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les histoires de chrislebo

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#1,141 Posted: 19 Sep 2011 19:31
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Julia's head came up like she had been knifed with a
sword. She felt heat like nothing before. The dog's
cock was a fiery spear and he inserted it into her
tender cervix with the first shove. Beads of sweat
instantly formed on her body and Julia's temperature
rose to match her mate's. The dog pumped in and out of
Julia so fast her knees barely touched the ground.
Higher and higher her temperature rose and her heart
rate increased in likewise fashion. Her mind was
enraged with a lust known only to animals.

The young woman was being taken again and by another
animal of the Patterson family. Suddenly, Rex paused,
staying still on the ground with his powerful haunches
bent in expectation. Thinking her turmoil was almost
finished, Julia allowed herself to relax and welcomed
the reprieve.

There wasn't a bitch in the neighborhood that Rex
hadn't knotted with and he assumed this one was no
different. It was time to show that he was a superior
beast. The whole duration, he kept filling her grotto
with pre-cum in true doggie fashion and eventually it
started leaking from the taut seal at Julia's opening.
Rex was determined to demonstrate to his loyal master
that he had a special skill of being able to knot with
all his bitches.

Rex thrust upward with all his might. The end of his
pulsating cock sliced through Julia's cervix and into
her womb so easily that it amazed everyone including
the young woman. She suddenly realized that the dog was
not finished but only beginning. The intense heat had
destroyed any chance of her remaining sane and spasms
rocked her entire inner regions. Julia felt such
extreme pressure and strain on her vagina and the heat
from Rex's cock was intense.

The dog pounded away at her delicate pussy wanting
desperately to satisfy his frantic hunger for animal
sex. His hips were a blur moving at such a great rate
of speed it gave the young woman no chance to
counteract the dog's thrusts. Julia's breathing was
merely gasps of air and she uttered grunting sounds
that made the affair seem heavenly erotic to Ken and
his sons.

Julia felt her opening slowly contract and tighten
around the far end of the fattest cock. It was the
strangest feeling. She imagined the dog's immense ball
at the base of his cock and suddenly realized it was
inside her precious womanhood. Rex had waited an
eternity to feel her tighten around the small gap
behind his knot and knew it was time to expand. The
ball swelled to great proportions and the seal was
complete securing Julia on his dog meat. He held his
wonderful bitch as tight as he could with his paws and
his tongue hung out of the corner of his mouth. It was
exhausting but he was prepared for one of the best
rises in history.

Julia's inner regions were filled with the hottest,
most searing liquid imaginable and the thick cock
seemed to scorch her entire vaginal walls unlike any
before Rex. Her back was arched as the powerful mongrel
held Julia in the air like a featherweight puppet. He
didn't pump or thrust anymore, merely held steady while
his thick cock pulsated madly emitting vast quantities
of boiling cum into Julia's womb.

She knew what Rex was doing and her belly quickly
filled with molten lava. How long it took Rex to empty
his large reservoir, Julia could not remember, but when
he was done, he began licking the side of her face. 'Oh
gawd,' she thought, 'he likes me and thinks I am his
girl doggie.' She felt used, dirty, yet... she also
felt happiness for pleasing her master.

Immoral, sinful images flooded Julia's mind and she
realized that her neighbor's dog was actually tied to
her. She had heard of such a thing happening but never
dreamed it in the realm of possibility. Then she
remembered the photo album and what her mother looked
like. Suddenly, a weird, sadistic explosion erupted
inside her epicenter and Julia realized there was a
further journey to travel. She fought what felt like
another building orgasm but really didn't want to hold
back from her phantom lover.

"Oh honey, you are so beautiful, so sexy with the big
fucking dog on your back. You look fucking gorgeous...
as gorgeous as your mother did when Rex fucked her,"
Ken whispered with his face next to Julia's. She wanted
to scream at Ken yet the passion, the desire deep
inside was far too compelling to make her feel remorse.
Julia had never felt so occupied yet so contented as
her hips jerked randomly while her tiny grotto milked
every ounce from the massive cock buried in her womb.
The large cock squirted lava into her and Julia became
the ultimate bitch.

"Fuck, what a picture. Rex has his big stick embedded
in your cunt and you look like a bitch in heat," Ken
said. "Fuck, how many times did you cum on Rex's big
cock, darling?" he asked. Suddenly Ken saw her slender
hips quivering out of control and wondered if it could
be happening again?

Julia could hear Ken and it was embarrassing to know
she actually succumbed to his dog. The fact she could
not stop the spasms and tremors deep within her body
made her question if an orgasm could last forever?
Every time she tried to calm her emotions it seemed the
next spasm was twice as powerful. She fully understood
the dire consequences of going through another dramatic
orgasm but as she attempted to quell the convulsions,
they got more intense.

Rex wanted to clean himself and lick his jewels in
total bliss. His knot was squeezed so hard it almost
made him yelp in agony but somehow he managed to stand
still. Sean, Troy and their dad stared with eyes so
wide and bewildered that none of them said a thing.
Everyone held their breath and waited.

Rex had much more fluid than anyone could imagine and
remained totally focused with keeping his ball enlarged
to keep his cum encased inside Julia. Normally his
bitches cried and whined when he kept them locked on
his enormous cock. Not this one, he realized. This
bitch kept squeezing and milking his cock in a faithful
manner and never tried to free herself from the tight
bond. He marveled at how willingly she submitted to his
debasing humiliation.

Julia did her best to hide the erotic thrill of having
Rex inside her but she could not control the intense
convulsions, which continued to rock her inner soul.
Afraid to turn her head either direction for fear of
seeing one of the Pattersons, she could only imagine
what the immoral scene looked like. The reality of
experiencing an orgasm while being fucked by a mere dog
was the most humiliating, yet strangely exhilarating
event in her young life.

'How long were they locked together? Was it seconds or
minutes? Was it like her mother's experience?' But
Julia was far too confused to tell. Every time the
dog's thick cock pulsed or throbbed, her inner being
retaliated by matching his intensity with swift spasms.
A last fleeting vision from Ken's photo album flashed
through her head and Julia pictured herself and her
mother on hands and knees. There was a big, mangy dog
fucking each woman and the vision etched in her memory
was that of being Ken's bitch the same as her mother.

Eventually, the large ball subsided enough for Julia's
pussy to release the swollen cock. All eyes watched
intently as the dwindling cock finally slipped out of
Julia's midsection and a torrent of liquid gushed from
her honey hole. It ran down the insides of her thighs
much to the delight of prying eyes. She couldn't move
and felt frozen to the spot as great relief floated
through her mind like a heavenly cloud through the sky.

Julia's evening was far from complete as now there were
three hard cocks each throbbing with raging desire. She
assumed her reservoir had run dry but Ken was
determined to refill her tank with sinful passion.
There was no deadline for satisfying lustful demands
and Ken knew he wanted to taste Julia's potion again
and again.





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#1,142 Posted: 19 Sep 2011 19:32
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1exp à la peche

Bonjour ! J'ai 45 ans, blond-roux, 1m 85 pour 58 kg. Je travaille à la Poste, et évidemment, j'ai plein de collègues, aussi bien féminins que masculins. Je croyais ne pas avoir de penchants pour les hommes (à par une expérience de « touche-pipi » vers les 14 ans).Donc, nous sommes 20 personnes à s'escrimer pour que des lettres et des paquets arrivent à destination. Je ne fantasmerai pas sur d'hypothétiques rencontres avec les clientes, (quoique), mais ça ne serait que du fantasme pur. Plus particulièrement, il y a un gars qui fait un peu efféminé (Christian), et j'ai l'impression qu'il me « tourne » autour. En plus je suis un acharné de pèche à la ligne et y passe des week-ends entiers, nuit comprise. Voilà le décor est à peu prêt planté !

En discutant à bâtons rompus avec les collègues de travail, je leur dis que, la semaine prochaine, je pars pour 8 jours de pèche non-stop au bord d'un lac, espérant prendre une très grosse carpe. Bien sûr, les quolibets fusent, tout le monde me traite de « fondu », les mecs me demandent même comment je vais faire pour me vider les c... sachant que je suis très porté sur le sexe.

- Pas de problèmes pour ça, ma femme a des vacances en même temps que moi, le lac est retiré de la route et pendant que les enfants sont à l'école, elle viendra bien prendre le soleil ! (ou autre chose)

Samedi ! Me voilà parti avec tout le bardât. Première chose à faire, monter la tente et préparer le couchage. Un lit de camp pour moi et le matelas pneumatique pour ma moitié, elle n'aime pas se coucher dans l'herbe ! Ouf tout est fait et je peux me consacrer à la pèche ! (Que je ne vous raconterai pas, le site n'étant pas fait pour)

Dimanche midi, une voiture arrive et c'est toute ma petite famille qui arrive ! Une journée vite passée sans rien de trop intéressant, mis à part une petite exhib de Chantal (ma femme), qui me gratifie d'une vision panoramique de son très beau cul, lors d'un pipi dans la nature. (Je ne pensais pas qu'elle le ferait, j'ai insisté lourdement, elle l'a fait ! à creuser, cette exhib !)

Le soir tombe et je me retrouve seul avec mon chien à préparer ma nuit.

Une voiture arrive. Tiens, qui ça peut-il être ? Je n'attends personne avant demain après-midi. Elle s'arrête et quelqu'un en descend. Il s'approche et je reconnais Christian !

- Qu'est-ce que tu fous là ? Lui dis-je, sur un ton pas vraiment sympa.
- Je me suis renseigné où tu pêchais, et le gars qui fait la tournée m'a indiqué le chemin !
- Et tu as fait 50 bornes pour venir me voir ? T'es fêlé, toi !
- Non, j'ai passé le dimanche chez des amis, et en retournant chez moi, j'ai été pris par la curiosité de voir comment tu t'y prends pour pêcher la nuit !

Discussions techniques, visite de mon « chez moi » en plein air. Retour à la table et je lui propose l'apéro. Il m'emmerdait un peu de venir gâcher ma solitude, mais enfin, je suis un mec relativement bien élevé ! Merci Maman !)

- Et toi qui es porté sur le « cul », ça ne te pose pas de problèmes ?
- Non, ma femme viendra sûrement et autrement ma main marche encore et peut servir si ça devient trop pressant !
- Tu veux dire que tu vas te tripoter la bite ?

Je veux bien être cool sur ce sujet, mais là, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais ça me dérange !

- Lâche avec ça, si tu es venu pour parler cul, retourne d'où tu viens, quand je suis là, je ne pense pas au cul !
- Menteur, au boulot, tu n'arrêtes pas d'en parler et ici, tu ne vas pas me dire que tu n'y penses pas !
- Bien sûr, le matin, quant j'ai une bandaison dans le jogging, mais ça ne va pas plus loin !
- Ouais, t'es qu'une grande gueule au bureau, et tu n'as rien dans le pantalon ! C'est fréquent chez les gars qui en parlent trop !
Il me fait carrément chier, et je ne vois pas où il veut en venir !

- Bon aller, arrête et bois donc un autre apéro !
- OK, mais prouve moi que tu n'es pas une petite bite !
- Ca va pas, non ? Ici, en plein air ? (Réflexion idiote)
- Tu préfères dans la tente ?
- ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
- Alors, tu me la fais voir ? Ta petite quéquette !
- Non, hors de question !
- Si tu me la fais voir, je te montrerai une surprise !
- ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
- Je pense que tu vas apprécier !
- C'est quoi ?
- Donnant-donnant ! Tu montres et après ... Surprise !

Le Ricard a dû me taper sur la tête, car je sens en moi des sentiments contradictoires ! Evidement que Sa Surprise, ça sera de me montrer sa queue, et puis après ?

J'en suis la de mes pensées que je vois sa main d'avancer vers moi et s'approcher du bouton de pantalon. Deux doigts s'en emparent et essaient de le dégrafer. Au lieu de le repousser, je creuse le ventre pour lui faciliter l'entreprise. Mon mouvement est aperçu et maintenant c'est avec ses deux mains qu'il bataille avec ma braguette.

- Attends. Je vais le faire, tu vas me coincer les poils !

Est-ce moi qui ait dit cela ? Je dois être bourré (dans le sens ivre).Je me lève et descend le pantalon.

- Tout, descend tout
- Je ne peux pas, si j'ai une touche (un poisson qui mord) je n'aurais pas le temps d'aller chercher ma canne !
- Alors, fous toi à poil !

Je tourne la tête et le regarde, le fixant dans les yeux. Je pense plus à rien et suis dans un autre monde. Je le vois se baisser et il m'enlève mes baskets. Comme dans un rêve, je le laisse faire et même plus l'accompagne dans ses efforts pour me déshabiller.

- Lève toi !

Je lui obéi et sens mon pantalon glisser sur mes jambes ! Il empoigne mon tee-shirt et le passe au dessus de la tête ! Je suis en caleçon, pratiquement nu devant un collègue de travail ! Doucement, il approche sa bouche de mon nombril, et le gratifie d'une série de petites bises qui m'électrisent. Ses mains accrochent mon caleçon et il descend inexorablement ! Sa bouche aussi ! Elle est au niveau de mon sexe et virevolte dessus ! Je lève une jambe, puis l'autre, je suis à poils dans la nature, et je suis bien !

Il est en train de me regarder, de me détailler. Mon engin n'est pas vraiment dressé, il est entre deux états, ni dur, ni mou. Sa main passe sur ma cuisse et me caresse doucement en effleurant mes bourses. JE SUIS BIEN ! Si on m'avait dit, il y a une demi-heure que je me ferais caresser par un homme, j'aurais éclaté de rire !

Je me rassieds le plus naturellement du monde sur le banc. L'ambiance est bizarre, Christian ne parle plus, sa main est toujours sur moi. Pour avoir « bonne contenance », je prends mon verre et en bois une gorgée.

- Alors, comment es-tu ? Me demande-t-il
- Ca va
- Regarde !

Je n'avais pas fait attention qu'il avait ouvert son jean. Je me tourne vers lui, il se lève et commence à descendre son vêtement. Sous la lumière de la lune, il se dévêtit entièrement, sauf son slip. Louche, d'ailleurs ce slip ! Je regarde de plus prés et je découvre avec étonnement qu'il porte un « truc » en dentelle ! Une petite culotte de femme !

Cette vue m'ôte toute retenue ! Mes mains ne m'appartiennent plus et se posent directement sur ce sous-vêtement.
Je touche, palpe, tripote ! Il sourit, se laisse faire. Ma main empoigne son sexe. Il est doux ! Je n'en n'avais jamais touché d'autre, à part le mien ! Il durcit, se lève, grossit sous mes attouchements.

- prends le dans ta bouche !
- tu crois ?
- Goûte-le, embrasse-le !

Une milliseconde d'hésitation, des images qui s'entrechoquent dans ma tête, mon cou qui se raidit et qui s'incline tranquillement vers cette bite tendue. Mes lèvres s'ouvrent et butent contre le gland légèrement humide de mon pote. Je n'ai pas ouvert suffisamment ma « grande gueule », alors je m'écartèle la mâchoire et y engouffre ce si beau sexe. J'essaie de me souvenir comment ma femme fait quand elle me suce ! Je m'y applique, je monte, descends, sort la langue, lèche ce mandrin hyper dur !

Une main se pose sur ma tête, et appuie. Son autre prend sa queue et me la présente bien en face de ma bouche. J'ai compris qu'il voulait uniquement se servir de ma bouche comme d'un vagin ! Soit ! Je rouvre les lèvres, il m'y enfonce son phallus et m'imprime le rythme avec lequel il veut me baiser !

Il soupire, grogne, et toujours ses mains qui me forcent (pas beaucoup d'ailleurs) les aller-retour ! Mes mains inactives jusque là, passent derrière lui pour se poser sur ces fesses, sur cette dentelle qui m'excite ! A peine je l'ai touché qu'il crie un « ah ouiiiiiii » en poussant encore plus dans ma bouche, m'étouffant carrément pendant qu'un liquide chaud me coule dans la gorge ! Il jouit en moi, le salaud ! J'ai du sperme partout dans la bouche. Cette pensée me fait peur (SIDA), mais en même temps me fait bander comme un fou !

- Avale ! Me gueule-t-il !

Non je ne veux pas et le repousse. Il crache encore du sperme, j'en ai partout, sur la figure, entre les seins, ….

Il se recule, sa bite se ramollit rapidement, je crache ce liquide visqueux. Il sourit et paraît content de lui.

- Ca t'excite, les petites culottes ! ! ! Je l'ai mise exprès pour voir ta réaction ! J'ai eu raison, tu aimes la bite, et tu suces vraiment bien.

Il vient s'asseoir à coté de moi, en levant une jambe pour retirer son slip.

- Essaie le ! Vu comme tu m'as sucé, je veux te voir en femelle bien salope !

Je dois être complètement déconnecté de la réalité car je m'exécute sans rien dire. Me voilà travesti ! Obéissant et soumis à un homme !

Il me regarde en souriant, pas moqueur mais plutôt tendre.

- Allez, au lit, je bosse demain !

Tranquille, le mec, il va dans ma tente, déplie le duvet et se couche tout naturellement.

- Allez, viens à coté de moi, je ne vais pas te bouffer ! (J'aimerais bien !) et j'ai joui tellement bien que je crois que je vais te foutre la paix pour la nuit !

Je me lève et me glisse près de lui ! Son bras m'entoure aussitôt et je sens son sexe mou sur mes fesses !

Je m'endors de suite, aucun poisson n'est venu troublé NOTRE sommeil et le matin...

La suite pour plus tard si vous avez aimé !


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#1,143 Posted: 19 Sep 2011 19:36
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Je me réveille doucement, la nuit est encore là, mais le jour ne va pas tarder.

Je sens quelqu’un derrière moi ! Tout à coup, la soirée me revient en mémoire, cette queue dans ma bouche, ce sperme contre moi. Au fait, je ne l’ai même pas nettoyé ! Je me caresse la poitrine et sens cette liqueur qui a séché entre mes seins. Je repense à ce qui s’est passé. Ma queue commence à durcir. Mais je sens quelque chose qui la gène dans sa progression ! Ah oui, la culotte en dentelle !

Je pose ma main dessus et cette fois mon engin est dressé à fond. Il me fait presque mal tellement il est dur Je me caresse doucement.

C’est à ce moment qu’un poisson mord sur une de mes lignes (je te rappelle que, normalement, je suis là pour pêcher !).

Je saute hors du duvet et me précipite pour prendre ma canne. Il doit être environ 6 heures du matin et je suis en petite culotte, dehors, en train de pêcher.

Je sens une présence derrière moi, je jette un coup d’œil, c’est Christian qui est là.

- Salut, tu étais où ?
- Ablutions du matin ! Tu es mignon comme ça !
- J’ai plutôt l’air con !
- Non, occupe-toi de ta gaule, je m’occupe de l’autre !
- ? ? ? ? ?

Il baisse sa braguette et sort son engin déjà debout. Je dois me concentrer sur mon poisson. Je sens 2 mains qui me frottent le dos. Je laisse faire. Elles descendent et s’arrêtent sur mes fesses et les caressent doucement. Avec surprise, je me sens me cambrer !

- Encore prête ? Comme hier soir ?
- Je prends mon poisson avant !
- Ne t’occupe pas de moi !

Sa main passe sous la dentelle et descend doucement le long de ma raie !

- Arrête ! Je vais faire des conneries, laisse-moi pêcher !

Il passe sa main entre mes cuisses, et m’empoigne le sexe. Je suis mou, car concentré sur la pêche.

- Tant pis, à plus tard !

Il me laisse là, me débattre avec ma carpe. 10 minutes plus tard, et une carpe de 8 kg dans l’appareil photo, je le rejoins à table, pour prendre le café. Il est toujours débraguetté, mais son engin n’est plus si fier !

- Mets toi debout que je te voie !

Telle une femme soumise, je m’exécute et je suis debout devant lui.

- Tourne toi, fais moi voir tes fesses, elles sont belles !

Je me tourne, et me penche en avant pour lui montrer le plus possible. Il me prend les hanches (je n’oublierai jamais cette première sensation) m’attire à lui et commence à m’embrasser partout sur le cul. J’ai bandé de suite, dès qu’il m’a touché. Je me penche encore plus, et, entre mes cuisses, juste son mon sexe, je vois le sien, bandé à mort. Ses mains sont sur ma queue, il me branle et fais ça très bien ! Tellement bien que je ne résiste que 2 minutes à ce traitement et jouis très fort ! Je balance du sperme partout ! Je ne pensais pas en avoir autant !

Je me retourne pour le regarder. Il sourit puis me dit au revoir, à la prochaine ……

Je reste seul et passe ma journée à pêcher. Mais mon esprit est ailleurs, je ne cesse de penser à ce dimanche soir, à tout ce qui c’est passé. Je me rends compte que j’aime la bite, la mienne et celle des autres.

Il est 22 heures et je me prépare pour la nuit. Il n’est pas revenu et je peste contre lui. Je ne fais que penser à cette queue tendue que j’ai mangée hier ! A ces mains baladeuses sur mon corps ! Mon regard se perd et tombe sur la culotte en dentelle, je la mets ? Je la mets pas ? J’en suis là de mes interrogations quand j’entends un moteur de voiture. Est-ce Lui ?

La voiture ralentit à l’entrée de l’étang et passe son chemin.

Tant pis ! Je me mets nu et enfile le slip noir. Ca le fera peut-être arriver !

Hélas non, je passerai la nuit seul, en culotte et seuls 2 poissons me sortiront de ma solitude.

Nous sommes mardi et ma très tendre épouse m’a fait une petite visite. Moi aussi, d’ailleurs ! J’ai retrouvé sa bouche et sa petite chatte mouillée et très accueillante. C’est donc les couilles vides et la bite molle que je me prépare mon dîner.

Et devinez, Christian arrive avec les bras chargés de victuailles ! Il tombe mal, celui-là ! Enfin, tant pis, on mange ensemble. Il me passe la main sur la cuisse, mais je lui relate la venue de ma femme et lui dit que je n’ai plus trop envie !

Il me demande quand même s’il peut rester la nuit ici. Ca ne me branche pas trop, car je devine sans mal ses intentions, mais ça me fera une présence ! OK, il va rester.

Discussions sur tout et rien, puis vers 11 heures, je vais au lit ! Seul sur un lit de camp, tout habillé, au cas où, un poisson mordrait à mes appâts. Je l’entends se déshabiller en bougonnant.

- Je vais avoir froid, tout seul, me dit-il
- Mais le duvet est chaud et si tu veux, j’ai un jogging à te prêter !
- Il est où ?
- Là, dans cette tente, tiens viens le prendre !

Il arrive dans ma tente, toujours nu, et je lui montre où est le survêtement. Pour l’attraper, il est obligé de se pencher un peu au dessus de mon lit. Ce qu’il fait, en ayant bien soin d’approcher sa queue de ma bouche.

- Prends-la-moi, me demande-t-il
- Non, pas envie !

Alors, il se la met dans la main, et commence une branlette très douce et très sensuelle. Son membre gonfle doucement et je le vois se raidir dans le contre-jour que la petite lumière de la lune nous distille.

- Bon allez, viens, ta queue est trop belle pour que tu t’en occupes seul !

Une fois de plus, j’ai une bite dans la bouche. Je commence vraiment à aimer ! Il a enfoncé sa queue d’un seul coup, comme pour me défoncer. Le premier hoquet passé, je ferme les lèvres, écartent bien les dents et commence une remontée sur cette belle tige. Ma langue lape son gland, comme pour le nettoyer ! C’est bon ! ! ! !
Je m’assieds sur mon lit de camp. Et je continue à le pomper, telle une habituée de la fellation. Il gémit de plus en plus, et pratiquement de suite, m’envoie 5 ou 6 giclées de foutre dans la bouche ! Je suis bloqué dans la tente et ne peux le recracher, alors, surmontant mon dégoût, j’avale tout ce liquide ! C’est épais, pas trop de goût, mais pas dégueulasse.

- tu avales ? À la deuxième pipe ? T’es vraiment un vicieux !
- Et alors ? Je croyais que tu aimais les vicieux !
- Viens avec moi dans le lit.
- Que vas-tu faire ?
- Rien, dit-il avec un sourire narquois

Il vient de se vider les bourses, alors il n’est pas trop entreprenant. Je m’allonge, et il se met à coté de moi ! Il n’a mis que la veste de jogging, et moi, je suis toujours habillé, car si un poisson mord, il faut que je sorte rapidement du lit. D’ailleurs, je lui dis et nous changeons de place, me mettant du coté où je peux sortir le plus vite possible. Je me tourne de côté et commence à m’endormir.

Je sens une main se poser sur mon épaule. Elle descend doucement et arrive sur mes fesses. J’ai droit à un tripotage en règle. Je me retourne pour me mettre sur le dos, pour lui faire comprendre qu’une autre partie de mon corps voudrait bien avoir droit au même traitement.

Cette main là n’est pas contrariante. Elle s’approche doucement, mais sûrement de ma queue, déjà tendue car, pour l’instant, elle n’a pas encore eu sa ration de câlins. Enfin elle m’empoigne ! J’en ressens un tel plaisir que je ferme les yeux et, instinctivement, mes cuisses s’écartent d’elles même et mon bassin se soulève, pour aller au-devant de la caresse. Un doigt s’insinue entre deux boutons de ma braguette, il cherche mon gland, commence à le frotter.

Je n’y tiens plus. Je défais ma ceinture, et ouvre tous mes boutons. Je fais descendre mon pantalon et mon caleçon sur mes jambes. La main continue à me caresser doucement, d’autres fois, elle me prend totalement pour me branler ; C’est trop bon, je vais exploser. Je crois que Christian le sent car il se redresse sur ses genoux et c’est sa bouche qui prend le relais. A peine m’a-t-il embouqué, que la douce chaleur de sa bouche me fait craquer et je jouis formidablement, je me vide et il avale tout au fur et à mesure ! Il reste avec mon sexe dans la bouche, je commence à débander. Sa langue remue un peu et il entame un nettoyage de ma queue.

- Alors, c’était bon ?
- Il y a longtemps que je n’avais pas joui autant
- Regarde, tu m’as fait bander !

Effectivement, je regarde. Sa bite est à quelques centimètres de moi…….


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Qu'a-t-elle fait là? 01

Suite à une conversation sur un tchat, Geneviève, jeune maman canadienne de trente ans vivant en couple, avait tous ses sens en émois.
Elle se posait des questions et son contact l’avait aidé dans sa quête de réponses. Geneviève voulait satisfaire son conjoint mais faisait certains blocages jusqu’au jour où elle passait une nouvelle fois devant ce cinéma porno qui la tourmentait tant.

Habillée simplement d’une jupe, d’un pull-over rouge qui se fermait par devant et chaussée de bottes montant jusqu’à mi-jambes mais son gros manteau d’hiver lui permettait de braver le froid pas pour longtemps!
Geneviève ne pouvait plus résister à la tentation et se risquait à entrer dans ce cinéma car il y avait moins de chance de se faire voir par ses connaissances en cet après-midi,
Elle s’était présentée au guichet, une petite asiatique lui demandait sept dollars pour la place. La jeune tendait sa main toute tremblante tellement qu’elle était nerveuse, la caissière lui rendait la monnaie avec un large sourire :
- Bonne séance madame…
- Merci mais y a-t-il beaucoup de monde à l'intérieur ?
- Non juste des hommes....
Cette mère de famille prenait son courage à deux mains et entrait dans la salle... il y avait une forte odeur de sperme en entrant ! Comme il faisait noir, Geneviève restait près de la porte un instant pour s'habituer à la pénombre.
Elle se sentait très nerveuse mais aussi très excitée car ses seins durcissaient de plus en plus.

