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WIFE BREEDING: I secretly impregnated another man's young wife

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(NOTE: I posted the following true story in another forum on this site some time ago. It is more suited to this pregnancy-risk forum. However, this forum did not exist then. So, I thought I'd repost it here now since it fits better with the theme).

I just thought I'd share this true story with everyone. Back in the latter part of 1991, I was seeing this young, married woman often while her husband was away in the Air Force in Texas. We would always get together at a mutual friend's house on the weekends where we would hang out and I'd stay the night with her there. While her husband was away, I kept his wife well-filled with numerous gushes of my heavy-cumming, wife-breeding sperm every week for about three to four months in a row. Thus, his wife constantly had a large, albeit discreet, supply of my seed freely roaming within the warmth of her taboo pussy.

She was a young, fertile woman who was not on the pill. And she never objected to my grunts and groans of exctacy with the rough thrusts that accompanied my thick cock throbbing bareback within her, knowing that it was spitting my potentially wife-breeding sperm into her womb.

Well, after about three months or so of doing that, she realized that she became pregnant by me, her secret lover. She freaked out a bit and began to distance herself from me and our mutual friends so we wouldn't be seen together by people, obviously in an attempt to minimize anyone thinking that I had bred her. She passed off the baby as her husband's. But, everyone around us knew she was carrying my cuckold young and would chuckle about it. That was right after the Christmas seamister of 1991, however, and she did spend some time with her husband over the Christmas holiday. So, there was always some question in my mind as to whether it was mine, but I was 95% sure.

I was disappointed that I never got to see her swollen belly, bred from my seed. But, I did get to see the young briefly a couple of times after it was born and could swear that I could see my facial features in him, which made me 95% sure he was mine. Anyway, she just kind of dissapeared from view and I never saw or heard anything from her since that time, other than a few passing glimpses years ago of her and her husband driving past me down the road.

Well, the clincher is, just a few days ago I happened to do a web search on google searching for the young's name. I suspected that some day he would join some club or win and award or something and it would be posted on the internet. He is high school age now and, sure enough, I did a search and found a school club picture of him online. I looked at his picture up close and put his lady's and my old high school pictures up next to it for comparismister. My 95% increased to 100% immediately. You can really tell that he looks like a combination of both of us. I definitely bred his wifey and enjoyed feeling every gush of my wife-breeding seed pumped within her to swell her belly with him. Mmmmm.

Ever since that experience, I have had a deep craving to swell the belly of another man's wife with my cuckold baby again. But, this time I want to see his wifey's swollen belly in permister and spend a good amount of time caressing her belly, with us both enjoying her having been discreetly bred to me and not her hubby. If I could I would love to breed a cuck hubby's wife with a whole family of kids, breeding his wife with as many kids as she and her cuck hubby could support.

If there are any cheating wives or cucked hubby's out there who lust for my wife-breeding sperm to swell the wife's belly, then please contact this wife-breeding Bull.

Chief Mounting Bull


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I thought I'd add more details to my true story above about the young, married woman who became secretly impregnated by me years ago. For months, we spent every weekend together and occasional mid-week get togethers having sex and doing things with mutual friends. The only exception to that was her traveling to Texas to spend Thanksgiving weekend with her husband; and him traveling to Missouri to spend a week or two with her during Christmas of 1991.

I remember one night she brought her clueless husband to the home of a mutual friend of ours where she and I frequently had sex at. The mutual friend of her and me was entertaining a small get-together of people whom she and I knew, playing cards, takeing beer and whatnot. It was an enjoyable evening with a fun atmosphere. She was upbeat and chipper as usual, smiling a lot every time she walked by me. It felt a little odd not being able to openly touch his wife that night since we'd spent a good amount of time being intimate in our mutual friend's home. That was especially so considering she told me she felt she was falling in love with me some weeks earlier. Nevertheless, she would wink and flash a sexy smile at me everytime she walked by me when her hubby was in another room, letting me know I'm still her secret lover.

A couple weeks later after spending time with her husband during the Christmas holiday, she came to see me one night after he drove back to Texas where he was stationed in the Air Force. She parked her car in my driveway. I went outside and sat with her in her car where we chatted and cuddled for a while. I noticed that she seemed a bit nervous, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.

