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My wife the teacher.

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simon softlad


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This is a different version of a story I posted earlier. I think it is a better version. It is based on a schoolteacher friend of mine who – after a couple of glasses of wine too many- has confessed to occasional sexual feelings for a pupil not unlike the one in this story. She loves her husband but has admitted –to his face -that he is not enough for her. I live in hope that the two will collide some day but I doubt it. Other than that it is 100% fantasy and not to be taken seriously. Anyway, here is the first part.

I lay in bed watching Marie at the mirror gently teasing her dark-blonde hair into the desired position, always the last touch before leaving for work. Not for the first time I wondered how a guy like me had ended up with such a fantastically cute, sexy wife. She was looking even prettier than usual these days and sexier; definitely sexier. I couldn’t have failed to notice that her work clothes had become more daring of late; shorter skirts with much more skin on display and the tight, tight top she wore that morning really clung to her perfect breasts leaving little to the imagination. Borderline inappropriate for a schoolteacher I thought but it made me give myself a quick stroke. She was humming a little tune to herself with a happy almost dreamily content look on her face. Thank God she had cheered up recently after the months of scowls, sharp words and looks of disappointment. I’d found that hurtful. Things weren’t so bad I thought, we had a good enough life; we both had careers and reamisterably well paid jobs. We had a nice house, nice car and enough money for a couple of decent holidays a year. The one thing we didn't have was the one thing Marie wanted more than anything; a baby. We’d had all the tests and while I had been told my sperm was sluggish – as they charmingly called it at the hospital – theoretically there was nothing to stop us. It was just a matter of trying and it would probably happen eventually. It would take a redy miracle at the moment given that we hadn’t had sex for nearly two months – not since that last time when I couldn’t get it up for ages then came limply after about 30 seconds.

As soon as Marie left the house I was masturbating again –I was having no problems doing that– to the usual fantasy of late: Marie with that cocky black kid Marcus, the one from school that she hates, fucking her hard from behind while looking straight at me, a smug grin of victory all over his face. It never failed to get me off but then came the disgust and feelings of self-loathing. What kind of sick fuck was I imagining my wife with a kid half both our ages? Why was I constantly tossing off when I have hot, beautiful wife that any real man would love to take to bed? As usual I managed to convince myself that it was OK. ‘It is only fantasy, it will never happen, I wouldn’t want it to happen anyway – not really’. This had been my wank fuel since Marie told me that story about Marcus.

She had been complaining about him for weeks but I hadn’t paid much attention. There was always some badly behaved kid or other she was moaning about but time and time again his name get cropping up.

'Honey just have a word with him if he’s that bad' I said one night. 'Sort him out. You've always done that in the past. Miss Ballbreaker, isn't that what the kids call you?'

She shook her head. 'He’s not like the other kids. There is something about him. Like he’s older than them. Knows stuff about life. I’ve never said this about a pupil Brian but I hate him. I really hate him. He’s evil.'

I just shook my head. She would find a way to deal with him, I was sure of that. She always did. She just loved being a teacher and she was one of the best around. There was no way some punk kid was going to get the best of her. Or so I thought.

It was a couple of days later Marie came home in a really bad mood. Over a bottle of wine she told me how one of her 6th form pupils –Michelle - had come to her to tell her she was pregnant. Michelle had been one of the most promising pupils at the school and Marie had taken a real shine to her, more or less mentoring her through her exams in the hope she would make it to university – something that didn’t happen that often at her inner city comprehensive. All that was in ruins now. I bristled slightly at the thorny subject of pregnancy. Marie noticed me flinch but carried on.

'It was him that got her pregnant. Marcus'

'Is Michelle a white girl?’ I blurted out before I could stop myself. Luckily Marie didn’t seem to notice the stupidity and insensitivity of the question.

'Yeah’ she said absently and I felt a little stiffening in my cock. ‘He did it on purpose. Got her pregnant I mean – just to ruin her life and to get at me. He knows she’s one of my girls.’

'Oh come on. You know what kids are like. They probably just got carried away.’

‘No. He meant it. He’s had plenty of other girls at the school and none of them are pregnant. Listen Brian, I’ve never told you this and you must promise never to breath a word of it to anyone’

I nodded my promise full of intrigue.

'Do you remember that teacher Nicola Barker I was friendly with? She got pregnant and left about a year ago ?’

I nodded again.

'Well I bumped into her a couple of weeks ago. There had been these rumours that the baby wasn’t her husband’s; that she’d had an affair with a pupil. With Marcus. I didn't believe a word of it. There is always gossip going round like that and it is always a load of crap. Well when I saw her I thought she would be pleased to see me, to show the baby off you know, but she couldn't wait to get away. She wasn't fast enough though because I saw it. I saw that the baby was black. It was his kid right enough I was sure of it.’

‘How do you know it’s his?’ I asked. ‘So it’s not her husband’s – it could be anyone’s. Well anyone black.’ There was that twitch in my cock again.

'Because she told me. I went to see her. She had moved but I managed to track her down. She denied it at first but then she broke down and admitted it all. Do you see what kind of boy he is now? He was xx years old and he seduced his 32 year old teacher and got her pregnant. Nicola’s a single lady now, her husband’s left her, she’s no job and she’s living in a cuckolds browniety flat all because of him. He ruined her life and he doesn't give a cuckolds brownie.’

I heard all that and while I was sympathetic to Nicola’s plight all I could think was ‘he fucked his teacher. What a stud.’ I had a stonking hard-on just thinking about it. I had met Nicola and she was a stunner, really classy with a hot, curvy body that Liz Hurley would be jealous of. Many, many guys had tried to bed her and failed so how the hell had a mere kid managed it? I asked Marie.

She shook her head. ‘I’m not sure. She said he came on to her and she couldn’t resist. He was experienced all right, confident and good. Good in bed-so she said anyway. She said he made her feel like a woman. I don’t know; I guess she and her husband must have been having problems and it just sort of happened’

Even I couldn't fail to notice the pointed look she gave me. If it was meant to be a warning I failed to heed it.