Avant le début du film, la salle était éclairée et les hommes se tenaient presque tous debout le long du mur mais près de l'écran. Geneviève prenait l'initiative de s'asseoir dans les dernières rangées près de l’allée pour être tranquille.
Dès les premières images du film, elle remarquait que certains hommes allaient s'asseoir les uns à coté des autres et qu'il y avait beaucoup de va et vient a l'avant et que la dame à la réception semblait avoir raison : elle devait être la seule femme présente…
La belle canadienne sentait que quelqu'un s'était assis près d’elle. Quand elle se retourna, il y avait un homme d’une cinquantaine d’années assis à un siège d’intervalle qui l’épiait.
Très nerveuse mais aussi très excitée par la situation dans laquelle elle se trouvait et pour oublier la présence de l’homme, Geneviève se retournait pour regarder l'écran. Ne sachant pas si l'homme prenait le changement d'attention comme un oui de sa part, il changeait de fauteuil pour venir s'asseoir juste à côté d’elle.
La jeune femme se retournait lentement vers lui, il lui souriait, et instinctivement baissait les yeux vers son pantalon
A ce moment qu’elle apercevait qu'il avait sa queue bien en main et qu'il se masturbait bien lentement en la regardant. Son excitation était au maximum, Geneviève sentait qu’elle allait perdre tous ses moyens et sa chatte mouillait de plus en plus…

Tout lui échappait, il lui prenait la main droite lentement et la déposait sur sa queue qui n’était pas très grande mais bien épaisse. Elle n’arrivait pas à l'arrêter : Geneviève était comme en transe. Il gardait sa main sur la sienne et commençait à la monter et la descendre sur son membre.
La main gauche posée sur le bas de son ventre car une envie subite la tiraillait, la jeune femme accélérait le rythme de la masturbation sentant que son voisin appréciait cette caresse.
A ce moment-là, le quinquagénaire lui glissait à l'oreille :
- Montres-moi tes seins …
Mais sans même attendre, il glissait sa main sous son pull. Trop excitée pour l'arrêter, elle remonta son vêtement jusqu'au cou laissant apparaître un soutien gorge en dentelle noir.
Il avait de l'expérience car en moins de deux, la mère de famille respectable qu’elle était il y a moins d’une heure avait les seins bien à l'air car il les avait fait passer par dessus de son soutif.
Soit qu'il faisait très froid dans le cinéma ou bien qu’elle était excitée au maximum mais Geneviève sentait ses mamelons se durcir lui rappelant ses montées de lait lors de l’allaitement de son bébé !
Elle le masturbait toujours, la main droite tenant fermement cette colonne de chaire, les yeux fermés mais à quoi devait-elle penser ? Et lui, jouait, pinçait et tirait sur les mamelons augmentant à chaque fois le plaisir de cette femme qui couinait en silence…sentant même son jus couler entre ses fesses….

Ayant perdu toute notion de temps et ne sachant plus combien de temps ils étaient resté dans cette position mais à un moment donné, l’homme posait sa main gauche sur la nuque de sa voisine et poussait la tête vers sa queue. Le message ne pouvait pas être plus clair.
Elle regardait furtivement autour d’elle et comme personne ne semblait les voir, Geneviève se laissait glisser entre les genoux de son voisin pour mettre cet engin inconnu dans sa bouche.
Tout ce passait tellement vite, repoussant de la main sa chevelure brune en arrière, elle le prenait en bouche lentement.
Cette hampe avait un goût de sueur mais elle ne pouvait plus reculer maintenant repoussant encore un peu plus ses limites.
Lui tenant la tête à deux mains, Geneviève commençait par lui sucer le gland avec ses lèvres mais lâchait rapidement sa prise pour aller lui gober les couilles. Elle remontait vers le gland et sans la prévenir, il commençait à lui baiser la bouche à un rythme d'enfer. La femme ne contrôlait plus les mouvements.
Les gémissements de l’homme et les bruits de sucions intenses étaient couvert par la bande son du film. Apres trois ou quatre minutes de ce traitement-là :
- Ca y est ... tu vas tout prendre salope…
Geneviève tirait le sexe bandé au maximum de sa bouche :
- Lâche ton foutre sur mon visage…
Comme l’éjaculation buccale n’était pas une chose qu’elle pratiquait facilement, Geneviève ne voulait pas qu'il jouisse dans sa bouche. Mais elle n’avait pas eu le temps de fermer les yeux que le premier jet de sperme s’écrasait sur le front et les suivants lui immaculaient le reste du visage.
Il y avait tellement de sperme qu’elle le sentait glisser sur son visage en ayant même eu un peu sur les lèvres et dans la bouche.

Elle se remettait à peine des émotions qu’elle venait d'avoir qu'il lui faisait un large sourire, prenait son doigt qu'il glissait sur la joue droite et amenait le sperme sur le bord de la bouche :
- Goûte, tu vas voir c’est bon.
Elle ne voulait pas ouvrir la bouche mais avec sa main gauche, il appuyait sur les joues et comme par magie la bouche de la jeune femme s’entrouvrait pour y pousser le sperme avec son doigt à l'intérieur.
Ayant peur de la suite, elle était comme dominé par cet homme et se concentrait pour avaler la semence de son baiseur qu'il avait mis dans sa bouche... pas vraiment bon au goût très salé et amer !
Il la remerciait de l'avoir si bien sucé et surtout d'avoir goûté à son sperme, qu'il adorait voir les femmes boire sa semence. L’homme sortait un genre de serviette de sa poche et la lui donnait pour essuyer le reste.

Geneviève avait la chatte en feu !!! Une fois le visage essuyé du mieux qu’elle pouvait, elle reprenait place sur son siège pour regarder la fin du film…
A un certain moment, son voisin déposait sa main sur sa cuisse et remontait sous la jupe pour poser sa main sur sa chatte mais sans ne jamais aller sous son string :
- Tu me sembles avoir aimé cela à en juger l’état de ton string tout mouillé…T’es une vraie fontaine.., lui glissait-il à l’oreille !!!

Certains des hommes étaient venu le long du mur mais elle ne savait pas depuis combien de temps qu'ils étaient là mais ils avaient tous la queue entre les mains et la regardaient comme leur future proie.
Son voisin la mettait en garde : que si elle avait l'intention de sucer ces mecs, il n'y avait pas de problème mais que par contre si elle ne voulait pas qu’elle ferait mieux de quitter la salle en sa compagnie.


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Geneviève voulait quitter le cinéma toute seule. Après s’être rhabillée rapidement elle se dirigeait vers la sortie de la salle.
Après seulement quelques pas dans l’allée, près du mur, un homme plus jeune que le précédent lui barrait le chemin :
- Où allez-vous comme cela, jolie petite madame ? Suivez moi, vous allez assister à une
projection privée…
- Mais laissez moi passer ! Je dois rentrer chez moi, on m’y attend !!
Elle n’avait pas le temps d’esquisser le moindre geste que son interlocuteur la saisissait par le poignet pour l’attirer dans une petite salle plus discrète qui se trouvait à l’étage avec vue sur l’écran.
Au milieu de la pièce se trouvait un grand divan bleu, les murs étaient de couleur rose saumon et une tenture de même couleur faisait office de porte.
- Mais…qu’est-ce que je fais ici, demandait-elle fébrilement ?
- Ce que tu as toujours voulu faire, ma belle : te faire sauter par plusieurs mecs !!!
- Vous mentez et laissez moi partir !
- Ah, je mens ? Et que fait une femme telle que toi : bien roulée et bandante dans un cinéma
porno où il n’y a que des hommes, lui demandait cet homme qu’elle trouvait assez mignon ?
Elle n’avait pas le temps de répondre que deux autres hommes faisaient irruption dans la pièce :
- Voici des amis à moi : Allen et Patrick. On t’a vu à l’œuvre tout à l’heure et nous aussi, nous
voulons une part du gâteau.
Allen devait avoir une cinquantaine d’années bien au physique agréable dans le style de Bruce Willis tandis que Patrick était plus petit et moins sportif en apparence.

La canadienne, assise sur le divan, sentait les regards se poser sur elle. Les mains croisées et posées sur ses genoux lui donnaient une image de petite fille sage.
Elle sentait sa poitrine se soulever à chaque respiration et son pull moulant faisait ressortir ses seins. Le fait d’y penser faisait dresser ses tétons qui, maintenant à leurs tours, devaient être voyant. Le stress de la situation s’emparait d’elle…Son cœur cessait de battre.
Le plus âgé des trois, cheveux blanc et encore bel homme, s’asseyait à sa droite. Un doute envahissait la jeune femme :
- « Ma pauvre Geneviève dans quel pétrin t’es tu fourrée… Qu’est -ce que je fais? Je me lève
et je m’en vais? Et j’aurai fait tout ce chemin pour rien ? Non, c’est trop bête ! Je suis là, et
bien il ne me reste qu’à assumer ».
Allen avait posée sa main sur son genou. Elle remontait doucement la jambe tout en la caressant. Elle était sûre que même si elle le voulait, Geneviève serait incapable de se lever car ses jambes ne la soutiendraient pas. Elle était tétanisée.
Et pourtant même si cette caresse lui était agréable, la peur de ne pas savoir jusqu’où cette séance allait la mener qui la tiraillait.
Arrêtant son avancée, et comme pour lui faire accepter d’aller plus loin, il lui malaxait lentement la cuisse. La voyant toujours sans réactions, il reprenait sa route. Sa main glissait doucement sous la jupe atteignant la barrière de dentelle noire de ses bas. Nouvel arrêt, nouvelles pressions sur la cuisse. Le contact peau à peau la faisait tressaillir.
Contre toutes attentes, la main du bonhomme redescendait jusqu’au genou pour le tirer vers lui, invitant la canadienne à ouvrir ses jambes. Elle était comme envoûtée, naviguant dans un état second qui semblait la déconnecter de la réalité.
Alors elle se laissait faire. Mieux, Geneviève glissait sur le siège pour mieux s’ouvrir. Elle sentait son sexe couler tellement qu’elle était excitée.
Les deux jambes étaient collées l’une à l’autre. Il ne pouvait plus y avoir de doute sur le fait qu’elle était d’accord de poursuivre ce moment. Fort de cette acceptation, il prenait la jambe de sa voisine, la levait et la posait sur la sienne, emprisonnant ainsi le mollet entre ses genoux.

Sa main remontait, pour arriver de nouveau à la dentelle, caressant maintenant le haut de la cuisse. Sa main était douce, chaude. Inconsciemment elle écartait encore plus l’autre jambe, pour mieux s’offrir aux caresses. Elle fermait les yeux et se laissait aller au fil du plaisir.
De son petit doigt, Allen écartait doucement les grandes lèvres toutes roses, elles se décollaient sans effort. Puis un autre doigt glissait maintenant le long de la fente.
Geneviève était trempée par le plaisir. D’une légère pression il faisait pénétrer ce doigt curieux, et la fouillait délicatement. Elle se sentait inondée. Il le ressortait pour s’intéresser à son clito. Il tournait autour, le pressait, le frottait. Cette femme totalement abandonnée aux caresses était prise d’une première vague de jouissance. Les yeux toujours fermés, elle tentait de se mordre la lèvre inférieure pour ne pas gémir, en vain :
- Haaaââââââââââ…, juste un petit sursaut quand sa main reprenait "le droit chemin ".
Comme tout à l'heure sa main caressait sa grosse motte, sa belle motte non repue de queue.
- Oooooooooh, çà suffit, tu peux y aller franchement maintenant….
Elle prenait la main d’Allen et la fourrait directement dans son vagin, le string n’existait plus, il avait deux doigts dans son con ruisselant et elle suffoquait à respirer si vite.
Il avait gardé ses deux doigts dans la vulve en feu et il allait et venait lentement, si lentement qu’en même temps son pouce appuyait sur le clito :
- Hoooooaa…que s’est bon….fais ce que tu veux, je suis à toi, branle moi bien….oui c'est
ça, je suis ta chienne, ton objet, prends moi… s'il te plait …Ooooo", tu vois j'ai les cuisses
écartées au maximum et ta main est dedans, continue comme ça….
Elle te plait ma petite chatte ? Oh que oui elle te plait, hein mon salaud, une petite chatte,
bien coulante, bien chaude, bien ouverte, bien mouillée, bien… bien…. A toiiiiiii…ahhhhh,
je n’en peux plus…..
Geneviève gigotait dans tous les sens et ses cheveux lui cachait une partie du visage, essayait de relever les fesses pour qu'il aille plus loin, elle en profitait pour enlever ce string noir qui la gênait encore :
- Allez plus fort tu vois bien que j'aime ça, je suis ta pute du jour, profites-en ! Un salaud qui
se paye une tranche de fourette salace et crapuleuse çà n'arrive pas tous les jours
En même temps, son autre bras n'est pas resté inactif. Il avait relevé le pull et lui caressait un sein. Le salopard ! Il lui titillait le mamelon, le pinçait, le tirait.
- « Ohhh, c'est ce que je préfère, il va me rendre dingue à me prendre comme çà, si çà
continue moi non plus je ne fairais pas long feu, se disait-elle ».
De pire en pire, elle ne se contrôlait plus même si elle n’était pas une "expansive" au départ :
- Tu t'en souviendras de ta petite salope hein? T'aimes çà mon cochon hein, oh ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
c'est çà, que tu me branles bien ! Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii vas-y je ne suis pas loin de jouiiiiiiiiiiiir, je
suis ta salope hein ? Elle est bonne maintenant la petite Geneviève…
Elle n’avait pas le temps de poursuivre son discours qu’il lui rentrait un doigt dans l’anus provoquant chez elle un premier orgasme! Ce mamelon qu'il pressait et un doigt dans chaque orifice, elle repartait :
- T'es content hein. Tu m’as fais jouir comme une petite salope…? Quel orgasme !!! Quel
pied ! ! !
Immobile, elle était étendue là, les yeux hagards, elle lui souriait son regard se portait sur ses seins. Sans avoir compris comment il s’était retrouvé sur elle, avec sa bite énorme qui venait de se placer face à sa chatte et qui d’un coup rentrait bien au fond…
Elle poussait encore un cri en sentant cette masse venir la remplir. Les mains cramponnées à sa croupe ronde et fessue de jolie salope, elle le sentait qu’il la tirait vers lui pour défoncer la chatte avide de queue…Allen soufflait dans son cou et murmurait des « horreurs » qui la faisaient mouiller et continuer à jouir.
Elle accompagnait les coups de rein par une houle de son bassin de manière à bien le faire rentrer dans sa grotte jouissante.
Ses mouvements s’accéléraient, ses râles aussi… et comme la cloison qui devait être fine répercutait la partie de baise dans la pièce à coté.
Geneviève était excitéeeeeeeeee, mais excitéeeeeee…dans un râle énorme, qui fait écho à son orgasme, il se vidait en elle à longs jets puissants. Elle sentait les frémissements de la queue qui déchargait le sperme dont elle étais devenue :
- …Ouiiiiiiii, encooooooooore, ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, jouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis en moi,
juiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis fort, jouiiiiiiiiiiis bien profooooond, rempliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis-moi
AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….salaud !!!

Leurs corps étaient soudés par la sueur le temps de reprendre leurs esprits. Allen se relevait laissant la belle Geneviève vautrée sur le divan avec les jambes écartées.
La femme, sentant le sperme couler le long de ses cuisses, portait sa main entre ses cuisses pour l’étaler sur son bas-ventre.
- Et bien pour une qui ne voulait pas, tu t’es comportée comme une chienne en chaleur,
s’exclamait Phil le troisième présent dans la pièce, et maintenant c’est à notre tour…



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Patrick faisait lever Geneviève du divan en faisant signe à Phil de les rejoindre. En moins de temps qu'il n'en faut pour le dire, la jeune femme, entourée de deux hommes, était en train de se faire lécher et caresser les deux seins en poussant de petits râles plaintifs.
Phil s'en donnait à coeur joie en gobant à tour de rôle ses deux gros nichons pendant que son acolyte dévorait littéralement son cou et ses lèvres. De sa main libre, il commençait à lui caresser l'intérieur des cuisses tout en soulevant sa jupe et découvrait une chatte toute poisseuse d'excitation dans laquelle j'introduisis un puis deux doigts.
Comme si c’était le signal du départ, elle commençait à masser les sexes qui durcissaient sous les caresses tout en écartant plus largement les cuisses.
- Elle parait vraiment bonne cette femme, s’exclamait Patrick !
- Oui et elle suce merveilleusement bien. Sans compter le fait qu'elle a le plus joli cul qu'il m'a
été donné de voir. Tu vas voir ..., rétorquait Allen, assis dans le divan la queue en main.
Phil s'agenouillait alors devant elle remarquant au passage une superbe chatte rasée avec de belles lèvres roses toujours humides de sa baise précédente.
- T’es vraiment une belle cochonne pour te comporter de la sorte, lui lançait Phil !
- Bouffe-moi la chatte au lieu de parler, rétorquait Geneviève, d'une voix tellement excitée…
Ne se faisant pas prier, Phil enfonçait sa langue entre ses lèvres ouvertes et commençait à lui lécher consciencieusement la chatte.
De son côté, Patrick continuait à caresser les seins à pleines mains tout en ne perdant pas une miette de cette femme qui offrait son intimité à son ami. Ses tétons pointaient comme des torpilles et elle avait les yeux mi-clos de plaisir.
Elle repliait alors les cuisses sur son ventre en écartant très largement les jambes afin que Phil puisse la fouiller au plus profond de son sexe. Patrick remarquait que ce cochon en profitait également pour lui soulever légèrement les reins afin de titiller son petit trou.
- Penches-toi en avant et offres lui ton cul, lui ordonnait Patrick tout en continuant de se

Geneviève savait que cela leur ferait plaisir de l'admirer dans cette posture car son compagnon l’avait souvent complimenté sur son postérieur.
- Tu avais raison Patrick, elle a un cul superbe, je vois déjà sa rondelle s'ouvrir. Je suis sûr
qu’elle va nous supplier de l’enculer cette garce…
Se penchant en avant et se cambrant au maximum, Geneviève présentait maintenant son cul dans toute sa splendeur à son futur baiseur, glissant une main sous elle, elle commençait à se caresser tout en tortillant de la croupe. Lui écartant les fesses à deux mains, Phil lui enfonçait la langue dans l'anus. Dans le même temps, Patrick se glissait sous la femme et commençait à lui lécher le con. Elle était tellement excitée de se faire ainsi bouffer les deux trous en même temps que son jus d'amour lui dégoulinait littéralement dans la bouche.
Pendant ce temps, Phil qui avait son sexe dur comme du béton, pratiquement à la verticale et le gland violacé par le désir ordonnait à la jeune femme :
- Mets-toi à genoux !!!
Obéissante, Geneviève s’agenouillait et approchait ses lèvres près du sexe de Phil pour le pomper goulûment pendant que Patrick, agenouillé derrière elle, caressait son sexe ruisselant de son gland tout en massant sa généreuse poitrine de sa main libre.
Jamais elle n'avait si bien sucé, faisant disparaître à chaque mouvement une bonne partie de la verge au fond de sa bouche tout en me massant la hampe de la langue.

Allen, toujours assis dans le divan, voyait distinctement Geneviève onduler du bassin afin d’augmenter le contact de ses fesses avec le membre de Patrick. Excité par ce spectacle, il se masturbait lentement et reprenait de la vigueur…
- Baise la comme une chienne pendant qu'elle me suce, lançait Phil à son copain.
Patrick la faisait mettre en levrette et se plaçait derrière elle, commençait à l'enfiler lentement, faisant pénétrer sa verge centimètre après centimètre.
Après une petite hésitation, elle reprenait Phil en bouche, ce qui n’était pas une mince affaire vu le calibre de l’engin.
Geneviève éprouvait visiblement une forte excitation à avaler ce pieu énorme, elle s’y prenait vraiment comme une reine, alternant de long mouvement d’avant en arrière avec une masturbation assortie de savants coups de langue autour du gland.
Alors qu'une heure et demi auparavant, cette mère de famille et femme exemplaire s’affairait dans ses tâches ménagères.

Mais la réalité était tout autre, elle était là dans une petite salle de cinéma porno, entrain de se faire ramoner par tous les orifices possibles. Ses gros seins de femme en chaleur bollotaient de façon presque obscène au rythme soutenu de coups de bite de ses deux amants.
Jamais Patrick n'avait connu de chatte aussi trempée. Il avait l'impression d'enfiler une fontaine et son sexe en ressortait tout brillant de mouille.
A chacun de ses va et vient, un bruit de succion se faisait entendre, suivi du bruit de ses couilles claquants contre ses fesses alors que le sexe de Phil s’enfonçait profondément dans sa gorge.
Geneviève se dégageait brusquement et faisait mettre Patrick sur le dos. Aussitôt, elle vint s'empaler sur sa queue tout en continuant à sucer la verge de Phil. Ses mouvements de bas en haut faisaient tressauter sa lourde poitrine que l’autre homme s'empressait de peloter.
Placé comme il était Allen ne pouvait rien rater et voyait distinctement cette grosse bite aller et venir dans la bouche cette salope. La voir se conduire comme la dernière des salopes l'excitait énormément et il devait faire de gros efforts pour ne pas gicler prématurément.
Allen quittait sa place pour lui caresser le trou du cul qui avait été si bien lubrifié par les coups de langue de Phil.
En effet, c'était sans grand effort qu’il pouvait faire pénétrer un doigt, puis un deuxième, encouragé par Geneviève qui lui demandait alors de l'élargir en des termes peu raffinés et qu’elle n’avait pas l’habitude de prononcer :
- Aaahh !! Oui, vas-y, élargi moi l’œillet, prépare-moi, je veux en prendre par tous les
trous…Je veux être votre putain ce soir ».
Soudain, entre deux gémissements de plaisir, Geneviève à Phil :
- Fourre-moi ta grosse bite dans le cul !!!
- Si tu veux que je t’encule, demande le plus fort…
- Je veux que tu m’encules pendant que ton copain me baise la chatte, j’en veux par tous les
trous, criait-elle presque !!!
- Penches-toi en avant et offres-moi ton cul de salope, écarte tes miches à deux mains,
dépêche-toi que je te bourre le fion, lui ordonnait alors Phil.
Geneviève s’affalait sur Patrick en écartant sa croupe à deux mains, révélant son œillet dans toute sa splendeur au regard lubrique de Phil et Allen.
Ne se le faisant pas dire deux fois, Phil présentait son sexe à l'entrée de son anus déjà dilaté. Lorsqu'il la pénétrait de son gland, elle étouffait un petit cri de douleur, vite remplacé par des halètements de désir.

Patrick, surexcité, encourageait Phil qui n'en avait pourtant pas besoin :
- Démoli lui le cul, éclate-lui la rondelle à cette pute.
- Alors petite pute, tu l'aimes ma bite ? T’aimes ça hein ! Te faire mettre par des grosses
queues !
- Oh ouiiiii j'aime ça ! Bourrez-moi… oui encore !
- T'aime ça quand on te démolie la chatte, t'es une vraie salope et t'aime qu'on baise ton petit
cul de pute en même temps hein !!!
- Oooh oui….oh oui…oui…. J'aime çaaaaaa….
- Dis-nous que t'es une pute…
- Oui Patrick, je suis ta pute…. Et à toi aussi Phil…. Je suis votre pute à tous les deux… oui
ouiiiii… plus vite…baisez-moi… Oh mon dieu ta queue qui m'écarte la chatte …. C'est
boooon !!! Phil vas-y fouille-moi le cul Aaaah !!!! Baise-moi bien le cul !
Regarde Allen, regarde ce qui me fait, regarde comme il m'encule avec sa grosse pine….
Oooooh comme il me fait du bien ! »
Prise en sandwich, pilonnée en rythme par les deux queues, défoncée comme la dernière des putes, Geneviève sentait l’orgasme arriver qui la faisait trembler de tous ses membres. Elle n'était plus qu'un objet sexuel entre leurs mains et ils la remplissaient totalement !

Brusquement, Phil se retirait et venait présenter son sexe devant la bouche de Geneviève. A sa grande surprise, elle entreprenait immédiatement de sucer une bite qui sortait pourtant à peine de son cul et ce, malgré une hygiène corporelle irréprochable.
- Quelle chienne, s’exclamait-il !!! T’es une vraie pompe à bites !!!
Très excité par ce spectacle Patrick laissait tomber sa chatte et prenait la place de son ami afin de la sodomiser à son tour. Son anus ressemblait à un cratère béant et il n’avait aucun mal à s'y enfoncer jusqu'à la garde vu le traitement qu’il venait de subir.
- Regarde Phil, je la ramone comme une pute. Ohhhh que t’es bonne…Allez bouge-moi ton
Cul salope…oui vas-y comme ça c’est bien.
Après quelques va et vient, il se retirait aussi, faisant lever Geneviève qui avait les jambes toute tremblante, la conduisait jusqu’au divan où il faisait s’allonger sur le dos en ayant soin de faire pencher sa tête à la renverse au niveau de l’accoudoir.
Ecartant largement ses cuisses, Patrick la pénétrait sans ménagement pendant que Phil comprenant l’intention de son ami, lui enfonçait son gland entre les lèvres. Dans cette position, il lui baisait littéralement la bouche, faisant disparaître à chaque mouvement une bonne moitié de son sexe tout en lui pétrissant les seins et en faisant rouler ses tétons entre ses doigts.
De son côté, changeant d’orifice, Patrick enfilait trois doigts dans sa chatte poisseuse tout en lui emmanchant le cul très lentement, forçant son rectum centimètre après centimètre. Elle remuait de plus en plus et il comprenait qu’elle allait atteindre son deuxième orgasme :
- Alors, ma salope, on y prend goût à se faire enculer pendant qu’on suce un autre chibre ?
Hein ! Allez, réponds ! »
- Oh oui, elle est bonne ta queue, elle me remplit bien, ouiiiii, encore, oh comme ça…des
grands coups…que c'est bon une grosse queue…, plus fort …je vais jouir du cul…
D’un coup, elle se raidissait et, lâchant le membre de Phil, poussait un long cri d’extase, avec la queue de Patrick toujours plantée profondément dans l’anus :
- Ouiiiiiiii …..mon salaud ça fait maaaal…..ouilllle…..salaud…..mais que c'est bonnnn !!!
Immédiatement, Phil qui n’en pouvait plus, jouissait à son tour et déversait une giclée de sperme sur le visage et dans la bouche de Geneviève qui, surprise, en recrachait la totalité par terre.
Patrick sentait également sa semence monté jusqu’au dernier moment il la pilonnait comme un enragé, Allen voyant le spectacle depuis plusieurs minutes était aussi au bord de l’éjaculation.
Soudain Patrick se retirait pour saisir sa queue et se masturber avec frénésie au-dessus de Geneviève qui n’en pouvait plus :
- Tiens prend ça salope….ahhhhh….je jouiiiiiii, criait-il dans un dernier sursaut !
Un torrent de sperme s’abattait sur le corps de la jeune femme lui aspergeant au passage ses seins et son ventre qu’elle massait pour étaler tout ce foutre.
Allen s’approchait du groupe la bite en main et dans un dernier sursaut lui répandre sa semence au niveau de la chatte de la belle.

La jeune femme se relevait péniblement, vidée par cette baise imprévue. Mais la beauté naturelle de Geneviève atténuait l’image qu’elle donnait à ses trois amants : souillé de la tête au pied par le sperme répendu par ces mâles en rut. Elle se rhabillait en vitesse, essuyant au passage son visage pour éviter les regards inquisiteurs des passants une fois dehors.
Geneviève était loin de se demander comme elle allait expliquer à son compagnon son comportement hors du commun de cette après-midi, mais ce qui était fait était fait.
Elle quittait immédiatement ses amants pour retourner au plus vite chez elle, tête baissée pour y prendre une bonne douche avant d’aller rechercher son enfant à l’école.
En se coiffant devant le miroir, elle se demandait :
- Ai-je rêvé ou pas ?


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The Mexican Bitch

It was a long drive.

John and Madeline was traveling to visit Tom and his
new wife Jan in New Mexico. Neither had ever met Maria
and John and Ted was good buddies from college. When
the invitation came, John had jumped at the chance
where Madeline was going only because she had to.

They drove up to a two story house out in the middle of
the woods as John got out and knocked on the door.
Madeline could see a man open the door from the car and
then John waving at her to come on. Reluctantly, she
got out and made her way up.

Tom was about the same height as John but slightly
thinner she noticed as she got there. They exchanged
greetings as Tom led them inside. Maria was sitting at
a chair as they entered the room watching something on
TV. She immediately go up and shook John hand and gave
him a peck on the cheek.

Madeline noticed that she was really looking him up and
down and that peck was longer than she thought it
should be but didn’t say anything as Maria finally let
him loose and came over and shook her hand quickly and
told them to have a seat.

Madeline and John told a seat on the couch facing the
couple as Madeline noticed that Maria was about half
the age of Tom and quite beautiful. She was Mexican and
dark skinned with a body that man drool of. She was
quite jealous of her figure as she herself was much
taller with larger hips and stomach. She had tried
diets to regain her youth but it seem age was going to
take it toll despite what she would do.

Quickly the guys started to talk about their good ode
days in college as Madeline just sat there impatience.
Maria was constantly asking them questions and seem to
be ignoring her. That was fine with Madeline till Maria
got up and made her way over taking a seat on the other
side of John that made her uneasy. She tried to ignore
it, but she couldn’t help noticing her constantly
tapping his thigh with her hand and moving closer and
closer. Finally, she decided enough was enough and it
was time to break it up.

"We are really tired after that long trip. I think we
should all go to bed and continue this tomorrow," She
told them giving John a tug that meant he was to

"Of course," Maria piped up. "The guest room is already
prepared for you. Just go up the stairs and you find it
at the end of the hall. The door is green. Good night

Madeline noticed she gave John a peck on his face as
she said it. Bitch, she thought. And to think, they
were going to have to be here a week. Better keep an
eye on her.

