems to be a new trend that white men are having to learn to accept! Gotta love those bitch wives!!


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One night a couple years ago, I was at a supermarket buying groceries.

Not many people there as it was near closing time. I had gotten a frozen entree and a six-pack to have as another dinner home alone.

At the check-out, there were two young black guys in the line just behind me. They were loudly laughing and joking, obviously had been takeing; I could smell the beer. Their only purchase was a box of condoms (might have been Magnums judging by the color).

I made my purchase and left glad to get away from them. Outside the store parked up front, of course in a "no parking zone", was a nice convertible (BMW?). There were two very cute young white girls sitting in the back seat. One blonde, one brunette, both early 20's, also laughing and talking. Damn they were good looking.

Sure enough those two black guys were right behind me. They jumped in that convertible and pealed off, girls and all.

I went home, alone, to my apartment to heat up the frozen dinner and take half the six-pack.

Oh well, but I was thinking of them!


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Everyday events are the best. I just got home from a bar. It wasn't a predominantly black bar - just hip enough to be casually interracial. There were three black guys there - african or african-american. One was tall, lean and handsome, another butt ugly but built like an natural. The third I found less interesting - small and slim with a baseball cap and miserable atttitude. The handsome one was like a god. Those guys all appeared to not know each other. I don't know how much detail to go into. The lean, handome one had the sweetest petite blonde with him, his girlfriend no doubt. He had otherwomen virtually falling at his feet, but I suspect the extremely pretty blonde kept him in control - at least publicly. The brutish looking guy had a constant stream of chicks trying to hook up. He could have taken his pick. The best moment was when a blonge older chick sat on a bench to talk to a white guy but just happened to back her arse right into that guy. Probably just an accident (yeah - sure!!). I was watching and wondering how long befoe she was talking to the black guy. I think it was about 2 minutes.

But the whole place was hyper charged sexually. While the black guys had the run of the place, even I had a woman tongue kisssing me while her husband was sitting at the next table. And she wanted to fuck me. It was a strange night. He was NOT a happy cuckold. As usual I am the wannabe cuckold who ends up with another guy's wife all over me. I am the bull who wants to be a cuckold. Sheesh.


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Speaking of everyday events, has anyone noticed the increasing amount of commercials that show black guys and white girls as couples? Currently, there is a smart phone commercial running where the white girl (early 20s) is talking about all the great photos her boyfriend takes with his phone, convincing her to buy one too. However, early on into the commercial, it's obvious that the boyfriend is quite black.

Another commercial that ran about six months ago showed a black guy and white woman sitting at a table in a restaurant (I think it was for a credit card). They stood up from the table and left the restaurant at the end of the commercial, but what was remarkable was that they left hand in hand. So it wasn't a simple business lunch or other event, they were obviously 'together'

Have other folks in the states noticed similar commercials? I think it's a growing trend.

Good Thread
rfresco_99 (yahoo chat)

(a series of instructional videos we posted)
simon softlad


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Loving all these stories.


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Ive got years full of these such occurances lets see year was about 1995
i was still with my babymamma, the kids were preschoolers and shes half
white half mexican..looks far more mexican well the place we were all living
at the time was a duplex community, a bunch of track duplexes all bunched
up on one long street leading into the downtown metropolitan area, anyway
the landlord permister must have apparently been in cahoots with this big
Continnental hotel that was about 3/4 of a block away you could see it
from our place if you tryed to it was that close. So low- behold one day i see
about 4 backpacker looking euro dorks, total traveler warewolf in london
stuff..this crew shows up and starts lodging up in the adjacent unit. Its attached
right to the house.. this is residential neighborhood. Cant weekly rent out
half of a duplex illegally without mention nor compensation nothing. So i ride
it out and deal with a bunch of hooting and traveler takeing noises for the week
and yes i saw it coming and yes it is right here right now the next weeks occupants
were a real down & dirty..(acting) crew of black dudes, hard as hell, tats/ dominoes
loud bassy music..everything except the kitchen sink. So 1 maybe 2 nights into
this and i came home from some errand & i find my lady and 3 of her neices..all
upstart lil chicas. my family mind you i looked at them and behaved towards them
as who they were..young family members that i look out and care over..well the 4
of them have theyre ears all pressed against the wall like there was something
serious taking place, and im like WTF are you all doing what are you listening to..
and one of the neices says WERE MAKING SURE A GIRL DOESNT GET RAPED. AND
that time i was up in my ladys space saying woman what the hells going on and she
says they heard girls screaming & then right after they could hear this 1 particular
girl saying no that she didnt want to do it like the others had done that she didnt mind
staying but she didnt want to be grouped like the rest of her friends just did but apparently
these boys werent easily swayed & this girl kept saying No and Im freeking tripping
on why my lady has her 3 neices joined with her ears locked on the wall and guess what
she tells me, she said the neices finally told her what they had overheard because they had
been listening thru the wall for the past day or 2, and the girls fairly harmlessly listened
to all that but when they then heard one female complaining loudly thats when she
was told by the neices what had taken place. They said they "had to keep listening the
whole time for the unco-operative girls safety factor" and i went and sat down and watched
some basball and co-viewing the four of them posted up on the community wall. Think
it was the following day that they stopped eavesdropping.


