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Wife Squirting

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I am wondering if anyone else has seen their wife squirt while fucking a bbc. My wife has done it twice and it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I have never been able to make her do it, she says it has to hit a certain spot deep inside. Has anyone seen this, or has any BM made a girl do this?


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Last time we played with her black lover my wife also squirted a couple of times. She had never done it before. Since he was fucking her doggie style and i was licking her pussy at the time i got a real mouthful!


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I'm new here,
but my gf does this everytime she has an orgasm. It's called female ejaculation. She can't have anything in her either when she is doing it. She does it with her lover. but he has to pull out, she comes, then back in he goes.


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New here also.
My wife also squirts a lot when she cums...most often when she's getting herself off with one of her big dildos. Sometimes she loses control and pees, too. It's a joy to watch!
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Wife Squirting
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