John quickly thanked them for having them here as him
and Madeline got up and made their way up the stairs.
Madeline remained quiet for the duration till they were

"Bet you enjoyed having that bitch rubbing and pecking
on you," she yelled at John. Her temple was flying.

"She was just being nice, despite someone else who
didn’t want to talk to anyone," John replied back
irritated at his wife tone of voice. "I’m turning in.
You can drool on it all night if you want."

Madeline hated it when John ignored her like that but
knew it wouldn’t do much good to keep talking to him
tonight. She went in and showered returned to bed and
finding him already asleep.

"Bastard," she said mostly to herself getting in and
pulling the covers up.

They had both slept for over three hours when Madeline
heard noises coming from down the hall. It sounded like
someone was in pain and needed help. She looked at John
still asleep and decided she’ll just have to go check
it out herself. She put on her robe and made her way
out the door down the hall to the other side. The door
was cracked so she decided to take a peak.

She was astonished to see Tom naked body tied up in the
middle of the room on the floor. His hands were tied to
his feet with rope and his large ass was sticking out
in back towards her. Madeline noticed that a large
vibrator was shoved in his asshole and turned on. Red
welts were all over his buttocks. Cord was tried around
his balls as they were turning blue. He was just laying
there moaning in agony. At least she thought so.

Then she saw a shadow slightly to the side and then
Maria stepped over to him. She was stunning in a black
garter belt and a corset that exposed her perk boobs.
Madeline early view of her figure in clothes was
nothing to how great it was without them.

"If you don’t hush your mouth, I’m going to shove a
bigger plug in there," she yelled at him. "Next time
you invite people over without my permission, it’s
going to be a lot worse. Maybe I’ll fuck your friend
while you’ll have to watch with your ass plugged as
usual. Maybe that tight big ass wife of his."

She brought the paddle down hard on his ass cheek as he
jerked in agony.

Madeline was stunned at Maria tone of voice and
irritated at the words she had called her. She normally
would have stormed out and got John and told him they
were leaving, but she couldn’t help watching and
getting wet between her legs.

Slap, slap.

"You hear me wimp?" Maria yelled. "Now get your
crawling ass over to the bed and get really to lick me.
Move it you gringo piece of shit."

Madeline watched as Tom tried to crawl on his face and
knees over to the bed as Maria kept swatting his ass
with the paddle. When they were out of sight, she
quickly made her way back down the hall to their room
and jumped in the bed.

She was horny as hell as she reached down between her
thighs and started running her hand up and down her
clit. Perverts, she thought. We’ll leaving tomorrow.
Oh, that feels so good. She came with little trouble
twice and drifted off to sleep.

Madeline woke the next morning to find John had already
left. It was after 10 am. She couldn’t believe she had
slept that long. Quickly, she got up and took a shower
and found some shorts and top to put on for the day.
The images of last night was still in her mind and she
knew she better find John soon and make plans to leave
before that Mexican bitch decides to get a piece of his
cock. That cock was hers.

She made her way down the stairs and wandered through
the house to see if anyone was there. In the kitchen,
she found Tom standing by the sink fully clothes.

"Where John," she asked trying to avoid staring at him
after what she had witness that night.

"Maria went to show him the stables. Have a seat.
Breakfast is done and you’ll enjoy mine." Tom said
glancing at her.

Madeline wanted to run out immediately and get John
before that Mexican bitch got her hooks in him, but
didn’t want Tom to know what she had witness. She
slowly took a seat at the table as Tom made a plate of
eggs and bacon and brought it over.

"Here," he said, "best breakfast in miles."

While Tom brought over some biscuits, spuds, and orange
juice; Madeline couldn’t help but glance down at his
crotch area knowing how much pain he must be feeling
this morning in the tight jeans he had on. She readily
took the food and started to eat trying to get the
thought out of her mind.

When finished, she got up and told Tom she was going
out to see where they were.

"Don’t worry," Tom replied. "I’m sure they went horse
riding or something. Come on let me show you the rest
of the house."

Madeline knew she should run out and get John but
didn’t want to hurt their feelings. She just wanted out
of here.

"Okay," she lied. "I be glad too."

She followed Tom through a tour of the house noticing
he seemed to be walking funny. As he bent over, she
could see a bulge in his pants where his asshole was
and knew he must still have a butt plug inside. She got
wet at the thought but didn’t want him to know it as
she trolled along in back. They toured the whole house
and it was close to 3 pm when they hear the door in
back opened. Madeline quickly made her way through the
kitchen to find John. She found them there with Maria
giving him a peck on the cheek again. They both turned
in surprise at her as she entered and stood looking at

"Your husband sure knows how to ride," Maria said
passing by smiling at her.

Madeline was pissed. Sure he does, she thought.
Probably was riding that Mexican bitch all morning.

"John, I want to leave now," she said staring at him
and noting the glow on his face.

"No way," John replied. "We just got here and I’m
having the time of my life. Tell you what, if you feel
that way tomorrow we’ll discuss it again. I got to go
find Tom. He was going to show me something today."

Madeline watched him walked by more pissed than ever.
Probably hoping to put his pole up the bitch, she
thought. She made her way back to the living area to
find Maria changing clothes inside right out in public.

"Did John come through here," she asked pissed at Maria
for displaying herself in case he did.

"No sugar," Maria responded pulling her panties and
shorts up. "You jealous or something."

Of course Madeline was jealous but she wasn’t going to
let the bitch know it.


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"No why should I?" She asked taking a seat. "Where I
come from we just don’t go around getting undressed in
public." She glanced at Maria marvelous size tits

"You don’t have to worry about things like that here,"
Maria replied throwing her t-shirt over her head and
lowering it down. "Women here know how to control their

Yeah, they shove a plug up their asses, Madeline
thought to herself. Damn, she did have a great body.
She was even getting wet looking at it.

Madeline heard the door open and turned expecting John
and Tom. A Mexican woman in her late forties strolled

"Hi mom," Maria said turning to her. "You’ll find what
you’re looking for in the basement." "Enjoy."

The older woman stared at Madeline for a moment smiling
and then made her way out the room.

"Don’t worry about Mom," Maria said looking at
Madeline. "She doesn’t care much for gringos like you.
I’ll fix us a drink."

Madeline watched Maria hips shift from side to side as
she left. She knew men couldn’t resist an ass like
that. Some women too. She felt her cunt moisten at the
thought as her mind pondered it till Maria returned.
She accepted the drink and started sipping on it. It
really was good.

"Hope you like it," Maria was saying. "Made it
especially for you."

The drink was delicious and Madeline was tired. She
laid back in the chair and started to finish the drink
off. Her head was starting to get light as she felt a
little Looney.

Maria was saying something across the room. What was

Slave bitch. Slave

She passed out.

Madeline head was spinning as she started to come to.
Her arms and legs felt like they were being pulled
apart and she felt a breeze between her legs. She
opened her eyes to see the ceiling above and her ankles
and hands wrapped around a hook coming down from it.
She was totally naked. Panicking, she cried out for

Ah, I see my white bitch has just woken up. She was
even having a wet dream from what I see.

Madeline quickly glanced to the side to see Maria
standing by a table looking at her. The walls were
covered with whips, chains, and many other things she
could only imagine thinking of. She tried to move but
just swayed suspended in air.

"Get me down now. You Mexican bitch." She yelled out
frustrated and mad.

Maria was smiling at her.

"Don’t worry sugar. When I’m done with you, you will be
begging to be my Mexican bitch." She yelled out at her
from afar.

"You wait till I get down." Madeline yelled. "I’ll show
you a thing or two before they send you to jail."

"Naughty bitch," Maria replied smiling. "Guess I’ll
have to show the proper way to speak to your new

Madeline watched as she grabbed a small whip off the
wall with about 6 straps attached and started walking

"You better not touch me with that," Madeline yelled.
"John, John."

"Don’t worry sugar, John is probably licking mother’s
big hairy butt by now. It was so easy to fuck and
control him this morning. He begged to be my slave like
my wimp husband." Maria explained. "I enjoy owning his
cock from now on and plan to own your cunt. Maybe, I’ll
let you watch me fuck it some time."

Madeline started to yell something as the strap landing
squarely across her ass cheeks. She yell out in pain.

"We’ll have to get your loose cunt sew up since you
want be enjoying any," Maria said, bringing the strap
hard across both ass cheeks again.


The pain shot through Madeline body as she felt
betrayed and humiliated. She didn’t have much time to
ponder as the strap landed again on one cheek this time
making her wiggle her ass wildly to the side only to
swing back for another slap.

"Nooooooooo," she screamed. "Quit. John, John.

"You will always address me as Miss Maria and never
talk unless I let you," Maria continued applying the
strap again and again. "I can keep this up all day till
your big white ass is totally red and blue."


Madeline tried to fight the pain but it was too much as
she started crying and begging her to quit. She knew
her ass must be raw by now.

"Who’s the bitch now," Maria said slamming the strap
between Madeline large white buttocks."

"I’m the bitch," Madeline screamed. "Please stop."

"Do you want to be my Mexican bitch," Maria strapped
her thigh.

"Yes, yes. I’m your Mexican bitch," Madeline yelled
out. At the moment, she would have said anything to get
her to quit. No one was going to come to her rescue and
her ass couldn’t take anymore. She watched as Maria
removed her garments and walked over to her naked. She
was rubbing her clit as she approached.

"I just love it when proud white ladies like you beg to
lick my pretty little pussy. You want to lick my pussy
like a good little whitey." She said rubbing it faster.

Madeline knew there was nothing she could do about it.
She knew she could just walk over and put it on her
face and she couldn’t stop her. She had tied John up
plenty of times in the past and used him as she wished.
If she bit it, no telling what she would do. She signed
in between sobs and resigned her pride.

"Please Miss Maria. May I lick your beautiful cunt."
She said hating ever word as it came out.

"Oh course you can sobered all over my tasty pussy,"
Maria said.

She watched as Maria came around her head and backed
her way over it before starting her slow winding
descent on Madeline face. She could smell her sex as it
approached. She had never had sex with a woman before
and even through the thought made her stomach turn,
Maria had a beautiful body and her pussy was very nice
to admire. As it approached, she flicked her tongue
around her clit finding the taste really not that bad.
She began the task of licking up and down on it like
she normally enjoyed in past sex experience. She knew
she was doing pretty good as Maria was now grinding her
face with it. Her own pussy was wet as she found
herself getting excited.

"Now get your tongue inside and clean off all your
husband cum," Maria demanded moving slightly forward.

Madeline would have normally been sick but at present
her cunt was drooling in excitement as she drove her
tongue deep in her pussy hole moving it in and out as a
post hole digger. Maria was now really humping her face
and rubbing her clit on her nose as she tongue fucked
her. She felt her climaxed above as her body rocked
madly on her face.

"Not bad for the first time," Maria said rubbing her
clit and getting up. "You’ll have plenty of time to
improve in the future."

"Please let me down and I’ll do better," Madeline cried

"Did I tell you that you could talk bitch," Maria
screamed out. "I guess we’ll have to fix that too."

Madeline froze in panic at her tone of voice. She
watched as she walked over and pick up a large dildo
from the rack and walked back.

"I can either shove this up your tight asshole or in
your nasty mouth for talking without permission. Which
do you want bitch?" Maria screamed at her.

Madeline looked at the dildo in fright. The thing would
rip her asshole in half.

"In my mouth Miss Maria," she cried out.

"Good choice bitch, but I’m sure with your attitude
your ass will get it sooner or later. Open up." She

Madeline close her eyes and opened her mouth as Maria
started shoving the monster inside. It was a lot larger
than John cock as she felt her tongue being force to
the back of her throat. She had to breathe through her
nose in steps as the monster filled her mouth cavity
completely up and her jaws stretched to the limit.

"Now you are going to hold that in till I get back,"
Maria said, "or you’ll feel my strap on your big ass
again. I promise my wimp husband he’ll get to fuck your
cherry asshole and he hasn’t had a fuck in months now.
His wimp cock isn’t good for anything else."

Maria started walking out the room as Madeline just
laid there hanging from the ceiling with her mouth
stuffed. She couldn’t get away and dared not spit out
the dildo. She tried to get as comfortable as she could
and await her fate as tears flowed down. She felt like
it been hours before the door finally opened again as
she glanced sideways to try to get a view.

Maria was coming back in dress in her black corset like
she had seen her the night before. She had a leash in
her hand as John was crawling on the floor beside her.
Madeline wanted to hide her nudity but it was little
she could do but just lie and watch as they approached.

She led John to her side where she had a good view.
John looked up only for a moment as she noticed the
lust in his eyes.

Maria turned around and presented her ass to his face
so Madeline could get a good view.

"Gringo clean my ass." She demanded.

John immediately went to work rimming her ass as
Madeline just laid there hanging by the ceiling with
her mouth still stuffed. Her own cunt was on fire and
she wished something was in it.

"Ahhhh Yes Gringo boy." Maria was saying enjoying the
look on Madeline face. "Deeper. That’s it. Shove it
deeper in my beautiful butt."

Madeline was furious. Her cunt was in need and her
husband was tonguing the bitch ass while she could do
nothing but watched. She struggled against the rope.

Maria stared at her and smiled.

"Don’t worry dear. Mother will be here shortly and give
you just want your smelly cunt needs." She said. "She
wants to make you her bitch."

Madeline eyes budged out at the thought as her
struggles increase. She heard someone else enter as
Maria turned around facing John.

"Here’s a nice reward for my gringo dog," she said.
"Come get your sugar."


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Madeline watched as John immediately started lapping
her cunt in hatred. She heard something at her feet and
glanced back to see the older Mexican woman was now
there totally naked with a large strap-on that was
twice as big as Tom’s cock inches up. She tried to get
loose as the woman grabbed both of her thighs around
her neck and glided the fake cock to her cunt entrance.

"Time to be my bitch," The older woman said as Madeline
tried to scream out as she felt the dildo at her cunt
entrance. The damn thing would rip her in half. She was
thrashing wildly with no luck as she felt the thing
enter her cunt lips and the pain. Her cunt was soaking
wet but the thing was so big. She bit on the plug in
her mouth but her cunt was in pain. It had never been
open this far as she tried to adjust to it for relief.

Finally, it was fully in as she gasped for air.

"No more tight cunt." The Mexican woman spoke. "Momma
going to make your cunt so loose that only her cock is
going to satisfy it."

Madeline felt the cock withdraw slightly and then
plunged in deep again. Despite the pain, her cunt was
starting to get wetter and found her body reacting to
it. Soon she was thrusting back to meet the monster
wanting more and more of it as the woman kept plunging
it in and out smiling down at her.

"Mother, I think the gringo bitch is really enjoying
your big cock." Maria said as Madeline glanced over to
see her smiling at her rocking her cunt all over John
face. "Fuck her smelly twat faster. See how the bitch
loves it."

Madeline just ignored her insults as she kept trying to
rock back and forth on the monster in her cunt. She was
cumming and the bitch was getting her off. She wanted
to cry out faster but the plug prevented it. All of a
sudden, her cunt exploded like never before as she
couldn’t prevent her body from shaking all over.

"Momma bitch now," The woman was saying as Madeline
glanced towards her feet to see her unhooking the strap
in back.

She wanted to yell out for her to continue, but he
woman had it completely unhooked and left it in her

"Time to please momma now," she said walking around
Madeline rubbing her hairy clit. "You lick good and I
may fuck you again."

As the woman pulled the dildo out of her mouth,
Madeline tried to yell at John to help her only to see
the woman big snatch coming downward towards her face.
It was dripping cum all over her as she started begging
her not to sit on her. The woman was now fully crouched
down on her mouth so her words couldn't be heard.

"Lick it good or I’ll have to get the belt out on that
white fanny of yours." She warned her.

Madeline had little choice as she pushed her tongue on
the clit and started working it up and down. It was
pressed firmly on her mouth so her tongue didn’t have
to go far to reach it. She felt her tit being pinch in
back and yelled out in the smelly cunt.

"Put that wagging tongue in my pussy hole and rim it
out." The woman commanded.

Madeline knew she had to obey and pushed her tongue
deep inside the loose hole and starting moving it
around inside. She could hear Maria showing John was a
whore his wife was and what she was only good for as
she continued tongue the cunt hole. Maria asked him if
he wanted to fuck his dog ass one last time before she
belonged to her mom and John replied that her sorry ass
was worth fucking and that he only wanted to worship
her. Madeline felt the woman juices all over her mouth
as she came on her and started rocking on her lips and

"Good little gringo doggie," The woman said. "Now for
the main course."

Madeline eyes focused to the light as the woman got off
her mouth as she glanced to see both Maria and John
smiling at her.

"Come gringo boy." Maria smiled. "Let’s go to my
bedroom so you can worship me properly. Mother I’ll
send the wimp in shortly. I did promise him an ass fuck
even if it is a gringo doggie like her."

"No problem, momma will be through soon," The woman
replied as Madeline glanced up to see her approaching
again but this time facing her. As she spread her large
thighs and starting moving over her head she realized
what was expected this.

"Noooo. Please John, Maria please." She yelled.

The woman big hairy ass was now right above her head
and started lowering downward.

"This is much better." The woman was saying. "Lick my
ass like you did my pussy and I won’t have to slap
those white tits of yours off."

Madeline knew better than disobey as the large hairy
ass cheeks engulf her face in between and she pushed
her tongue out and started swiping away at the puckered
opening in between. The sooner she got her off the
better. She felt a couple of hard slaps to her tits and
knew what she wanted. She pushed her tongue inside the
loose opening and started rimming inside the nasty

"Hurry up doggie." The woman yelled down. "Wimp will be
here shortly and I want to cum before he shoves his
tiny little toy up you bunghole.

Madeline tongue was now deep in her asshole wiggling
around. Even Tom cock in her ass would be better then
this. Her cunt tighten on the dildo in excitement. It
felt like hours before she felt the woman shaking and
slowly raising up as her tongue popped out of her

"Wimpy dick is here." She told her as she finally was
off. "Time for his reward."

Madeline didn’t even have time to focus as she felt
something wet at the entrance of her asshole and then
pain as it shoved its way inside. She yelp out in
misery as it made it’s way totally in. She knew it must
have been Tom cock but she didn’t even dare to open her
eyes as her cunt was leaking again. The pain was
quickly turning to lust as she tried to push back to
get it all inside. The woman was now rubbing her tits

"Does doggie like her booty fucking." She was smiling
at her.

"Yes, Yes fuck me. Fuck me faster." Madeline yelled out
loud as the rubbing of her tits and the cock in her ass
was driving her wild in excitement. "Make me your
bitch. Fuck this bitch."

She felt Tom cock jizz shoot in her ass as she climaxed
herself and just laid there as he withdrew his limp
cock. The woman was pulling the dildo out of her cunt
as she tried to tighten her cunt muscles as tight as
she could to keep it inside. They lowered her to the
ground as the woman attached a collar around her neck
and they loosen her ties till she had about a foot
between each hand and foot. She felt a foot to her butt
as the woman grab the leash.

"Come on gringo doggie. Time to take you out to use the
bathroom." She laughed.

Madeline immediately got on all fours and started
crawling behind her.

Bark, bark.

May continue in the future.


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Mon meilleur ami et ma femme

Guillaume était déjà l’an dernier, et est toujours, mon meilleur ami. Nous avons fait nos études ensemble, il vit près de Paris alors que ma femme Hélène et moi vivons désormais à Lille. Il est marié, et sa femme était enceinte depuis plusieurs mois lorsqu’il est venu passer deux jours à Lille pour une formation professionnelle. Evidemment je lui ai proposé de l’héberger.

Hélène a 2 ans de moins que moi, cela lui faisait alors 26 ans et moi 28. Elle est plutôt jolie, 1m68, mince, et surtout des seins magnifiques (100 bonnet D !!) qui font toujours se retourner les hommes dans la rue. Elle a beaucoup de tempérament, alors que je suis plutôt réservé. Guillaume a mon âge et il me ressemble pas mal : brun, mignon, 1m75. Mais il fait plus de sport que moi, il est beaucoup plus sociable, et il s’est toujours vanté devant moi d’être capable de pouvoir faire l’amour 7 ou 8 fois dans une nuit, et d’être mieux monté que moi. Ce qui est vrai, en tout cas son sexe au repos est franchement gros, le genre de queue qui pend lourdement entre les jambes, et je ne l’avais jamais vu en érection.
Il faut dire que notre amitié est forte, mais qu’elle a toujours été teintée d’une sorte d’inégalité, de supériorité de sa part : il me traitait parfois de sous-homme en plaisantant, il m’a souvent chambré en disant que je rêvais sûrement de lui sucer la queue, et devant les filles, pendant nos études, il me vannait sur nos performances sexuelles respectives. Il a été surpris quand j’ai épousé une bombe sexuelle, il y a 4 ans maintenant … Moi, de mon côté je me suis toujours senti inférieur à ce genre de type, sûr de lui, fier de sa queue et toujours prêt à des prouesses sexuelles, alors que je n’arrive pas à faire l’amour plus d’une fois par nuit … Mais malgré cela, nous avons toujours été très liés, très amis, il m’a rendu pas mal de services dans le cadre professionnel et moi aussi.

Quand il est arrivé à Lille, il devait être 18h ; j’étais allé le cherche à la gare, et je l’ai amené jusqu’à notre appartement, où Hélène nous attendait. Sur le trajet, Guillaume m’a parlé de la grossesse de sa femme, et m’a dit que, évidemment, pour lui l’abstinence sexuelle était incroyablement dure à supporter ; il m’a demandé en riant si je ne connaissais pas une pute, pour qu’il puisse se soulager. Arrivés chez moi, on a discuté, bu un verre, puis on a dîné. Guillaume et Hélène se connaissent depuis plusieurs années, et il m’a toujours dit que d’après lui « cette fille n’est pas pour moi ». Je sais aussi qu’il a toujours été très très intéressé par ses seins, et il les regarde souvent en douce.

Après le dîner, on s’est installés au salon, devant la télé, Guillaume et moi sur un canapé, Hélène sur l’autre canapé. Comme il n’y avait rien d’intéressant à la télé, on a commencé à discuter de tout et de rien. Pendant la discussion, j’ai commencé à remarquer les regards de plus en plus fréquents que Guillaume posait sur les seins de ma femme. Elle portait un tee-shirt blanc et une jupe beige à mi-cuisses : des vêtements pas faits pour être sexys, mais un tee-shirt sur des seins de taille 100 D, c’est forcément sexy pour un homme, surtout un queutard comme Guillaume, et surtout quand il n’a pas pu coucher avec sa femme depuis pas mal de temps. Ses regards m’ont excité, et c’est moi qui, sans doute avec une arrière pensée perverse mais pas encore bien nette dans mon cerveau, ai proposé un poker. Comme Guillaume faisait remarquer qu’il n’avait pas beaucoup d’argent sur lui, j’ai donc ajouté, encore poussé par ce début de désir un peu masochiste et pervers de voir l’effet des seins de ma femme sur lui : « bon alors on fait un strip-poker ! ». Immédiatement les yeux de Guillaume se sont mis à briller et son visage s’est éclairé. Hélène m’a plus surpris en disant criant presque « d’accord ! ». Je pense qu’elle n’avait pas été insensible aux regards de Guillaume sur son tee-shirt …et peut-être qu’elle-même avait apprécié la carrure de mon meilleur ami, qui portait lui aussi un tee-shirt clair, et un jean.

Très vite Guillaume s’est retrouvé torse nu ; un torse plus dessiné que le mien, avec des épaules bien larges. Hélène plaisantait avec lui, et je me suis assez vite senti un peu en dehors de la conversation. Ils ne se draguaient pas ouvertement, mais on s’en rapprochait. Le jeu continuait, Hélène s’est retrouvée en soutien-gorge, puis elle a perdu sa jupe. Moi je me suis retrouvé aussi en caleçon, mais ça n’avait l’air d’intéresser personne. Les yeux de Guillaume brillaient, et quand il a perdu à nouveau, il a enlevé son jean et s’est retrouvé en caleçon moulant, avec une érection monstrueuse bien visible sous le caleçon, qu’Hélène et moi faisions semblant de ne pas remarquer. Le visage de Guillaume au contraire brillait de fierté. Les choses pouvaient déraper, ou au contraire en rester là. Clairement, Guillaume avait envie que ça dérape, Hélène aussi, et moi aussi même si je le cachais mieux.

C’est quand Hélène a encore perdu que les choses se sont précipitées. Elle devait logiquement ôter son soutien-gorge et dévoiler enfin ses très gros seins devant mon meilleur copain en rut. Mais j’ai eu peur, tout en en ayant envie. J’ai donc proposé qu’elle garde son soutien-gorge, mais que la prochaine fois qu’elle perdrait, elle l’enlèverait et aurait en plus un gage. Guillaume qui commençait à craindre que les choses tournent moins bien que prévu, sauta sur l’occasion et décida que le gage serait que celui qui lui ferait perdre son soutien-gorge, serait chargé de le lui enlever lui-même. D’un ton résigné, je dis « d’accord », mais c’est Guillaume qui a perdu le coup suivant. Il du donc enlever son caleçon, ce qui n’a pas semblé le gêner : assez fièrement, il se leva, baissa son caleçon, et Hélène et moi avons donc eu droit au spectacle d’une énorme queue en érection, dressée devant nous. Puis il revint s’assoir à côté de moi, en laissant bien son membre en évidence, raide et dur comme un pieu en bois. Hélène dissimulait mal l’état d’excitation dans lequel elle était, et Guillaume était l’image même du mâle très fier de sa virilité, sourire narquois aux lèvres, pas gêné du tout. Puis Hélène a perdu le coup suivant, et je pense que c’était tout sauf un hasard. Guillaume lui fit signe de s’approcher, elle s’assit à côté de lui, sur le même canapé que moi, les seins tournés vers lui, et il lui dégrafa son soutien-gorge ; quand le soutien-gorge tomba, il lui dit « t’as vraiment des seins magnifiques » et il commença à les caresser du bout des doigts. Il se tourné vers moi et me dis « tu ne m’en veux pas, ça faisait partie du gage, non ? J’ai pas touché ma femme depuis des mois … » et je ne répondis rien. Bien sûr il comprit que je me retirais du jeu et qu’il devenait logiquement « le mâle dominant» dans cet appartement. Hélène se laissait faire, en baissant les yeux, et Guillaume lui prit les seins dans ses mains, plus franchement, en poussant quelques « mmmhhhhhh » de satisfaction.


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Puis je lui fis remarquer que le gage était terminé, et il s’arrêta gentiment de caresser les seins de ma femme, et elle retournée sur l’autre canapé, très troublée visiblement. Elle portait toujours sa culotte, mais perdit encore le coup suivant, et je me retrouvais comme dans un état de somnambulisme, ne sachant plus si je voulais tout arrêter ou au contraire les pousser dans les bras l’un de l’autre. Cette fois-ci elle enleva elle-même sa culotte, et Guillaume se leva très naturellement, avec son énorme trique, et vint s’asseoir à côté d’elle. Il me demanda « on continue ? », ce qui semblait s’appliquer au strip-poker (ou à autre chose ?), et je répondis « oui » d’une voix tremblante, Hélène ajoutant un « oui » aussi. Visiblement les choses étaient allées trop loin pour revenir en arrière. Je perdis le coup suivant et Guillaume décida que mon gage serait qu’il embrasse ma femme, ce qui n’était pas un gage normal dans la mesure où j’avais encore mon caleçon que j’aurais donc du enlever. Je répondis « ok », et Hélène vint s’asseoir sur ses genoux, « en amazone », et il l’embrassa à pleine bouche en lui caressant les hanches, les cuisses et de nouveau les seins. Il me regarda ensuite de nouveau, en me demandant si ça me gênait qu’il embrasse les seins d’Hélène. Visiblement on ne parlait plus de strip-poker, mais il avait l’air de dire qu’il se contenterait de caresses et de baisers. Je pu juste faire un « oui » de la tête, et il prit Hélène dans ses bras, la coucha sur le canapé, et vint se placer à l’horizontal, sans se poser sur elle, et il commença à lui lécher les seins, à les manger presque, devant moi, en remontant parfois sur son cou, ses lèvres, redescendant ensuite sur sa grosse poitrine. Cela durait depuis quelques instants, il poussait des petits gémissements, et Hélène encore plus, elle écartait insensiblement les cuisses, et elle commença alors à lui caresser les épaules et les bras, presque tendrement. Je vis alors le corps de Guillaume descendre au point de toucher celui d’Hélène, cela dura quelques secondes, puis il tourna le visage vers moi et dit d’un ton soudain grave et légèrement autoritaire : « faut que je la baise, j’en peux plus », et sans attendre de réponse, il prit sa grosse queue dans une main, la décalotta, l’approcha de la fente d’Hélène, et pénétra ma femme sous mes yeux, faisant entrer toute sa queue dans sa chatte, assez vite. Leurs gémissements devinrent plus forts, il se mit à la limer sans complexe, et je devins complètements spectateurs.

