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My wife just started using a 9" black realistic penis AND

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seems to want the real thing now. This is amazing to me. We have been roleplaying IR cuckolding for 5 years now. We started going out lately and she has been dancing with young black guys and getting turned on. So, to try to get her even more horny for black men, I bought her a 9" black realistic dildo. It seems to be working because now she tells that she will grant me my wish because the realistic dildo now has her craving the real thing. Seriously guys, my wife is now ready and we are both excited about embarking on this lifestyle.

I just wanted to share this with those of you whose wives need a little push to come out. Maybe if you get her a big black dildo then she too might start craving the real thing like my wife is.

Also, do any of you have or had similar situations where your wife started craving real BBC after using the big black realistic dildo that you bought her?

We are going out again this weekend and will be getting a hotel room. I can't believe that I am getting close to being cuckolded and my wife is on board.


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Black dildos are the perfect way to get your woman to go black. Most women are nervous about having more than one man in real life because she is afraid that she will be outnumbered and overpowered.

With one or more rubber dicks available to the woman, she soon realizes that she has some control, it is easier to convince her to take charge over what goes in her pussy. This, mixed with some IR porn, works wonders!

This is also very safe as far as her STD fears are concerned.

Be sure to get black dildos. The excuse you can use is that you got her the black dildos was because they were bigger - just like real black dicks. This will turn the conversation to dick size and peak her curiousity.

Before you know it, she will start craving the real thing. Then, one night, while you are watching some IR porn, you can let slip that you think she would look sexy getting fucked by a real black dick. Don't push it though! Let the thoughts linger in her mind. In a few days she will ask if you were serious. (she has been thinking about it A LOT by this time.)

Let her know that the thought turns you on. Fantasy and role play with the black dildos will help tremendously at this point. One night just sit back and watch her play with the big black dildos by herself, putting on a little show for you. Watch her shyness melt away!

Eventually, you will find yourselves searching for a real black dick to fuck her. But that task is up to you!

Good luck!

more info and pix on this thread:



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I can understand that's a really hot fantasy but, it takes time too see it that way....for a hubby to bring it up suddenly from out of know where, is understandably going to get quickly dismissed a wife....then the hubby is careful about bringing the topic up again and without here being exposed to it in any way, she's not going to get used to the idea....the dildo is a way to keep it in her mind without having to risk bringing it up verbally and having her dismiss the idea's hot, it just takes time to get over the initial shock the first time it's brought up and the dildo doesn't allow her to just completely forget about like it was never mentioned....I think anything that keeps it in her mind without the hubby actually constantly bringing the idea up, is much more subtle and allows her to get turned on by the idea at her own pace.


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Actually my g/f suggested getting the 8" black realistic vibe. She wondered what it would feel like. I ordered immediately. Played with it and she was really turned on. We role play that it is a guy she has picked up and i am watching. She has to decide to fuck it and opens her legs. She climaxes every time. She has 2 others but they never get used now. I'm away a lot and i've had her use it on herself over the phone and tell me she is fucking a guy. Next step - real thing!
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My wife just started using a 9" black realistic penis AND
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