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Shit eating

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Never really been into it before, but damn this looks hot:

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Jeanne and girlfriend Jess


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My Wife the beautiful woman she is has given me all of her love by treating me to her most permisteral treats quite a few times. It was and will be the greatest honor to serve her in such a way. I truly felt lower than ever, but never more sure of how she felt about me, and never more loved by my wife.
I have finally decided to take control (total) and have sissy in panties daily lock sissy in her CB 6000s for good. No more feeling sorry after a few weeks and no more giving into her pleas for mercy! Welcome the NEW MISTRESS!


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My wife has started to do this to me recently to degrade me and show me how much she does not want me sexually anymore. We both feel that it proves her dominance over me and my willingness to do ANYTHING she desires to use me....and yet see me come crawling and begging back to her like a little wimpy puppy.


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Must be just me,,,,,,,,,but my browser will not open this page. Bummer, i would have liked have to seen it!


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myfemdomclips was down for a few is back. Ick. Just my two cents.


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The most my wife will let me do is lick her asshole clean right after she cuckolds brownies and even that only about a dozen times over the years but I love knowing what it must make her think of me


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we have swaped roles for a week as wife has been moody so i got her to be sub for a week her rules for the week are.
lick my arse twice a day morning and night .
take my piss once a day her choice when.
wear something in pussy for 3 hours a day to stretch it .
suprise me by doing something dirty everday.
as she sjhould every day give me used panties at the end of the day.

i thought this might help get back in the mood and it seems to be working shes very wet and keeps talking about other cocks now.
we have talked about other guys fucking her arse but none have been up to it yet she never cleans it before fucking so i know i will get a dirty pie one day i hope soon .

looking forward to her punishing me after this is over .
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Shit eating
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