Pendant un gros quart d’heure, Guillaume fit l’amour à ma femme, de façon très vigoureuse, comme un macho en rut fait l’amour à une femme dont il a envie depuis un moment. Clairement, il lui bourrait la chatte et voulait tirer un coup, pas commencer une histoire d’amour. Cependant, ils s’embrassaient, se caressaient, leurs gestes n’était pas tendres, pas violents non plus, c’était les gestes d’un couple qui baise, un homme en rut et une femme en chaleur. Ils sont restés dans la position « du missionnaire » pendant tout le temps où ils ont fait l’amour. Hélène murmurait des « encore, encore … ! », des « c’est bon, prends-moi fort », et Guillaume ne répondait rien, sauf à un moment où il lui murmura « je vais te baiser toute la nuit » et Hélène soupira un long « oui … ». Hélène avait vraiment les gestes, les gémissements et l’air d’une femme qui prend un plaisir incroyable. Ses gémissements devenaient des cris rauques de plaisir quand Guillaume poussait sa grosse queue large tout au fond de son vagin, tout en lui léchant les seins ou le cou. Guillaume n’avait pas mis de préservatif, mais cela ne l’empêcha pas d’éjaculer dans le vagin de ma femme, sans aucun scrupule. Ils restèrent ensuite enlacés quelques secondes, se roulèrent une pelle, puis Guillaume se retira, s’assit sur le canapé sans rien dire, et Hélène se leva pour aller à la salle-de-bains.

Après quelques secondes de silence, Guillaume me regarda, il n’avait pas l’air honteux du tout, mais il me dit quand même : « désolé », et moi, sortant de mon hébétude, je lui répondis quelque chose comme « ne sois pas désolé, tu avais envie d’elle, elle avait envie de toi, je n’ai pas à me mettre entre vous ». Il me répondit, en souriant gentiment « t’es un peu lopette, quand même, franchement ! ». Guillaume restait nu, assis, sa grosse queue débandant lentement. Quand Hélène revint, avec une culotte et un tee-shirt, elle évitait mon regard. Guillaume hésita quelques secondes puis se leva, la prit par la taille, l’embrassa de nouveau, et lui dit « on va dans la chambre, j’ai encore envie de toi ». Sa queue recommençait à grossir. Hélène sembla gênée, mais Guillaume lui dit « t’inquiète » et pour lui prouver que tout allait bien il se tourna vers moi et me dit « tu dors sur le canapé cette nuit » d’un ton certes autoritaire, un peu supérieur, mais pas méchant. Comme Hélène se dirigeait vers la chambre, visiblement ravie de passer la nuit dans les bras d’un amant aussi vigoureux, je dis « Guillaume », il se retourna, revins vers moi, son membre cette fois-ci complètement gros et raide, et je lui dis « tu ne veux pas mettre un préservatif, quand même ? » en désignant cet énorme bite avec ma main. Il me répondit en souriant gentiment « non, c’est plus agréable sans, ça donne plus de sensations à ma bite » ; il s’interrompit et ajouta « franchement, tu ne veux pas que je raconte à des potes que tu es allé me chercher des préservatifs pour que je baise ta femme ? » et ma voix redevint mourant quand je répondis un timide « non … ».

Ils ont passé la nuit à faire l’amour, j’ai entendu le lit grincer presque sans interruption, leurs gémissements, les paroles étouffées … c’était pour moi à la fois un enfer brûlant et une scène d’un érotisme torride. J’ai dormi sur le canapé en me réveillant souvent et à chaque fois j’entendais leurs ébats de l’autre côté de la cloison. Franchement, Guillaume est aussi endurant au lit qu’il me le disait en se vantant, et Hélène était visiblement au 7ème ciel, en tout cas elle le criait. C’était très étrange de me faire cocufier par mon meilleur ami, dans mon lit et avec mon consentement, mais sous son emprise, et de le voir me parler avec ce mélange de supériorité et de gentillesse, en sentant bien de toute façon que son amitié pour moi s’effaçait complètement devant son envie irrésistible de baiser ma femme, de la posséder sans que je me sente même me droit de m’y opposer

Au matin, Guillaume en caleçon dans la cuisine était visiblement le maître des lieux. Je lui ai proposé un bol de lait, qu’il a accepté, à un moment il m’a passé la main sur l’épaule sans rien dire, en me regardant dans les yeux : encore cette amitié et cette supériorité, mélangées, indissociables. Il est parti pour suivre sa 2ème journée de formation, sans caresser Hélène, sans un geste montrant qu’il l’avait possédée toute la nuit, juste un léger baiser sur les lèvres en se disant au revoir, une poignée de mains pour moi, et il franchit la porte. Hélène est partie se doucher avant sa journée de travail, et nous n’avons jamais reparlé de cette nuit. Guillaume est toujours mon meilleur ami, je l’admire encore plus qu’avant, on se voit souvent, parfois avec Hélène et avec Virginie, sa femme, mais à ma connaissance il ne s’est jamais rien repassé entre eux depuis un an, même si je surprends toujours fréquemment des regards insistants de Guillaume sur les seins de ma femme.


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My New Black Neighbors

I have been watching the new black neighbors move in
for over a week now. They were a young black couple in
their mid twenties with no kids. Being a divorce mother
myself in my mid 40s with one child who was in his late
teens now, I didn't have must work to do around the
house at night or weekends. That Saterday morning, I
decided when the husband drove off for weekend work
that I would pay the wife a visit and introduce myself.

The young black lady, later found out named Kat, opened
the door. I introduced myself to her as Jan her
neighbor from next door as she invited me in. We went
to the kitchen where she offered me a cup of coffee.

"People are not very friendly here are they," she said.
"Or is it because we are black in a rich white

"It's a little of both," I replied sipping on the

"I saw you peeping out the window the last few days
watching us. Are you curious because we are black?" she

"No," I replied lying gulping on the coffee. I was just
looking out and you seem

to be there.

"Are you married?" she asked.

"No, I'm divorce and my son who lives with me is away
on summer vacation with friends." I told her.

Kat got up to refill her coffee cup as I watched her go
to the sink in her robe looking at her legs. I had
never been attracted to women before but she had some
of the most beautiful legs I had ever seen and I
couldn't resist looking. When her cup was filled, she
turned around and her robe parted in front giving me a
view of her pussy and boobs. I almost choked from the
coffee looking at her pussy.

"Did you like looking at a black woman pussy," she
asked as she noticed my face red from staring at it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look," I lied again.

"Yes, you did. You were looking at my pussy and
enjoying it wasn't you.’ She stared at me.

I hesitated with mixed feelings running in my head. I
didn't know what to say. Yes her pussy was turning me
on. I could feel the wetness between my legs as I
avoided looking at her. I glanced and noticed she was
still staring at me.

"You want a closer look don't you," she said smiling at

I don't know what came over me as I replied yes.

"Good crawl under the table and lick my pussy," she
said. "Do it now."

"I've never eaten pussy," I said meekly but already
knew I was going to anyway.

"Get under the table and eat me out now bitch," she
demanded her tone of voice changing. "I don't have time
for sluts who don't listen."

I got off the chair upon her voice and proceeded to
crawl towards her hairy pussy. The sight was so
beautiful and mine was dripping wet in my panties. I
ran my tongue up and down and then started working her
clit like my boyfriends had did mine many times in the

"That's good slut. Keep it up while I have my coffee. I
had a white bitch like you at the last place I lived
for a slave when hubby was away to toy with. Do you
want to be my new toy?" She moaned.

I glanced up while licking her pussy and replied yes.
Then I started working my tongue deep inside. I wanted
bad to become her toy. Her pussy tasted so good as I
reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit.
She could hear me moan and glanced under.

"Are you playing with your pussy without permission?"
she asked. "Get your hand out of their now. I will have
to spank you for that later. Continue licking my pussy
slut." She told me.

I kept my tongue going in and out her pussy as a dildo
till she finally came on my face. My own pussy was
badly in need.

"Get up slut and undress. I want to see what my new toy
looks like." She warned me.

I crawled out from under the tables and stumbling
removed all my clothes in front of her. I was told to
put my hands too my side for inspection as she looked
me over as a common whore. Upon command, I spread my
pussy for her and put two fingers in it as she watched
in amusement as I tried to cheat and move the fingers
while inside.

"Turn around slut. Now bend over and spread that white
ass of yours. Now put those same fingers in your
asshole slut." She kept commanding.

I had difficulty keeping my ass spread and getting the
fingers inside despite being loose in the asshole
already from my excitement earlier. She was laughing
and told me to get myself off with the fingers in my

Despite the humiliation, I found myself getting
exciting exposing my ass to a stranger and having to
poke it with my own fingers. Pretty soon I found myself
having an orgasm without even touching my pussy. My
face was totally red in embarrassment, as she demanded
I turn around and face her. I withdrew the fingers from
my asshole, as I stood naked and humiliated while she
looked me over.

"It's time for your spanking for playing with your
pussy," she said. "Go to the top left drawer and bring
me back the spatula."

I walked over and got the spatula, which she grabbed
and preceded to put me over her lap as if I was a young
kid being punished.

"From now on you do what I tell you when I tell you."
she said. She brought the spatula down hard on my ass
as I yelled from the pain. You are now my slave, she
said and delivered another blow to my ass as I yelled
yes mam. She continued to humiliate me with names as
she spanked my wiggling ass on her lap till I was in
tears and crying.

"Are you going to be a good little slave now?" she

Yes mam. I promise to be a good slave.

"Good. Get on the floor and lick my feet while I finish
my cup of coffee." She demanded me.

I was bewitched with the thought of pleasing her as I
got down on my hands and knees and started worshipping
her feet like a dog. No boyfriend had ever got me this
excited before and my pussy was still needed relief. It
felt like hours before she finally finished her coffee
and made me get up and cleaned the cups.

"Bring your ass to the living room when your done," she
demanded walking out the room.

I finished the dishes and returned to the living room
to find her spread out on her stomach on the couch
watching a TV show. I walked behind her and announced
that I had cleaned all the dishes. I had a clear view
of her beautiful ass as I heard the words I was
thinking myself.

"Lick my ass whore while I watch this show." She told
me to my delight.

I got on my knees beside the couch and starting
tonguing her ass cheeks slowly working my way to her
crack. I could see her asshole clearly now and started
to lick my way to it and then around the rim. It
excited me beyond anything I had ever done and my pussy
was dripping in excitement as I started working my
tongue deep in and out her asshole. I could hear her
moaning and wondered how much of the show she was
really watching. I didn't really care. Right now I had
one thought in mind and that was to get her off. She
finally rolled over and gripping my hair pushed my face
to her pussy, which I ate out till she had another

"Very good for your first time. Now go home and don't
come back till I call you." She said to my

I begged to stay but she demanded I leave. When I went
to get my clothes, she said they were to remain here.
From now on I was to come over nude unless she told me
to wear something.

I ran out of the house totally naked to my own house.
When I was inside, I ran upstairs and lay on the bed
and played with my pussy till I had two orgasms. I
couldn't wait to go back and kept glancing out the
window hoping to see her.

Nothing happened for the rest of the day as I waited
impatience for a call or sign but nothing came. I
finally drifted off in sleep I was awakened early the
next day by a phone ring.

"Slut get your ass out of bed." My new mistress said.

"Yes mam," I replied excited that it was her again. I
had wet dreams all night and needed her bad.

"Remove all your clothes and go to your window. You are
to raise your window and push you ass outside it." Her
voice commanded.

I quickly disrobed and ran to the window. Raising it I
turned around and stuck my big white ass outside and
felt the breeze blowing against it.

"If you have been a good little slave you are to wiggle
that white ass at me and beg me to let you come over
and serve me today." She continued.

I started wiggling my ass out the window at her and
pleading to let me come over and lick her pussy and
ass. I begged to be her whore and slut in any way she
wanted. She demanded I pee outside the window, which I
did with relief since I had to go anyway. I had no
shame anymore just the thought of pleasing my mistress.
When I was done, she told me to go out the back and
crawl to back door or her house.

I practically ran out the house but didn't think about
crawling till I was in her yard. I then got on all
fours and made my way to the back door. I noticed there
was a dog flap at the bottom of it and it was being
pushed out by something. When I got closer, I notice
that someone had their ass pushed up against the slap
and their asshole was exposed right in front of my
face. I knew it wasn't hers since I had seen hers up
close yesterday but knew it was a woman.

"Eat ass, slut," came the command of my mistress from
inside the door.

I crawled forward and lifted the flap higher with my
head starting rimming the exposed asshole sticking
through it. I spent about 10 minutes licking and
tonguing it inside and out before I saw it shake and
knew whoever it was had come. The ass finally
disappeared and the door opened as I saw my mistress
and an elder black lady in her mid 40s standing there.
I tried to avoid their stares in my humiliating
position as Kat finally spoke.

"This is mother. You are to do anything she wants as
well as me. Is that understood?" Mistress commanded me.

"Yes mam," I said as she told me to crawl in the
kitchen area.

Mother hated white woman for a long time till I showed
her what they were good for. Now she can't get enough
of them. Tell her how good her asshole-tasted slut.

I turned to the elderly black lady. "Mam your ass is
tasted so good to this white cunt."

"Good," she replied, "I plan for you to get use to it.
Now bring your fanny over here and get over my lap. I'm
going to spank that white ass of yours."


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Soumis à l'amant de ma femme

Je me présente, je me prénomme Guy, je viens d'avoir vingt huit ans. Je suis marié depuis trois ans avec Valérie, âgée de vingt quatre ans.
Je vais vous conter un passage de ma vie, qui, si au début était passionnant, a vite tourné , en se qui me concerne, au cauchemar.
Un samedi soir, on décide de regarder un film érotique. je suis vêtu d'un caleçon, Valérie, d'un chemise de nuit ultra courte.
Elle s'approche, et s'appuie contre mon épaule.
-Tu es bien câline, lui dis-je, çà t'excite?
Elle glisse sa main dans mon caleçon.
-Ben dit dont, mon cochon, çà t'excite pas toi, sourit-elle.
Je lui demande si elle veut qu'on aille au lit.
-Non, sur le canapé, en levrette. Tu soulèveras ma chemise de nuit, j'écarterai bien mes jambes, puis tu caresseras ma chatte jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit bien mouillée. Après, tu me niqueras, tu glisseras tes bras sous mon ventre, et tu prendras mes seins. Moi j'attraperai tes testicules et les ferai rouler entre mes doigts. Cà te plait comme programme?
-Putain, si çà me plait, salope.
Tout ce passe comme Valérie l'avait prédit. Elle est cambrée au maximum, et moi dur comme du béton.
Ma femme gémit de plus en plus. Elle atteint l'orgasme assez rapidement. C'est en hurlant que le lâche ma semence dans sa chatte.
Un jour, sur les conseils d'une amie, on décide d'intégrer un club d'échangistes. Si, au début, mon épouse était plutôt réticente, elle s'avère plus entreprenante, plus espiègle.
Disons que moi, par rapport à elle, je suis moins actif.
Je me déplace dans la salle, quand, justement, je tombe sur Valérie. Elle est assise sur un homme de type maghrébin, d'une cinquantaine d'année.
La jupe de ma femme est remontée en haut des cuisses. Ses seins sont sortis du bustier. L'homme les suce goulument.
Les jambes de Valérie sont écartées à cent quatre vingt degrés.
-Alors ma chérie, je vois que tu t'amuses.
-Oh mon dieu, Guy, il m'a écartée ma culotte, et çà fait une heure qui caresse ma chatte et mon petit bouton. J'ai déjà joui deux fois. Si tu savais comme il est vicieux.
L'homme prend la bouche de Valérie, et l'embrasse. sans un mot, il disparait parmi les autres participants.
Honteuse, mon épouse me regarde en baissant la tête.
-Mais chérie, çà fait parti du jeux, je t'en veux pas.
-J'ai envie de renter, me dit-elle.
Au fur et en mesure de nos sorties, mon épouse prend de l'assurance. C'est elle qui dirige nos soirées, me faisant comprendre qu'elle voulait aller jusqu'au bout.
Aussi, c'est par hasard que je la découvre entièrement nue, à genoux sur une table basse, jambes écartées, en train de se faire prendre par le même maghrébin, que lors de nôtre première séance. Il tient Valérie par les hanches, et la nique brutalement. Je suis la scène, les yeux exorbités.
-C'est vôtre épouse, demande l'arabe.
-Oui, lui dis-je.
-Elle est bonne, poursuit-il.
Ma femme essaie de me dire quelque chose. Mais elle est tellement secouée par les coups de boutoirs de ce mâle, qu'elle a du mal à s'exprimer. Je m'approche de son visage pour essayer de comprendre. son..son..nommm, bafouille-t-elle.
-Elle demande comment vous vous appelez.
-Ralhid, répond-il.
D'un coup, Valérie hurle, un orgasme terrible. Son corps se tend comme un arc. Il l'a rend folle. Lui aussi se met à grogner. Il sort de la chatte de ma femme, ôte son préservatif, et, tout en se branlant, il me bouscule pour venir placer sa queue énorme, contre les lèvres de Valérie.
Il l'a prend par les cheveux, la force à ouvrir la bouche.
Ma femme le suce énergiquement, et à la façon dont elle creuse ses joues, je comprend qu'elle est en train de tout avaler. L'homme passe devant moi, avec un sourire ironique.
-Tu en voulais un peu, peut être. Dommage, ta pute a tout avalé. Mais si un bon coup de queue te tente, te gêne pas.
-Heu...Non..merci, pas ce....
-Une autre fois, poursuit le maghrébin, je sens que tu dois aimer çà.
Il me caresse gentiment la joue, et s'éloigne en récupérant ses vêtements.
Je rejoins vite mon épouse qui s'est vautrée sur un canapé, les yeux cernés, en larmes.
-Quel amant merveilleux, quelle queue, soupire Valérie.
Oh putain, je veux le revoir.
-Mais enfin, mon amour, çà ne va pas. on a dit qu'on irait pas trop loin.
-Je veux le revoir je te dis. Je t'avais averti, et je tiens à ce que tu participes à nos ébats. D'autant que tu ne le laisse pas indifférent.
- Quoi, tu ne voudrais quand même pas que je me donne à lui.
Que je me fasse sodomiser.
-Bien sur que si , mon amour, me répond Valérie. Que tu lui taille une pipe aussi. C'est toi qui a eu l'idée, tu dois en assumer les conséquences maintenant. Tu dois te soumettre comme je me suis soumise.
Je me prends la tête à deux mains. Mais je rêve, elle ne va pas m'imposer çà. Comment sortir de cette impasse.



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Depuis la soirée torride que Valérie à passé au club, elle ne rate pas une occasion de rappeler ses intentions érotiques
-Alors mon chéri, dit-elle, toujours pas décidé.
-Tu tiens vraiment à me faire prendre par Ralhid, dis-je, tu veux que je devienne pédé.
-C'est le plus beau cadeau que tu puisse me faire. Une femme aime voir son mari soumis à son amant.
-Bon, bien que çà me coute, on va réfléchir à une date.
-Mais c'est tout réfléchi mon amour, répond-elle.
-C'est à dire, que je lui demande.
Je n'ai pas le temps de finir ma phrase, que deux gros bras me prennent par la taille. Un sourire éclaire le visage de ma femme. J'essaie de me débattre, mais ne peut rien devant la force de cet homme.
-Allez, on se calme, dit-il.
Je reconnais la voix de Ralhid.
Il est tout nu derrière moi. Je sens sa queue énorme, frotter contre mes fesses. Valérie s'avance, et baisse mon caleçon.
Ralhid se met sur une chaise, et m'assied sur ses genoux, dos à lui, jambes écartées.
-Mais çà va pas, dis-je en me débattant, qu'est-ce-qu'il te prend.
-A, il t'a dis de te calmer, dit Valérie. Tu veux pas, en plus qui te donne la fessée.
Mon épouse se met toute nue, prend elle aussi une chaise, et se place en face de nous pour ne rien manquer du spectacle.
D'une main, Ralhid me tient par les couilles. De l'autre, il joue avec mon sexe, faisant coulisser le prépuce sur le gland. Il me soulève légèrement, et me gratte l'oeillet avec le pouce.
-Je t'en prie Ralhid, tu vas me faire mal, ta queue est trop grosse.
-Je te promet d'y aller doucement, répond-il.
Je sens la queue de Ralhid qui commence à me pénétrer. Mon petit trou commence à se dilater.
-Aie, aie hiaou, arrête, tu me fais mal, tu vas me déchirer.
ouille, aie.
je serre les dents. Je suis en larmes. Inexorablement, la queue de Ralhid se met en place dans mon ventre.
Malgré mes sanglots, ma femme assiste à la scène sans lever le petit doigt. Elle joui de me voir soumis à son amant.
-Si tu savais comme je mouille de te voir comme çà, dit-elle.
Regarde mon clitoris comme il est sorti ce salaud. c'est Ralhid qui va en profiter après.
Je cherche des solutions. Comment en suis-je arriver là, arriver à me soumettre à ce point. Mais ce sont les propos de ma femme qui font le plus mal.
-Alors, mon amour, tu es en train de devenir une petite fille.
Et qu'est-ce-qu'elles font les petites filles? Elles taillent des pipes, hein?.
-Sale pute, tu te régales de voir ton amant qui m'encule.
-Mais mon chéri, répond-elle, c'est toi la pute, c'est toi qu'il encule. Tu aimes pas? Regarde ta queue, elle est toute raide. Tu veux que Ralhid joue avec?.
Ralhid saisit mes testicules et les fait rouler entre ses gros doigts. Il prend le bout de ma queue avec deux autres doigts, et me décalotte. je ne peux m'empêcher de gémir.
-Vas-y, tape lui une queue, dit Valérie, il faut bien qu'il en profite lui aussi, hein, petite pédale.
J'en peux plus, je sens le désir monter en moi. je n'aurai jamais cru qu'un homme puisse me procurer autant de plaisir.
Je me surprend même a onduler du bassin sur l'énorme bite.
-Haaa...ha, vas-y Ralhid, branle, décalotte moi complètement je vais cracher, ha..ha.. salaud.
Ma semence gicle en direction de Valérie.
-Bande de salauds, gémit-elle, regardez ce que vous me faites faire. Ma petite chatte est toute excitée, oui, oui.
Ma femme hurle de plaisir.
D'un coup, Ralhid me soulève, libérant les vingt centimètres de chair qui labourait mes entrailles. Il me fait mettre à genoux devant lui.
-Allez, ordonne-t-il, suce.
Tel un automate, j'avale doucement le membre, jusqu'à ce que le gland cogne au fond de ma gorge. Il me prend par les cheveux, et guide lui même les va et vient.
-Regarde nôtre petite fille comme elle turlutte bien, dit Ralhid. Pour te récompenser, tu vas tout avaler, hein, ma chérie.
Je sens les premiers jets de sperme au fond de ma gorge.
J'essaie d'avaler à mesure, mais c'est trop. Voyant que j'étais en train de m'étouffer, Ralhid se retire, et finit de cracher sur mon visage. Je suis pris de sanglots tant l'humiliation est forte.
-Ben mon salaud, dit Valérie, quelle pipe tu lui a taillée.
Je suis toujours à genoux, essuyant mes lèvres d'un revers de main.
Sans un mot, sans un regard, Ralhid et mon épouse prennent la direction de la chambre. Une bonne partie de la nuit, je vais entendre ma femme hurler de plaisir.
Valérie et Ralhid sont toujours amant aujourd'hui. Et moi, toujours aussi soumis. Ralhid passe trois fois par semaine à la maison, même quand ma femme n'est pas là. il joue avec moi en attendant quelle arrive. Un après midi, Valérie revient des courses et me trouve en larmes.
-Qu'est-ce-qu'il se passe? demande-t-elle.
-Il m'a désobéit, dit Ralhid, je l'ai ramené à la raison.
-Mon pauvre chéri, dit-elle, tu sais bien que tu pleure quand il te prend les testicules. Allez, fait voir tes couillettes à ta petite femme.
-Aieeeee, non, pas toi, aieeee.


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My humilating story

It all began when one day my wife informed me that she and her sister had been talking about each others sex lives. It seemed that her 27 year old sister Lorna had told her what a fantastic cocksman Tony her husband was, and more importantly how well endowed he was. In return my wife had told her sister that although I was quite small I made up for my lack of inches by being an accomplished “pussy licker”. Lorna had gone on to say although Tony was great with his cock, he’d never given her any oral. “Muff diving was for small cocked wimps”, he’d say according to Lorna. That’s when my wife told me that she and her sister had discussed the possibility of doing a bit of “wife swapping”. Although Paula had often said that size didn’t matter, she now told me she’d like to try a larger cock just once. Lorna in return had said she very much wanted to experience my tongue against her pussy.

To be honest it didn’t seem like much of a bargain to me, Tony was going to fuck my wife, and I only got to lick Lorna’s pussy. Paula reminded me that Tony’s big cock had undoubtedly stretched her sisters pussy to such an extent that my little dicklet wouldn’t even touch the sides. This made me even more anxious, would he ruin my wife’s pussy as well. After she’d had his big cock, would she even want me again. Paula reassured me having Tony make love to her would be a one off. I still wasn’t sure but Paula made it pretty obvious that she was going to have sex with Tony with or without my blessing. It was true I’d always fancied Lorna like mad, if I couldn’t fuck her, going down on her pussy was probably the next best thing. Somewhat reluctantly I agreed to my wife’s proposals. The bit I was dreading the most was that I knew Tony would humiliate me something rotten.

My wife immediately got on the phone and gave her sister and Tony the good news. It was arranged that just Paula would go around to their house that very evening. Lorna in return would come over to our house at the same time. I was a little surprised that we wouldn’t all be in the same house together, and was more than a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to watch. Paula told me not to be too disappointed as she promised to tell me everything that happened. There was also another massive shock in store for me when my wife informed me that Tony had insisted I be fitted with a cock restraint the whole time Lorna was here. Even more shocking Paula also told me that her sister would not be alone, amazingly my 53 year old mother-in-law Mary was to accompany her. I was to become a pussy licker to my mother-in-law as well, how humiliating was that.

Apparently it had been part of the plan all along, in fact it had been Mary’s idea from the start. I was horrified, especially as it was now obvious that my wife, her sister, and their mother had been scheming behind my back all the while. Mary who’d been a widow for the past 2 years had never liked me that much. The thought of going between Mary’s legs and paying homage to her cunt filled me with dread. Paula warned me it was too late to back out now, she said Lorna and her mother were looking forward to me using my tongue on them, and I better not disappoint.

My wife spent ages getting ready for her “date”. For the first time I started to get quite jealous. What made me feel really envious was that my wife was wearing her sexiest underwear, her black stockings and suspenders, with matching bra and panties. When I complained that she never made such an effort for me, she said that I was just being silly. “It’s you I love, it will only be sex between me and Tony”, she whispered. As well as preparing herself I was also instructed to ready myself by shaving off all of my pubic hair in readiness for the fitting of my cock restraint. As I was at it Paula told me I should shave my legs as well. I would later find out why she wanted my legs smooth, at the time I just felt stupid. With my pubic bush gone my cock now looked even more school-boyish. What Lorna and Mary would make of me I dreaded to think.

It was 7 o’clock when Lorna and Mary arrived, I was upstairs at the time, and felt ever so embarrassed when my wife called me down. They both looked very sexy, Lorna was wearing a low cut top and short skirt, and her mom was wearing a red dress. Both women were also wearing strappy type high heels, I was such a turn on knowing I would soon be tasting their juicy pussy’s. At first I couldn’t look either of them in the eye, but eventually I just about managed to say “hello” to the pair of them. As it turned out Mary was carrying the “cock cage” which was called a CB3000 in her bag. She took it out, and said that Tony had told her to put it on me. It was to be locked in place, and return the key to him via my wife when she went around to his place.

Wasting little time Mary instructed me to strip. It was mega embarrassing having both women see how small it was. I was rock hard, but both commentated on how small I was. Lorna said I was even more tiny than she’d imagined. Mary added that I had a cock the size of a 12 year old ,with my lack of pubic hair who could argue. For the purpose of fitting my chastity device, Mary said that I’d have to be “tossed-off” first. My wife sat me down and actually masturbated me herself. It took all of ten seconds to cum, which went ever further to demonstrate I was not a real man. With my cock soft again, my pee-wee was quickly encased inside the device. There was no way I could possibly get an hard on now, Mary looked so pleased with herself as she clicked the tiny padlock shut. The key was now given to my wife for safekeeping, along with a photo which was sent to Tony’s mobile to show my encagement.