While talking she told me that she had the "big scare". Puzzled, I asked what she meant to which she replied that she had been late on her period. I then asked if she finally had it after being late. She claimed it did, so at the time I took her at her word. But in hindsight, I know she lied about it. Considering her nervousness, she knew she was pregnant, but was afraid to tell me. Out of curiosity, I asked her what she would do if she had gotten pregnant by me. She just kind of looked off to the side, and with a timid expression replied, "I don't know."

Then she looked up and stared into my eyes where we sat motionless for a moment. Without saying a word, I began to kiss his wife passionately and stimulated her clitoris with my fingers. She moaned in pleasure and panted heavily from my touch. I made her get out of the car and led her by the hand to my bedroom. I disrobed her and watched her lay down on my bed completely naked offering herself to me once again. I didn't know it at the time, but this was going to be the last time that I would ever get to have this pregnant married woman who would carry my cuckold young. So, I remember it well.

I remember watching her spread her legs in the dim light to expose her taboo flesh to me for the last time. With my cock thickened from being heavily engorged with red, I remember enjoying the feel of my bareback cock stretching open his wife's pussy. I kissed her passionately, thrusting myself into her bare flesh over and over, not realizing that my cuckold seed had already taken root within her about a month before. Even after nervously telling me of the "big scare" and unsure of what she would do should it happen, I fully intended to again gush my heavy-cumming, wife-breeding sperm within the fertile pussy of this man's wife.

After I enjoyed thrusting within her well, she laid there submissively, surely feeling the sudden warmth of my sperm as it jetted out and glommed within her bare flesh. Again, this man's wife never objected to my grunts and groans of extacy with the rough thrusts that accompanied my thick cock throbbing bareback within her, knowing that it was spitting my wife-breeding sperm into her womb. But, then again, any objection would have been moot; she had already been bred by me.

That was the last night that I ever got to really talk with her, for it was after that night that she started distancing herself from me and our mutual friends. I got to see and talk with her briefly a couple of times during the following two months, but there was no meaningful conversation. I was unaware that she was pregnant at that time.

Anyway, the interesting part of this story occured later that year. Neither me or our mutual friend had seen her or talked to her for most of 1991 when she was pregnant, since she had been distancing herself from everyone we knew. I happened to be visiting me and her mutual friend one day in the latter part of 1991 when out of the blue, she and her husband unexpectedly drove down our mutual friend's long driveway (which was in a very rural area surrounded by farmland). They were coming to show our mutual friend "their" new baby. Her husband was the one driving.

What's funny is: I still vividly remember looking out the window and seeing that "oh, cuckolds brownie" expression on his wife's face when she realized that my car was in the driveway. I was never there too often, but the one day I decided to visit, she and her husband happened to visit too. I was a little nervous too since I didn't know what to expect after not seeing her for so long. Our mutual friend just kept chuckling the whole time, eager to see what drama would unfold.

Anyway, the wife's husband stayed in the car with my cuckold young while she came to the door. I suspect she made him stay there with the kid looking for an excuse to not stay long. When she came inside she was very nervous. She just kept focusing on talking with our mutual friend and seemed to do everything she could to avoid making eye contact with me. Our mutual friend took her into another room, smiled and asked her, "So, who's is it?" Her reply according to him was, "I don't know." But, of course she obviously knew that the young was from my seed. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so nervous. She just didn't want to admit it.

Before she left, however, I asked her to see the young to which she agreed. She, our mutual friend and I all walked around to the car together where her clueless cuckold husband sat in the car with the month-old cuckold baby boy I had pumped into his wife. We all stood gathered around the passenger side window looking in. There the wife's clueless cuck hubby quietly sat looking down and smiling upon the product of my union with his wife, surely thinking that it was he who had been the hero. But, the moment I laid eyes on the young for the first time, I could discern my facial features in him.

Sorry cuck hubby, but you were not the hero. Your wifey once told me she felt she was falling in love with me. I was her secret lover who pleased and enjoyed her while you were away. She enjoyed feeling those sudden warm gushes of my wife-breeding sperm within her pussy with careless abandon and secretly carried my love young because of it.

