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Mommy's Little Boy (Roleplay)

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If I had a wife I would love for her to treat me like this, pretending I was her little boy and cuckolding me right in front of my eyes while all the while admonishing me not to tell "daddy" (which of course is actually me). Then she would make me clean up the mess, rubbing it all in my face while I licked and swallowed, telling me what a good boy I was, and making me promise not to ever tell. She would ultimately leave the house with her boyfriend and when she returned alone later I would have to pretend I knew nothing (which would of course be my way of actually keeping the secret, I couldn't admit I knew because that would have constituted my "mommy's little boy" self somehow telling my husband self.) I would have to endure the offense of going along with her "lie" and watching her act like the faithful wife to my face while only hours earlier she was rubbing another man's cum in it. It would make her seem cruel and wicked since each time she acted innocent of the "infidelity" it would only emphasize the deception I knew such "lies" to be. She would be carbonsmudgeating without actually carbonsmudgeating and it would be an ongoing game that never really stopped. Whenever she wanted to act like the faithful virtous wife she would treat me like her husband and I would have to watch her act out her "charade" of innocence and fidelity, and whenever she wanted to tease, humiliate, or mock me by flaunting her sexual freedom she would simply leave the room or engineer some other short term absence and when she returned start condescending to me as her "little boy". Then I would again be in full possession of the "secret" knowledge of her "carbonsmudgeating" and she could stop acting innocent. She would tell me about other men, she would tell me about my "daddy's" inadequacy, she would call other men on the phone in front of me, she would have them over to the house, fuck them right in front of me, make me clean up the mess, and later clean the sheets and "do my chores for mommy". But all too soon she would begin treating me like her husband again, and I would be powerd to keep our dreadful secret and act like I knew nothing even while I still had the musky aftertaste of the evidence in my mouth from the cleanup duties just moments before.

God I would love that!!!

(I've posted this in the Interracial forum because this post is about a general fantasy. The guy in the picture is white, true, but my wife would have black lovers too. In fact ideally most if not all of them would be big, ebony, muscular, virile, bull gods. I just didn't have a picture of a black guy and a white girl saying "shhhhh"... But if someone posts a really good one I'd be happy to do it up like this one.)




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nice deam , im sure most of us woulk like to be treated like that
Rating: 6, 2 votes.
Interracial Cuckold / Interracial Cuckold /
Mommy's Little Boy (Roleplay)
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