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Collecting used condoms

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Has anybody ever collected used condoms. When I was a teenager, it was my job to take the dogs out for a walk as soon as I got home on an afternoon. There was this country lane near to where we lived, that was known as lovers lane. I was out walking the dogs one day when I spotted a used condom lying in the grass. As a young virgin at the time, I was aroused by the sight of it and so I picked it up. As I walked home I was rubbing it between my fingers, wondering whose cock had been inside and whose pussy it had had been up. Every day after that I would go up there looking for more condoms. Some had been there for a long time and were completely dried out, others were still quite fresh with fluid in the tip. Over several months I must have collected between 40 and 50 of them, and I kept them in a jar hidden in my bedroom. I have no idea what I intended to do with them but I used to get the jar out every time I had a wank. Eventually, when I started going out with a girl, I realised how disgusting it was and so I threw the jar away.

But the other day I was out walking near to that lane when I saw a condom just lying on the path. I instinctively picked it up and rubbed it between my fingers like I used to all those years ago. I felt the same pleasant feelings that I used to feel. I quickly came to my senses and threw it away, and rushed home to wash my hands. But I just wondered if any other guys did anything similar?


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I would like to hear some more stories and some pics of what you do when you discover the used condom
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Collecting used condoms
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