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This ass,believe or not has had many black cocks in her younger years.........and the best part which is the most unbelievable(serious fact)! which makes her so hot is that she is of "red"of a famous Confederate officer from Va........Hint:they could never catch him!
"Nice asses only,please"


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I do not believe that Old South plantation owners would be any more successful in producing a superior race of black supermen than Hitler's henchmen were successful in producing a superior race of white supermen. And Hitler's guys had access to superior scientific and medical research facilities.

I have always maintained that Darwin got it right in his "Principles of Natural Selection." Simply put, Darwin's position was that the chances of producing "better" youngren, generation to generation, go up if a woman is inseminated by a variety of men without regard to their race, physique, intelligence, cock size, etc. It has worked for other species for millions of years. Why should it not work for homo sapiens?

We should not be driving ourselves crazy trying to figure out and/or improving upon such a system as natural selection. We should be content with enjoying ourselves and letting nature run it's course.
A man has not lived until he watches another man fuck his wife!


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this was a good read


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There are no superior races, indeed. As far as sex is concerned, only the taboo issue is what makes interracial sex hotter - either in the case of white females/black males or vice-versa (black females/white males). This forum tends to give only one side of this story, wich has many chapters ... (there are a lot of happy interracial couples where the male is white and the female is black or light-brown skinned). The rest is fantasy.


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You can't have it both ways. You write a post about black male sexual supremacy, asked for debate, and then complained when some people disagreed with you!

One point at a time...
1) I don't think the taboo concerning interracial sex is dead at all (especially in the South!). And infidelity is still generally frowned upon across society, although the practice is quite common. Most people, men and women, get profoundly hurt when cheated on - and the standard model for "serious" relationships is still pretty much the same monogamous, same-race, sexually conservative thing it has always been.

2) Nevertheless, you are correct about the increase in the prevalence interracial sex. I don't have any figures to support what I am saying, and I don't think figures will ever exist on a topic such as this, but white women fucking black men is absolutely out of control where I come from. Cliques of white women make a sport of nigger fucking, and some are racking up prodigious numbers. And some black guys (certainly not all) are seriously cashing in. Contrary to your post, and the theme of this website, a lot of this is being done secretly and without any consent, tacit or otherwise, of these woman's partners. I don't know what is occurring in other parts of the USA. I suspect the same - but it is noticeable in the south because the taboo is stronger. I suspect in a liberal place like Southern California black/white relations are more prevalent and perhaps this change/trend has not been so stunning. I'd actually really like to know!

3) I disagee with the comments of AmazonKing. For one thing, I don't think the nazis were that sceintific - but even more importantly their 1000 year 3rd reich lasted less than a decade! Selective black breeding, by contrast, occurred over many generations.

4) I disagree with "name" I am a disagreeable sob today! Sure, for erotic reamisters, porn and the internet have often exaggerated black male sexual prowess. Hell, its entertainment, and they are in it for the buck, so they will say whatever sells. In reaction to this, there are a large number of "sensible" folks, like "name" who actively debunk the myth of black superiority. Well, good for them, thats very decent, fair and egalitarian of them, but I don't know how they can say it with a straight face!! I don't even think I need to go into this one! Just on one statistic alone - blacks have erect cocks about an inch longer than us whites, on average. This means, on average, the black cock has an additional 40-50% volume over a white guy. Then consider the plight of the Asian guy! If you don't believe this, get a black cock loving wife and see for yourself! But even those modest statistics don't tell the full story. Before I started swinging with my wife I thought that a 9 inch cock was a very rare beast, and that porn sized cocks were exceptional. I maintained that position for quite a while, even in the face of evidence, but you can only see so many 9+ inch black cocks and start to wonder how many are out there! I think the scientific figure of 6.5" as average for a black man is a little low. I honestly believe that. It might seem arrogant to disagree with scientific evidence, but I have my reamisters.

5) nailhead 1964. hot pic. Always nice to see a hot white (Confederate) ass that has been well plowed!

Would love to hear impressions of what is happening across the country.

Also, anyone have any idea WHY this is happening?
Habib Maamria


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I know a lot of White guys who want to be "slaves" for their beautiful wives' lovers.


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You can only have informed debate with facts and not supposition. There is no evidence that plantation owners systematically controlled the breeding of their slaves - it is impossible and an expensive process. There is evidence that Arabic speaking slave traders would pick out the physically superior African slaves to sell on to European traders for the Southern plantations.