Ever since then the thought of Marcus fucking my wife too had been an almost constant fantasy. I even saw him as I was waiting for Marie after school one day. I instantly saw what she meant; he did seem older than the other kids; being at least 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and long, powerful limbs and you could just tell he had a cocky, arrogant way about him. Just looking at him and imagining him working his way through all the cute white girls got me rigid. Not to mention that ’butter wouldn’t melt’ Barker woman. That was just about the only thing that got me hard these days- thoughts of black cock and white pussy. It did nothing to stop down my fantasies about him with my wife, quite the contrary; I was beating off 2 or 3 times a day whilst practically ignoring my wife.

One day not long after thatI came home early arriving just as Marie was pulling into our drive. I watched in growing surprise as she got out the car; surprise at the long, heavy, shapeless old coat she had on. It was such a strange thing for her to be wearing; it definitely wasn’t hers and it was a lovely sunny spring day much to warm for heavy coat like that. She almost jumped out her skin when she saw me.

She almost screamed; ‘Brian what are you doing home so early?’

‘I just couldn’t be arsed at work today. Everything OK?’

'Um, sure.'

But it wasn’t. Something was going on and it was about time I found out what. When we went in she tried to head straight up stairs but I stopped her.

‘Come and sit down I think we need to talk.’

‘In a minute. I need to change first.’

'No, honey. I think we need to talk right now. Take that stupid coat off. You must be boiling’

‘I...I can’t’

‘You can’t take your coat off? I laughed. ‘Why the hell not?’

‘Please Brian. Don’t make me’

I was seriously puzzled.

‘Marie what the hell is going on. Just take off your coat and sit down’

She looked at me sadly then she slipped off her coat and just stood there looking at the ground.

To say I was surprised would be the greatest of understatements. I simply could not believe that I was looking at my wife, the school teacher, dressed like... well like a prostitute. She was wearing a low slung top that looked about three sizes too small for her causing her clearly braless breasts to bulge out obscenely at the top and the side and a skirt so short it barely covered her arse. It took me some minutes before I was sufficiently recovered from the shock to speak.

Well obviously you haven’t been at work today. Where the fuck have you been? Working the streets?’

She looked at me with tears forming in her blue eyes.

'I have been at school'.

'Dressed like that?’

'Yes’. Her voice was barely a whisper.

‘What? Why?’

There was a long painful silence then-

'I...I had too. He made me.'

'Who made you?’

She said it so quietly I barely heard. ‘Marcus’.


‘Marcus’ she said louder and just a touch aggressively.

‘Marcus? How the hell can he make you dress like that? Like a slut’

‘Brian I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it’

Then the penny dropped. He had fucked her. He was still fucking her. I still couldn’t work out how he had her dressed like this but I was sure he was behind it. It had actually happened. After years of fantasising it had actually happened. I’d been cucked. I thought of all the guys that had hit on Marie over the years, the umpteen opportunities she must have had to cheat on me but didn’t and it was a kid who had finally nailed her. Just like that Nicola. I felt sick but I just had to know.

‘Marie, it’s OK but I have to know. Are you having an affair with Marcus?’

‘Sort of’

‘What do you mean sort of? Either you are or you aren't’

‘OK. I am. I didn’t want to but he wouldn’t stop’

‘You mean he powerd you?’

‘No...not exactly powerd, but...’

‘Honey why don’t you sit down and tell me exactly what happened. Whatever it is I still love you. I’m sure we can work it out’

She did just that. I got the impression that it was a huge relief to tell get it off her chest. I was shocked and hurting bad but something inside me wanted to hear every last detail. She didn’t let me down. She talked steadily in a matter of fact manner with just a slight tone of defiance in her voice. This is what she told me.
simon softlad


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Marie really had disliked him, that was certainly true. It wasn’t just that he was unruly – she was used to that – but he had a real, icy arrogance and he clearly totally disrespected all the teachers in general and her in particular. And he was smart so he could make a teacher look and feel like a fool. He did that to all the teachers but seemingly took the greatest pleasure in winding up my wife. She admitted that he got to her, even intimidated her something no other kid had ever done. But there was just something about him that she found attractive despite herself. The cockiness that she claimed to hate so much actually secretly impressed her. So did his powerful physique and the way all the girls in school practically fell at his feet. Once she had told him off about teasing another boy, taunting him about how he had fucked a girl everyone knew he had a big crush on. She’d acted like she was appalled at his behaviour but deep down she found his cruelty quite a turn on which disturbed her.

Well it was heading towards the end of term when he would be leaving for good and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. Marie was counting down the days. Then one day something happened – something that she hadn’t told me about at the time. It seemed she had been walking down the corridor to her room between classes when there was a power cut and they were plunged into darkness. The kids were screaming and laughing at the drama of it all and Marie was moving to calm them down when she felt a pair of arms go round her. She tried to wriggle free but they were just too strong and her own arms were pinned to her side so she couldn't move. Now she was scared. She felt his hot breath on her neck and strong hands roaming all over her breasts. Just before the emergency lights kicked in he released her after kissing her neck and licking her down her cheek. By the time the lights came on he was gone, disappeared into the general melee of kids.

Marie was sure it had been Marcus but she knew she couldn’t prove it so she never reported him. Besides she hated her Headteacher and the thought of telling him what had happened gave her the creeps. Reluctantly she decided to do nothing.

It started a couple of days later. Marie was becoming increasingly concerned that Marcus was getting close to a girl called Jenny. Jenny was another of ‘her girls’ like Michelle who she knew had potential and was pushing to get good exam results to hopefully make something of herself. She could see the signs and didn’t want her to end up like her friend. She decided to confront Marcus, to warn him off so asked him to stay behind after his class.