I am Chief Mounting Bull and I have spoken.

Chief Mounting Bull


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To add more to the story, I've been asked a number of times over the years if that married woman's clueless hubby ever discovered whether the boy his wife gave birth to was not his mister. Unless she's fessed up to her husband about it within the past ten years, I'm pretty sure he has no idea that she carried a cuckold baby pumped in by me. The few times I came across her in public, I could always tell by her body language that it was a secret she kept from her husband.

As an example, I remember one day years ago I was standing outside in the yard at my parent's house when I saw a brown car coming down the road. I noticed that it was the same type of car that the wife in question used to come to see me in. I quickly realized that it was her in the passenger's seat with her husband driving. Again, I could clearly see that "oh, cuckolds brownie" expression on her face as they drove closer to where I stood. As her clueless husband turned the corner and drove past by my parent's house where I stood, I noticed two things that really stood out to me.

First, I noticed my blond-haired cuckold young (about 4-5 yrs. old at the time) strapped into a car seat in the back seat of the car. Second, I noticed that the wife held the edge of her left hand up to the left side of her face in a feeble attempt to hide her face from me. I could only smile and chuckle to myself at how she tried to hide her face from me as they drove by. There had always been a slight amount of doubt in my mind as to whether it was my wife-breeding sperm that secretly fertilized that guy's wife. But, it was instances like that that really convinced me more and more that she knew it was me who had actually bred her with that little boy. After all, if she knew otherwise, why would she have tried hiding her face from me like that?

LOL, it was so obvious. She knew she had been impregnated by me and seemingly didn't want to risk "rocking the boat" so to speak by me taking notice and possibly causing some drama. It seems she was comfortable in her marriage with her husband and was afraid I might cause some disruption. But, if she would have just talked with me discreetly about it she would have learned I had no intention of causing any trouble with her marriage.

Often times I wish she would have talked with me discreetly about her pregnancy and would have come to see me discreetly. I would have loved to have caressed her belly when it was swollen large with my cuckold young; and then see the young every now and then after it was born. Even more so though, I wish she would have stayed close to me so I could have pumped in another secret cuckold young within her. I would have loved that. I'd love to find a married woman in whom I could pump in more than one secret cuckold young.

Whether the husband's family suspects anything I have no idea. However, I do know for a fact that at least some members of the wife's family know that the baby is not her husbands. One of the wife's cousins was often at our mutual friend's house when the wife and I would get together on the weekends. In fact, it was that cousin of hers who first told me that she was pregnant.

I did some digging around online a few months ago and found a phone number in Missouri for her. Evidently, she and her husband are still married. I've been meaning to try to find an e-mail address for her and see if I can discreetly make contact. I'd love to chat with her discreetly after all this time and see what she might have to say.

Chief Mounting Bull


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Hey, smalldickedwimp. I'm not exactly sure what you meant. I guess my long story could sound like a screen play, LOL. My story really is true, nonetheless. That's how I was able to write so much detail about the whole thing. Unlike most other people on here who merely write bogus fantacy stories, the Chief doesn't doesn't fuck around with any fake cuckolds brownie. The Chief ravaged that poor sap's wifey with numerous bareback loads, and she bore MY cuckold young because of it for real.

On another subject altogether, I got to view another wifey from afar that I repeatedly mounted and inseminated several years ago while I was out driving for my job today. She was a slut, submissive wife who I enjoyed using to drain my balls into bareback. The encounter was purely by chance. Mmmm, I have another similar breeding story that I could tell about her, but I don't have enough time at the moment. I did get to see a glimpse of her bending over though and admired those sweet cheeks that I used to tap up against roughly while ramming my cock into her. Her chump hubby would shudder at the thought of all the man-handling and manly thrusts I worked out on his wifey.

And now the Chief "air rams" his cock in fond memory of that slut bitch's exposed taboo pussy from behind, framed by those sweet cheeks of hers and exclaims ... "Take it, bitch!"

Chief Mounting Bull


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Fascinating to hear this. There is yearning and love for this wife in here, which takes the events to another dimension.


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love u to breed laura....mmmmm...all know i cannot get her pregnant...