I daresay there is some veracity in black men being sought out for sexual adventures by white women. However we have to look at the class and social standing of those white women that do that. The trophy wife (not inclined to any moral standards) wouls choose a successful black man as easily as a successful white man. This is nothing to do with race, more to do with money and aspiration. That black women are the first casualties in this preference may account for these womens' attititudes to white women who take black husbands. In this sense black women are victims.

I am mixed race and while aware that many white girls find the sexual thrill of being bred by a black guy reamister enough to alienate themselves from their peers to do so I readilt confess that like most black men I know many beautiful white women who's sexual preference is white men. This said I still welcome sexy white fermales who appreciate black cock. But for an honest discussion we have to acknowledge the facts and not the fantasies.


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I found the orignal post to be quite interesting. I do believe white women would enjoy it, from what I've seen and read about black men. However a white woman has to be interested in the first place if a husband desired anything to happen. You cannot power someone into something they don't want to do.

Interesting read over all.


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Science proves what the scientist (but more likely his funders) wants it to prove. Races (bad choice of words I know) have intermarried for thousands of years. Racism was a purely historical invention of the degenerate French aristocracy of the 18th century.
An intelligent woman (in Darwinism a fit woman) chooses a partner who will provide and protect her and her offspring. The black cock syndrome is to make air headed American working class women belive they are not being stigmatized for choosing less than the best for her and her kids.


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Dear ONYXTMG, thnx for your info. My wife & I fit into what you are saying. I was adamantly against it at first. Now, almost one year later I am accepting it, even becoming excited about it. Your letter really helped me out. Thnx again. It helps lessen the jealousy.
Charles Webb


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I am married to a Vietnamese woman. She was a bargirl (Prostitute) in
Vietnam at a hotel adjacent to the In-Country R&R Center at Vung Tau
for three years. During this time she was had (fucked) by White, Hispanic,
and Asian, but, no Black. She took birth-control so she wouldn't get pregnant, and got checked twice a week to make sure she didn't have VD.

She got her first "taste" of BBC while we were in Germany five years after
we were married. She gave her boss some pussy to try and convince him
not to lay her off during a cutback. He was a well-built Black man, who
surprised her with an 11 inch dick. He fucked her several times, and, at
her request, shot his cum inside her pussy every time.

This whetted her appetite for BBC, and, at this time we were into the swinging scene, with mostly other Asian/White couples, but, we also played poker at least one night a week with a group that was at least 50%, and many (if not most) nights was around 75% Black. Shortly after
her tryst with her boss, I started noticing that when we were at our house,
after things got started, she would disappear and not be anywhere around
for long periods of time. We lived in temporary quarters in the family
housing area, and our quarters had 16 bedrooms, and four baths.

I started looking around about the third or fourth time this happened, and
in a short amount od time I found her in the farthest back bedroom with
one of our guests. He was a VERY large Black man, and he had her on the bed fucking her Doggy-Style. He, also, had a HUGE dick. It was, he
told me later, 12 inches long, and almost 6 inches around. I stood there
for 10-15 minutes watching him fuck her, shoving the entire length of his
massive cock into her cunt. I was totally surprised that she could take all
of it. He, after a bit, looked around, and saw me but, I motioned him not
to say anything, keep on fucking her. He gave me a big smile, and kept
on with hardly a pause. I leaned forward, close to his ear, and told him
to try his best to "knock her up." That made him excited, and as a result,
he started shooting her full of cum. I stayed just long enough to see his
cum leaking out of her pussy, and running down her leg.

I rejoined the poker game and in a few minutes her lover came back in.
He leaned close to me and whispered, "Thanks." Maybe five minutes later one of the other players wanted to take a break, and as he stood up,
the guy that had just finished fucking my wife whispered in his ear. He looked at the guy, and then looked over at me and smiled. That smile told me what he had been told, and I smiled back and motioned with a nod of my head toward the back bedroom.

He went back that way, but as he passed me, I told him I would give him
a couple of minutes before I followed. It surprised him that I would want
to watch a Black man fucking my wife. I told him I loved seeing every
color cock screwing her. All I cared about is that she enjoyed getting a
good fucking. It really shocked him when I told him that I wanted him to
give it his best shot at making her pregnant. He said,"Okay," and went on back.