She really tried to lay down the law to him, telling him she knew what he’d done to Michelle and told him that he was to stay away from Jenny. Probably because she looks so cute and innocent and a lot younger than her 31 years Marie has developed a rather stern manner that she employs when she is telling off a pupil. I’ve seen her in action and it is usually very effective but Marcus just sat there totally unfazed with a stupid sneer on his face.

‘No way’ he said when she was done. ‘That bitch is gonna have the sweetest, tightest little pussy and I’m gettin myself a piece of it.’

Marie looked at him in complete horror.

‘Know what I think Miss. I think you’re jealous.’

‘Jealous, Marcus?’ said Marie raising her eyebrows.

‘Yeah, jealous. You know she’s gonna get a good, hard, fucking and you want the same . I reckon old Mr white husband ain’t doin’ his job right. I reckon that hot little body of yours is screaming for a bit of young, hard cock. Maybe that’s why you’re such a stuck up bitch. You need a good to seein’ to, loosen you up a bit. Is that it? I’ve seen you checkin’ me out in class. I’ve seen you lookin’ at my package. ‘

Unfortunately for Marie just at that moment he let his legs fall open and she was momentarily mesmerised by the outline of his impressive looking cock through his jeans.

‘Yeah just like that’ he laughed.

‘I do no such thing’

‘Sure you do. It’s OK. I don’t mind. I check out at your tits all the time. No big deal’

‘Shut up Marcus. Your just a stupid kid. I would never be interested in you’.

‘I might be a kid but I knocked up that silly bitch of yours. I knocked up that slut Barker easy enough. Tell you what Miss she couldn’t get enough of my big cock that one. You want to have heard the cuckolds brownie she used to say beggin’ me to make her cum, beggin me to give her my baby. Is that what you want too? A little black baby in your belly just like your little friend?’

Marie wasn't sure what it was that gave her away but he was right on it.

‘Oh that’s it ain't it. You want a baby. What’s up? Hubby not up to the job? Can’t he get it up? Firing blanks?’

He stood up towering over my wife.

‘Marcus. I want you to leave right now.’

'Oh you talk tough all right but you ain't foolin’ me.'

Marie took a step back, then another, back, back until she was hard against her desk. Marcus had matched her step for step. He put his hands firmly round her waist.

‘God Miss you’re hot. Such a sexy little tease ain’t you? Flauntin’ those nice, big titties of yours, giving all the boys a good look. Reckon’ you’ve been putting’ it out there just hoping someone’s gonna come and nail you.’

‘No. I’m a happily married woman’

“Ha. That’s what they all say but you sure ain’t getting any. What’s up. Hubby not being givin’ you it? Bet he’s jackin’ off though. Bet he’s watching porn and jackin’ off and poor little you is wonderin’ – ‘what’s wrong with me? Why ain't I getting none?’”

Marie bit her lip and blushed.

‘You’re busted Miss. You’re just another white bitch that ain’t gettin’ fucked proper’.

‘No. It’s not like that.’

But it was. She knew it and he knew it. He increased his grip on her and slowly moved his hands up her sides.

‘You like me touching ya dontcha? Like the other day when I felt you right up. You loved that’

‘You bastard...’

‘You knew it was me but you didn’t report me. Why not?’

‘I..I didn’t know it was you.’

‘Yeah you did. Who else has the balls. I think you liked it. My main man was in your class right after. Tells me your nips were sticking out like bullets the whole time. Bet your cunt was wet as fuck too. Was that it? Hopin’ I’d come right back and finish you off?’

‘No, no... I just....’

‘No you just loved it. I knew you were loving it, I felt it in your body’. He moved his hands to cup her breasts.

‘You can tell me to stop anytime.’

‘ I mean, yes, oh...’

He was looking straight into her eyes and she knew he knew. Knew how weak she was. Despite her reputation as a strict disciplinarian and her always in control manner he knew that really she was weak, scared, vulnerable, frustrated. Somehow, he knew that deep, deep down she had a burning desire to be dominated and controlled.

‘Show me your tits’

‘What? No? I can’t’

‘Show me your fuckin’ tits bitch’

‘No I can’t. I’ve a class any minute’.

‘Better make it quick then’.

Marcus just stared her out. She felt her will crumbling and the last little bit of fight just drained out of her. She was in a trance and with trembling fingers she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Then she unclipped her bra. She just stood there half perched on the edge of her desk, eyes cast downwards, as her bra slowly fell away from her to present her large firm naked breasts to her teenage pupil.

He gave a low chuckle to himself at how easily he had beaten her.

‘Fuckin sweet. The mighty Miss Ballbreaker with her big titties out just like a slut.’

Marie shivered in offense but she let him feel her up without a word. She always has liked getting her breasts fondled and his touch was good – so, so good. She swears it took every bit of her will power not to orgasm there and then.

‘That feels good don’t it Miss?’ The way he emphasised that last word Marie felt he was really mocking her.


‘I want to hear you say it. Say ‘I like you playing with my tits.’

‘No. No I won’t’

‘Say it you bitch’. He gave both her nipples a cruel twist.

‘I, I... like you playing with my... breasts’.

‘Tits. Say tits. And say my name.’ Another twist.

‘Ahhh... I like you playing with my tits, Marcus’

'Good girl’ he said.

‘And what about that cunt of yours. Bet it’s throbbing and wet. I want to see it’

‘No, no. You’ve had your fun now. Just go Marcus. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.’

‘Not before I’ve checked out that sweet little pussy of yours.’

He pulled her clean off her desk then pushed a hand down her trousers and inside her panties. She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at his face when his probing fingers found her slick, moist slit but she couldn’t hide her scarlet blush.

‘Ha ha ha. Fuckin’ knew it; you’re a slut sure enough Miss. A slutty bitch with a wet, sloppy cunt.’

His fingers started to toy with her wet pussy.


Once again she was so close to cumming but he pulled away at the last moment holding up his glistening finger to her face.

‘Suck it’.

Marie was a utterly defeated now. She dropped her head and took his finger into mouth sucking it clean of her own sweet, shameful juices.