Five minuets later my wife was ready to leave, my heart was pounding as she closed the front door. I was home alone now with Lorna and Mary, although my mind was firmly fixed on the exploits of my wife and Tony. Following both women into the living room Mary announced that she wanted to go first. Lifting up her dress, she pulled off her panties. With her dress around her waist she sat on the armchair before me, her legs clad in black stockings and suspenders were spread wide, her hairy twat on full display. Almost in a trance I fell to my knees and began to lick her out. There I was on my knees, cock straining inside it’s metal prison, as I paid homage to my mother-in-laws hairy cunt. For some 20 minuets I continued to use my tongue on her, twice she came her sweet pussy juices flowing into my mouth.

Next came Lorna’s turn, like her mother she was also wearing black stockings and a lacy suspender belt. Unlike her mum though her pussy was completely shaved. She told me Tony liked her to keep it that way, and that he also insisted his “bitches” wore stockings at all times. I looked over at Mary as she said this, my mother-in-law just grinned. “Yes that’s right I’m Tony’s bitch as well. Soon Paula will be as well”, she cooed. I was beginning to wish none of this had never started. Clicking her fingers Lorna reminded me there was a pussy to see to Kneeling between her thighs I eagerly set to work at my task. Her pussy tasted really good, and some 30 minuets later I emerged from between her legs, my face covered in fanny juice yet again. For the next 3 house I alternated between both women, as well as licking their pussies I discovered that both enjoyed having their asshole tongued. By the time they’d fished with my services my jaw ached and my tongue was worn out.

Finally at 11 o’clock Mary announced that she had one more surprise in store for me. Looking back this “surprise” had clearly been planed well in advance. I now discover why Paula wanted me to shave my legs, Mary was going to clad me in a pair of stockings and suspenders. To my utter shame I was dressed in the suspender belt which was white in colour with matching stockings. Lorna giggled that I was now also one of Tony’s bitches. With that I was then taken to my bedroom and my wrists tied to the bed. I was left laying there, wearing the stockings, with my tiny cock firmly under lock and key. I watched the women leave the bedroom, and make their way out of the house laughing all the way as they slammed the door shut. My poor little cock was straining inside the confines of my cock cage. I’d have given anything for a wank at that time. I must have laid there for an hour or so before I eventually drifted off to sleep.

It was 4 o’clock in the morning when Paula got home, she turned on the light and dazzled me. I felt so ashamed her seeing me dressed in the stockings and suspender belt. “Mary told me she’d dressed you, it suites you”, she sniggered. There was of course only one thing on my mind, “Did he fuck you”, I asked nervously. My wife didn’t answer, she took off her panties, got onto the bed, and straddled my face. Her actions spoke louder than words, her pussy was awash with spunk, Tony’s spunk. Almost instinctively I began to clean out her hole. It looked quite sore, obviously Tony had been very busy. Paula told me that he’d fucked her 5 times in total, 4 times in her pussy and once up her ass. She’d also given him a blow bob. “He’s such a stud, you should see his cock he’s massive”, she sighed. I cleaned up every last drop of his cum from her cunt as she told me every last detail. Finally with her pussy clean my wrists were freed. I had hoped that my cock might also be released from the CB3000, alas Paula told me that Tony had kept the key. I knew then this wasn’t going to be a mere one off as had been first planed, this was long term, and it was going to get even more embarrassing.

I awoke quite late the following morning to the sound of the phone ringing. Paula answered it and said in a low whisper, “It’s for you, it’s Tony”. It was mega embarrassing speaking to the man who had ravished my wife less than 12 hours before. He was of course his normal arrogant self, only this time with good reason. He told me what a great shag my wife was, and also that he wanted me and Paula around his house at 8 PM that evening. I was told to hand the phone back to my wife, and there followed a 10 minuet conversation between them both with lots of laughing. By the time she put the phone down I was filled with dread, the thought of facing Tony later that night was making me feel quite sick.


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Our First New Home

My husband and I stood outside of our new home and
hugged for a moment before entering for the first time
as home owners. It was a nice, large home in a very
upscale neighborhood. Our home was built from stone and
brick and it was like new, inside and out. We had been
married for three years and worked hard to save enough
money for a good down payment. The monthly payment was
large and seemed to stretch out for the rest of our
lives, but it was not much more than we had been paying
in rent for our small apartment. Actually, with the
income tax deduction that we received for the interest
on our mortgage we would come out ahead.

My husband, Dave, works for a major aircraft
manufacturer. He is an up and coming engineer and he
loves his work. He is paid quite well for it too. His
hours are long and he has to travel entirely too much.
But he tells me that he is just 'paying his dues' and
gathering credits towards a more stable life. I didn't
like all of the absences, but I understood and I was
being patient.

I worked in an office as a low level secretary, well,
more of a clerk typist actually. The plan was that I
would work a little longer, until the new house was set
up and furnished the way we wanted. Then I was to
become a housewife, and soon after that, a mother. We
figured that if I needed to I could always find another
job somewhere. The place I worked now was a terrible
place to work. They treated the people badly and there
was never a morning that I didn't dread going into

My name is Donna. I am twenty-four. Dave is two years
older than me. We met in college and not long after we
started dating we each realized that we had found the
partner we were looking for. We were engaged within a
year and living together in a tiny apartment off
campus. I decided that I really wasn't interested in a
college degree and my time would be better spent
bringing in a little money to make our lives a little
easier. So I dropped out of school and went to work. My
parents were actually relieved. They weren't rich and
had a lot better things to do with the money than buy
me a degree in Art History.

We had already started moving into our new house, just
a few boxes at a time of little stuff. But we had just
come from closing on the house. Now it was official, we
had just joined that large group of people known as
mortgagees. At least that was what we were called on
the mountain of paperwork.

We went inside and went through into the backyard and
sat down near our new swimming pool. Fortunately the
previous owners had left a small collection of lawn
furniture. We sat and relaxed and held hands and just
enjoyed being home owners. It had been a stressful
morning. The idea of being this much in dept with the
stroke of a pen was somewhat intimidating.

We couldn't sit for long though. We had the move all
planned out. We were going to pack and move everything
ourselves in Dave's pickup truck over the next few
days, everything except the bigger, heavier stuff. When
the only things left were the big heavy stuff we were
going to hire someone to do that for us. Then we would
take inventory and see how well our old furniture
looked in the new house and what we had to shop for to
make it our dream house.

We were anxious to get it over with, so we got up and
drove to our apartment which was about a ten minute
drive. We already had a lot of boxes packed and we
loaded the truck up and then we loaded the car up. We
made three trips before we decided to call it a day. We
had only been married for three years. You wouldn't
think we would have been able to accumulate this much
stuff so quickly!

A lot of what we were moving was boxes of books. Dave
and I both loved to read and we both had book
collections. It didn't take a whole lot of books to
make a box heavy.

After our third trip of the day it was late afternoon
and we decided to spend the rest of the day in the new
house. We had already moved the bed and that had to be
put together and I started putting stuff away in the

It was hard work, but we were actually enjoying it.

I was startled by the doorbell and went to see who was
at the door. When I opened the door I was all but
overwhelmed by a large, smiling man. He introduced
himself and said, "Hello. My name is Roy. I live right
next door. My wife, Ann, just sent me over to tell you
that supper is ready. I was ordered not to come home
without you."

Dave had come out from the bedroom and he came to the
door and I introduced him to Roy. I tried to explain to
Roy that we were dirty and sweaty and in no condition
to go visiting. He would not be denied. Dave and I
looked at each other and shrugged. We stepped out onto
the front porch and Dave locked the door and we were
escorted next door by Roy.

Roy and Ann were in their mid forties. They were both
outgoing, friendly people and we instantly felt welcome
in their home. Ann had made lasagna and garlic bread
and the smells coming from the kitchen were making my
mouth water.

We had left our house so quickly that we hadn't even
thought to wash up. Roy showed us to the bathroom and
after we washed up we sat down to the best lasagna I
ever ate. There was also a most delicious red wine. I
wasn't much of a drinker. Not that I had anything
against it, I just didn't like the taste of most of the
drinks I had tried. But this wine was fantastic.

We ate and drank and talked for a couple of hours. It
was like our new house came with best friends! Roy and
Ann were both attractive people, both educated and had
a book collection that put our own to shame. They also
had a hell of a movie collection and a huge plasma TV
that must have cost as much as my car!

We thanked Roy and Ann and went back to our messy new
house. We quickly put some sheets on the bed and were
sound asleep by nine PM.

The next morning, Saturday, we got up early and after a
couple of cups of coffee out by the pool we drove back
to the apartment with a truck full of the boxes we had
emptied last night.

By the end of the day there was nothing left but the
big stuff, our dressers and a sofa and love seat and a
few large sets of bookshelves.

We put things together as much as we could and then on
Monday I called a mover and told them what I needed
moved and how far it had to go. Because it wasn't much
and it wasn't far they squeezed me in on Wednesday and
it only cost an arm and a leg.

By Friday, after a lot of late evenings spent unpacking
and putting things away, we had the house almost the
way we wanted it. We decided to buy entirely new living
room furniture and we needed dining room furniture
since we hadn't had a dining room in our old apartment.
We had bought a whole new set of patio furniture and
the pool area was now just what we had pictured it in
our minds when we first saw it.

On Saturday, as we had arranged a week ago when we were
having dinner with the new neighbors, Roy and Ann came
over to spend the afternoon around our pool. I had
bought some huge steaks and made a nice salad and a
potato salad.

At the agreed upon time our neighbors came through the
gate between the two back yards and Dave almost choked
on his beer when he saw them. Well, when he saw Ann.
She was wearing the tiniest, most revealing bathing
suit I had ever seen in my life! And it looked very,
very good on her.

I elbowed my husband and he reeled his eyes back into
his head. Roy was trailing behind, he was carrying a
small cooler and he had paused to close the gate. Ann
came up and gave us both a hug, totally ignoring our
shock at seeing so much of her.

She was sexy and vivacious and if she had not told me
her age last week I would have sworn she was still in
her twenties. She was in better shape than I was!

There were two little patches covering her nipples and
another patch not quite covering her obviously shaved
pubic mound. I was wearing a nice, sexy little bikini,
but she made me feel like I was fully dressed.

Roy came up and set his cooler down and hugged me and
shook Dave's hand. He was slightly more modestly
attired in a spandex bikini. I found it impossible to
ignore the bulge in the front of his suit. It looked

I don't know what they were drinking; it was in a
pitcher, nestled in the ice in their cooler. They told
me what it was called but I didn't recognize the name
and I don't remember it now. Roy insisted I have a
glass of it though, and it was delicious. I wasn't even
sure that it had alcohol in it. Roy refilled my glass
several times. Dave was even talked into switching from
his beer to their special concoction and he seemed to
enjoy it too.

We sat and talked. Just like last week, our neighbors
dominated the conversation, but it was very pleasant
and we almost reached the point that we could ignore
the way they were dressed. Right up until Ann asked me
how I liked her new suit. I had to admit it was the
hottest thing I had ever seen. She told me that she had
found it on the internet and ordered several of them.
She said that she would love to see me in one, and
before I could put a stop to it, all three of them were
urging me to accompany her back to her house to try one
of them on. Dave seemed particularly anxious to see me
in one.

I don't believe that I am any more modest than the
average girl on the street. I like to wear miniskirts
and tight jeans and sexy tops. I wouldn't call my
bikini modest. But I really didn't want to try on one
of those extremely revealing suits. Somehow, though, I
ended up following Ann through the gate to her back
yard and into her bedroom. She pulled out two bikinis
which were similar to her own, and a one piece suit
which was even more revealing, if that was possible.

As soon as we were in the bedroom she reached for the
catch on my bra and opened it. I felt very self
conscious, but I tried to act as though this was
nothing unusual. She pulled the strings on the sides of
my bottoms and they fell to the floor. I had not been
undressed by a woman since my mother did it when I was
a little girl. It really felt strange.

Ann turned me around and admired my body openly,
complimenting me on my "perky breasts" and my cute
butt. I just blushed and tried to reach for one of the
suits she had laid out on the bed.

She stopped me and said, "You can't put those on yet,
Donna. You have a little problem we have to take care
of first."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bathroom.
She put a towel down on the toilet and sat me on top of
it. By this time you would have thought that I knew
what was coming. I guess I had been pretty much running
on automatic since Ann took over. I seemed to be
incapable of acting of my own free will when she and
Roy were around.

Ann sat me down on the towel and before I could scream
for help she was kneeling between my wide spread legs
and cutting my pubic hair off with a pair of scissors.
As she worked she commented on what a beautiful pussy I
had. That is not something I had ever heard from
another woman before.

She worked quickly and it didn't take long, since I
always keep my light blonde bush trimmed close anyway.
Soon, my entire patch of hair was just a little
stubble. Ann stood up and gathered a razor and some
soap and a wet cloth and returned to force my legs open

But she wasn't satisfied and she made me stand up and
she spread the towel out on the bathroom floor and made
me lay down on it. It was like I no longer had a mind
of my own! I let her push me down onto my back and she
was soon kneeling between my legs again. I was so
embarrassed about having anyone other than my husband
touch me there, but I said nothing as she rubbed the
wet cloth over my genitals and then spread the shaving
cream all over the area. It may have been just that I
was so self conscious, but she seemed to spend much too
much time spreading the cream around my pussy.

She bent down, her face only a foot from my crotch as
she slowly removed all traces of my pubic hair. When
she used her fingers to stretch out my labia to keep
them out of the way a feeling like an electric shock
coursed through my body that only deepened my

It got worse though. When I thought that she was done,
all of the hair had obviously been removed, she
suddenly lifted my leg and pushed it up to my chest and
checked the crack of my butt, removing a few stray
hairs from there as well.

She rinsed me off with the cloth and patted me dry and
helped me to my feet. She stood me in front of the
mirror and said, "Beautiful! Don't you think so Donna?!
Damn, I wish I looked that young and sweet!"

I was too shocked to speak, but it did look kind of

She pulled me back into the bedroom and I tried on the
two tiny bikinis. It was almost like being naked. And
there are only two places I have ever been naked, my
bedroom and my bathroom. It was inappropriate to be
naked anywhere else.


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Before I had a chance to say no, Ann pulled the strings
on the second bikini and it fell to the floor. She
picked up the little one piece and straightened it out
with difficulty. She bent down and made me step into it
and she pulled it up over my shoulders and tied it
behind my neck. She pulled the two tiny strips of
nearly transparent cloth out away from my body and
straightened them out and then placed them over my
nipples. These two strips of cloth joined just over my
slit and became one tiny piece of nearly transparent
material which just barely covered my slit. From there,
a string went up between the cheeks of my ass and then
split off to go around my waist and attach to the front
of the suit.

Ann was ecstatic. She was gushing about how sexy I
looked and insisting that this tiny scrap of material
was just made for me.

I could see myself in the mirror and I had to admit it
was really hot. Most of the areas that were normally
covered by my bikini were now exposed and the stark
white skin really drew your eyes. I knew that Dave
would love it. I would be happy to wear it for him too,
when it was just the two of us. But I never had a
chance to tell Ann that I couldn't wear any one of the
three of these suits, and especially this last one.

She was pulling me back over to my backyard before I
could make her listen to my stutters. I seemed as
totally incapable of saying no to this woman as I would
have been to my parents.

In less than a minute I was standing in front of Dave
and Roy, and the looks of lust in their eyes, while
complimentary, were incredibly embarrassing. Both men
stood up and Ann turned me around slowly in front of

I was certain that Dave would be furious and make me
take the tiny suit off. Boy was I wrong! He loved it!
He pulled me close and hugged me and told me how
beautiful I looked. He made Ann promise to give him the
web site where she had gotten it so that he could buy
me several of them.

I was given another large glass of whatever was in the
pitcher that they had brought with them. It was really
delicious and whatever was in it really helped to calm
me down.

As the afternoon went on Roy and Ann continued to lead
the conversation, often into areas that made me
uncomfortable. They were very open about their
sexuality. But it seemed like the more of that drink I
sipped the less embarrassed I became.

In fact, after a brief dip in the pool I noticed that
the suit was nearly invisible. My nipples and slit were
totally on display. And I just ignored it.

Roy made two trips back to his house during the
afternoon to refill the pitcher. Dave and I were both a
little tipsy. Neither Dave nor I noticed that we were
the only ones drinking from the pitcher.

We took several more dips into the pool during the
afternoon. I wasn't even self conscious about my
invisible suit anymore by late afternoon. Whenever we
were in the pool Roy would tease me and get me laughing
and there must have been a dozen occasions that I had
to pull the strips of cloth back over my nipples
because they had slipped off.

I noticed that Ann was just as playful with Dave and he
was having a ball. I also noticed that when we climbed
out of the pool the large bulge in Roy's trunks was
barely contained. I couldn't help staring, and I
couldn't help wondering what that oversized tube of
flesh would feel like stroking in and out of my tight
pussy. My hand had brushed against it several times as
we played in the pool and, I suppose thanks to the
drinks I had been sipping all afternoon, I had to
really fight the urge to wrap my fingers around it and
see just how big it would get if given the chance.

After a couple of hours, we were already on the second
pitcher of drinks, Ann stood up and said, "Listen guys,
this is silly. Roy and I never wear swim suits and
these things don't cover anything anyway, would you
guys mind if we took these off?"

Before I could make a sound Dave said, "I think that's
a great idea!" Then he turned to me and said, "Come on
baby, that thing looks hot on you, but it doesn't
really cover anything anyway. Let's go skinny dipping."

I am sure it was the drinks; because I am just not the
kind of person that skinny dips. But for some reason I
didn't mind at all when Roy stood up and stripped off
that small, tight suit he had been wearing, exposing
that incredible cock to the sunlight. Then he stepped
behind me and untied my suit behind my neck and slid it
down over my hips and helped me step out of it while
Ann was helping Dave out of his trunks, exposing his
more average sized, but erect penis.

I watched in amazement as Ann smiled and put her hand
around his cock and said, "Oh my, that's a nice one.
Donna, you are a lucky girl indeed. Roy's, as you have
probably noticed, is quite large and can take some
getting used to."

I was indeed noticing. I was staring at it. I was
unable to look away as it twitched and grew slightly
right before my eyes. But then Roy picked me up and
tossed me into the pool and dove in after me.

We were soon wrestling around in the water again while
Dave and Ann sat in the shade and talked, ignoring us.

Roy's hands were all over me as we played around and he
even placed my hand around his now hard cock and for
some reason I couldn't pull my hand away. I knew it was
wrong, I was embarrassed. But Jesus it felt nice! It
was so long and thick and hard and smooth and
masculine. I don't know how it happened, but soon I was
backed up against the pool wall and his cock was
rubbing my slit and somehow my legs opened up and his
cock slid into my pussy effortlessly. I was certain
that it would be painful, but he went very slowly and
gently and our eyes stayed locked on each other and it
just felt so damned good.

When Roy started pumping his large organ in and out of
me, driving me crazy, I glanced around briefly and saw
that Dave and Ann were totally ignoring us. I don't
know why I allowed it; I don't know why I didn't stop
him. I was terrified that Dave would turn this way and
see Roy and it would we be obvious that we were having
sex in the pool, not twenty feet away from them.

Roy whispered in my ear, "You don't have to worry about
Dave, keep watching."

I kept watching Dave and Ann and I noticed that her
hand was moving up his thigh. I was at a loss when she
suddenly stood up and dropped her chair cushion at his
feet and drop to her knees and in an instant she had
his hard cock in her mouth. I didn't know what to feel.
I was relieved because now he couldn't be mad at me. I
was also surprised to find that watching them was very
arousing. And I loved the cock which was slowly
pounding my pussy into submission.

Roy saw that I was about to start getting vocal and he
put his lips over mine and we began to kiss
passionately. I knew this was all wrong. We weren't
swingers or wife swappers or whatever they were called

We were happily married, almost newlyweds in fact. I
had certainly never entertained the idea of having sex
with anyone but Dave and I was sure he hadn't either.

I couldn't think anymore. I just went with it. It was
all too much for me. Strutting around in that tiny suit
all afternoon, the sexual conversations, the playing
around in the pool, and most of all those delicious
drinks, it was all too much. I started screaming into
Roy's mouth as I came, one orgasm right after the
other. I had never had multiple orgasms before and I
was as limp as a rag when I felt Roy finally cum in me
with two or three brutal, final strokes which nearly
knocked the wind out of me.

After Roy came in me, he left his softening cock inside
of me and we turned sideways so that we could both
watch Dave and Ann more easily. He was obviously just
about to cum in Ann's mouth and she seemed anxious to
drink his cum.

Dave tensed up and grunted loudly and I watched Ann's
cheeks expand as her mouth filled with cum and then she
would swallow and repeat the process. I should have
been furious; I was amazed that I only felt aroused as
I watched.

I felt the muscles in my pussy clamping down on Roy's
large cock and then releasing, and I felt his cock
growing again. Meanwhile we watched as Ann traded
places with Dave and he ate her to several loud
orgasms. They must have known we were watching, and
listening, but they acted as if they were all alone.

Roy started walking out of the pool with his cock, hard
now, still buried in my oversensitive pussy. He carried
me to a nice soft grassy area and laid me down without
ever letting his cock come free of me.

Soon he was plunging in and out again, and it was
heaven. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the
sensations for several minutes. My eyes were shocked
open though, when I felt a hand, and then a mouth on
each of my nipples. I looked up and saw Roy above me,
supported on his strong arms and Dave and Ann, each
with a nipple in their mouth. There must surely have
been something besides alcohol in those drinks because
I would never have consented to this sort of sexual
behavior. But I did now. In fact, it was the most
exciting thing that had ever happened to me and I never
wanted it to end.

I put an arm around Dave's neck and another around
Ann's and I held on tight as Roy gave me one giant
orgasm after another. He finally came again and while I
was cumming with him that last time Dave moved his lips
up to mine and kissed me, lovingly, passionately. I
cannot adequately describe the feelings I had at that
time. The love, the arousal, and the complete and utter
satiation unlike anything I had ever felt before. For
some reason I didn't even feel embarrassed anymore.

Roy finally pulled out of me and rose to his knees. Ann
took Dave's place at my lips and kissed me lovingly and
told me how sexy I was. Then she pulled me up and
guided my lips to her husband's cum covered cock. I
can't explain how I allowed them to make me do such a
disgusting thing. No, that isn't right; they didn't
"make" me. They presented me with the opportunity and I
opened my mouth and took as much of Roy's cock into my
mouth as I could. As I licked and sucked at his cock,
Ann was caressing my hair and my face with one hand and
her husband's cock and balls with the other. Dave was
kissing my neck and my shoulder and toying with my
sensitive breast and telling me how sexy I was.

Roy's cock was rapidly growing in my mouth and I was
awed by his recuperative powers, not to mention the
size of his very large organ, which looked a whole lot
bigger when it was right in my face. I let the three of
them have total control over me and soon Roy's hard
cock was pushing further and further into my wide
stretched mouth.

Dave moved his hand down to my very well fucked pussy
and easily slid several fingers deep into me while at
the same time his thumb rubbed against my sensitive
clitoris. I reacted by taking even more of Roy's large
cock into my mouth and I felt Ann's hand on the back of
my head, urging me to take even more. I didn't think it
possible, in fact, I knew it wasn't possible, but
suddenly I found myself with my lips stretched to the
limit around the base of Roy's fat, nine inch cock!

The amazing thing was that I didn't panic. With all of
the stimulation I was receiving I was nothing but a
sexual puppet at that moment. I pulled back to the tip
of Roy's cock and drove back down again. Each time was
easier and I was actually feeling pretty proud of

I felt his cock twitch in my throat and I knew that he
had begun to cum in my throat, but he pulled back and
rested just the tip of his cock on my lips and Ann and
I worked together to finish him with our hands.

This was the third orgasm I had given Roy in the last
half hour and I was amazed at the volume of cum that
filled my mouth and oozed out around his cock. He
finally pulled away and I swallowed his load thirstily,
something I had never done for my husband.

Once I had swallowed, Ann used her finger to scoop up
what had dripped down my chin and feed it to me. I
sucked her fingers clean and she pushed me forward to
lick up the last few drops on the end of Roy's cock.
Then she pulled me back and kissed me again. I had
never, until this evening, kissed a woman this way. I
had never even imagined that I would. For some reason
though, I was enjoying it. I was enjoying everything.

Roy stood up and pulled us all to our feet, one at a
time. We walked slowly back to our seats and had
another of those delicious drinks.

I cannot explain how we were now able to sit around,
totally naked, and talk casually, laugh and joke and be
comfortable. I didn't feel the least bit self conscious
now, or the least bit guilty for having sex with Roy. I
didn't seem to feel the least bit jealous about
watching Dave and Ann either.

As the afternoon wore on I was struck that Dave was
just as susceptible to direction from Roy and Ann as I
had been. We seemed to do anything that they wished,
whether it was something that we would normally have
permitted or not.

Roy took me twice more before Dave cooked the steaks.
And each time was just as magnificent as the first, and
the second. And each time, near the end, Ann and Dave
came over and joined us.

One time Ann lay down beside me and held my hand and
Dave made love to her right beside me as Roy drove me
crazy with his large cock yet again. And after each
time he took me, I was presented with his cock to
clean, which I did without hesitation.

I noticed that after Dave had made love to Ann she got
him to eat her pussy clean. Something that I know he
would never have done with me.

At a little before five PM Roy suggested that Dave cook
the steaks and he promptly rose and started the gas
grill. Ann suggested I should set the table and I went
in and got the plates and flatware and set the table
out on the patio. Then I set out the salads and in ten
minutes we were all eating a delicious meal.

I noticed that everything seemed so much better this
afternoon. The sex was better, the food was better, the
drink was fantastic and for some reason I seemed to
feel love for the two new neighbors that I was meeting
today for only the second time. I found that I wanted
to do everything I could to please them.

I guess that's why I didn't refuse when Ann pulled me
out on to the lawn again and laid me down on a lounge
cushion and started making out with me. We kissed and
touched and I was a willing participant. I followed her
lead and did all of the wonderful things to her that
she was doing to me.

As we made love I noticed out of the corner of my eye
that the guys were standing nearby, watching with new
erections as Ann turned around and for the first time
in my life I tasted another woman's pussy. I cannot
explain why, but I felt compelled to please her and I
licked and sucked avidly at her pussy and, I loved it!

We both had several orgasms before Roy pulled us apart
and pulled me to my knees and took me from behind.
While Roy fucked my more than willing pussy, Dave knelt
in front of me and I sucked his seven inch cock easily
into my throat. It just seemed that every time I
thought that things couldn't get more exciting, Roy and
Ann showed me how wrong I was.

Dave soon came in my mouth and for the first time I
swallowed it gladly. He fell away then, and watched as
Roy pulled me up onto my knees and held me close to his
chest, squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples
and fucking me violently from behind.

He came again and without even being asked I waited for
him to release me and then I swiveled around and took
him cum soaked cock down my throat. He patted my head
and told me how good I was and as I sucked him clean,
in the back of my mind there was a nagging feeling that
I should be resisting everything that was happening,
but I didn't. I squashed that feeling and glowed with
the praise Roy was giving me.


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What came next was the most amazing thing that happened
all night. When I had cleaned Roy's cock and balls he
pulled away and ordered me to lie on my back and spread
my legs. I obeyed immediately and then I watched in
amazement as Ann led Dave between my legs and guided
his head down to my dripping, cum filled pussy.

My eyes got wide as, without hesitation, Dave greedily
ate Roy's cum from my pussy. While he was doing that
Roy knelt over my head and suggested that it would be
nice if I did the same thing to his asshole. And I did!

Dave ate my pussy until I had another orgasm, then we
all got up and went back to the patio. Ann suggested I
clean up the table and they all sat down and watched me
as I obeyed without question.

When I had cleaned up the patio and the kitchen I came
back out and I was given one more drink. As we sat
around naked and relaxed they again dominated the
conversation, telling us what a great time we had. For
some reason, that didn't strike either Dave or me as

They told us that they were going home now, it was
getting late. They suggested we get a good night's
sleep because they had a lot of fun planned for

For some reason we just accepted that. We kissed them
both goodnight. I mean that! Both of us kissed both of
them goodnight!

Then we went to bed and cuddled up and went to sleep. I
can't ever remember sleeping so soundly either. We woke
up earlier than we normally might on a Sunday and took
a shower together. For some reason neither of us seemed
to have any second thoughts about what happened
yesterday. We were smiling and happy and kissing and
touching and we felt no regrets. We felt nothing but

After our shower we went into the bedroom and started
to get out some clothes to wear when out of the blue
Dave said, "We don't need these. I like being naked.
Don't you?"

