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My slut-in-training wife needs a mentor

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#1 Posted: 1 Jan 2009 08:44
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To all of the hot slutty wives on this site, I want you to talk to my wife. She is on adultspace as bellalicious and xtube as bellalicious4. I have turned her into a late-bloomer in life and introduced her to a lot of new activities in the bedroom. If you have done any sort of swinging before, I would invite you to talk to her about it, so as to ease her into the lifestyle. If you are in the St louis/Chicago/Nashville area, I will help you be her first bi experience if you like, or you can introduce us to swingers you know. Help my hot wife become a 'hot wife!'




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#2 Posted: 1 Jan 2009 23:38
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give us more please.i hope your fantasies come true so you can show us some pics.she would look real good with some black cock.
preston cassise


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#3 Posted: 7 Jan 2009 05:18
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I love the name of that file, holdboobsSmall.jpg There is nothing small about those boobs!!


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#4 Posted: 7 Jan 2009 07:00
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lol. You're right. The file size is small, not the boobs!



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#5 Posted: 5 Mar 2009 18:05
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She may get a partner-in-crime before she gets a slut mentor. We are supposed to hook up with a single female this weekend, have been emailing back and forth. Here is an email I sent her just now in response to her questions:

For Florida, so far we have you and one other sexy couple. They have a nice house on St Pete beach and appear very upscale, but they said they are first-timers as well. The woman is 28 and the guy is 48, but he is in good shape and hung, I think Bella would like both of them. I would love to have you there while we play with them. We also have a handful of single guys to call if we want, but they are easy to find. Single females like yourself are in much higher demand.

Bella has only squirted a few times, just began within the last week. I can make her squirt by fingering her with two fingers and pressing hard on her g-spot. She likes it rough, and when she starts squirting, me fingering her makes an awesome sloppy pussy sound. It is hot. That is the only position that she has squirted in, but we are just getting started. I downloaded 'Shane Diesel Makes 'em Squirt' so she can watch it tonight and study. After we make her cum by you licking her as I fuck her, she is going to want to be fucked in the ass. She can sit on my lap, which will leave her pussy all to you. If you help me DP her and lick her clit at the same time, she will be in heaven. You might get squirted on, though. I would love to see your tits glisten with her moisture.

Her pussy tightens when she cums. It feels amazing on my dick. The more I fuck her and make her cum, the tighter she gets. You will be able to feel her contract over your fingers when you make her orgasm...her thigh-highs rubbing against your cheeks.

We will probably meet that couple, may not have an all-out gangbang yet, though. You say it would be hot to that I think you mean it's hot to imagine yourself getting all of that attention, too. We could start out with you just being her gangbang assistant. You can get her guys hard beforehand, lick her clit while she gets fucked, and then clean up all the cum afterward off of everyone. But we both know that after you saw her getting fucked by two guys at once and heard her screaming her head off, you would want some of that for yourself. Bella and I will make you do some very naughty things...


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#6 Posted: 9 Apr 2009 20:33 
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ill be her great is it for ur own husband to let u go out and get fucked? its awsome!!!!! next time u go out, MAKE him pick out ur clothes,make him lick man milk he didnt give you.
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My slut-in-training wife needs a mentor
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