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Mmmm, yes, cucksissyjohn. I would enjoy breeding your wife, Laura. I want to feel my wife-breeding sperm gushing bareback into her while she's ovulating. I'd love to see her pussy from behind as she's bent over. Where are you located?

Chief Mounting Bull


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Thank you so very much for taking out the time to provide us all with your true story.
I was very much turned on by it. My cock was rock hard while I read it.
I also like TRUE STORY'S far, far better than the fake stuff.
I also did a true story confession about me. I speak only the truth.
You see ChiefMountingBull, I really look up to people like you!
You are my HERO!
I am sooooooo turned on by big strong alpha dominate superior males like you that believe that a women's pussy is fair game, even if she is married.
May the best man win when it comes to having sex with a women, again regardless if she is married.

I was in an open marriage with my wife. I told her that whoever made her pussy the hottest deserved to please it. I was a big loser in High School---never had a date, never good enough for sports, no friends, picked last when choosing teams in gym class, the classic loser stuff.
So when I got married to Gail, I felt that I was too much of a loser to have a faithfull young beautifull wife by my side. I thought that a better man deserved my wife. I felt my loser status in High School should stick with me in my adult life. High School is the time you mingle and interact with your fellow males. You get your rank, position, and standing among your peer group. This should be etched in concrete the rest of your life. Because once you graduate from High School, you never enter that type of social environment to prove and earn rank/standing among males.

So again, I felt that I could never ever ever prove myself worthy of a girlfriend or wife after graduation.

So I let my wife go out all the time with her friends. I would stay home and beat off to XXX rated stuff while I gave her all the time in the world to have sexual affairs. I even told her that the better man should be allowed to sexually please her. I told her I would get very mad and upset if she got a man's cock hard and did not finish it off. I showed her a box of condoms for her use in the dresser drawer. When she told me she did not like using condoms. I just lowered my head in shame as she smiled.

She ended up getting pregnant by this guy named Jim Campbell that I even gave her permission to go out to night clubs with him. I allowed him to pick her up and take her out dancing and takeing while I stayed home to beat off to xxx material. Is it a no wonder that she ended up getting pregnant by him.

I am in a relationship with a new women. I also remain in contact with my ex-wife Gail. I keep in contact with Gail because I told her that I was a big sissy cuckold boy and gave my word and promise to drop to my knees wearing only women's panties and suck of any of her past, present, and future lovers. I remain friends with Gail and all her suspected lovers to keep this possibility of sucking their cocks alive!

I wish we could keep in touch. If Gail ever visits me again, or if I can get my new girlfriend to have some kinky fun, I would like very much for you to engage in sexual intercourse with any of them. I want your superior sperm in their vagina. I would like very much for you to give any of them a nice big round belly to rub and rub. I want you around to see their belly grow and grow. I could at least email you some pictures.

Please allow me to demonstrate my position status on male social ranking
by dropping to my knees and sucking your cock dry while only wearing womens panties.


I may miss your reply to this. So you may want to PM or EMAIL me.
Automatic Reply Notifications never get sent to my email inbox.
Or reply to this to publicly embarress, shame, and humiliate me...then send me a short PM or EMAIL to tell me you replied.
"All Cucks Must Suck!"


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Chief, do you think you could service her? How many times do you think you'd need to knock her up?



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mmmm yes brees her.....give her a real mans cock, so all will know....


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Hey, don't forget about me, I want to become black pregnant too. My sissy husband will look forward to changing my black baby's diapers, like the sissy wimp that he is. Love, Irene!!!

We both love, and worship, The Big, Black Cock!!!


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Ah, yeah, the Chief has been meaning to reply to some of these messages here. But, more importantly, I have a wonderful update of discovery to my true story that started this thread.

Chief say stay tuned for electronic smoke signal.

Chief Mounting Bull


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(This post is a reply to sissycuck22's message above posted last July that the Chief didn't get to respond to.)

sissycuck22, Chief Mounting Bull appreciates your admiration for his true story told in this thread. The Chief also likes true stories much better than fake ones, as they provide a much richer substance to the fiber of what this website is all about. The fact that I took control of another man's wife while her husband was away in the Air Force, romanced her, made love to her, impregnated her and she gave birth to my baby because of it trumps the plethora of fake stories on this site any day.

