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My wife loves black cock and i am thinking about taking her to Jamaica next year. Is it realy as good there as i`ve heard, or is it true that the local men all want to be payed? Any of you been there and have any tips on where to take her? I`d like to see her get fucked a lot but not if she has to pay for it.


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Happy trails to you.


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Well if yo go dont be surprised if you are surronded by whites. Im assuming your looking for black guys.
Well if you want to meet black guys you will have to venture out of the toursit area's which is not recomended by me or your travle agency. People there are very poor, so it can be dangerous. I recommend looking online for swingers and things that fall in that lifestyle. You may meet someone who lives down there that can help you, by knowing someone or knowing a club. Hotel bars will be filled with mostyl white older couples.

If you venture into Negril you will find a nice resort with lot of posh resturants. I think that may be your best bet. Try and find a local guy who is working, he will be clean cut and in good health. The hotels are no diffrent thna here they like to put good looking people in customer service. If your wife is goodlooking you should have no problem finding someone to fuck her. We got our boat charter guide to come to our hotel with a friend. Great night for me and my wife as she got a serious IR pounding. Guys were like the engerizer bunny and shot fouror five loads each in and on my wife.

If you go to town most of the men will not be what your wife is looking for. I say stay on the resorts for your saftey and qaulity of men. Really its all about your wifes looks and luck.....Wish you well.


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I have a girlfriend who is ready for a BBC experience. Two summers ago was a bit to soon for her, when I took my girlfriend to supernice, all inclusive resort in Negril. They offered in-room massages and had two males who could provide the service. One of them my girlfriend took a shine to, and I approached him to schedule an afternoon massage. Told him I would tip him well to give her a happy ending and suggested if he pushes it, may get one himself.... He smiled and agreed it would be no problem. She chickened out on the massage, however, I often close my eyes and picture him massing her from our swim-up room patio, peering in the room to see him pounding her on the bed... We are going back to Negril this summer, may have to report here if I can get the in-room massage again... She's ready...
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