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I have fantasy of my wife sucking a guy and spitting his cum in my mouth. Any of you have wives that have done that?



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That is an awesome pic, and describes my fantasy perfectly....thank you


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I'm happy to say my wife has done this to me a number of times


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It is very hot! I love it!


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we did quite a few things, but unfortunately not this. would have been HOT!


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I have not only done this with my wife, but also with a couple of other cuckold males.


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Lisa is a slut I met a few years ago. She is one of the dirtiest women I've come across and was open to many things, including piss, asslicking and she was a certified scum freak, always licking up all she could get. One thing she had never had was a black cock, so I offered to set her up with a guy I knew, named James.
We met at a motel and after a few nervous minutes, she was kissing him and reaching for his cock. In short order we were all naked and she was on her knees sucking his cock. I would like to say that he had a huge cock, but in truth he was no more than 6 inches.
Lisa knew that I was a cocksucker, as I had told her of some of my adventures and she also knew that I had sucked James' cock before while he watched videos of my wife. I told her that, although he didn't have a big cock, he was a very heavy cummer.
While she was sucking his cock, she motioned me over and told me to join her sucking him. We passed his cock back and forth and took turns sucking it and licking his balls. Then he layed back on the bed and we both kneeled on the floor and took turns sucking while the other watched. While I was sucking him, he suddenly moaned that he was cumming. I took his cock out of my mouth and offered it to Lisa, A shot of scum blasted out and onto her tits. I expected her to take the rest of the load but she started screaming at me....."Eat it! Lick it all up!" and I took it back into my mouth and swallowed the rest of the load but there was quite a lot that had escaped from my mouth and was on his balls and pubic hairs. She pushed my head down and powerd me to lick up all that had escaped before I had gotten the cock back in my mouth. She took the scum off her tits with her forefinger and ate that but I had eaten the bulk of his load.
We rested a while and talked and then Lisa got on her stomach between James' legs and started sucking his cock and before long had him hard once again. As she was sucking, I told James what a great asslicker Lisa was and then told her to show him how good she was. He rolled over on his stomach and the slut got her face between his asscheeks and burrowed her tongue into his black asshole. He was moaning and loving it and this spurred Lisa on. She spread his cheeks with both hands and buried her face in his ass and her tongue deep into his asshole. The little pig had him really going and he then he raised up onto his knees and told her he was going to cum again. Lisa quickly layed on her back with her mouth open and tongue extended as she waited to be fed as he jerked his cock just above her mouth. This time , instead of his scum spurting out , it drooled out in globs into her waiting mouth. I was sitting right next to the slut, jerking my cock as I watched him filling her mouth. As soon as he was done, she jumped up, grabbed my head and kissed me, spitting most of the scumload into my mouth. I wasn't expecting it but I loved the excitement of how she made me eat it again.
We talked a bit more and i told James that Lisa enjoyed being pissed on and he told her to get in the shower. She squatted in the stall, rubbing her clit and he hosed the pig down with a full load of his piss. He pissed all over her, head to toe and the pig even put her tongue out to taste some.
From that time on, whenever she sucked me off, she would always make sure to spit some of my scum into my mouth. Sometimes when we fucked, she would tell me to pull out and cum in her mouth when I was ready and she would then pull me to her and we would kiss with the scum.
Me and Lisa
Me and Lisa
Lisa sucking my cock
Lisa sucking my cock
Lisa after her first black cock
Lisa after her first black cock
Lisa taking my piss on her tongue
Lisa taking my piss on her tongue


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only had it done with my wife giving my cum back still waiting for her to give her bulls cum to me.
UK Yorky


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How about this wife, she suck several guys off and then gives it all to hubby.....yummy!

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Snowball Cucks
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