Ever since discovering this website, the Chief has been on a mission to put himself into real-world scenarios involving himself and other men's wives, so as to not only enjoy mounting them, but to enrich the cuckold community through his exploits. All the other bulls out there can live vicariously through the Chief's real-world escapades and all the cucks out there may look upon Chief Mounting Bull in awe.

Anyway, as a result of the Chief's ongoing mission, I have much more to share, including an update to my true story that started this thread that will stiffen your laughable, pathetic, inferior cock, sissycuck22. To give a brief synopsis, I finally found a way to make discreet contact with that man's wife who bore my cuckold young years ago, which went well. I have details to share, I obtained answers to many of the questions I'd often pondered and greatest of all, she sent me pictures of herself when she was pregnant and a picture of herself holding my secret, cuckold young after he had been born.

So, sissycuck22, when I update my story in a later post with all the juicy details and pictures, you may look upon that man's wife as she sits in a chair holding MY BABY with awe. You will know that if the Chief ever had an opportunity to do so, the Chief would ravage and breed any wife that you ever get with MY cuckold youngren, so long as she was worthy enough to mix with the Chief's genes. If so, I would seek to breed your wife with as many cuckold youngren as you and she could afford to raise and support.

You wrote that you wanted to demonstrate your position status on male social ranking by dropping to your knees and sucking the Chief's cock dry while only wearing womens panties. Sorry, sissycuck22, the Chief's cock is reserved exclusively for the mounting and breeding of females; and every drop and oozing of the Chief's semen will be reserved for release inside the birth canal of your future wife. You may demonstrate your position status by cowering or being tied up in the corner while wearing women's panties or cowering outside the bedroom door as the Chief firmly mounts your woman doggie-style.

Separating Chief Mounting Bull from being mounted up against the buttocks of another man's wife in the heat of passion is like coming in between a starving dog and his meat. So, you will be powerd to submit to the whims of the Chief having any woman of yours as he pleases. You hearing the sounds of your woman's buttocks slapping loudly up against the Chief's pelvis from his manly thrusts and hearing her wailing and moaning from his cock bludgeoning her birth canal from behind will tell you loud and clear what your status is you pathetic, sissy cuck.

If by chance the Chief happens to feel generous in the moment after throbbing his sperm into your woman, he might ... just might throw you a bone by slapping his cock, freshly moistened with a mix of his semen and your woman's pussy juices back and forth up against your cheeks as you sit there gagged in the corner. With each dick slap, the Chief would smirk, taunting you about how he owns your woman, has breeding rights, and that's just how it's gonna be, you sissy loser.

So, yes, let's stay in contact sissycuck22. I'm serious about actually breeding other men's wives. I've already done it for real and want to do it more. I've seen some of your other posts that leads me to believe that you just might be a cuck who is serious about finding a wife to raise and support a family with, but for the youngren to be maned by someone else. The Chief is primarily interested in secretly breeding other men's wives, but you seem to offer the Chief a potential opportunity to breed a whole family of cuckold youngren into another man's woman, provided you obtain a future wife who is willing to have my babies. That appeals to the Chief's mission of conquest.

Therefore, per the command of Chief Mounting Bull, your mission in life, sissycuck22, is to marry a woman who is at least reamisterably attractive with nice buttocks, who would be willing to have me man at least one, but preferrably all the youngren you and she can afford to raise and support. You'll get to have a family and domestic life with her, enjoying the shame and offense of watching your wife's belly swell with a cuckold young and know that you are being an evolutionary dead end; and I will get to enjoy denying you a genetic family line, enjoy the passion of making love to your woman, maning her youngren, and enjoy watching them grow up from afar.

Let's do this.

Chief Mounting Bull


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As a cuck who has had the pleaqsure of watching four different bulls take my wife and knock her up, I say Hats Off to Chief Mounting Bull. To the cucks who are hesitant to have the Chief or some other stud breed your wife, I say go for it. Watching another man fuck your wife is great; but what will really get you off is watching his ass muscles flex as his baby-makers are shot deep into your wife's welcoming mommy chamber and then watch her belly and teats swell with ladyhood. But as the Chief said, just make sure that you have the means to support your cuck youngren.
A man has not lived until he watches another man fuck his wife!


