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Why does my clit get hard but longer?

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#1 Posted: 24 Dec 2008 18:16
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Having had sex with black men I notice that my clit only get hard but do not get longer. If i'm having sex with a woman I get to my usual 6'' but with a black man it gets to less than 2''.Is it because he is the alfa male and I the sub fem male? Please let me know what you think.
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#2 Posted: 25 Dec 2008 06:14
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i belive you have figuered it out. i too have the very same problem both black or white. once he gives me his cock my cock becomes a clitty


#3 Posted: 29 Dec 2008 06:05
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i have the same problem...

i get much more horny and sexually excited by men rather than women... but whenever i start pleasuring a real man's cock, mine shrinks down to nothing!

when i'm with women, i get big and hard even though i'd rather be receiving cock than giving it!

i used to fret about it... now i just focus on cock in hand... or mouth... or ass, rather than worry about mine.


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#4 Posted: 1 Jan 2009 14:57 
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you are so true sis i just forget i have my tiny pathetic thing and feel totally feminine it is such a nice feeling to feel so tiny when in the prescence of a real man and sssoooo nice to cum soft without touching it.x
my clitty during sex with alfa males
my clitty during sex with alfa males
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Ruined Husbands / Ruined Husbands /
Why does my clit get hard but longer?
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