‘Nice. You like to suck. I’ll remember that. Wait here after your last class tonight. I’ll be coming back’.

With that leaned in and gave her a long kiss full of lips. He picked up and pocketed her bra then snapped two buttons of her blouse before leaving.

Marie had seconds to sort herself out as best she could before her next class in. There wasn’t much covering her dignity and the kids must have noticed but her head was so scramred that she could have been standing buck naked for all she knew. She was able to get out at lunchtime to replace her bra but other than that she can barely remember a thing about the rest of the day until she was sitting alone at her desk waiting for him.
He kept her waiting for ages so much so that Marie was getting ready to leave when he finally sauntered into her room.

‘Sit down’ he said.

She obeyed.

He moved round beside her putting his arm around her.

‘Now look what I got here’ he said showing her his mobile phone – a really expensive, top of the range model that neither she or I could afford.

She let out a low groan when an image of her naked breasts came on with one black hand fondling them all over. She was horrified to see how hard and erect her nipples were and she could clearly hear herself moaning with what sounded like pleasure. She hadn’t even noticed that Marcus had been filming her. Well she was fucked now there was no doubt about that; he had made sure her face was clearly visible. Just to confirm it Marcus said.

‘Looks good don’t it. Not for you though. What d’ya think would happen if that got round the school. A teacher letting her pupil feel up her tits? What would happen? The sack for you that’s what I reckon.’

‘OK Marcus what do you want.’

‘Oh let’s not rush that. Need to think about that one’ he said but let his hand fall down and slip inside her half-open blouse.

‘Couple of kids told me your tits were falling out in class today Miss. Bit slutty that. Be a few boys jerking off over that tonight.

'Fuck off Marcus’.

‘See you got a nice new bra. Let’s have that off. Looks good – a nice, sexy, lacy number. Buy that just for me did ya?’

She hadn't even realised what she had done. She’d walked past any number of plain functional ones to pick the one that she knew would suit her best, one that really showcased her tits. Had she bought it just for him?

For the second time that day her tits were out and she was soon moaning again as he really went to work on her them, easing them right out of her blouse then sucking on them. He knew his way round a woman’s body all right. Soon enough he had his hand in her panties and was toying with her pussy. It felt good.

‘Oh God no’ Marie exclaimed as she felt her orgasm rising.

But he stopped her just at the very edge. Then he took her to the edge again then again until she was writhing around in frustration. He laid her out on her desk then really opened her up. She was helpless as he started to lick her, teasing her hard, excited little clit.

She was moaning ‘For fuck’s sake Marcus. Make me cum. Please I'm begging you.’

‘Ha ha. Thought I was just a kid. Now you’re beggin’ for my cock. Well go get it then.’

He stood up. ‘Take it out.’

Her hands fumred at his jeans pulling them down over his boxers. She couldn’t believe the bulge she saw. She pressed her hand against it feeling hard, strong, hot meat.

‘I wanna see you suck it.’

‘I...I don’t do that’.

He laughed. ‘You mean hubby don’t get his dick sucked? You’re sucking mine for sure. Do it.’

She pulled down his shorts. His cock was beautiful she said. Long and hard, pointing straight up against his ripped stomach.

‘Bigger than his? Harder?'

‘Yes.’ She licked right up his shaft.

‘Suck it then. Put your lips right over there and suck. And use your hands’

I would have given anything to see her suck his cock for the first time to see her take that throbbing meat into her cute mouth.

‘Yeah you like that. You’re a good little cocksucker Miss. A real natural. I’ll give you a bellyful of cum another time but right now I’m taking that pussy of yours. Get up on the desk.’

‘Fuckin’ yeah’ he said looking down at her.’ Married white pussy is the best there is. Spread your legs wide for me slut and tell me what you want me to do’.

Marie said she couldn't believe the stuff that came out of her mouth. She opened her legs for him, closed her eyes, flung her arms over her head and let it all the years of frustration spill out.

‘Oh just fuck me Marcus. Put that big cock in me I’m begging you. Fuck me as hard as you can. Make me cum and I’m yours. You can do what you want with me.’

What she didn’t know was Marcus had his phone out again and he was filming everything, getting every word for posterity. Still he teased her running his cock up and down her slit. Marie was practically sobbing with frustration.

‘Please Marcus. Please, please, please I’m begging you again. I’ll do anything.’ Then he did. He fucked her hard; harder than she’d ever been fucked before.

For the first time since she started telling me the story Marie began to falter. I jumped in.

Did he, you know make you.... Was he better than...?

‘Did he make me cum? Was he better than you? Yes and yes. Brian I don’t mean to hurt you but that’s the truth. You want the truth right?'

I nodded.

‘Oh Brian when I had that first orgasm it was like nothing I’d ever felt. The pleasure, the relief was just so incredible. I know what Nicola meant now. I did feel like a woman. A real proper woman. I don’t think I’d ever felt like that before. And it just kept on coming, the pleasure, waves and waves of it like I thought it would never end. It scared me a little to know anything could feel so...intense, so real. I didn't know it could be like that. No-one told me. When he made me cum like that, just at that moment, I hated you. Hated you because you never made me feel like that. Sorry but that’s the truth’

Marie told me about the next day at school when he was in her class. She was trembling but he said nothing sitting instead with a huge smug grin on his face. Every so often their eyes would meet and he’d slowly and deliberately rub his crotch. He left her class without a word and she began to think – to hope – that was the end of it. He’d had his fun with her but wouldn’t push his luck. But no; he turned up after her last class and showed her everything he had on his phone.

‘You're my bitch now. You do what I say, you wear what I tell you and go where I tell you. Have you got that?’

'Yes Marcus I understand’.

‘Good. Now get over here, get on your knees and suck my dick.’

And that’s just what she did. And she enjoyed doing it.

She stopped talking completely looking at the ground then looking at me.

‘Well now you know.’

‘And have you seen him since?

‘Yes, quite a few times. Sometimes he comes to my room. Sometimes I drive him somewhere for sex. Always sex.’