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This is all in a relatively condensed time-span and yes same town same middle 90's
This one bro of mine had this way out of his league girlfriend that lived at this house
with dude, and man this girl was friend had swooped her amongst some NA
meetings he had assigned his way, Anyway these two were clicking and they had a
decent pad, mid town 2 bedroom house, common as common gets, not too suburban
not too ghetto..pretty comfortable place. Well it wasnt for too long, all of a sudden
this big loud talking wifebeater & flip flop wearing hustl;er gangster would stop in &
dude was pretty cool, pretty house respectful, aside from his yell-talking and semi
shadyness he minded manners would smoke 1 or 2 fat Endo rolls of good stony ass kush
and everyone would be blunted back for an hour and dude would shuffle his loud as hell
flip flopped self back to next door. He and i start seeing one another in passings at
this house back & forth for a few months & upon this one evening he stopped by with this
extra obnoxious fat white girl that was the epitome of white trash, total wigger girl she
walks in with dude & starts in with this ghetto of all ghetto drawls, exaggerated as
is humanly possible..i swear, so any how this girl had a mouth on her that would hang
with any crew of takesen sailors, she starts in with all this aww my whiteboy ex this and
my good for nothing white brother did that...serious racetraitor chubby chick with cornrows
--just like that on a bible well she and black neighbor dude start smoking theyre pipe and so on
and ole' wigget says something about her "Italian" ex husb and how ghettofabulous she is
now without him, and kept targetting the italian word...and yes im Italian so this bird says
it one too many of times & i responded. Called her a few names and stuck up for my bro and his
old ladys house by saying that girl was confused and race hating on my particular heritage right in front of me and fuck if you all are purple for all i care is if you cross the line..its crossed. So i bellow at
this ghetto bird for maybe 1 minute until ole' flip flop caught wind of me checking his wigger for
running her mouth & he acts like he mistakenly thinks the cuckolds brownie im talking is directed at him & hes like
..are you talking to me, and initially im saying no man not really im talking to your loudmouth
disrespectful pink hog right here so anyway i know he knew i was talking to her, but pretends he
thinks im talking cuckolds brownie to him and comes and cracks me 2 chin shots & Playing all crazy with me
He knew that would bring me into the battle so to speak, but i just stood there and talked a lil more
cuckolds brownie to his wayward fatty, but the damage had been done. 2 weeks later i call the place looking
for my bro...and wtf old cornrows answers & says something like shes the girls wifey 4
Your guess is as good as mine how it went from that day on


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We will time jump up to the present-day, so heres how the demography
and situation has settled, allright 1 of the 3 neices, the cutest of the 3
These 3 neices are NOT my neices mind you they are my babymammas
neices, so my family by marriage, NOT red, anyway both her & my x
have bi-racial blkm maned kids, & it seems to permeate out like a spider
from there..a good percentage of my x, my babymamas crowd date
black guys, &/or have half black kids by one. & seems one sister or one
female in every one of these or more of them have black kids.
and funny thing is i swear on a bible the focus and bondship amongst this
whole crowd is on How great it is if you interracial date & the boldest
females in this community seal the deal so to speak by becoming knocked
up black, so they can carry around a living breathing beacon that tells the world
See how down we are for black guys...& theyll have a curly haired mixed
black rugrat on theyre hip. Yes to be continued


