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White girls with black babies.

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I have a grand flower now in her twenties, who just had her second black baby..
There is an aunt on my wife's side of the family, that had a black baby before she married my wife's brother..
Now the tie to me comes into to mix..
Even before my wife's brother married, I was all but begging my wife to take a black lover.... My wife knows of my fetish for interracial porn.. and my sisterinlaw and I have had several very private conversations, in which she admitted to cuckolding her husband with several black men over the years..
I am afraid that I have given my grandflower the wrong impression, because I try very hard to avoid being alone with her.. giving her the idea that I am upset with her for her choice of blacks over whites..
When nothing could be farther from the truth..
My wife finds it funny to torment me, by telling me [[[ Bet it makes you hard thinking about sissy spreading her white legs for black boys..]]] A phrase I have used many times when telling her how much I wanted to see her mounted by a big black man..
Now my sisterinlaw has caught just enough of my wife's barbs to make an effort to be alone with me and tell me that she has talked to sissy about sex with black men, and they both agree that I should try to get my wife to go black..
A strange as it sounds I could not wish for anything better at this time, unless some how my wife should change her mind and give it up to black men..
Dale Dvohh


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Always wish this happened naturally instead of adopting.

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You should put a pic of each of them on here love to c wat all 3 of them look like
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Interracial Cuckold / Interracial Cuckold /
White girls with black babies.
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