I thought about it for a second and realized that I
did. I liked being naked, a lot! So we went out to the
kitchen and I made breakfast while Dave got the coffee
going. Then we took our breakfast out to the patio and

As we ate I looked around the backyard and thought of
everything that had happened last night. I felt a
twinge of something, I'm not sure what. Deep down I
knew that what we had done was wrong and totally out of
character for both of us. As the morning wore on, it
started to weigh on me more and more.

At about ten Ann came over and she had a glass in each
hand. It was that same drink we had been given last
night. She gave Dave and me each one and told us to
drink up. I tried to tell her that I don't drink in the
morning but she just smiled and said, "Silly girl, of
course you do! You do whatever I want you to."

I knew that I really didn't want to drink the drink in
my hand. But I also knew that I had to. I sipped it
down and soon the doubts were gone and I didn't even
remember having them.

Ann sat down and we joined her at the table. She was
fully dressed and we were still naked, but for some
reason that didn't bother either of us. In about
fifteen minutes Roy came over and handed Dave a couple
of cases of beer and told Dave to put them on Ice. He
said that he had enjoyed meeting us so much that he
wanted some of his friends to get acquainted with us
too. They would be dropping by shortly.

I started to get up to go get dressed and Ann said,
"Where are you going, dear?"

I explained that I needed to get dressed but she said,
"Oh no, dear. You look beautiful just the way you are.
Roy's friends are going to love you just like that.
Besides, you really are much more comfortable naked,
aren't you?"

I found myself saying yes, without even thinking about

I started to return to my seat but Roy pulled me over
into his lap instead. I sat down without the slightest
hesitation and just enjoyed the feeling of his hands as
he groped my breasts and fingered my pussy. He pulled
his finger out of my pussy and held it up to my face
and smiled and said, "Yeah baby, you're ready for more
fucking, aren't you?"

I smiled and nodded my head, then he held his fingers
to my lips and I eagerly sucked them clean. Soon
strange men started wandering through the gate that Roy
had left open. For some reason it didn't bother me at
all that I was put to work serving them drinks and
moving among them and letting them touch me and kiss me
and do anything they wanted. I don't know how many men
showed up. By late evening it seemed like the backyard
was full of people. Ann had brought another pitcher of
those drinks over and Dave and I had several more
during the afternoon.

Then, around five PM, I think, Roy led me out to a
blanket that had been spread out on the grass. I
noticed two men standing nearby with large,
professional looking cameras which were both pointed
right at me. But I didn't mind.

Roy kissed me for a moment and then he said, "Guys,
watch this, you aren't going to believe it!"

Then he pushed me to my knees and opened his pants and
I helped him push them down to his knees. He patted my
head and said, "Okay Donna, show my friends what a good
cocksucker you are."

For some reason I was anxious to do just that. I
started licking and kissing his cock and balls and then
I took it into my mouth and in no time at all I had it
down my throat and his pubic hair was tickling my lips.
I started caressing his balls lightly with my fingers
and taking his cock in and out of my throat as rapidly
as I could.

I could hear the comments around me as the men watched
in wonder as I took Roy's huge cock into my little
mouth and swallowed it so enthusiastically. Roy didn't
last as long this time as he had yesterday. He came
pretty quickly, in fact and I felt kind of cheated as
he pulled his slowly softening cock out of my mouth. He
saw the look of disappointment on my face and he patted
my head and said, don't worry baby, all of my friends
are here and they want to see that you have all of the
cock you will ever want. You ready for more?"

I was, for some reason. I wanted lots more! I shook my
head eagerly and Roy stepped out of the way. Then it
started. It started at five PM and from then until two
in the morning I had cocks in me. Sometimes it was just
one at a time, sometimes two. Usually the men fucking
my mouth would cum down my throat, but sometimes they
pulled out and sprayed my face. When they did Dave was
right there to lick my face clean.

After every two or three times they came in my pussy I
was laid down on my back and Dave licked me clean, or
he was put on his back and I was made to straddle his
face and he would lick and suck the cum out of me. Half
way through the night, while I was eagerly sucking on
yet another large cock, someone started forcing a
finger into my ass. It was covered with something cold
and it went in fairly easily. I didn't even think to
tell them to stop. I didn't know why. I would never let
Dave even see my asshole, much less touch it!

The men were watching avidly as the man behind me put
one, then two, and finally three fingers into my ass
and stretched me out. Then his fingers withdrew and I
felt the head of his cock pushing into me.

It hurt like hell, but I didn't even consider trying to
escape him. I continued to concentrate on the cock in
my mouth as the man behind me plundered my ass to the
amusement of the gathered crowd.

From then on the men seemed to alternate between my ass
and my pussy. Except for those times when they used
both at once. The first time, I was made to straddle a
cock and take it into my pussy and then the man, a
large black man, I noticed for the first time, pulled
me to his chest and held me tight while another man
knelt between my legs and forced his cock into my ass.
I was screaming in pain so to shut me up someone filled
my mouth with cock again. That happened several more
times that evening, I am not sure exactly how many

Everything was kind of a blur. The thing that stood out
most in my mind was Dave licking me clean, over and
over. I couldn't figure out why he would do that. He
had a vacant look on his face, as if he wasn't even
aware of what he was doing. But I was too busy to pay a
lot of attention to him.

About once an hour Ann would come over with a glass of
that delicious drink and Dave and I would gulp more of
it down quickly and then return to our duties.

I came to the realization that I was all alone around
two AM and I slowly and painfully got to my feet. I
walked over to the where Ann and Roy were sitting on
the patio. I didn't even question seeing Dave on his
knees sucking Roy's cock all the way down his throat. I
stared at him for a moment and then Ann directed me to
kneel in front of her. I started to kneel on the cement
but she stopped me and dropped a cushion at her feet.
Then I knelt and she pulled her skirt up and I ate her
for a long time as she had several orgasms. I heard Roy
cumming in Dave's mouth behind me and we were both
allowed to rest finally. But only for a minute, the men
that had been filming the entire evening needed to be
satisfied before they left.

Dave sat passively at Roy's feet while I was led back
out to the blanket and the two men took turns fucking
my ass. When each one finished I sucked him clean and
then I was led back to the patio and given a last drink
from the pitcher.

I was exhausted. Under normal circumstances I would
have been dying to take a shower and go to bed. But
there was nothing normal about what was happening to
us. We just didn't realize it.

Roy and Ann finally stood up and told us that we could
go to bed as soon as we cleaned up the back yard. Then
they left and Dave and I stood and looked around at the
incredible mess. There were empty beer cans and bottles
everywhere. I noticed several large pizza boxes too. It
occurred to me that we had not eaten since breakfast,
but I suppose that both of us had a stomach full of
cum. Maybe that was why we weren't hungry. I started
gathering up empties while Dave went into the garage
and came back with a box of trash bags. It took us an
hour to clean up the yard, and then we were finally
able to go to bed. I don't know if it was because we
were so tired, or because Ann hadn't told us to, but we
didn't even shower first. We just cuddled up, smelling
of cum, and went to sleep.

When the alarm went off three hours later we struggled
up with great difficulty. My entire body was sore. My
breasts were black and blue and so were my thighs. But
the pain in my ass and my pussy was what got my total
attention. I was just about to call in sick. I had
taken a shower hoping that would help. But it didn't. I
went out to the living room and reached for the phone
when I saw a note leaning up against the phone. I
picked up the note and saw that it was from Ann.

It was short and sweet. It said, "Dave and Donna, we
had a great time last night. We are looking forward to
seeing you after work. Come over after supper, we have
something to show you. From now on, neither of you will
be allowed to wear underwear. And we want you to wear
something sexy, Donna. I know you are tired and sore,
but no calling in sick. Love, Ann"

I took the note back in and handed it to Dave as he was
getting dressed. We looked at each other for a moment
and then he undressed and removed his underwear.
Whatever it was that had come over us, that had made us
submit to all of things that we had over the weekend
was starting to wear off. We were aware of what we had
done and that it was totally out of character. We were
just now starting to be embarrassed by it. But whatever
it was that made us do what our neighbors told us to
do, it still had enough of a hold over us that we
dressed as we were instructed and went to work after a
quick breakfast of cereal.

I can only imagine what kind of day Dave had. Mine was
totally awful. First of all I was dressed much more
sexily than normal. As I sat down at my desk and tried
to do my work, the events of the weekend flashed
through my mind all day. I was torn between total
humiliation and arousal. But as the day wore on and
whatever it was that had taken control of us wore off,
there was more and more humiliation and less and less

Around three o'clock I had to run to the bathroom and
lock myself in a stall and I cried for several minutes
before I could finally pull myself together. I finally
dried my eyes and went to the sink and washed my face
and fixed up my makeup. I returned to my desk and I got
a call from my supervisor asking me to come to his

I stood up and walked to the corner of the large room
with all of the little cubicles that we worker bees
were confined in. Mr. Jefferson's office was in the
corner with large glass walls that allowed him to keep
his eye on us. I knocked on his door and he looked up
and told me to come in and sit down. He got up and
closed the blinds on his glass walls and shut his door
and then came around and sat on his desk in front of

"Donna," he said, "I couldn't help but notice that you
have totally ignored the office dress code today. Stand
up please."

I stood nervously and looked down at my hands clasped
in front of me.

"I apologize, Mr. Jefferson, I don't know what I was
thinking this morning," I almost whispered. It was
embarrassing enough to be called to his office. To be
called in for dressing like I was, that was truly
humiliating. It didn't help that I feared and despised
this man.

He continued to look me over and then he said, "You are
wearing a nearly see-through blouse, a miniskirt, and
no bra. You are not wearing hose either. What else
aren't you wearing Donna?"

For some reason I was compelled to answer him. "I am
not wearing any underwear, Mr. Jefferson. I am sorry

He stared at me for a moment, and then he slowly
extended his hand and gripped the hem of my skirt and
lifted it slowly, until my entire abdomen was exposed.
And I just stood there and let him. He tucked the hem
into my waistband and his hand slid down over my belly
to my bare pussy. His gaze went back and forth between
my eyes and my pussy as his finger began to rub over my

"Nice shave," he said. "Close and smooth. You look like
a little girl. What are those bruises on your thighs?"

I didn't know what to say. I finally said, "We had a
party last night and things got kind of out of hand."

"Yes, I can see that," he said.

As he started moving his finger in and out of my very
wet pussy he ordered me to unbutton my blouse. I
desperately wanted to turn and run from this room.
Instead, I did as I was instructed and unbuttoned my
blouse and let it hang open.

His other hand pulled it off of my shoulders and let it
slide down my arms. Then he examined my breasts.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "Beautiful, but they look sore. I
don't believe I have ever seen black and blue tits
before. That must have been some party. How many men
did you fuck?"

"I don't know," I said. I had begun to cry quietly. I
couldn't imagine why I was letting him do these things
to me. Every fiber of my being wanted to turn and run
screaming form this room!

"Is your poor little pussy sore?" he asked, a false
note of concern in his voice.

I nodded. It was. As the day went on I had become more
and more aware of the aches and pains in my body.

"Well then I won't fuck you today, bitch. I'll let you
suck my cock instead."

He stood up and unfastened his pants and dropped them
to his knees and leaned back against his desk. I
glanced at the door, which was closed but not locked,
but I suppose that's his problem. I dropped to my knees
and took his already hard cock into my mouth and all
the way down on the very first stroke. He loved it and
groaned as I sucked his cock just like I learned this
weekend. He came so quickly that I wasn't expecting it
and almost choked on his cum. He held my head against
his stomach and said, "Again bitch!"

So I did. He took longer the second time but it still
wasn't very long before he filled my mouth with his
cum. He finally pulled me to my feet and then he turned
me around and lifted the back of my short skirt to
examine my ass.

"Beautiful!" he said. "I want you to keep dressing just
like you did today. Now get out of here and go on

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was five minutes
past quitting time, almost everyone was already gone. I
straightened out my skirt and put my blouse back on and
buttoned it up and went to my desk to get my purse.
Then I walked to my car in a daze.

I drove home. I must have. I found myself parked in my
driveway. But I don't remember the drive at all.

I went inside my new house and went to the bedroom and
undressed and took a shower. Then I collapsed on the
bed and cried my eyes out. I finally got up and put on
some loose clothing and went out to the kitchen and
started supper. Unless he called to say he was going to
be late I counted on Dave being home by 5:30.


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He came in just as supper was about ready and he came
into the kitchen and hugged me close and asked, "What
the hell is happening to us?"

I leaned against his chest and started crying and
replied, "I don't know. Roy and Ann, they did
something. They drugged us or something, they must
have. Oh god Dave, it was awful. This whole day was
awful! I kept remembering things that happened, but
even now, I still can feel it. They ordered us to come
over after dinner, and I have to go. I don't know why,
but I have to."

Dave held me close and said, "Yeah, I know, me too. I
know what you mean about remembering things. All day
long I kept remembering the things they made us do last
night, hell, all weekend! I kept getting sick to my
stomach and I wanted to go home. But I remembered that
note and I couldn't leave. But this stuff is wearing
off, whatever it is. We just have to make sure we don't
eat or drink anything when we go over there tonight."

I nodded and served supper. We ate slowly, neither of
us was anxious to go next door. After supper I cleaned
up and Dave put on some casual clothes and we went next
door. We knocked on the front door and Ann finally came
and opened it for us. We started to enter but she
stopped us.

"Take off your clothes before you come in," she
ordered. "From now on you don't come over here with
clothes on unless we tell you to, alright?" She was
talking in a friendly, welcoming voice, but she was
talking down to us, like an adult talking to a four
year old.

We both shook our heads and undressed quickly, standing
under the bright lights on the front porch. I heard
cars driving down the road come to a stop. But I didn't
have the nerve to turn around and look.

Ann finally let us enter with our clothing in our
hands. We dropped our clothes on the chair when she
instructed us to do so. Then we followed her into the
TV room. Roy was in there talking to the two men who
had been doing the camera work last night.

Roy pointed to the two shot glasses on the table and
ordered us each to drink one down. Dave pleaded with
him not to make us drink it, but he just smiled and
watched. He already knew that we would obey.

I had tears in my eyes as I picked up one of the
glasses and tossed it down quickly. I suppose that this
was what was in the drink we had been consuming all
weekend. But without the fruity drink to camouflage the
taste it was terribly bitter. Dave and I both made
faces as we forced the stuff down and then sat the
glasses back down.

"Don't worry," Roy said. "Only one of those every
evening for the rest of this week and that's all."

"What is it?" I asked. "What are you doing to us?"

"Why, I thought it would be obvious, Donna. It is a
drug that the pharmaceutical company I own has
developed to treat depression, which has an amazing
side effect, as we recently discovered during the
testing. It removes your free will. You lose the
ability to refuse anyone anything. I mixed in a small
dose of an experimental aphrodisiac over the weekend to
make everything that happened a little more palatable.
But we don't really want you to enjoy yourself too
much. It is more fun for us when you do things you
don't want to do because you don't have any choice.

"We have learned that seven doses of the drug make the
changes in your mind permanent. So that you have hope,
I need to point out that there is an antidote, and if
we ever tire of you we will probably make it available
to you. But until that time, I am afraid that you will
both find yourselves compelled to obey any order, or
even mild suggestion, from anyone. You will be totally
unable to control it."

"You have probably noticed that as the day went on the
effects began to wear off. By the end of the week that
won't happen. You have also noticed that the
aphrodisiac has worn off my now. If I am a good mood I
may give you more when I think it is appropriate. But
mostly it turns me on to think about how much you hate
what you have to do."

Dave and I stood there stunned while Roy and his two
friends stood up and undressed. Then they sat back
down. Roy and one of the camera men were sitting side
by side on the huge sectional. I watched as the man
beside Roy ordered Dave to lie down beside him and
stretch out with his face in the man's lap. I was
ordered to do the same thing to Roy. When I was lying
with my mouth around Roy's cock I could feel the hair
on the top of my head brushing up against Dave's.

Ann picked up the remote control and turned on the huge
plasma TV. As soon as it came on she started a DVD. It
was from the party last night. Now, without the haze
from all of the alcohol and drugs, I could see how many
men had been there. I couldn't count them, there were
too many and they kept moving around. I also saw that
licking me clean had not been the only indignity Dave
had been subjected to. Several of the men required him
to suck them off and two men even fucked his ass. I
hadn't known about that.

Roy said, "I suppose you are wondering how many men
were there last night."

I murmured a response around his fat cock.

"Well, I was a little disappointed at the turn out. I
invited an even one hundred men, but only eighty-four
showed up. Some men have trouble getting out of the
house on Sunday evening. But to make up for it, nearly
half of them fucked you twice. You were a big hit
Donna. The guys loved fucking a sweet, young, drugged

"It really turned them on, just like it is turning me
on now. Go ahead and use your hand now. I'm ready to
cum. But don't close your eyes. There is a camera
pointed at us right now, I will know. I don't want you
to miss a minute of the movie these two gentlemen
worked so hard on."

I started massaging Roy's cock with my hand and in
moments he was filling my mouth with his hot, nasty
cum. It was harder now, without the aphrodisiac. The
vile fluid seemed to burn my throat as I forced myself
to swallow.

When Roy was finally satisfied he pushed me away and
the other camera man called me over. He was sitting
near Dave's feet with an erection. He ordered me to sit
on it and ride it, but not to take my eyes off of the

As I bounced up and down on the man's cock, I felt my
breasts swaying painfully, but Roy seemed to find that
amusing. When I tried to support them with my hands he
ordered me to put my hands down.

Roy asked me if anything unusual had happened today and
I was forced to tell him all about what happened with
my supervisor. When I finally finished telling them
about it they all had a good laugh. The man that was
getting sucked off by my husband finally stiffened and
held Dave's head tightly and came in his mouth.

Dave gagged a little, but managed to keep it down. As
soon as the man pushed him away, Ann called him over
and ordered him to put his head under her skirt and eat
her out. Roy stopped her though. "No, wait for few
minutes Ann. Donna's first ass fuck and her first
triple penetration are just coming up. I would hate for
poor Dave to miss that."

I watched in horror, remembering the awful pain, as
some stranger lubricated my asshole in front of the
large crowd and then forced his cock into me. I could
hear my screams which were quickly muffled by a large

The movie had been severely edited. It showed everyone
that was there last night as they fucked my face and my
pussy and my ass. It showed the beginning and the end
of every fuck. But a lot of the middle was cut out for
the sake of time. The entire orgy had lasted nine
hours. There was a complete record of the evening on a
collection of four DVDs which would be available for
sale, as would the highlight version which we were

As we watched, Dave was ordered to go around and suck
on Roy's cock to get him hard again. He informed me
that he had not had the opportunity to use my ass last
night and he was going to do that while Dave ate out
his darling wife. We continued to watch the TV. The man
I was sitting on finally came and I was ordered to get
down and clean him off, without taking my eyes from the

As I sucked him clean we got to the part of the movie
where I was had three cocks in my body for the first
time. I held the man's cock in my mouth and stared at
the TV as they showed me in detailed close-ups being
penetrated by three large cocks. We all watched until
that scene passed.

As soon as the orgy moved on Roy, called me over and
bent me over a large hassock and started playing with
my ass. Dave, meanwhile, was between Ann's legs with
his head up her skirt and eating her out.

Roy started probing my ass, at first with only the
moisture from my pussy, but later he started using a
lubricant. When he had three large fingers inside of me
I could hardly breathe it hurt so much. He continued to
force his fingers into me and stretch me out for a long
time. Then he moved up behind me and started forcing
his large cock into me.

At first I just whimpered in pain. But as he continued
to force himself into me I started sobbing and crying
loudly and begging him to stop. I pleaded with him to
please take it out, promising him anything.

His response was to reach around me and hold onto my
sore breasts and start fucking me violently as I
screamed in pain. I heard him whispering in my ear,
"Yeah baby, scream for me. Let me hear your pain. God
that feels so fucking good. Every hole in your body is
hot. Too bad I can't fuck your ear, bitch. Fuck! Your
ass feels like a vice around my cock, you sexy cunt."

It seemed to last forever. Eventually my ass got numb
and I found myself able to breathe again. I heard
another scream and looked around saw that one of the
men was fucking Dave's ass while he ate out Ann.

After Roy fucked my ass the other camera man fucked me
there too. Afterwards I sucked them both clean. Then I
remained bent over the hassock and watched the TV. But
I couldn't avoid seeing Dave out of the corner of my
eye as he finished off Ann and then the man fucking his
ass came. He was then forced to suck the man clean just
as I did.

Before they let us leave we had to lick each other
clean and then suck each other off. I didn't think I
could cum, but at last I did. It was the first time I
had an orgasm tonight, but I didn't enjoy it.

We were given a copy of the movie and told to keep it
playing on our TV at home and leave it running in a
loop. They warned us that they had better never hear of
it being off. Then we were allowed to leave. I asked
Ann if we could use the back door from now on.

She thought about it for a moment and went to talk to
Roy, I assume.

She came back in and smiled and said, "Roy said that
you can start using the back door next week. But this
week you need to learn humility. Now remember, be here
right after supper tomorrow. One last set of
instructions. You cannot talk about this to anyone but
yourselves. You cannot ask for help from friends,
family, strangers or police. Now, go! Go home and think
about all the fun we are going to have with you."

We grabbed our clothes and made a dash for our front
door. It was dark now, though, and we didn't see

We rushed inside and took a shower together. We cuddled
together in bed after we dried off and brushed our
teeth repeatedly. We tried to come up with some
options, some way out of this dilemma. By the end of
the week when this stuff became permanent, we would
have to come up with something.

I looked at the time and it was too late to call my
parents. I resolved that first thing in the morning I
would call my mother and find out just how effective
this drug was. We finally went to sleep, I cried myself
to sleep.

In the morning we took another shower and I picked out
another miniskirt and another top that was totally
inappropriate for the office. I made breakfast and then
sat at the phone and called my mother. My mother didn't
work outside the home, but she got up early to have
breakfast with my dad. She was concerned because I
never called her early in the morning. But I found
myself calming her and assuring her that everything was
fine. I found myself totally unable to tell her why I

I started to leave for work. Dave had already left. As
I was locking the front door Ann came over and said,
"You tried to disobey me. You called your mother to ask
for help. Today you take the bus to work."

I had never taken the bus. I had no idea what the
schedule was. I knew where the bus stop was, I had seen
people waiting at the corner at the end of our street.
I checked to make sure I had money and then walked
rapidly to the bus stop.

When I got there I saw the bus stop sign, but no
schedule. I had no idea what bus to take. I got on the
first bus that came and asked the driver how I could
get to my office and he told me to get on. He was very
nice and quite patient. He explained as he drove away
that I would have to transfer at Foster Boulevard and
he told me which bus I needed to take. He also told me
how to get home. I paid him and he gave me a transfer
and he told me he would call out my stop when it was
time for me to get off the bus.

I went to an empty seat and moved in to sit by the
window about four rows back from the driver.

At the next stop three rowdy young teenagers got on the
bus, threw their change into the glass money bin beside
the driver and started back towards me. The largest of
the boys was in front and when he spotted me his eyes
lit up. He sat down beside me and crowded up against
me. His two friends sat right behind us.

As soon as the bus moved away from the bus stop, the
boy's fingers were tracing a circle on my thigh. When I
didn't object, he put his hand down over my thigh and
quickly moved it up to rest against my naked pussy.
When he realized I wasn't wearing panties he turned his
head back to his companions behind us and whispered,
"Hey guys, check this shit out!"

One of his buddies stood up and stood in the aisle
beside us and the other stood and leaned over the seat.
While they watched, the boy beside me slowly slid my
skirt up to my waist and displayed my pussy to his
friends. I felt the blood rush to my face as I sat in
the bus seat, helpless and totally humiliated. These
boys were no more than sixteen if they were that. The
two boys watched as their friend started probing my
hairless pussy. I could only be grateful that they were
at least being quiet to avoid drawing attention to what
they were doing. As the boy beside me played with my
pussy the boy behind me reached around and pushed his
hand inside my loose blouse and started playing with my
breasts. All I could do was sit there and cry.

The bus came to a sudden stop and I heard the driver
open the doors and get out of his seat and come
charging back towards us yelling at the kids to get the
hell off of his bus.

Once the boys were running down the sidewalk the driver
asked me if I was alright. I quickly covered my crotch
and pulled my blouse together and nodded, too ashamed
to look him in the eye.

He leaned down and said, "I'm sorry about that, you
should have said something. You get off at the next
stop, are you sure you are okay?"

I whispered a thank you and nodded, still unable to
meet his gaze.

When the bus got to the next stop I scurried out the
center door and didn't take a deep breath until it had
moved on. I started watching for the bus the driver had
told me would take me to my office and it was the next
one to arrive. As I was climbing on I heard someone
yelling, "There she is!" I looked down the street and
saw the three teenagers that had molested me running to
catch the bus. But they didn't make it. As soon as I
was on board the driver pulled away.

I told the driver where I was going and explained that
I wasn't familiar with the bus system and asked him if
he would please tell me where I needed to get off. I
was finding that when you were a pretty woman in a
nearly see-through blouse, most men will do just about
anything for you. He smiled and nodded and I worked my
way back into the bus.

This bus, unlike the first one, was full. All the seats
were taken and most of the places for passengers to
stand and hang on were also in use. I found a pole I
could hang onto and tried my best to stand still as the
bus sped up and braked, sped up and braked through rush
hour traffic. I noticed that nobody looked at anyone
else and for awhile it was like being alone in a full

That feeling went away when I felt a hand on my calf. A
man in the seat beside me was touching my calf. At
first I thought it was an accident. It would brush up
against me and then move away. Then come back, almost
as if the movement of the bus was causing it.

But when I didn't move the man's hand came to rest on
my calf and rubbed it gently. When I still didn't react
he became much bolder. His hand slid up the inside of
my leg, slowly, teasing me, and teasing him I suspect.
Until, just like the three teenagers had discovered
earlier, he found that I was not wearing underwear. His
hand pressed between my legs, which were splayed
slightly so that I could maintain my balance in the
moving bus. So he had free access to my pussy.


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He took full advantage and was quickly pushing two
fingers in and out of my wet hole. I did the only thing
I could do. I closed my eyes and listened for the
driver to tell me that we were at my stop. I couldn't
understand though, why something that was so
humiliating could be so stimulating. If I had not been
informed of my stop when I was, if I had had to go one
stop further, I would surely have had an orgasm at that
man's hands. And I never even saw his face.

I got off the bus and rushed to my office nearby. The
first thought that went through my mind was to wonder
if busses were always a hotbed of sexual molestation.
The second was to look at my watch and realize that I
was ten minutes late. Mr. Jefferson was going to have a
field day with that.

I rushed to my desk, but when I looked up I saw Mr.
Jefferson watching. I was busted.

I put my purse away and as soon as I sat down he was on
the intercom calling me into his office.

I rushed to his office and knocked on his open door. He
waived me in; he was on the phone with someone else as
I came in. As soon as I was inside he hung up the phone
and stood up. I apologized for being late. I told him
that I had to take the bus this morning and that I had
not been familiar with the schedules.

He looked me over, approving of my outfit, obviously.
He asked, "Is your car broken down? You know that is
not an acceptable excuse."

"No sir," I said.

"Then why did you have to take the bus?" he asked.

I was having trouble breathing. I wanted desperately to
make something up, but I was unable to do anything but
answer with the truth.

I moaned at the effort to find some way to say this
that wouldn't reveal my dilemma, but I couldn't.
Finally I said, "My next door neighbor made me take the
bus as a punishment."

Just then the door opened and Mr. Taylor, who was Mr.
Jefferson's boss, came in and closed the door.

Mr. Jefferson invited him to sit down and turned back
to me and asked, "Why are you allowing your next door
neighbor to punish you?"

This presented a terrible dilemma. I was not able to
lie or refuse to answer. Yet I had been ordered not to
tell anyone about my situation and ask for help. Then I
realized, I would get no help from Mr. Jefferson. I was
able to answer him after all. It was almost a relief.
Well, a relief heavily tinged with terror.

I tried to organize my thoughts and then I said, "My
husband and I are being given a drug by our next door
neighbors. Because of this drug we have to do whatever
we are told. We have no free will. This morning I tried
to call my mother and ask for help, even though I was
ordered not to. Somehow my neighbor found out and
ordered me to take the bus to work as punishment."

Mr. Taylor asked, "Why are you able to tell us and not
your mother?"

"Because," I answered, "I know that you won't help me."

Mr. Taylor smiled and said to Mr. Jefferson, "Dean, I
believe you have struck gold!"

Mr. Jefferson walked over to the blinds and closed
them. Then he locked the door. He turned to me and
said, "Today's the big day Donna. I have wanted to get
my dick in you since I first laid eyes on you. Now get
those clothes off, and it's OK if you take your time."

