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Pregnancy Risk. Impregnation Forum /

ovulation test and pregnancy risk

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#1 Posted: 9 Jul 2009 21:22
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Here is a humiliating idea for pregnancy risk play.

First, you need to get a big box of those ovulation tests - the kind that your wife has to pee on for 5 seconds and then set aside to see if predicts ovulation soon.

Then, she starts to take the tests about 3 days after her period ends (not likely to be ovulating yet at that point), but she has you lay on your back in the bathtub and hold the test over your open mouth. That way, you don't waste any of her precious pee (you take it!)

The day she gets a positive result, she gets to schedule a date for unprotected sex with her bull (or just plan a wild night out where she can be slutty).

Once she has sex, you might as well have her start doing the pregnancy tests in the same way until she gets her period.

When she does get pregnant, she gets to celebrate by having her bull take her place and pee on the pregnancy test to wash it off - into your mouth!

Anyone up for this?


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#2 Posted: 12 Jul 2009 16:36
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I like the idea of wife peeing in hubby's mouth, and her planning a slutty night out. Risk with strangers while hubby waits at home is arousing, at least in fantasy.


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#3 Posted: 12 Jul 2009 22:20
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hot hot hot idea
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Pregnancy Risk. Impregnation Forum / Pregnancy Risk. Impregnation Forum /
ovulation test and pregnancy risk
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