‘Will you keep seeing him.’

‘I have to. He’s got all that film of me. It is more than enough to get me the sack. Prosecuted maybe. Jail even. It would certainly be in all the papers. Can you imagine that? No, I have to do anything he says and he knows it. ‘

She didn’t say it but I got the distinct impression she would be relaxing with him anyway.

That was why she was dressed as she was. Marcus must have got bored just fucking her and had decided to start messing with her. At the start of the week he had given her a list of names, friends of his in school or ‘his crew’ as he would no doubt call them. They were all in classes Marie took and she was told to give them all a detention. They must all have been in on it as they acted up-blatantly cheeking her so that she wouldn’t have had any choice anyway. She knew something was up but didn't know what until Marcus turned up just minutes before detention was to start. He got her to strip naked, took her clothes then handed her a bag. It was clothes he had taken from his sister the kind a teenager would wear out clubbing but stuff that was clearly designed for a much flatter-chested girl. This was what Marie was wearing right now. Then the boys filed in and she was made to just perch on the edge of the desk with her legs parted while they just sat around, feet up on the desks, smoking and laughing. There was no touching; Marcus just wanted them to see that Marie was his bitch and he could make her do anything he wanted. Occasionally they would throw something to the ground then make her bend down to pick it up laughing as she tried and generally failed to stop her tits falling out. It was the most humiliating experience of her life but Marie admitted that at one point she kind of slipped into a kind of trance, a space where they couldn't hurt her.

I’d been listening to her story with an increasingly aching cock but that just about made me explode. The thought of my wife just sitting there on display for a group of horny teenagers was just incredible. From where I was sitting I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. They must have seen everything.

I leaned over to her and put my hand up her skirt. She was wet, positively dripping.

‘God Marie. Marcus is right. You are slut’

‘Oh Brian. I think I must be’.

I pulled my trousers to show how her story had made me hard as fuck and that I too was soaked with pre-cum.

Then we fucked there on the sofa, fucked like we had never fucked in the whole of our marriage.

‘ So what happens now’ I asked as we lay in each other’s arms afterwards.

‘I don’t know. I thought you might leave me’

‘Do you want me to?’


‘Then I won’t .But we’ll need to fix this’.


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great story


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very hot, more please!


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Very exciting story! Look forward to hearing more.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Hot, hot story, very well told. Please continue!


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Be good to finish with the boy breeding the wife.. I like those stories!


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Fantastic as usual SL. Here's hoping Brian watches and wanks as Marie is knocked up by her teen lover and he is publically cuckolded.
simon softlad


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For a bit of visual stimulation Marie looks a little bit like this chick (Rachel Riley). Imagine a young black stud getting his hands all over her.

simon softlad


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We knew we had to do something but what? As far as we could see Marcus held all the cards. The only thing we could think of was for Marie to throw herself to his mercy; to hope there was some scrap of humanity in him that wouldn’t want him to see her destroyed completely. The next day she called him to her room and asked him for a deal. There were 3 weeks left of the term and during that time he could do anything he wanted with her but after that he was to leave her alone and give her back anything incriminating he had on her.

‘You askin’ or tellin’ Miss? Cos I don’t think you should be tellin’ me nothin.’

‘I’m asking you Marcus. In fact I’m begging you. Look.’

She got down on her knees.

‘Please Marcus. Please. Agree to this and I’ll do anything you say. Anything. I promise.’

She says she could see his cock getting hard at the sight of her on her knees, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

‘Fuck yeah’ he said. S’long as you know who’s boss.’

‘I know who’s boss all right Marcus. You are’

Just to prove it he bent her over her desk and fucked her there and then.

He was fucking her on a daily basis. Just knowing he was getting free access to her sexy body and that his big, hard, dick was spurting his potent spunk right into her unprotected womb made me incredibly horny. I wanted her too but she said no; not until this was all sorted. It was all so frustrating and I was jerking off round the clock. What was worst of all was knowing she was enjoying it – well sort of enjoying it. Her body was certainly enjoying the constant diet of powerful orgasms he was giving her and I began to worry what would happen when that was gone.

One night Marie came home really late when I was already in bed. She slipped into bed beside me.

‘What have you been doing tonight?’

‘Jerking off.'


‘And you? Have you been with him?’


I could always tell. She would totally deny it but she always looked happy when he’s just fucked her.

‘And did you, you know... you and him?'


Quite recently to by the looks of her. I slipped down the bed and crawled in between her legs then slipped down her panties. Very recently.

‘Brian what are you doing?...oh. Oh yes. Oh yes that’s good. Lick it up, lick it all up. Eat it. Swallow it all.’

We both knew what I was doing. I was displaying my acceptance of him and her. I was showing I understood my position as inferior to him –just a pussylicker and his cleanup boy. It felt good. The taste of his spunk was strong but not unpleasant.

‘That’s it you loser. Marcus said you’d do that. I didn’t believe him Looks like he knows you too well. He said that any guy that can’t satisfy his woman is a pussy. That’s what you are Brian – a pussy. A cum eating little pussy.’

Of course she was right and it became our little unspoken nightly routine: she would look at me, open her legs and I would crawl in and lap up whatever he had left for me.

One day after he’d fucked her again he asked:-

‘Do you keep a diary Miss?’

‘Um, no’ but she must have hesitated a bit too long.

‘Don’t fuckin’ lie. White chicks like you always keep diaries. And goin’ by the way you’re blushing I’m thinking it’s good stuff.’

‘Oh God please no. I’ll do anything else but not that. I can’t.’

‘Sure you can. Bring them tomorrow. Or our little deal's off. Don't forget one word from me and your life's fucked.’

So Marie bundled them up and gave them to him the next day. Of all the offenses he poured on her I think this was the worst. She recorded her most secret thoughts and fantasies in there. I had never been permitted to look at them – they were private to her and her alone she said. Marcus already owned her body: now he was going to know every intimate thought and detail about her. I had told her just to tell him that she’d lost them or they’d been stolen but she couldn’t do it. By this point she was incapable of lying to him and knew he could read her like a book. In other words he had complete and utter control of her and I believe - at some level – she quite liked it.