The men looked at each other and grinned widely, then
turned to watch me as I unbuttoned my blouse and
slipped it off. I tossed into the chair beside me and
then I removed my miniskirt. I slipped my shoes off and
slid them under the chair and then waited for whatever
was going to be next.

Mr. Taylor stood up and removed his suit coat and set
it aside. Then he had a sudden inspiration and he
pulled out his cell phone and made me pose for several
lewd pictures. He set the phone down beside him and
pulled his pants and shorts down past his knees and
then picked up the phone again and ordered me to my
knees in front of him. I moved into position and took
his cock into my mouth. It was large, but not as large
as Roy's, so I had no trouble taking it into my throat
as he took pictures with his phone.

While I was sucking off Mr. Taylor, Mr. Jefferson took
the opportunity to explore my ass and my pussy with his
soft sweaty hands. Mr. Taylor came quickly, calling me
all kinds of dirty names while he did. I gathered that
he had never been taken into anyone's throat before and
he found it to be particularly stimulating.

As soon as Mr. Taylor pushed me away, Mr. Jefferson
ordered me to stand facing his desk. He walked up
behind me and bent me over his desk and forced his cock
into me with no preliminaries. I grunted in pain and he
chuckled at my discomfort.

He fucked me brutally; it was truly a **** in every
sense. And as he ****d me he talked quietly, telling me
how much fun we were going to have from now on. He
called me nasty names; he told me that I was now the
official office whore. All I could do was lay my head
on his desk and cry quietly until he finished.

He fucked me for a good fifteen minutes before he
grabbed my hips roughly and slammed into me two or
three more times and then filled me with his cum.

I waited for him to pull away and then I dropped to my
knees and sucked him clean.

"Do you always have to do that?" he asked, obviously

"Yes sir," I answered.

Mr. Taylor stood up and ordered me to bend back over
the desk. He was hard again and he wanted to try out
some of my "sweet young pussy" for himself. Mr. Taylor
appeared to be in his late fifties and he was morbidly
obese. I couldn't decide if I was rooting for or
against him having a heart attack.

After Mr. Taylor came in me I cleaned him up and then
they turned me around and looked at my abused pussy.

Mr. Taylor said, "Still looks like a nice tight cunt to
me. But she can't even go to the restroom leaking cum
like that."

Mr. Jefferson said, "Yeah, she'll be dripping cum all
over the office."

Mr. Taylor said, "Well, there's only one solution.
Donna, scoop that nasty mess up with your fingers and
eat it."

They probably thought I would be upset. They didn't
know how much cum I had been forced to swallow in the
last three days. I wasn't fazed in the least by the few
little fingers full of cum these two old farts had
deposited in my pussy.

I sc****d it up and brought it to my mouth and licked
my fingers clean several times, until they were
satisfied. Then I was ordered to dress and get to work.
I was informed that I would be working an hour overtime
to make up for the ten minutes I was late and the fifty
minutes that they had been fucking with me.

I dressed quickly and made my way to my cubicle and
tried to concentrate on my work. I realized, after a
while, that the harder I worked, the more I
concentrated on my computer, the less time I spent
dwelling on the hell I found myself in.

During my lunch break I called Dave and told him that I
would be at least an hour late getting home and telling
him not to worry. He asked what was wrong, but I
couldn't tell him in here. People in the other cubicles
can overhear conversations easily. I told him I would
explain when I got home.

I was left to my work for the rest of the day. I worked
quietly until everyone had gone home. I still had an
hour to make up. I thought that was terribly unfair,
but then, that didn't really matter did it?"

I expected Mr. Jefferson to call me to his office again
before I left. Instead, I was working at my computer
when the janitor stopped in my cubicle. He never said a
word. He just unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his
long, black cock and said, "Suck it, bitch."

I had been working so hard that I hadn't even heard him
until he spoke. I spun around in my chair, startled and
saw his large black cock hanging out of his pants. I
looked up at him and he just stood there waiting. As I
leaned forward to take him into my mouth I saw Mr.
Jefferson leaning over the wall of my cubicle, taking
pictures with a digital camera.

I felt the janitor's cock growing rapidly in my mouth
and soon it was at least as large as Roy's. But it
wasn't so much larger that I couldn't take it into my
throat. His cries of pleasure as he watched a young
white married woman swallowing his cock were very loud
in the empty office. They rang in my ears as I sucked
as enthusiastically as I had been taught. Because that
was the only way I was allowed to do it.

He seemed disappointed when he finally filled my mouth
and throat with his slimy cum. He must have wanted it
to last a lot longer. Then, without a word he put his
cock away and patted me on the head and went back to
work, thanking Mr. Jefferson as he went by. Mr.
Jefferson was soon sitting on my desk and leaning back
while I sucked him off. He had apparently found it
arousing, watching me suck off the janitor. He came
quickly and then zipped up and told me to go home. He
told me I had better not be late tomorrow, or things
would get really interesting.

I turned off my work station and took my purse out of
the drawer and rushed out of the building. I didn't
even go to the restroom to rinse out my mouth. I was
too anxious to get away.

As I was leaving work I started towards the parking
area where I normally parked before it suddenly hit me
that I had taken the bus. I went down the block and
crossed the street to the bus stop going back toward my
house. I knew which busses I needed to catch this time
and I was finally able to breath a sigh of relieve when
I was safely on the crowded bus.

I had forgotten how eventful my morning commute had
been. Before very long it started again. I was standing
in a press of male bodies, rocking back and forth with
the motion of the bus, when I felt another hand on my
leg. I moaned in disbelief. Surely this can't happen to
me every time I get on a fucking bus!!!!

I wondered if it was just me. I saw other women
scattered here and there throughout the bus. They did
not appear to be getting molested. Was there a sign on
my back? Or was it because my nipples were visible
through my blouse and my miniskirt ended just below my

I stood still as the hand moved up my leg, slowly, but
not in the least hesitant. When I had not turned to
slap him at the very first touch he must have assumed
that I was enjoying his attention. He soon had two
fingers sawing into my pussy and I was starting to
really enjoy it. I enjoyed it so much that I almost
missed the stop where I had to get off to catch my
other bus. I rushed off the bus and stood in the dark
with several men, all waiting for our busses quietly.

One of the men kept staring at me, but I assumed it was
because of the way I was dressed. My bus finally
arrived and I got on and handed the driver my transfer.
I made my way back to a window seat and collapsed into
it in relief at being able to sit down at last. Just
like this morning, this bus was not even half full. So
I was surprised when a man sat down beside me. I
recognized him instantly from the bus stop.

He stared at me for a minute, looking at my breasts, my
nipples. Then down at my just barely covered crotch. He
smiled at me suddenly and said, "I watched you on the
first bus. I saw what that guy sitting beside you was
doing. And you just let him!"

I didn't say anything. What could I say?

The driver had turned out the interior lights when the
bus started out and now, in just the light from the
passing street lights, the stranger beside me reached
over and squeezed my breast softly. I did nothing.

That was all the permission he needed. He slowly
unbuttoned my blouse to below my breasts and reached in
to play with me, squeezing and pulling on my breasts
and my nipples for a while before turning his attention
to my pussy. He left my blouse gaping open and reached
down to lift my skirt up. He stared at my pussy for a
moment. Then he said, "Here, hold this out of my way."

I raised my hand and grabbed the hem of my skirt and he
reached between my thighs to explore my pussy, which
was still very moist from the previous molestation on
the first bus.

"You like this?" he asked. "You like letting strange
men look at you and touch you?"

I answered that the most honest way that I could, "My
body likes it."

He wasn't sure what to make of that. But he really
didn't seem to care, he was having fun. He ordered me
to put my free hand on his cock and caress it. I was so
involved in what I was doing that I didn't pull the
cord to get off at my stop. I had to walk back two
blocks to my street. By the time I got home it was
after six and Dave was worried sick.

We were both too upset to eat but I insisted that we at
least have a salad. I didn't want Dave getting weak or
sick or something.

While we ate I told him everything that had happened to
me today. It took a long time. Finally we couldn't
avoid it any longer and we undressed and walked next
door. I saw people around, but it was dark and I don't
think anyone noticed us.

Ann already had the bright porch lights on and she left
us standing there for a long time after we rang the
bell. I heard people walk by on the sidewalk while we
waited. I knew that they could see us. All we could do
is stand there wait, with our back to the sidewalk, and
hope nobody noticed that we were naked.

Ann finally came to the door and let us in. She led us
back to the TV room and today it was just the two of
them. We gulped down our drugs and then Roy bent me
over the hassock again and while he fucked slowly into
my pussy, which was wet and relaxed from all of the
abuse on the way home, I had to tell them all about
everything that had happened to me today. As I
described my day, Ann undressed and sat back down and
put Dave's tongue to work.

They kept asking embarrassing questions, they wouldn't
accept a simple narrative of the events. They wanted
details. They wanted to hear all about my emotions, my
reactions, the reactions of others, every minute

Ann came several times over the half hour or so that it
took me to tell my story. Roy came just before I
finished and stayed buried in my pussy while I talked.
He started getting hard again just before I finished
and started fucking me again.

Ann was finally satisfied and pushed Dave away. Since
he had nothing to do, Roy ordered him to crawl between
his legs and lick his balls while he fucked me. I saw
the pain in Dave's face when he stood up. But he
complied. He had to. Just like me, he had no choice.

They finally let us go home around eight. We sat in the
living room where the DVD of the orgy from Sunday night
was playing in a continuous loop on the TV and tried to
console each other. But I didn't think I could go on
like this for much longer. Suddenly I knew what I
needed. I grabbed Dave's hand and pulled him to the
bedroom and held him close and said, "I need to be made
love to. I am tired of being fucked."


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There wasn't a lot of preparation needed. We had been
naked for hours and my pussy was certainly well
lubricated. I stretched out on the bed and Dave licked
his way up from my ankles. I tried to stop him, but he
smiled wanly and said, "It really doesn't matter much
anymore Donna. All that matters is us and that we stay
together and find some way to get out of this

He returned to licking his way up my cum drenched
thighs and licked me clean. Then he concentrated on my
pussy and I started cumming quickly. I spent so much
time lately being aroused and stimulated, mostly by
total strangers, that I seemed to cum much quicker than
I did before this all started.

I had a couple of very nice orgasms before I reached
down and pulled Dave up on top of me. We kissed and
made love passionately for a long time. When he could
finally take no more Dave collapsed beside me and I
didn't hesitate to lean down and take him into my mouth
and clean him.

We both stank of cum, but we were exhausted, too tired
to shower. We fell asleep in each other's arms and I
don't think we moved until the alarm went off the next

We showered and I looked for an outfit for today. I
didn't have anymore see-through tops, so I pulled out a
sundress that had a tank style top which made it
necessary for me to wear a vest with it. If I didn't it
would billow out exposing my breasts. It was very thin
and very short, I hoped it would do. I didn't have
anything else that I thought would be acceptable. I
would have to do laundry tonight when I got home.

I kissed Dave goodbye and straightened out the kitchen
and got ready to leave. I went outside and locked the
front door and went to my car. I held my breath with
every step, terrified that I would be ordered to take
the bus again.

But I made it to the car and drove off and was able to
get to work a little early today.

I went to my desk and put my purse away and got right
to work. I finished the first document of the day and
got that little tone that indicated I had email. Except
for interoffice emails about rules and regulations I
never get email. I opened the email and saw a huge
picture of me, sucking the janitor's big, black cock
last night. I looked around quickly to make sure nobody
else was nearby and then I scrolled down to see if
there was any text.

I scrolled through two more pictures, in the last one I
had his cum on my lips and was in the process of
licking it off. Then I reached the text. I was ordered
to report to conference room one at ten o'clock. I had
just closed the email when Mr. Jefferson appeared at my
cubicle. He motioned for me to stand up and he
inspected my outfit. He frowned, and then he reached
out and took my vest off of me. He indicated I should
turn around.

I turned slowly, aware that the sides of my breasts
were exposed almost to my nipples. When I was facing
him again he handed my vest back and ordered me not to
put it on again. Then he lifted up my skirt and looked
at my pussy and smiled. "Beautiful!" he exclaimed. "I
have never loved my job as much as I do right now."

"What a coincidence," I thought, "I have never hated my
job as much as I do right now."

Mr. Jefferson left me alone and I went back to work. I
threw myself into it and almost forgot about my ten
o'clock appointment in the conference room. I glanced
at my watch and saw that I had two minutes to get
there. It was at the other end of the building, but
luckily it was on the same floor and I made it at
exactly ten. I knocked and was told to enter.

I pushed the door open and saw Mr. Jefferson, Mr.
Taylor and two young guys from the mail room.

Mr. Taylor ordered me to lock the door and explained.
"I believe you have met Jimmy and Dan, haven't you

I nodded dejectedly.

"The reason I have invited you here is that the
pictures I took yesterday didn't come out very well. So
I wanted to get some good ones with a real camera. I
thought they might be more interesting if you were
posing with someone and I thought right away of my
hardworking crew from the mail room. They really
deserve a raise, but since I can't give them one I
figured I would let them fuck you today, and any other
time they feel like it, as long as their work gets done
of course. So today you are going to pose with them and
let them have their way with you. And from now on if
they have some free time they can call you to their
mail room and you can relieve the stress of there job

He turned to Jimmy and Dan, both looked like young
boys. They were probably high school drop outs that
were getting paid minimum wage or less. I doubt if
either one is eighteen yet. He said, "Boys, she is all
yours, take your time and have fun. Just don't tear the
dress. She needs to be able to work the rest of the

The two boys headed for me as Mr. Taylor and Mr.
Jefferson started taking pictures. Suddenly the boys
didn't look so young. They had excited, predatory looks
on their faces now. When they reached me they started
grabbing and pulling, stripping my dress off quickly
and then attacking my flesh. I don't know if they were
instructed to do it or not, but they were being very
rough and seemed to be hurting me on purpose. I was
soon crying in pain and humiliation as they tortured my
breasts, pulling on my nipples, pinching my breast
flesh, one of them tried to lift me off of my feet by
my nipples!

They took turns undressing, one of them hurting me
while the other took his clothes off. Then they pushed
me down onto the conference table on my back. One of
them bent down and started biting my tits, hard. Biting
and pulling and making me cry out in pain.

The other lifted my legs up and started eating my
pussy. He ate me for a moment, and then he worked his
tongue down to my asshole and started licking me there.
He pushed his tongue inside me and then he pulled his
head back and spit on my hole. Then he stood up and
pulled me down to the edge of the table and started
forcing his cock into my ass.

It hurt, a lot. Spit is not lube and I was not in the
least prepared to be fucked in the ass. But I wasn't a
virgin there anymore and I was getting used to being
hurt by men. Soon he was fucking into my ass brutally
while his friend continued to torture my breasts.

All the while I was constantly aware of the cameras
coming in for close-ups of my face and my tits and my
pussy. It was horrible. The kid fucking me took his
time and the other one got tired of torturing my tits
and pulled my head towards the edge of the table. When
I was where he wanted me he turned my head and started
fucking my mouth. He was rough, but he was not that
large, so I was able to handle it.

But he wasn't satisfied with raping my face. Every few
strokes he would pull out and spit in my face, then rub
the spit around with his cock before fucking my mouth a
for a few more strokes. I suppose he became bored with
that because soon he was spitting into my mouth. At one
point he was dangling a long stream of spit into my
mouth while the two supervisors got some horrible

The first boy finally came in my ass and they quickly
changed positions. I sucked the first one clean while
the other drove into my ass. Fortunately I had brought
him close with my mouth and he came very quickly. As he
started to cum he reached up and started slapping my
tits, hard. I screamed in pain, but I had a big soft
cock in my mouth and the sound was muffled.

I was made to clean the second cock and then the boys
were told to leave. I was curled up in a ball on the
table sobbing, nearly hysterical. But I would get no
pity from these two. I heard the sound of belts coming
loose and Mr. Taylor moved into position at the end of
the table. I started to straighten out but he told me
to stay curled up in a ball. He slid me closer to the
edge and then he lifted one of my legs until he could
access my pussy. He forced his cock into me and then he
dropped my leg.

He told Mr. Jefferson to use his camera and get some
good pictures of him raping me. They tried to make me
smile for the camera, but it wasn't much more than a
grimace through my tears. I suspect that would be more
exciting for them anyway. They were obviously turned on
from watching those cruel boys that they had given me

Mr. Taylor finally came in my pussy and after I sucked
him clean he stood back and straightened out his
clothing. Then he picked up Mr. Jefferson's camera and
started taking souvenir pictures for him. I just lay on
the table, still curled up in a ball and waited for it
to end.

I lost track of time but it couldn't have been long
before Mr. Jefferson was filling my pussy with cum. He
came around for a cleaning and then they turned me onto
my back and both of them took pictures as I ate the cum
from my ass and pussy for several minutes. They finally
let me get back to work. It was almost lunch time and
they informed me that because I had wasted so much time
this morning I was going to have to work through my
lunch period.

That was fine with me. I didn't want any free time to
think about what was happening to me. I went to the
restroom and cleaned up as much as I could. Then I
worked through the day, praying that the phone wouldn't
ring. I was worn out.

I didn't see any of them when I left the building at
four. I rushed to my car, appreciating it like I never
had before. Just one day on the bus was all it took to
make me love this old car.

I drove home and got there at the normal time. I took a
quick shower and started to get dressed when the phone
rang. It was Dave. He had to work late. He wouldn't be
home until eight or nine. We talked for a few minutes
and told each other how much in love we were. Then I
called Ann. I explained that Dave had to work late and
asked what she wanted me to do.

She told me to hang on and in a few minutes she came
back to the phone and told me to come on over.

The idea of going over there alone was even more
terrifying than going with Dave, though I found myself
thinking that it was better if he wasn't there. I hated
seeing what they made him do, it was much worse than
the things that they made me do.

I was already naked so I went out the door and locked
up. I walked next door. It was still light out and I
saw a couple of teenage boys walking down the sidewalk
towards me come to a stop and stare in amazement.

I rang the bell and as usual Ann made me wait for a
long time. As I was waiting the boys walked a little
closer. When they were right out front they stopped to
stare. Ann finally opened the door. Instead of inviting
me in, she ordered me to turn around and waive to the

I sighed deeply, then took a deep breath and turned
around slowly. I waived at the two teenagers and they
stared for a long time before waiving back. Ann called
to them from the doorway and invited them over. They
looked like they were afraid that it was some kind of
trap, but the chance to get close to a naked woman
proved to be irresistible. They made their way slowly
up the driveway and stood just off the porch, staring
at me.

Ann asked them if they knew of any young men that would
like to make a little money mowing lawns. They looked
at each other and one of them said, "Yes ma'am, we
could use some extra money."

Ann smiled at their enthusiasm and said, "This is my
next door neighbor, Donna. Donna needs someone to come
to her house on Saturdays and mow her grass. I think
you will find it is a fun place to work, because she
always dresses like this at home, and if you like you
can even get a little sex education while you are
there. She told me she thinks teenage boys are very
exciting. Isn't that right Donna?"

I looked at these two boys. They were younger than the
kids on the bus had been, probably only fourteen or
fifteen. I paled at the thought of it, but I could only
say, "Yes ma'am."

One of the boys looked at Ann and said, "This is a
joke, right? This is a trick to get us in some kind of

Ann swore that she was telling the truth, she even had
the skeptical one step closer and put his finger inside
of me.

If it hadn't been so horrible it would have been
amusing. He slowly stretched out a finger, as though he
were about to stick his finger in a fire. I spread my
legs a little and he touched my slit and his finger
slid right in. We stood like that for the longest time
and then suddenly the boy's friend pulled him out of
the way and said, "Let me try that!"

The second boy explored my pussy with his finger for a
moment and then Ann said, "OK boys, you can play all
you want on Saturday. We have to go in now because my
husband is waiting to fuck Donna. See you Saturday!"

The boys sped away, talking quietly between themselves.
I looked up to see Roy in the window with a movie
camera. Shit! What he already had was bad enough. That
little movie could put me in jail. But it didn't really
matter, in the grand scheme of things. This wasn't
about blackmail; this was about humiliation and abuse.
They already owned us.

Still, I wasn't looking forward to two more people with
permission to come to my house and do anything they
wanted to me. Already my work, the job I had planned on
quitting because it was so bad, had become truly
unbearable. But I couldn't tell Ann and Roy how
miserable I was. They would just find some way to make
it worse.

I followed Ann inside and we went into their backyard.
They had a nice pool too. It was bigger and fancier
than ours. It even had a waterfall at one end. There
was hot tub too.

I looked around fearfully as I stepped outside.
Wondering how many people would be raping me tonight. I
didn't see anyone else.

I was given my shot glass of bitter drugs which I
gulped down quickly. Then I waited while Roy and Ann
undressed. I was led out to a chair in the middle of a
small tarp in the grass. After Ann sat down I was
ordered to tell them all about my day at work. There
weren't as many questions this time. I knew what they
wanted to hear. When I had told them all about my day,
with Roy slowly fucking my pussy as I talked, Ann
spread her legs and I was ordered to eat her pussy.
While I was doing that, Roy continued his nice, long,
slow fuck.

Ann came twice before Roy came in my pussy. But after
he came he stayed inside of me and I continued to eat
out Ann until she had enough. Then she stood up and
moved the chair away and went over to the table and
picked up their digital movie camera again.

She came over and stood in front of me and ordered me
to look at her, and to keep looking at her no matter
what. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew they
had something on their minds.

I didn't know what was happening at first. I felt
something, and it was probably a good thirty seconds
before I realized that Roy was peeing in my pussy. I
screamed and tried to pull away but he slapped me and
ordered me not to move.

Ann continued to film my face as the piss filled my
pussy and ran down my legs, pooling on the tarp beneath

Long after he finally finished and pulled out of me, I
continued to kneel in that acrid smelling pool of
urine, crying hysterically. He stood up and moved
around and stared down at me for a minute and then,
while Ann moved around for a good close-up, Roy moved
forward and ordered me to lick his cock and his balls
and his legs clean.

I couldn't see what I was doing; my eyes were full of
tears. But I struggled to obey. Ann finally shut the
camera off and then she moved over and whispered in my
ear, "Next time it will be in your fucking mouth, you
stupid cunt!"

They ordered me to lie down on the piss covered tarp.
It was already cool. It smelled terrible, and it was a
constant reminder of what had just happened. They
ignored me and sat around on the patio and sipped a
drink until Dave finally showed up.

He looked at me, worried by my abject appearance. He
quickly drank the shot of medicine that had been
waiting for him. Then he was ordered to go over to me
and piss all over me. They said that once he had done
that we could go home.


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He looked at me; I saw the anguish on his face. But we
both knew that he couldn't disobey an order, no matter
how much he wanted to. He stood there for a moment and
Ann came closer with the camera.

I saw a small amount of pee dribble out of the end of
his cock. Soon it was a stream and it was playing up
and down my body. Ann told him to make sure he got my
face and I closed my eyes and held my breath and waited
for it to end.

The stream quickly tapered off and ended. Ann made me
stand up in the middle of the tarp and then she ordered
Dave to step closer and give me a big hug and a kiss.
Then she put the camera away and ordered us to
carefully pick the tarp up and take it to our house and
clean it and bring it back tomorrow.

We gathered up the corners carefully and Dave gathered
in the edges and carried the tarp back to our house. He
carried it into the shower and drained it there. Then
we rinsed it off and hung it over the shower curtain in
the guest bathroom.

I had been instructed to tell Dave all about my day
after we got home. We took a quick shower and then we
went to bed and he held me while I told him everything
that had happened. I had finally figured out that they
had our house wired, if not for video, then certainly
for sound. I fully intended to follow every order. It
took another half hour to tell Dave all about my day,
including the fact that we now had two teenagers coming
on Saturday to do our yard work, as well as anything
else they wanted to do.

I held Dave's cock in my hand while I told him my tale
of today's woe. As I talked I took note of his cock
going up and down as the story progressed. I realized
that some of the things that happened to me excited
him. That was kind of a relief in a weird way, because
I was feeling upset when they turned me on. Now I knew
that it wasn't just me.

When I finished my tale I moved down and gave him a
loving blowjob. One of the special ones I had been so
well trained in over the last four days.

"My god," I thought. "It has only been four days!"

The next day we got up at the normal time and had our
usual weekday breakfast of Bran Checks. Dave left for
work at his normal time and I suddenly remembered that
I had not done laundry last night. I panicked as I tore
through my closet looking for something sexy to wear. I
was desperate so I grabbed my favorite little black
dress and got my sewing kit out and as quickly as
possible I hemmed it up, making a mini skirt out of it.
I quickly tried it on and it was immediately obvious
that I should have measured more carefully. It was
dangerously short. I stood up on a stool in front of
the mirror and it appeared that as long as I didn't
move, my pussy was covered. I looked at the clock. I
had no choice. I had to leave. I didn't dare to be

I grabbed my purse and rushed out side, only to run
right into Ann. She was smiling sweetly and said, "It
is such a nice day, I thought you would enjoy another
bus ride today."

I looked at her aghast. I wanted desperately to plead
for reason. But I knew better. As I walked away she
said, "It's a little breezy today, but don't let that
worry you. You are not, under any circumstances, to
adjust your skirt or attempt to restrain it in a
breeze. Have a nice day sweetheart."

I was frozen to the spot for a second as I digested her
latest command. She said, "You better hurry you stupid
bitch. You will be standing out there in the breeze for
quite a while if you miss your bus."

I came to my senses, such as they were, and rushed up
to the end of the street. I managed to get there just
as the bus was pulling up. I was lined up with two men
to get on, but the man directly in front of me became
aware of me and, being a gentlemen seeing a lady in a
short skirt, he stood back and allowed me to go first.

There was no question in my mind that he could see my
ass as I moved up the steps of the bus. I paid the
driver and got my transfer and made my way to an empty
seat. I thought I would be smart this time and sit on
the aisle so nobody could sit beside me. But the man I
had just flashed was not to be so easily denied. He
stood beside me and asked me to slide over. So of
course I had to.

I slid over, exposing my pussy in the process. And
because of Ann's last instructions as I left the house
I was unable to pull my dress down over my exposed
slit. The man, an older man, perhaps in his early
fifties, stared open mouthed at my exposed pussy for
several moments before he smiled, accepting the obvious
invitation and placed his hand high on my thigh.

As his hand moved up my thigh the bus stopped and
another couple of men and a woman got on. They paid
their fares and started down toward the empty seats. As
the last man to get on at the stop was walking past us,
he looked down and saw my pussy and came to a sudden

He stood and stared as the man beside me rubbed my
pussy and inserted a finger inside of me, enjoying my
obvious discomfort, but confused that I would allow
these liberties when I so obviously didn't desire this
unwanted attention.

But he didn't question his good luck. He molested me,
with an appreciative audience, all the way to my stop.
I got off at the transfer point again and both men
followed me off.

I stood there, with my tiny skirt blowing up in the
wind and exposing my ass and my pussy to anyone who
cared to look. And more than a few people were caring
to look.

My bus finally arrived and I was again forced to stand
because all of the seats were full. I thought that
might be an advantage, I was safe from the guys from
the first bus. I had forgotten about the people seated.

I was standing beside a seat with two young men in
their early twenties staring at my legs. The man who
had played with my pussy on the first bus squeezed in
behind me and started slowly easing my dress up. As he
lifted my skirt he turned me so that my butt was right
in the face of the guy sitting on the aisle. When my
ass was totally exposed he reached down and squeezed a
cheek. With his foot he forced my legs farther apart.

I couldn't bring myself to look at the young men
sitting behind me. But I knew that I had their full
attention. I could tell the difference in their styles
as they explored my ass and my pussy, taking turns and
getting rougher and rougher. But the worst thing about
it, was when I heard the two women in the seat behind
the men talking quietly but urgently, and I knew that
they were watching what was happening. Well, no, that
wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing was when I bit
my lips to keep from crying out when I had my orgasm.

We finally got to my stop and thanks to the press of
bodies getting out at my stop; no one saw how exposed I
was before my dress finally worked its way down over my
hips again.

I ran to my office, ignoring my wildly swinging skirt,
and was exactly one minute early. I was so relieved I
almost cried. Or I was so upset from the bus ride that
I almost cried. I am not sure which.

Apparently management was busy today. Mr. Jefferson
stood in the door to my cubicle around ten AM and made
me pull his cock out and suck him off right there. He
must have enjoyed being sucked off with all of those
women walking by behind him because he came very

After that I was left alone until three PM when I got a
call from one of the mail clerks ordering me to come to
mail room. I stood up and looked around. Mr. Jefferson
wasn't in his office; there was nobody to tell where I
was going. I left a post-it in the middle of my
monitor, in case anyone came looking for me, telling
them I had to go to the mail room.

I took the elevator down to the basement, which seemed
like an appropriate place to keep these two animals. I
went to the mail room and knocked on the door. There
was big sign on the door which said "Authorized Mail
Room Employees Only beyond This Point!"

