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kissing Black Men

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this is mainly directed to the women out many of you like kissing Black Men? to be honest, i almost never do. i'm not trying to fall in love, i just want to fuck! there are so many things i could be doing with my mouth that would make that a lot more likely to happen, don't you think?

to Black Men...which would you rather have.....a long kiss or a good blowjob?


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jodired, I agree with you completely. While I wish my wife would fuck other men, including black men, it will probably never happen. I would much rather see my wife suck a big black cock and, to be honest, I would love to suck a black cock. It would be a great pleasure to taste his balls, swirl my tongue over his cock head, and tongue his piss hole. I would love to suck his cock while jacking him off, and takeing the sweet precum that oozes from his piss hole. It would be the utmost pleasure to hear him tell he is going to cum, and to take his cum in my mouth so I can swallow his entire load. God, I'm getting light-headed just thinking about sucking a cock and eating his load. To see my wife cum as he tenderly and slowly fucks her would be the sweetest event possible. We would need a tender lover for her, as her health issues keep her in much pain most of the time. She has fibromyalgia, which is a disease of the immune system related to rhumatoid arthritis and lupus. No known cause and no cure, although research is at last ongoing now that the medical profession acknowledges the existence of the disease. My health is even worse because of Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam, causing diabetes, depression, and the problems that go with these and other conditions. I still hope for her to want to fuck other men, as long as I am present, which is a requirement I insist on.
tess ann


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For me, always the full monty, so exciting and erotic kissing black guys, the taboo, especially if you're from a lily white family like me, grew up never knew any blacks, seldom saw any, certainly never socialized w/them, ignored blacks at college, considered them unattractive, did not like their culture, got married, we eventually begin swinging, the black thing came up, I decided one time only, endure it for my hubby, 10 seconds after the first kiss began, I knew I was gonna become a black cock slut.
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Interracial Cuckold / Interracial Cuckold /
kissing Black Men
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