‘I read your diaries’ he said the next time he saw her. You’re one dirty little bitch ain’t you. All them things you think about.’

Marie blushed to her roots.

‘They’re just things that I think about sometimes Marcus. They don’t mean anything.’

‘Yeah. ‘cept they do, don’t they. What was it you said. Best fuck you’d ever had? You’d never cum so hard before?’

‘Yes, I wrote that‘

‘And hubby knows eh? Knows all about it? Bet he’s jerking off as well. You fuckin’ him too?’

‘No. No I’m not.’

Marcus just laughed. ‘Poor bastard. His wife’s got the hottest cunt and he’s gettin’ none. Maybe me and you should give him somethin’ to really wank over. Fuck right in front of the loser. Show him what a slut his wife is.’

‘No, I don’t think...’

‘Fucked plenty of white wives –knocked up a couple - but never fucked one right in front of her hubby. That would be sweet. Put the fucker right in his place – see the look on his face when his precious missus comes all over my cock.'

'And don't pretend the idea don't excite you' he said feeling up her tits. 'Cos it does, I can see it in you.Tell him I’ll be over Friday night.’

So that was that. Marie told me he was coming over to shag her and there was nothing we could do about it.

‘He holds all the cards, remember' she said.

I got the impression that part of her was going to enjoy it, wanted to see me punished for being so weak. When I told her that I didn’t think I would be able to do it without punching the cocky little cuckolds brownie’s lights out she just gave me a look that said:- ‘oh if only you could.’

Come Friday night we sat nervously waiting for him already half takes on wine.

‘Please Brian promise me – whatever happens – you won’t try to be all heroic tonight will you? I know you don’t want to hear this but he’s tough. Really tough. He’d beat you up without a seconds thought.’

Another part of my manhood shrivelled and died.

‘I promise dear. I won’t.’
simon softlad


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The doorbell went and I answered. I’d been rehearsing this moment for days but I was utterly disarmed by the sight of the cute girl at Marcus’s side.

‘Hey Bri, ain’t you inviting us in? Bit rude that. Oh by the way, this is my new girl, Stacey. You don’t mind do ya? ’

‘Um no. You better come in.’

If I was shocked at this turn of events Marie’s face was an absolute picture of horror.

‘Stacey? Is that you?'

‘Sure is Miss. Ain’t you pleased to see me?’

It would be safe to say that Marie was not pleased to see Stacey. She was an ex-pupil of hers who’d left a couple of years ago and she had been an absolute terror. I remembered Marie moaning a lot about her and it was pretty obvious that the two of them had not got on. In the end it became almost a battle of wills between them which ended up with Stacey being suspended, then expelled pretty much on Marie’s say so. Trailer trash Marie called her. She was a couple of years older than Marcus but came from the same estate; just another white girl he had trawled in his net. I could see what Marie meant about trailer trash; she had the full chav uniform: tightly tied back hair, pony tail, all the fake bling with spray on jeans and tight cropped top. But it couldn’t be denied: she was pretty, very, very pretty in fact with soft feminine features and a really tight, sexy little body. She was also a bitch.

‘You remember that last time in school Miss? You remember what I said when you got me kicked out?’

‘I don’t remember’ said Marie but her face said differently.

‘I told you I’d get you back, someday. I called you a stuck-up cow and told you to watch your back, didn’t I.'

‘Yes, you did’

‘And what did you say?’

Marie shook her head. She looked close to tears.

‘You remember what you called me? You said I was a slapper. Nothin’ but a little slut, that’s what you said. See thing is the way I hear it – you’re the slut now. Hear you been spreadin’ your legs and beggin’ Marcus for some dick. That right Miss?

‘Yes Stacey. That’s right.’

‘Yeah. You want to hear beg all right’ Marcus chipped in. ‘Begs on her knees like a bitch’.

‘Now look here...’ I started to say but he turned right on me.

‘What you saying you fucker? Fancy some do ya? Wanna be the big man for your woman?’

Despite what I’d said to Marie earlier I was determined to stand up to him, show a bit of defiance, but I’m afraid with him right there I crumred in the face of his sheer power.


He just laughed at me.

‘What a wimp. What a loser. I tell you your wife’s a bitch and a slut and you just take it?’

He pushed me back in my chair and stood over me.

‘Your wife has one tight little cunt Bri and it sure gets all juiced up when my dick is plowing it. The bitch can’t get enough. She sucks cock real good too. I just love it when she takes my spunk right into her belly. Does she do that for you?’

I confessed that she does not.

‘Ha ha. Guess she only does it for real men. That’s not you is it Bri?’


‘Go on then. Show your woman what a wimp you are. Get on your knees.’


'Get down on your fuckin’ knees unless you want a slap, bitch.’

I could see now why Marie had surrendered so easily to him, he was like a power of nature. It wasn’t just his bulk and powerful physique – impressive as that was – but he just got right inside your head and made you feel so weak. I fell to my knees.

‘Now lick my boots.Do it’.

I did too licking his boots until they were shiny with my saliva.

‘Fuck sake’ said Stacey.’ The cunt has got a hard-on.’

It was shameful but true. I was excited at being shown up for the wimp I was and my hard little cock was clearly visible in my trousers. Marcus looked down at me in triumph.

‘You excited cos your wife’s gonna get fucked? Show us what you got then.’

I pulled out my hard dick and Stacey laughed.

‘No wonder she’s so easy. What a sad little cock.’

‘You gonna be a good boy hubby and sit there playin’ with yourself?’

I nodded then was relieved that he and Stacey turned their attention to my wife. They sat beside her on the sofa, one on either side.

‘What you reckon Stace, should I do her now or what?’

‘Nah. Let’s fuck with her a bit first. Been waitin’ a long time for this. Look at her sittin’ there like butter wouldn’t melt.

