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Surprisingly sensual massage for shy wife

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#1 Posted: 5 Feb 2011 16:43
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My wife of 25 years is an attractive blonde with a nice petite figure. For years I've been telling her how I'd love to watch her riding another man's cock while I watched. She has always insisted that she will never do it.

Recently I saw an ad on Craigslist from a massage therapist offering to give a sensual massage to a woman while her husband watched. I thought to myself, "She enjoys massages, so this has possibilities to be fun for all", and decided to meet him.

I met him alone. He was nice, good-looking and experienced in massages. I was being honest when I told him, "My wife will never schedule anything other than a 'regular' massage. You are welcome to give her a 'regular' massage and see how it goes after she gets to know you." Afterwards I told my wife I found a good massage therapist for her, and my wife agreed to schedule a massage after I assured her it was only a 'regular' massage.

After he arrived, we talked for about 20 minutes, enjoying a little wine, while they got acquainted. Then I turned on some soft music and lit some candles, while she removed her robe revealing her beautiful body to him as she laid face down on the massage table As I watched the massage it was obvious he was very skilled, and she was quickly relaxed and enjoying it.

After about 90 minutes, most of her body had been massaged. He politely asked her if she wanted her stomach and chest massaged, and she said yes. Beginning with her stomach he slowly worked his way up to her breasts. As he skillfully rolled his fingers over her breasts, I could hear her softly moaning with pleasure. After he finished her breasts, she opened her eyes and from the way she looked at me, I knew she wanted more, but was too shy to ask. So I said to her "There is only one spot on your body's up to you...would you like it massaged?" She said, "Yes" and then closed her eyes and spread her legs to offer the most intimate part of her body to him.

It felt so strange, but also so wonderful, watching this guy, who she had just met, rub her pussy and sliding his finger in and out of her while she moaned with her eyes closed and a look of pleasure. In a couple of minutes, her body shook as she orgasmed. Then she opened her eyes and said, "Wow, that was good!'. She got up and put her robe on. Before he left, she gave him a hug and thanked him.

After he left she thanked me for 'finding' him. Then she asked if I thought he was expecting her to do something for him. I said I didn't think so, but told her that next time, if she felt like it, she could use her hands or mouth on him. She said she would prefer use her hands instead of her mouth, at least at first. I'll be contacting him soon to schedule her next massage.


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#2 Posted: 5 Feb 2011 16:48
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Glad to hear that worked out well for you two. Funny how things can go from mild to wild. I think I might have to try something like that.


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#3 Posted: 6 Feb 2011 20:37
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great stuff - more - more as things progress


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#4 Posted: 6 Feb 2011 23:06
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Wow, that is terrific. Where are you located, that would be perfect for my wife.


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#5 Posted: 7 Feb 2011 14:15 · Edited by: Hawthorne34
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I've got to tell you. Your story is one of my biggest fantasys right now.

you are very lucky.


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#6 Posted: 10 Feb 2011 11:29
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Since her sensual massage two weeks ago, my wife has been hornier than she's ever been in our 25+ years of marriage. She's changed from wanting sex once a week to now almost everyday. It must be because she's getting herself turned on thinking about her sensual massage and fantasizing about her next one.

From the sensual massage, my wife found out three things:
1. It's fun and exciting for her to having orgasms with another man besides her husband.
2. It's good for her marriage because it makes her husband happy.
3. Other men find her attractive (she got a lot of compliments from the massuer).


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#7 Posted: 11 Feb 2011 15:10 
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This is actually a great idea, and a way to get a gf/wife into it all. I have been thinking along these tracks myself lately

Great storry...Thanks...keep us updated

A cuck to my GF - A bull to all other women
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Surprisingly sensual massage for shy wife
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