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I love your style and attitude. don't change it, and I hope you succeed many times in your mission.


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I want you to fuck my lily-white wife and come deep inside her little pussy.


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Amazonking and Shamusx,

Chief Mounting Bull appreciates your affinity toward his style, attitude and Breeding Bull directives. Following below is a true story about an event that occurred last week, which took the Chief by surprise. I imagine you will enjoy reading as well. It makes for a great unexpected addition to the Chief's tales of conquest. I originally posted it as a story in the stories forum, but have posted it here again for you to enjoy.

**** TRUE STORY: The Chief finds strange takesen wife relaxing on couch!!! ****

Well, here is an interesting true and unexpected story that I have to share with everyone. Last night I came home late, about 11 pm, and had a hell of an unexpected surprise waiting for me. I found my next door neighbor's wife, who is a virtual stranger to me, takes and ****** on my living room couch.

The married couple in question live in an upstairs condo unit in the building right next to mine. I don't know their names. They've lived there for several years and I see them sitting on their balcony all the time, which oversees the inlet to our cul-de-sac driveway. I have never spoken to the husband, but have spoken to the wife only on a few occasions. The husband is this fat guy with a big belly. The wife though is this unkempt and skinny, holy wateric wench with a gravelly voice. She suffered a mild brain injury from an epileptic seizure a couple months back, which causes her to speak a little odd and have memory problems.

Unbeknownst to me, the wench came into my condo unit yesterday afternoon while I was at work to take care of my cats, so she said. She entered my place after a lady friend of mine had been arrested and jailed for driving with a suspended license that she thought had been remedied. My lady friend was driving to her apartment to get some of her stuff to move into my place to be my submissive, resident cock sucker. My neighbor's wife was with her. She's been friendly toward my lady friend ever since I started bringing my lady friend over to my place, offering to help her with things and go places. I've been somewhat uncomfortable with them associating together, but haven't really said much to my lady friend about it.

Anyway, when the wench-wife got back home here she thought she'd be neighborly I guess; she brought some cat food, cuckold water and smokes, entered my unit, plopped her skinny ass down on my couch and boozed and smoked it up until she ******. (I'm a non-smoker by the way, so that was irritating).

I stroll in about 11 pm last night and find this wench snoring lightly and flopping around on my couch in her takesen stupor. She'd been there all night. Chief Mounting Bull stood there momentarily analyzing the situation. Considering her trashy nature, the Chief deemed the neighbor's holy wateric, unkempt wife undesirable for breeding; he would not want that woman to be the lady of his cuckold young. The Chief, however, did deem the wife suitable for mounting, although her status was judged at being toward the bottom range of his wife-mounting totem pole.

I appreciated my neighbor's wife's noble, albeit misguided, gesture to watch my place and take care of my cats, but I just wanted to kick that wench out of my house. Yet, my nervousness and antipathy toward finding her there was outweighed by the Chief's urge to mount that bitch roughly and inseminate her as penance for finding her in my house uninvited. The Chief considers the body of other men's wives, especially their buttocks and reproductive organs, as his property. Hence, my thoughts submitted to Chief Mounting Bull's assertion to exert his dominance by inseminating her.

I went upstairs, shaved, showered and put on some comfortable shorts. I went back downstairs and woke her up. We chatted for awhile and she told me all about what happened to my lady friend. Eventually, I asked if she would like to go upstairs and talk. She agreed, so we did. But, Chief Mounting Bull guided the events so that the place where we talked involved her laying down with me on my bed to continue our chat. Ah, it was like the spider guiding the fly to its lair.

Upon laying her down on my bed, the Chief claimed his prize. The Chief began to explore the feel of his property, her body, but the wench wife offered some mild resistance, saying that she was a married woman. The Chief responded informing her that feeling himself inside another man's woman was very arousing, so the Chief proceeded onward.