She leaned over and pulled Marie’s top down making her breasts spill out. She whistled.

‘Nice tits Miss. And look nice big fat nips. You’re right Marcus – they do get all hard when she’s hot. What a slut!’

I saw Marie look at her with a pleading look but there was no compassion there. Stacey really did hate her with a vengeance. I broke my heart to see her getting taunted like this but there was nothing I could do – I was as beaten as she was.

She and Marcus took one breast each and went to work on her until her nipples were really standing out. She moaned slightly. Despite the offense she just couldn’t stop her body from getting aroused. Or maybe that was part of it.

‘You bring those diaries with you Marcus’

‘Oh no. Please God no. Stacey I’m so sorry I said those things. I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you at school. Please don’t do this.’

‘Ha ha. Summit to hide Miss?’

Marcus had pulled out the bundle of diaries and was flicking through them. He stopped at a page and handed it to Marie.

‘Read that bit out.’

‘I...I can’t’

‘Do it or I’ll kick the cuckolds brownie out your husband.’ He turned to me.

‘You’re gonna love this Bri.'

I saw a look of complete presentation fall across my wife’s face as Marcus got her to read out little extracts. Like this:-.

School was dull today. Couldn’t help noticing those tight trousers Marcus had on, really showed up his muscular thighs – looked delicious. Man or boy? Definitely man. Wonder what his dick is like. Big, hard, black. Bet he can keep it up for hours unlike some I could mention Mmmmmm.

I groaned. Then:-

Watched the boys playing football for a bit. Marcus looked incredible in those shorts. So much bigger and tougher than the other boys. Might be naughty tomorrow and wear that new tight blouse. If I dare!!

Or :-

‘Had to tell Marcus off about teasing that geeky kid Michael. He only told him he had fucked that Cheryl girl. Poor kid has such a crush on her. He’ll learn soon enough. Probably playing with himself thinking about it. Might need to do the same myself’.

There was more in the same vein then:-

Michelle came to see me today. Told me she’s pregnant. Marcus is the man. Poor girl. Wish it was me though


I can’t believe what happened today. Marcus just took me right there in class. God he was cocky but so strong and masterful. I just could not stop him. It was incredible. It finally happened, for the first time ever I really came properly. The big O. I’m a woman at last. Oh my God now I know what the girls all go on about. I should feel bad but I don’t. I should feel ***d but I don’t. I want MORE!!

Stacey was just sitting there with a big grin on her face.

‘Don’t she say nothin ‘bout me?’

‘Oh yeah’ said Marcus handing Marie an older diary.

‘Read that bit’

‘Oh dear God no’

‘Read it’

Had to speak to Stacey today. God she’s a bitch. Just as well she doesn’t know how much she scares me. Saw her flirting with those boys again – such a slut. Bet she gets it hard a lot. Lucky bitch.

Then came the absolute *******er.

Dreamt about Stacey last night and wow what a dream. I was meant to be telling her off but the lippy bitch was having none of it. Next thing I know I’m over her knee and she’s spanking me, laughing and calling me names. God I was soaking wet when I woke up- what’s that all about? Had to relieve myself though. Almost made me late for work.

‘ Well, well, well Miss. Who would have thought it?’ Stacey crowed. ’I guess you know what’s comin’ now’

‘Please no’ Marie pleaded but to no avail.

Stacey grabbed her and dragged Marie over her knee. Stacey was smaller and slighter than Marie but she was a tough, street hardened little thing and Marie was no match for her. She struggled for a bit but soon accepted her fate. Stacey pulled down her jeans to reveal the sexy little thong she was wearing that more or less left her buttocks bare. She stroked them then-

Thwack, thwack, thwack. Hard strokes that made Marie give a little yelp. Then again and again.

‘So what names should I call you then?’

‘Slut’. Thwack.

‘Whore’. Thwack

‘Stuck..’ Thwack

‘Up...’ Thwack.

‘Little...’ Thwack.

‘Bitch’. Thwack.

I could see Marie’s buttock turning crimmister but it was nothing compared to her face. Stacey gently and soothingly ran her hands over Marie’s upturned arse. Then she fingered her crotch.

‘Totally fuckin’ wet’ said Stacey.

She pushed the flimsy material aside then began to fuck her with two fingers.

‘Uh, uh, uh’ went my wife.

‘Yeah you like that don’t ya. You wanna cum?’

‘Oh yes. I’m so close Stacey. Keep going. Just a bit more...

‘Ha ha. Not yet bitch.’

Stacey stood up and pushed Marie on to her knees. She stripped then stood over her. She really did have a lovely petite body that was showing clear signs of arousal at the power she had over my wife.

‘Now remember that time in class I told you to kiss my arse. You gave me a detention for that. Well now you’re gonna do it. Kiss my arsehole.’

Marie hesitated then planted a kiss on the girl’s buttock.

‘No. Do it proper. Get right in there.’

I saw Marie baulk but she did it. She pushed her tongue right between Stacey butt cheeks.

‘Yeah that’s it. Kiss it like you love it. Dirty bitch’

She pushed Marie to the floor then pounced on her pinning her there. She toyed with her body for a bit then squatted over her face.

‘Lick me’

Marie had little choice but to comply and started to lick Stacey’s pussy tentatively at first but then more vigorously under the girl’s prompting.

‘I’m riding you Miss. You my bitch now. Lick me, harder. Yes, that’s it. Harder, faster, oh yes, yes, yes.’

The look of victory on her face was total as she orgasmed on my wife then smeared her face with her juices.

‘Fuck her now Marcus. She’s dying for it.’

Marcus was already naked his big cock in his hands enjoying the show. He knelt between Marie’s legs who automatically spread them wide for him.

‘You ready for this now Miss?’

‘Oh God yes.’

