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golden shower

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My wife's lover now insists on pissing on me every time he visits,and make me lick it of the floor while she is watching and i should thank him for using me as his toilet,it seems it became a huge turn on for her watching this happen,anyone had a similar experience?


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I've taken showers from my wife's female lovers but not her male ones. not against it though


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Seems to me that are at least four vanilla kinks shared by many ladies. Exposing herself is practically an act all ladies consider at one time or another. I say fantasize, not necessarily do! Two others could be spanking or watersports. Both can be self administered in privacy. It can be more fun, but requires much more discretion, to hook up with those with similar feelings. The most deepest fantasies that I encounter with women are the least ones realized by her, also the most difficult for her to achieve. I have yet to meet a lady that doesn't go out of her mind when her cunt is eaten after a good solid fucking. The hardest parts are the facts that she feels very vulnerable sliding her messy hole onto your face. Another reality is that the nature of post coital conditions mandate the lady slide the pie into his face. That is why so many pussies never get eaten after sex. Here is one where the lady must be the aggressor and rub it into his mouth if she craves a clean up.

Watersports and spanking are two fun activities that are easier to implement and less stressful for her to initiate.

Or something like that.........
..............PSEUDO PERSON


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I have drank piss from our bull many times.


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I was always very oral with my wife from the very beginning even to the point of loving oral sex better than intercourse. as one thing leads to another I eventually started to ***** her pee as well and loved every drop never wanting to miss a drop. so the name golden shower was not appropriate for us as I drank from her fountain as often as possible. I was always the same with my male partners as well it was just a form of respect to them and ********** for me to be used in that way and I appreciated my place beneath them.


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I served as my ex wife's toilet for the better part of a year. Just her, tho. Never any of her male lovers. Once she used me in front of her best friend, and of course the bestie had to pee, as well.
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golden shower
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