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My wife got so WET!

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My wife & i have been married for eleven years & have 2 youngren. Our oldest young just spent the night with one of his black friends. My wife & i got to talking about it the next day and she got horny and wanted to fuck. Her pussy was so wet. Dripping Wet! what does this mean???


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she got to thinking about black cock and started fantasizing and - presto - was wet and horny. she evidently has a good imagination and some secret desires. maybe you should liberate them.


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when my girls was younger they had a friend that was black and her older brother came round for her.
that night in bed my wife was twitching in bed i ask her what have you seen to make you like this and went through asking her was it a white guy no ? then it got to this girls brother and wow was she wet , the only problem was he was to young but that did not stop her dreaming about him and calling his name . and from that time she only thinks of black guy now.
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please


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I think she would like some black cock! encourage her to get some
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My wife got so WET!
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