He looked straight at me grinning as his cock inched slowly inside her. What could I do but wank as he took my wife right in front of me. What a mockery he made of me and the years of poor lovemaking I’d inflicted on my wife. I’d always been a bit disappointed by the lack of passion and response from Marie but I could see now the fault was entirely mine. She really was a highly sexual, sensual woman when in the hands of an expert as I witnessed now as Marcus’s powerful and incredibly hard cock took her to orgasm time and time again. I was in awe. His control and mastery of her body was complete and I totally accepted his right to be fucking my wife in ways I could only dream of.

‘Tell your husband how good it is’

‘Fuck him’ she said. ‘He never makes me feel like this. He’s got a limp little dick. It’s you Marcus you’re the one that makes me feel like a woman.'

‘Oh Brian, I love it. It’s so good. Oh God I’m cumming again. Why can’t you make me feel this good. Oh, oh, oh...ahhhh.’

When Marcus was done I didn’t need to be told, I crawled between her legs and lapped up his cum like a good boy. Then I sat back and wanked some more as he fucked Stacey on the sofa – that was a truly beautiful sight – then had Marie suck his dick.

When everyone was sated I thought it was the end of the night but no. Marcus and Stacey were going to a club and told Marie she was coming too. They had even brought some clothes for her to wear which she obediently put on. It was a top that was basically a bra and a piece of cloth – skirt would be too strong a word for it – that just about covered her bare arse and pussy. The outfit was completed by a pair of strappy heels and that was about it. Marie looked aghast but never said a word. A car pulled up outside the house with loud pumping music and I watched Marie being led down the drive in her slut outfit. She could barely take more than a tiny step without displaying her pussy. There were a couple of slightly older black guys in the front seat and Marie, Marcus and Stacey got in the back seat. The loud music had brought all the neighbours in our quite suburban street to their windows and God knows what they must have made of the sight of my wife dresses like a slut getting into a car with a group of teenagers. I groaned as she tried to get in to the car and Stacey quite deliberately lifted Marie’s skirt to flash her arse and pussy to all the watching neighbours.

I waited until 4 in the morning for her to return masturbating every now and then reliving the sights of the evenings and wondering what was happening to my wife. She eventually staggered in takes and dishevelled. It had been an utter offense for her. They had taken them to a dingy little club on their estate that was filled with young people – including quite a few of Marie’s ex and current pupils – who looked at her in amazement as Marcus showed her off. She admitted that quite a few guys(and a couple of girls) had got a good feel of her tits, arse and pussy and after a bit of pressing admitted she had sucked a couple of young guys off.

I felt under her skirt and as I suspected she was dripping wet. I just held her for a while and told her that everything would be all right.

Marie managed to make it to the end of term without much more offenses then as promised Marcus gave her all the incriminating evidence he had on her. Not that it mattered much; God knows what photos were taken of her that night in the club.

‘Think I’m gonna stay on another year Miss’ Marcus had said.

‘That Miss Kelly is absolutely beggin’ for it. Might have a crack at her. You teachers are just so easy. What do you think Miss; me, you and her in a threesome some time?’

Marie admitted she felt a stab of jealousy when he said that as she had no doubts that he would succeed in seducing her. Miss Kelly was a pretty, younger teacher a bit shy and innocent and not really cut out for the rough in tumble of teaching in a tough comprehensive school. She was in for an eye –not to mention leg -opener next year all right. Marie decided there and then that she had to get away from that school and from Marcus.

Then the inevitable happened -Marie announced she was pregnant. There is absolutely no doubt that the baby is his. I’m dreading the day I have to explain away a black baby but we’ll just need to front it out. I think that secretly Marie is glad that Marcus is the man rather than me. If he inherits Marcus’s power and physique and Marie’s intelligence and compassion he should be quite something.

Marie has quit the school and I have got a transferred to a branch of our company up North so we will start a new life there and Marie will get a teaching job after the baby is born. Last night Marcus -as a sort of goodbye came round- and fucked my seven months pregnant wife right in front of me, teasing her as ever and taunting her about how he is now regularly fucking that other teacher - just as he said he would. It was an incredible sight.

I have absolutely no doubt that other guys will be fucking my wife after the baby is born – that genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Marie’s old friend Nicola has apparently met a well off older gent with a fetish for seeing her fucked by well hung black guys. Seems she has taken to her new life as a fuck toy with relish and Marie has promised to visit when the baby is a bit older. I think I can imagine what will be happening there.

It was with grim satisfaction that Marie learned that Stacey too had fallen pregnant to Marcus who – as usual – wants nothing more to do with her so she faces a hard struggle as a single parent. By contrast she was delighted to learn that her old pupil Michelle had met a nice, sensible lad who is helping her to bring up her baby so she can continue with her studies.

I guess in the end everyone got what they deserved, least of all me.


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Good story - PLease keep up the writing


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loved the story got my little 4 inches hard
Peter C


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I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Even though I'd read the earlier version, this yet again made me very aroused. My cock stiffened (no mean feat in itself these days ) and I had to wank myself off. Thank you for posting.
My wife fucked a young guy in 1999, then said "never again". She's given into temptation now though. Three more cocks have been in her since she decided to give it another try. Loves it now.


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Exciting story!

Thanks for posting.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Thanks very much, UK Softlad. Will be reading this a few times


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wanking u mean


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very hot


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Simon that is just a stunning read!


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Simon, That was simply SUPERB !!

Peter C


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Peter C:
I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Even though I'd read the earlier version, this yet again made me very aroused. My cock stiffened (no mean feat in itself these days ) and I had to wank myself off. Thank you for posting

I've read this story several times now and it never fails to breathe some life into my normally limp cock. Absolutely brilliant!
My wife fucked a young guy in 1999, then said "never again". She's given into temptation now though. Three more cocks have been in her since she decided to give it another try. Loves it now.


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It is brilliant. Bumped so new readers who may appreciate it can find it.


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Simon: you going to write more stories?


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I originally read this quite some time ago, it was good to read it again. The story's still fucking HOT! It's every white wimp cuckold husband's fantasy come alive! Real jerk off material!
Rating: 39, 13 votes.
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