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When I was in HS we lived next to a nice white family that had 2 beautiful, young, slender, fair-skinned white flowers about my age & a younger mister who was obviously black. I was told that their mister had been adopted & I didn't give it much thought initially. As time passed I noticed that our neighbors had several dark black male friends, some of whom stayed at their house for longer periods. I also noticed that their flowers wore very skimpy, sheer, revealing clothes without bras or panties, which is common in our family also since most of us are nudists. The flowers dated primarily dark black guys from the time they started HS & would either relax at their dates house or bring the guys home with them, which was allowed by their parents. One of the first nights the flowers brought home their dark black boyfriends was on a very warm Spring Friday when their parents had gone away for the weekend & the girls had the house to themselves. The girls had gone out to a rap concert with a group of 6 dark black guys, then to a hip-hop club & finally back to their house next door to ours. I'd seen them when they left & when they returned & the girls looked very hot. When they got back home with the guys it was clear that the guys wanted the girls & girls wanted the guys just as much. In the house they turned on some music, but it was suprisingly not very loud. I knew their parents were not home & I heard some laughter & whoops so I walked into their dark yard to see what was happening. That was the first time I saw group sex & in that case the girls enjoying a gangbang with their dark black boyfriends who stuffed the 2 women with long, thick, naked, coal-black cocks in all their holes & pumped them full of jungle juice. I got myself off too. That was just the beginning of many interesting adventures for those 2 beautiful, very sexy women.

Refresco, I have noticed a lot of interracial commercials where black males are paired with white females in an obvious plan to make that more normal & less taboo. It reminds me of an incident when an interracial porn movie was "accidentally" broadcast on a regular public channel one Saturday, again when I was in HS. It was about these 2 beautiful young white couples who go to someplace tropical to investigate some sort of strange occurrences. We saw the 2 couples run around nude, scantily clad & having sex. They get caught by a mad scientist who does whatever he wants with the white girls. The 2 white couples escape the mad scientist but are tracked by the local black tribesmen, who chase & eventually capture the 2 white couples. The dark black people separate & restrain the 4 white people & we saw several tribe members have straight sex with the white people, individually & in groups as well as chasing the nude white people, securing them in various ways & tormenting them. The white couples eventually escape their captors but decide to return to the tribe as willing sex partners. That was my first porn movie & my other introduction to interracial sex besides our hot, sexy neighbors.

There was another family of nudists about a block away from our house who had regular nude summer pool parties that were very popular.


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Oops! That showed up twice for some reamister so I tried to delete the second one.


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grand imagination curious thats a good story but i think youve
got it in the wrong place. Yours is make believe...the rest are not.
So idk. ill tell some of my other real events and youll be able to
tell fact from fiction. If you think i was storytelling...youd better read
them again...those all happened.


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My husband came home from work recently & told me about a young white woman at work who was about 24, petite, slender, she had nice shoulder length brown hair, a pretty face & she was very outgoing & fun to work with. He said she was a lot like our flowers & she even seemed to be braless & pantyless like our girls & like a great many other women are doing so these days. We figured she must be a nudist like us. He said that she had also commented on how much she liked to party a few years ago before she had kids, a mister & a flower. These discussions he had with his coworker took place over an entire day with interruptions & other things that had to be done. Later in the day they were talking about the kids' behavior & how their man isn't around because although he is a nice guy & well endowed physically, with a huge tool, he is totally irresponsible & too immature. My husband asked how old the kids are & as she took out pics of the kids she said they were 9 & 10 years old & that she had gotten pregnant young. When she gave him the pics he saw that they were adorable kids & obviously dark black thanks to dad. She chuckled & said she is usually nude at home or on vacation & her kids shower with her sometimes. She said her little boy has a large tool like his dad, even for his age. She said that she is going to do everything she can to make sure that her kids are not as immature & irresponsible as their man though. So....


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I have a female friend who is divorced. We date casually. I've met her niece who is around 19 and just a stunning blond. college freshman.

My friend can't stand her niece's boyfriend.

He's 26 and from Detroit, he's been in jail twice, and her niece has bailed him out twice. Despite the fact that she's trying to pay for college!

He treats her like cuckolds brownie, wrecked her car, bought a stereo with her credit card. I went to a family picnic with her last summer, and the niece was there with her boyfriend. The family was staring daggers into him. Clearly they hate the guy and don't understand what she sees in him.