After about 3-5 minutes I went back, and, sure enough, he had walked in
right after she had finished her shower. He walked in the door behind her. She had only a towel around her, and she dropped it and saw that
someone else was in the room. She turned around and he reached out and took the towel and gently pushed her back on the bed. She layed there and he started stripping. I arrived just in time to see him take her
towel, but she had her full attention on hin, and didn't notice me standing
there watching. Her new lover finished taking his clothes off and stepped
over next to the bed, my wife laying there on her back. He reached down
and took an ankle in each hand and, taking his hint, she raised and spread her legs to receive him. He reached down and stuck two fingers
inside her pussy to feel if she was wet enough to take him right away. She was soaked, so he knelt at her ass, she took hold of his cock and
guided it as he pushed it in full length. He put her ankles up on his shoulders and started to pump in and out of her showly, at first. As he went along he started pumping faster and faster. She told him to slow down, so it would last, but he told her, "Don't worry, I've got three or four
GOOOOD loads in here." Just as he said that he shot the first HUUUGE
load of cum into her pussy. He barely stopped, and rolled her over to the
"spoons" position and kept on fucking. I had to go check on the guests,
and see if everything was okay, and was gone for about twenty minutes.

I got back to the bedroom just in time to see her lover shooting his second load of cum inside her pussy. This time I made myself known by
handing her a warm, wet towel to clean her pussy with. She asked me how long I had been there, and what had I seen? I told her I had seen her getting it Doggy-Style, and getting cummed, I had seen her on the bottom, getting cummed, and I saw her lazy-fucking (spoons) getting shot
with cum. She laughed and said I might as well watch her ride horsey a
little bit. She pushed him back and started sucking his dick to make it
good and hard, as it was loosing a little of its stiffness. When she had it
hard enough to suit her, she hiked her leg over and sat down on his dick,
taking the full length inside her. She smiled at him and told him to, "Watch This!" She put her hands on her own legs and started pumping up and down using her leg muscles, only. She did this till she felt his dick
twitching as he started to cum for the third time. When he had finished
spurting his cum into her pussy, I asked her if she wanted me to send anyone else back. She told me that she had had enough fun for tonight, so she would clean up and come into the living room.

Every time, for the next two years we were in Germany, that we had the
poker parties at our house, we made sure that she was fucked at least
three times.

More stories about her can be found in Asian Roses, Ex-whore Wife.
Spoons (Lazy Style)
Spoons (Lazy Style)
Riding Horsey
Riding Horsey
On the Bottom
On the Bottom
Charles Webb


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Let me add, just so you don't get the wrong idea, that she didn't confine
her appetite to BBC only. She just made a point of not excluding anybody
after that. If a man, regardless of color, show her an erection, she would
help him take care of it.

About 4 years later she began having problems, and, as a result, had to
have a total hysterectomy. When the Doctor was fixing her he made her
pussy only about 8 inches deep. She has only recently become as active
as before, and, because of past experience, only had two Black men. One was about 8 1/2 inches, the other was about 7 inches long. We had known both of them for many years. The man with the longer dick we had
known for 25 years. He finally got up enough courage to tell her that he
had been dreaming of getting some pussy from her since the day he met
her. When he told her this, she simply smiled, and took off her clothes, and told him that she wished he had told her sooner. She had been wishing he would fuck her since she met him. He was very gentle, and did
a fantastic job, giving her multiple orgasms each time.

The other man was a co-worker. He constantly teased her about being sexy and cute. One day he told her straight out what he wanted to do to
her. To his surprise, she told him to follow her home. When they got to
our house she didn't waste any time. She went into the bathroom, douched, and came out and told him,"Come fuck me." They fucked several times before I got home from work. I invited him to stay the night
and went into a spare bedroom, but not before I watched him fuck her, again.

Hopefully, soon, I will have some pictures of this to post.


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Experimenter, I heard from a brown-skinned girl that size isn't everything - and that white cocks are often thicker. That seemed to make a big difference, for her. Even if those statistics are all fake, due to the fact that most people today are indeed a mixture of different races, there are also other factors that count.


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There is absolutely no definite conclusion. Some chicks like it white and some , like it black. Some like both. I'm curious at where the above mentioned "stats" originate? Was there a poll taken somewhere on this topic?


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everyone has "stats" and isnt it interesting that the "stats" they have ....always seem to validate their particular position......such as it is.....Missy


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sex isn't a matter of facts and stats its a matter of feelings
Charles Webb


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From what my wife has told me, all that counts to her is that the lover be
considerate of her feelings, as well as his own. If he is one of the "Slam,
Bam, Thank You, Ma'am," types, it is a waste of time. On the other hand,
if he is considerate, she has, and uses, her talents to give him what she
hopes will be one of the best fucks he has ever had. The only things that
she won't do are anal, and, depending on circumstance, oral ejaculation.
She realizes that if she gets her lover excited enough, he may not be able
to hold long enough to get his cock out of her mouth and into her pussy.


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Quoting: experimenter
ertheless, you are correct about the increase in the prevalence interracial sex. I don't have any figures to support what I am saying

Stats here:
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