After her sweat pants came down to expose her pussy, the wench-wife kept insisting that I wear a condom, citing pregnancy as her concern. But, the Chief wasn't hearing any of that noise. The Chief insisted that he feel his sperm spitting bareback inside her bare flesh. I licked her pussy for awhile to mitigate her bareback protests until suddenly, Chief Mounting Bull reared up and assertively took control of his property, her legs. He spread them, positioned himself in between and presented the business end of himself to her exposed labia.

The wench-wife gave another more stern no-condom protest, but was cut short in mid-sentence. The Chief just smirked a bit as that wench-wife got an immediate look of discomfort on her face, opened her mouth wide, arched her head back and yelped aloud, "AhhhhhuuuuuUHHHHH...", as she took in the large bulbous-head of the Chief's cock (I must say it does get rather prominent when very aroused).

Now, this woman is very thin and somewhat frail-like with a tight pussy, so the Chief went easy on her at first. But, once the full length of his cock was firmly planted, knotting its bulbous-head deep within her vagina, the Chief mounted her with slow, rough strokes that made her gnash her teeth, moan and wince in discomfort. Her petite body rocked rhythmicly with shock waves rippling in her skin up her body, emanating from her pelvic region. The Chief maintained a strong presence like that being mounted atop her petite body in which he particularly enjoyed, for the rough thrusting in a slow-like fashion was akin to when in the movies, they slow down time to focus on a brief moment or cherish a feeling.

For the Chief, it was relishing the feeling of dominance by having that bitch as he pleased; and feeling the tension build in his prostate, combined with the anticipation of feeling that flood gate release of his minions spitting freely inside some clueless man's wife. There the wench-wife lay, wincing and moaning to the slow, rough thrusts of Chief Mounting Bull, which caused her head to bang up against my wall -- the Chief's penance imposed!

Ohhh, how the Chief loved feeling his prostate throb, making that poor sap's wife lay there and take his throbbing jets of sperm bareback despite her protests. Feeling that knotted up, bulbous cock head spitting out bareback inside a clueless cuckold hubby's wife is wonderful. I must admit that despite my level-headed thoughts being at odds with the Chief's yearnings at times, I enjoy succumbing to his Breeding Bull directives, like a leaf falling off the branch upon which it's anchored and being swept away in the wind. In the human context, it's my thoughts in the winds of passion.

After inseminating my neighbor's wife, the Chief lay motionless upon her temporarily, throbbing his cock a bit to dribble out a few extra drops of sperm into her vagina before pulling out. With the Chief having claimed his prize, my level-headedness took over. I went to get a cloth to clean her up since I tend to be a heavy-cummer. I glommed a heavy dose of semen in her pussy as usual. I also stuck a couple of spermacide thingies up into her pussy of which both the Chief and I were in agreement to do.

Anyway, she quaffed down some more hard cuckold water before going back downstairs to relax on my couch. I just slept in my bed. I wanted to kick her out then, but it was late; and the Chief was whispering to me about the possibilities of ravaging her again in the morning before ushering her out the door.

Well, the next morning came. I had the day off, but got called into work anyway, so I had to step out until the early afternoon. When I got back the holy wateric wench was still relaxing on my couch in the same takesen stupor as the night before. After milling around upstairs for awhile, I went back down to find her waking up. She began talking about all the details of the run in my lady friend had with the cops all over again, kinda as if she hadn't told me before. Nothing was said about my late night mounting of her, so I'm not sure if she even remembered it. LOL. I could sense the Chief's proddings of wanting to take her back upstairs to pump another load into her, but the Chief was satiated and had already claimed his prize and I had had enough of her, so I ushered her out the door, sending her back home to her cuckold hubby.

Oh, before I go, I thought I would mention that I took a picture of the takesen wench-wife relaxing on my couch in the morning with my cell phone. I will post it here for all to see. Look upon her in awe, knowing that the Chief's penance had been meted out upon her loins.

I am Chief Mounting Bull and I have spoken!

Chief Mounting Bull
My neighbor's wife passed out and pumped full of the Chief's sperm!
My neighbor's wife passed out and pumped full of the Chief's sperm!


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Chief mounting bull....would u be interested in mounting me and inseminating me with out my his and knowing? Get back to me and let me know.


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Chief please tell more stories please please!
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