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At what age does a woman become a Hotwife vice a cheating slut?

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I believe a woman needs to be at least in her 30's and married to be considered a Hotwife. Up until they hit their thirties they are just horny young sluts playing and partying with the boys. After they have been married for a couple years and after giving birth a couple times they then know the difference between love, sex, cheating, adultery and just plain ole fucking for a good fuck's sake.

I believe their mental state changes at or around 30 and that is when they become the good Hotwife. It is then they know they do not want to end their steady state relationship with their husband but they also long for a good fuck from someone other than the guy who has been fucking them for the past marital years. Someone to break the boringness of the same sexual moves and feel of hubby.

What is your opinion concerning the appropriate age of a Hotwife?


Posts: 1056
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I have had much younger ones than 30 year olds but I think they are just fucking around and not really deserving of the title "Hotwife".
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At what age does a woman become a Hotwife vice a cheating slut?
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