She was all over him. Deep down I was thinking - damn ! That white girl is just ADDICTED to his black cock to put up with all that.

Just recently my friend was saying how stupid her niece is, because now she's pregnant with his kid.

So much for college !


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Great post dinky...
Win some...
Lose some...
Few are rained out


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Dinky, what's so sad is that some white girls (obviously the dumb ones) actually go for the big black B.S. bait that the gangsta bros put out & eventually they pay for it by having a crappy life. My sisters & I only date & sex dark black guys who are also smart, classy & really nice guys. We won't tolerate the gangsta & superiority crap & neither will our boyfriends. It's been that way since we started dating & became sexually active, whether we are in HS, college or graduated.


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My sisters & I had a great time when we went out to San Fran once for a summer festival vacation & we spent almost the entire time totally nude with our dark black boyfriends, even walking around town. It was great, but I don't know if they still ałlow that. I heard that they were talking about no longer allowing total nudity in public in the city. What a shame. I'll have to check on it. We're nudists in our family anyway so it wasn't anything that new to us other than being in a city with more people while nude. We don't normally wear much clothing anyway though, but, it was nice. We got a lot of appreciative reactions to our beauty & so did our dark black guys by the white female population who not only liked how handsome the guys are but also their huge, long, thick, coal black cock tools. I hope we can do that again. Can't wait to go camping too when the weather warms up.


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Spotted at least three WF/BM couples out on the town Saturday night (3/22).
All in the space of only a half an hour!

Damn, only short passing looks.
Wish I could have observed them longer,
but I'm already too much of a pervert!

Maybe the IR goddess will be kinder this week!


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Wow, has it been three years? This thread really needs to be revived!

Last summer I remember seeing a white couple (nice lookin' momma) with three k i d s.
Two were white, but the other little-one was definitely black.
Of course he may have been adopted. You wonder...

Tonight another Saturday night. Cold but fine.
Lots of people out and about; movies, shows and eating out.

Spotted two young couples strolling together, both WF/BM combos.
Laughing, flirting. The girls were bundled against the chill.
Very cute; a blond and brunette I'd fall for.

Still January, but spring is coming!


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Another Friday night - more IR dating!!

Spotted at least 4-WW/BM combos in what was less than one hour.

Two were young couples; the other two were more mature (40s & 50s)
What's in the air? Only February, not spring yet!

Now a while later, what's going on in those bedrooms? I can only imagine.
Definitely some well-satisfied white women!!


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Great nights this weekend. Good music. Bands playing outdoors. Big crowds with many amazing women. Warm weather so they were all wearing shorts. Ooh yeah, Major Leg -age Galore!

Too many IR couples to count. This weekend, mostly ALL were white or Hispanic women with black guys. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Girls were dancing to the music. Lot's of public affection; kisses and caresses. I can only imagine what happens later when they get home.

The bruthas are really tagging that pussy!!


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Last night at a grocery store.

There was a mothe-r (youn-g white woman) and her so-n (obviously mixed) pushing a cart. She was looking good - pretty face, long dark hair, nice big hips and boobs. And of course, a white momm-a with a mixed chil-d will always tweak my interest. Though she ignored me.

A black guy, also with cart came along. They struck-up a conversation. I lingered in the aisle to make my selection, trying not to be noticable. I could hear him turning on the charm.

I wondered if, especially considering the obvious male parentage of her so-n, whether this guy liked his chances with this nice looking white woman. She was coyly receptive, but not yet committing.

Then, the youn-g black guy had the balls to ask for her number.
I thought "Shi-t, my man, YOU are going to get shot down!"

But then, She smiled and gave it to him. They exchanged numbers.
By their smiles and the tone of their voices I was sure he scored.
No doubt they will be hooking-up!

So I was the one shot down!
Damn fast work my man!!


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I love these situations. I was ******** in a club a while back and there was this stunning blonde lady in her 30s. It was a works party by the looks of it. Anyway, there was also a black guy there. Not particularly good looking and probably pushing 50. I'd had a few beers that night, so was slightly hazy. However, I remember her sexy dancing with him and she was being outrageously flirty. I bet he gave her a good seeing to that night. I had a few wank over the thought of them the day after. I'll never forget her long gorgeous legs
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Everyday interracial events
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