One of them opened the door, I didn't know which one
was Jimmy and which one was Dan, but it didn't matter.

The kid jerked me inside and locked the door behind me.
Then they leaned back and ordered me to undress. There
was not much to that, I shucked my little black dress
off, my ruined little black dress. I tossed it onto a
nearby desk and stood waiting for the abuse to begin.

They both pulled out digital cameras and started
ordering me into obscene poses.

"Jesus Christ!" I thought. "Everybody and his god
damned brother is going to have pictures of me in the

I assumed all of the poses that their stunted little
minds could envision and then the fun started. The one
who had been so rough on by tits yesterday picked up
his underwear off of the floor and stuffed them in my
mouth. Then, as his buddy continued to take pictures,
he held my hands together behind my back and secured
them with a belt. Then he pushed me down onto my back
on top of my arms, and it hurt. I yelled into the gag,
but they just smiled.

As it turns out I didn't know what hurt was. The little
bastard held me down on my back and picked up an 18"
ruler and started beating my tits with it. I was
screaming and fighting to escape, but he continued to
hold me down and beat my breasts until they were bright
red and covered in welts.

I think I finally passed out, because when I next was
aware of what was happening to me the little bastard
was slapping my face and fucking my pussy with all of
his might. The foreplay must have really done it for
him; either that or I had been out for quite a while.
Because not long after I came to, he started cumming in
me, still slapping my face until he was done. He jerked
me off of the desk and pushed me to the floor and made
me suck him clean. Then he took his belt back and gave
me to his friend.

His friend wasn't as brutal, thankfully. He put me back
down on the desk, face up, and lifted my legs up,
exposing my ass. He fucked my pussy for a minute, and
then he pulled out and forced himself into my ass. But
his dick was not that large, and my tits hurt so bad
that I was really distracted. I hardly noticed him down
there. He came quickly and after I cleaned him up I was
given my dress back and allowed to go back to work.

It was 3:30 when I got back to my desk. It had seemed
to take a lot longer than that. I sat at my desk for a
minute, catching my breath, and then I went back to

I was getting ready to leave at four when Mr. Jefferson
stopped by. He asked me what had happened in the mail
room and when I told him he pulled my dress away from
my breasts and took a look. I expected a little pity. I
certainly am a stupid cunt. He grinned and took my
breasts in both hands and squeezed until I fell to my

I was fighting not to scream and draw attention to
myself, just exactly the wrong thing to do. He looked
down at me and shook his head in disgust and said, "Go
home you stupid cunt."

I grabbed my purse and made my way to the bus stop
again. I stood there in the crowd, looking up only see
if an approaching bus was the one I was waiting for. At
first the crowd sheltered me from the breeze, which was
worse in the city streets than it was out in the
suburbs. But as people got onto busses I found myself
less protected and more exposed to my admiring public.

A man came over and stood beside me and whispered,
"Hello cunt."

I didn't see his face, but I recognized his shoes. He
was the same man that had made my morning ride so
unpleasant. Well, except for that orgasm at the end.

I whispered "Hello," back at him and stood waiting for
the abuse to begin again. My only hope was that he
would wait until I was on the bus so that the entire
city wouldn't be witness to my degradation.

He didn't wait, but he was more discrete as he rubbed
my ass through my dress while waiting for the bus. I
knew that the people behind me were witnessing his lewd
caresses, but I was unable to do anything to defend

Finally my bus arrived and I got on. It was crowded, as
usual, and I grabbed onto a grab bar and held on. But
my tormentor wasn't satisfied. He grabbed my arm and
pulled me to the rear of the bus. He squeezed in to the
very back seat beside three men who, at first, totally
ignored him. They took quick notice, however, when he
pulled me down onto his lap, exposing my pussy to all
four of them.

He was content to hold me like that for a few minutes,
sharing the view of my pussy with his seatmates. But he
wasn't content for long. I felt him slowly lowering the
zipper in the back of my dress. I bit my lip and shook
my head, silently begging him to stop.

One of the men beside me coughed and startled me and I
looked up to see them staring at me in disbelief. One
of them, the closest, reached up and placed his hand on
my thigh. When there was no resistance he slit it
quickly up to my pussy and played with it while he
stared at the neckline of my dress as the man slowly
lowered it, a little at a time, until my breasts, which
were still blazing red and covered in welts, were
totally exposed.

All four men stared in shock at my damaged flesh. Then
the man I was sitting on covered me back up and zipped
my dress up just as we arrived at our stop.

We forced our way through the crowd and stood waiting
for the next bus. There weren't many people around and
he pulled me away from them and I was waiting for the
torment to continue. Instead he asked me what had
happened. He was all for some fun and games,
apparently, but not real torture and abuse. I would
have loved to tell him. But if I did, that might be
asking for help, so I couldn't. My mind wouldn't let

I looked at him with tears flowing and said, "I am
sorry. I wish I could tell you. But I can't. Even
though I want to, I cannot."

He was obviously of the opinion that I was just too
afraid to talk to him. I could only leave it at that.
Our bus came and we rode to my stop. I got off and
rushed home. I knew that he was following me. All I
could do was hope that some good would come of it.
Maybe he would call the cops and they would save us
from our neighbors.

I rushed into my bedroom and undressed. I took a quick
shower and did a load of laundry. I would have to shop
for more revealing outfits as soon as possible. I
didn't have a lot of time to wash same two outfits over
and over.

Once the laundry was going I started supper and,
thankfully, Dave came home on time. He gasped when he
saw my red, abused breasts. But I put my finger to his
lips and we avoided the subject. We ate quietly,
dreading our after dinner trip next door.

When we had eaten I cleaned up the kitchen and Dave
brought out the tarp from last night and we folded it
up in the living room.

I was already naked, he undressed quickly and we looked
outside. Not seeing anyone we walked, as quickly as we
could without looking like we were hurrying, to the
neighbor's house and rang the bell. After the usual
wait we were allowed to enter.

We were handed our drug and gulped it down. One more to
go and it was permanent. We weren't alone tonight.
There were a half a dozen men. I didn't recognize them,
but that didn't mean anything. More than eighty men
fucked me on Sunday and I wouldn't recognize any of

We were ordered to kneel at opposite sides of the
coffee table in the living room and lean down over it.
When we did our heads were together, our eyes meeting,
sharing the pain of our torment, our humiliation, our

We were ordered not to move and then two of the men
greased up our asses and they started taking turns
fucking our asses. While they fucked us I was ordered
to recite, in great detail of course, the events of the
day. They were especially anxious to find out about my

I started with my panic this morning when I realized I
had nothing appropriate to wear. I described my rush to
prepare an outfit and my poor judgment in sewing up a
hem. I had made it an inch too short. I told them about
Ann suggesting that it would be a nice day to take the
bus. I described the events involving the man that had
followed me onto the bus.

I told them all about the second bus in the morning. I
described being exposed to the two young men and forced
to permit them to grope me for the entire ride. I tried
to leave out the orgasm at the end of my morning bus
ride, but I found myself unable to skip over it. It
came pouring out of my mouth and they all laughed at my
obvious discomfort.

I told them about my work day, going into extra detail
about the events in the mail room. Then I went into
more detail about the bus ride home. Even the dilemma
when asked about my condition.


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By the time I finished my monologue both my husband and
I had been fucked in the ass by three men. They rested
briefly and watched the movie Ann had made last night.
They kept rewinding and watching the part where Roy
pissed in me and then made Dave piss on me. They
watched that several times before the men were ready to
switch sides and the three that had fucked me now lined
up behind my husband while I was fucked by the three
that had fucked him. It took longer this time of
course, much longer.

After the six were done with us Roy put us side my side
over the table and then started fucking us. He would
fuck me three or four strokes at a time, then switch to
Dave. He moved back and forth between us several times,
comparing asses.

Then he had a better idea. He pulled the hassock over
and put us over that, but facing in opposite
directions. Then he would fuck one of us in the ass for
a minute and then move to the other one's mouth. Then
he would go around to the other side of the hassock and
do the same thing all over again. He commented to his
friends, who were still watching, that his would be
great if we were on a wheel and could be spun around so
that he didn't have to get up every time. He finally
came in my ass and made Dave suck him clean. Then I was
made to suck Dave's ass clean and he did the same to

Ann didn't get hers until the six men left. She liked
to watch, and she liked to play, but she was apparently
not comfortable with being naked with all of their
kinky friends. That was surprising considering the way
she acted that fist night. I guess we just don't count.

After the six men left Ann undressed and Dave ate her
out while I licked and sucked on her tits.

Finally we were allowed to go home.

As we walked slowly across the yard I whispered to Dave
that they could hear us when we talked in our house,
and I was almost positive that they could see us as
well. I was sure that Ann made me take the bus this
morning because she saw how short my dress was.

Dave nodded, obviously not surprised.

We went into our house and I screamed when I saw
someone sitting in the dark in our living room. Dave
turned on the light and I saw that it was Mr. Taylor.

"What are you doing here?" I screamed. "You scared the
fuck out of me!"

He smiled calmly and said, "Shut up cunt. I missed you
at work today. I had to go out of town to a meeting. I
figured I would stop by on the way home for a piece of
your sweet young ass.

He was talking to me, but he was watching Dave. He saw
that Dave, as he had suspected, was unable to oppose
anything he wanted to do to me. He stood up and ordered
me to help him undress.

I sighed in surrender and moved over to where he was
standing and started undressing him. He had been
drinking, he reeked of alcohol.

When he was naked he told my husband to grab his
clothes and he ordered me to lead him to our bedroom.

He stretched out on my bed and ordered me to suck his
cock for a few minutes. He seemed to get a great deal
of pleasure from doing it in front of my husband and
from knowing that we were unwilling participants.

I sucked him like I always suck cock now, with a lot of
enthusiasm. After a few minutes he pushed my mouth away
and pulled me onto the bed. He got on top of me and
ordered Dave to guide his cock into my cunt. Then he
started fucking me, fast and hard.

It didn't last long though. He came, shooting one more
meaningless load of slime into my desecrated body. Then
he collapsed on top of me for a minute, letting his
cock go soft in me.

Finally he pulled out and ordered Dave to suck his cock
clean. While he was dressing he asked me what happened
to my tits and I told him.

He laughed and said, "Damn, those kids have more
imagination that I thought they did! They may have a
future with the company after all."

I followed him to the door and locked it after he left.
Then I remembered my clothes and took them out of the
washer and put them in the dryer. I dried them for
fifteen minutes and took another quick shower. Then I
hung up my two outfits and went to bed.

Dave was lying on his back staring at the ceiling. The
look on his face scared the hell out of me. I turned
out the light and cuddled up to him. I whispered in his
ear, "Baby, you have to hang in there. I couldn't take
this if you weren't there."

He whispered, "I know Donna. I know." But he sounded so
hopeless, so far away. It really scared me.

The next morning was Friday. I was looking forward to
the week being over. I dressed in a black miniskirt and
a see-through blouse and was allowed to take my car to

I had just sat down and turned on my computer when my
phone rang. I was summoned to Mr. Jefferson's office. I
went in and he ordered me to close the door. I closed
the door and he ordered me to kneel in front of him and
open my blouse. The blinds were still open and there
were a lot of people just coming in, there were a lot
of people moving around out there.

I knelt as ordered and unbuttoned my blouse. He
examined my still red and sore breasts for a moment and
then he sat back and ordered me to suck him off. While
I sucked him he informed me that he had talked to the
mail boys and told them to knock off the rough stuff.
No more pain.

I was grateful and I guess he could tell. He smiled
down at me and then he tilted his head back and soon my
mouth was flooded with cum. I swallowed it all easily.
There had been so much cum in my mouth from so many men
over the last seven days that I could hardly remember
when I wouldn't let a man cum in my mouth, or why.

I buttoned my blouse and tucked it back in and returned
to my cubicle. At lunch time I was called to the mail
room and I had to suck both of them off, in the nude of
course. But they didn't hurt me and it was all over

I returned to my desk and was left alone until quitting
time. Just as I was about to leave, Mr. Taylor called
me to his office. He just stared at me for a few
minutes and then the door opened and the janitor came

"Sorry I'm late, Mr. Taylor," he said. "There was a
spill in the lobby I had to take care of."

Mr. Taylor smiled at him and told him not to worry
about it. Then I was ordered to undress. Mr. Taylor sat
back and smiled as I got undressed. The janitor was
undressing as he watched me.

When we were both naked the janitor pushed me to my
knees and I took his smelly cock into my mouth and down
my throat. He immediately took control. He grabbed my
head and started fucking into my mouth violently. I
just relaxed as much as I could and let it happen. It
didn't even bother me when I saw Mr. Taylor squatting
down beside us with his camera taking picture after

He pulled out as his cock began erupting in my mouth
and sprayed my face. Then Mr. Taylor took a dozen shots
of me scooping the cum into my mouth and swallowing it.

I was pulled to my feet by my hair and bent over the
desk and the janitor took pictures for Mr. Taylor while
he fucked my pussy. I was actually grateful since I
figured that if he got off here he wouldn't be getting
drunk and coming to my house at night. At least I hoped
he wouldn't.

I just waited for it to be over. Then I dropped to my
knees and cleaned his cock and after I smiled for the
camera I was allowed to dress and go home.

I made my way to my car and drove home in a trance, as
usual. I parked in my driveway and just sat in my car
and was so very thankful this terrible week was finally
over. I tried not to think of the horrible life that
stretched out ahead of us. I finally gathered up my
things and went in to the house.

I took a quick shower. It seems like every time I get
home lately I am covered with cum and need a shower. I
dried off and made myself a drink and sat down in the
living room and stared at the TV. It was still on. It
was always on with the DVD of that horrible gang bang
from Sunday running in a loop. I was becoming inured to
the horror of this scene after seeing it so often. It
was almost like it wasn't me that was at the center of
that huge collection of rampant cocks and spewing cum.

I finished my drink and got to my feet. I started
supper and when Dave got home he undressed and we ate
out by the pool, trying to pretend that we had a life,
our old life, the life that we had dreamt about when we
bought this house just a week ago.

We cleaned up the supper dishes and then went next
door. We always hoped that no one was around when we
walked, naked, to our neighbor's house. It only worked
out that way about half the time. This wasn't one of
those times.

We stepped out of our door and I waited with Dave while
he locked the door. We had learned our lesson last
night. We would never leave the door unlocked again. I
glanced around nervously and I saw a young couple
walking down the sidewalk. We waited on our front porch
for them to go by, the we hurried next door.

We were finally allowed to enter and handed the final
dose of the drug that had enslaved us. I was crying as
I forced myself to swallow it. Then I handed the glass
back and it was over. We could never regain our free
will, our ability to say no, again. Not without the

As soon as we swallowed our drug Roy sent us home. I
hadn't even noticed how dressed up they were. They were
going out for the evening and wouldn't require our

We hurried home and sat around the pool, still naked,
and drank a few beers. Every time I started to speak I
found that I paused to question if I was about to say
something that I didn't want Roy and Ann to hear. It
became quite tiresome. After a while we slipped into
the pool and floated around together, just being close
and trying not to thing about the future.

We went to bed early. We couldn't stand to sit around
the living room with that DVD playing. We read for a
little while and then went to sleep. For some strange
reason I was feeling playful in the morning and I woke
Dave up with a nice slow blowjob. I had never done that
before and he got a kick out of it. I find that I get a
lot more pleasure out of sucking cocks when it is

I started to dress before going out and making
breakfast. But Dave reminded me that I was to be naked
for the kids coming to mow the lawn. Damn! I had almost
forgotten about that.

I dropped my shorts and went out and started coffee.
Dave came out and made a couple of his world famous
cheese omelets. We ate out back and then relaxed and
sipped coffee for a while.

At a little after nine I heard the doorbell ring and I
went to answer it. Dave had pushed the lawnmower into
the driveway and filled it with gas. I told the kids to
go ahead and do the front and the side yards. I would
be sitting around the pool when they did the back.

They stared at my naked body for a moment, then one of
them asked, "Then you are going to give us a sex
education, right?"

I nodded and they went to work. I cleaned up the
kitchen and did the dishes. When I was done I went into
the back yard and sat on the patio. Dave was staying
out of the way, doing something in the basement.

The boys came through the gate and made quick work of
the back yard. Because of the large pool and deck there
isn't much grass back here. While one of the boys mowed
the other came over and asked me what was going to

"What would you like to happen?" I asked.

He was obviously a virgin, and obviously embarrassed. I
suggested that he get undressed and take a quick shower
under the outside shower and he turned away from me and
stripped off his clothes and took a quick shower. I
stood up and reached down and pulled his hand away from
where it was covering his genitals in that classic shy
maiden pose, and I pulled him gently to the grass that
was already cut. I grabbed a cushion and had him lay
down and then I bent down and took his small but very
hard cock into my mouth.

It was almost funny. He tensed up and moaned and came
almost instantly. I swallowed his small load and while
he recovered I asked him how old he was.

"I'll be fourteen next month," he said.

Jesus H. Christ! I just sucked off a thirteen year old
boy. A little kid!

I shook my head and then took him back into my mouth
and sucked him hard again. Then I looked up and asked
him if he wanted to fuck me.

I realized all of a sudden that the mower had stopped
and the other boy was watching avidly. I pointed out
the shower to him and then got on my back and helped
the first boy put his little dick in me. I know it is
so very wrong to be having sex with a boy that young.
But I really had no choice, and I have to tell you, his
innocence and the look on his face, the look of pure
ecstasy, I really enjoyed that. He hardly moved at all
before he came again and I held him close and asked him
how he liked it.

He smiled up at me and said that it was the greatest
feeling that he ever had. Then he wanted to know if he
could do it again. I told him I needed to take care of
his friend first and he got up and moved to the side
and watched closely as I pulled his friend over and
sucked him to a quick orgasm. His penis seemed larger
and more mature, but he was obviously way too young for
what we were doing. After I swallowed his cum I asked
him if he was thirteen too. He said no, he was fifteen.
The other boy was his younger brother.

I traded places with the older boy and he fucked me,
and then the two of them took turns and each fucked me
twice more before they had to go. I was all sweaty and
covered in cum so I headed for the shower when I had a
sudden thought and called the boys back just as they
were leaving the yard.

I made them both take another quick shower, explaining
that they didn't want to go home smelling like sex or
we would all be in trouble.

After they were gone I went inside and went down to the
basement to see what Dave was doing. He had cleared out
a corner and cleaned it up and checked carefully for
listening devices and cameras. Then he had set up a
couple of lounge chairs and a lamp and we could relax
and hopefully not have to worry about what we said.

The phone rang in the middle of the afternoon and Ann
asked us what we were doing. I told her that we were
doing something in the basement. That wasn't a lie. It
was just sitting and talking, but we were doing it

She told me to make sure I was clean and made up and
expect company sometime this evening. That was all she

I went down and told Dave that she had wondered where
we were and then I repeated her instructions.

We had a light supper of cold cuts and hard rolls and a
couple of beers. Then I took another shower and brushed
my hair and put on a little lipstick. When I was ready
we sat in the living room and read. It started getting
late and I was starting to hope that no one was coming
after all.

Just as I started to get my hopes up the doorbell rang.
I stood up and answered the door and the large man
standing there asked, "Are you Donna the slut?"

Unfortunately, that was who I was now and I nodded. He
said, "Well I'll be god damned!" Then he pushed inside
and more than a dozen men followed him. By the time I
had been herded to our bedroom and was fucking the
first of them in my bed I had overheard enough to
realize that they were the majority of the local minor
league baseball team and they were being rewarded for
winning an important game.

Apparently Roy was a minor stockholder in the franchise
and he was using me to improve team morale.

It was nothing too exotic, just a lot of fucking and
sucking. I was exhausted when it was over and when they
finally left a little after midnight I was at least
grateful that they had left my husband alone.

I took a shower and changed the sheets and went and got
Dave from the back yard. He held me and asked if I was
alright and I kissed him and pulled him to bed. We
slept late on Sunday and had just barely finished
breakfast when Ann came over just before noon and
ordered me to get dressed. She followed me to my
bedroom and watched as I got out one of my miniskirts.
She stopped me and pushed past me into my closet. She
looked through my clothes and finally came out with a
little black slip. The one I normally wore under my
little black dress.

I looked at her, not understanding at first. She gave
me one of those "how dumb are you" looks and said,
"That's what you are wearing today, put it on."

I slipped it over my head and stepped into my shoes. I
looked in the mirror and thought she must surely be
kidding. I couldn't possibly go outside like this!

She turned and started down the hall and I followed
quickly, grabbing my purse on the way out the door. I
followed her across my front yard to her driveway and
got in her car on the passenger side.

She started the car and looked at my lap to see how
little of me was covered by the slip. But that wasn't
the only problem I had. That portion of the slip that
nominally covered my breasts was largely made of lace.
I could look down and see the darker pink of my nipples
easily through the holes. I could tell by the look on
her face, however, that Ann liked the effect.

She drove to a nearby strip mall and parked. I
reluctantly followed her into a woman's clothing store
where she picked out a half a dozen sheer blouses.
These weren't like the ones I had been wearing where
people could look closely and see the darker colored
area of my nipples. When I wore these I might as well
be naked. My breasts were completely visible!


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Ann made me pay for them and we went out and dropped
them off at the car before going through a few more
stores, looking for the kinds of clothes younger women
might wear. She finally found what she was looking for,
a large selection of micro miniskirts. She picked out a
dozen, in several styles and set them on the counter.
Then I followed her around as she picked out a few crop
tops and tank tops with things like "Let go of my ears!
I know what I'm doing!" and "Sorry, no panties to raid"
and "Yes, I know I have a nice ass" and "My husband
won't care because he won't know" and "Yes, they're
real" and the one Ann like the most, "Good piece of

I paid for these terrible outfits and carried them out
to the car. Ann drove off and we sat in silence. I
didn't even pay any attention to where we were going.
Not until she parked in front of a tattoo parlor in a
sleazy part of town. I looked around and saw that all
of the nearby businesses were bars and strip clubs and
adult bookstores. The parking spaces right in front of
the tattoo parlor were all filled with large
motorcycles, so Ann parked a couple of rows back.

She got out and I found myself unable to move as she
came around and opened my door. I was terrified, I was
scared to death of needles and I had never in my life
considered getting a tattoo.

Ann looked at me and saw my terror and smiled. "Get
out," she said.

And of course I had no choice. I swung my legs out and
stood up and moved out of the way while Ann pushed the
door closed. She led off and I followed her, winding
our way carefully through the motorcycles and into the
shop. Everyone looked up when we came in. I looked
around and saw at least a dozen people, most of them
just hanging around waiting. There was a large, hairy,
mean looking man behind the counter. Ann walked right
up to him and said, "I am Ann, I called you earlier
about my pet."

That got everyone's attention. I just stood in the
center of the waiting room thinking, "Oh god, please
let this be a bad dream."

The guy looked at Ann, then looked at me and said,
"Yeah, I remember you. I have one tat ahead of you, but
it's a small one, probably only take half an hour.
You'll have to wait."

"That's fine," Ann said. "My camera man isn't here

Ann moved to an empty seat and called someone on her
cell phone and then she called me over to sit beside
her. The problem with that silly slip was that, no
matter how carefully I sit, just about anyone that's
not in back of me can see up my skirt. I was soon made
aware that bikers are not the most discrete or the most
tactful people in the world. I started hearing loud
comments about my pussy and my tits. One large, ugly
man even came over and stood in front of me and
squatted down and looked right up my slip.

He saw Ann smiling at him and asked her, "Where do you
have to go to get a pet like this, lady? I'd like me
one of these."

Ann smiled and said, "As it turned out, she and her
husband moved in right next door to me. I didn't have
to go far at all. She is cute, isn't she?"

"Yeah," the biker said, "and I like that little dress
she has on. I like the way I can see her tits through
it. And it seems like the perfect length too."

The biker's friends were watching and listening and
smirking. I was just cringing and blushing and trying
to make myself as small as possible.

Ann said, "You don't think it's too long? I just
finished shopping for her, buying her some short
skirts. I was thinking this was too long." Then she
reached over and pulled my slip up, exposing half of my
slit, and said, "I was thinking that this might be a
better look for her. Don't you think so?"

The biker stared at my pussy for a minute and said,
"You know lady, you may just be on to something there.
She certainly looks pretty that way."

The front door opened and one of the camera men from
last Sunday came in with his large, professional
camera. He looked around at the rough crowd and he was
obviously nervous.

Ann waived him over and then she asked the biker, "I am
going to have this gentleman film my pet getting her
present today. Do you mind if he gets a few shots of
you and your friends, sort of background shots? I
assure you that this is for private consumption. The
film won't be available to the public."

The biker grinned and told her that he didn't mind in
the least.

The camera man turned his camera on and panned around
the room and then focused on me and the biker. Ann told
me to relax a little, stop holding my knees so close

I sighed and spread my legs out slightly. That caused
my slip to slide up a little more and now my entire
pussy was on display to the biker squatting right in
front of me and several of his friends who had moved
closer to watch the show.

The biker stared for a minute and then he reached up
and squeezed my thigh for a moment before slipping two
big fat fingers inside of me. His friends were whooping
and cat calling and I could only sit there helplessly.

I was actually grateful when the guy behind the counter
came back out front and called us over to sign some
papers and pay him. I gave him my credit card, not even
knowing what I was paying for. The guy said, "OK, come
on back."

The camera man had moved in front of us and was filming
us as we entered the back room. I was surprised at how
busy it was back here. There were four big bikers
getting tattooed by four men that looked like they were
bikers too.

Ann held out her hand and said, "Give me your slip."

I was already terrified; the idea of being naked in
front of all of these rough men just knocked the wind
right out of me. But I had to obey.

I reached down, aware that every eye in the room was
watching me. I grabbed the hem of my slip and pulled it
up over my head. I handed it to Ann and then I was
ordered onto a waist high, padded table. I was placed
on my back and Ann and the tattoo guy stood nearby
discussing me.

Ann came back to me and ordered me not to move. Then
she stood out of the way and watched carefully while
the man bent over me and he finally started smiling as
he played with my nipple for a minute. Then he swabbed
it with alcohol and latched onto it with some kind of
combination pliers and clamp.

I finally realized what was going on! I was unable to
move because of Ann's orders, so I gritted my teeth and
shut my eyes.

Ann yelled at me to keep my eyes open and I realized
she wanted to watch every bit of my suffering.

And I did suffer! The biker doing my piercing took his
time, apparently enjoying his work. I screamed out
loudly as he pushed a long needle through my nipple.

The people in the waiting room heard the commotion and
they came in to see what was happening. Ann invited
them to stay and watch.

I stared at the ceiling as the guy fiddled around and
when I finally got up the nerve to look down I saw that
I had a fairly large barbell through my nipple. I could
just imagine how they were going to look through my new

The piercer moved around the other side of me and
repeated the process with my other nipple. It hurt like
hell and I screamed again. I couldn't believe that they
would do this without some kind of local anesthetic!

I thought it was over, but the worst was yet to come.
The biker invited several men out of his audience to
hold my arms and my shoulders down so I wouldn't squirm
around for the next one.

"The next one! What next one?" my brain wanted to know.

The men came forward eagerly, they didn't know that I
couldn't move if I had wanted to because of the drug
and Ann's order.

But I suppose they enjoyed the view.

The piercer moved down to my pussy and started doing
something with my clit. I couldn't watch. I stared into
the eyes of the biker holding my shoulder, right up
until I felt the needle touch the skin over my clit,
then I passed out.

I don't know how long I was unconscious. When I came to
I was on my stomach on the table and my legs were
dangling down towards the floor. And someone was
fucking me from behind. It hurt like hell because every
stroke irritated the piercing over my clit and my
freshly pierced nipples were rubbing over the butcher
paper covering the table I had been laying on.

When he finally finished fucking me he stood up and
moved out of the way and I saw that it was the man who
had put the holes in my body. But my ordeal wasn't
over. As soon as he moved the other bikers started
taking turns, I assume at Ann's invitation.

For a change I would have gladly taken some, or even
all of them, in my mouth. My mouth didn't hurt. But
they all fucked my sore pussy. It lasted more than two

When they finally had enough of me I looked around and
saw that Ann was gone. The camera man told me that I
was to go with him. I went into the nasty little
bathroom that they had and cleaned up as much as I
could. Then I had to follow the camera man out to his
car naked because Ann had taken my slip with her when
she left.

The camera man drove me home, with my mouth on his cock
all the way. He came once right away and then again
after he parked in front of my house. I looked around
and saw an older couple walking down the sidewalk and
tried to wait until they passed by to get out, but the
camera man ordered me out and I slipped out of his car
and walked as quickly as I could to my front door and

Once inside I closed my door quickly and leaned back
against it. I saw the shopping bags containing my new
clothes sitting on the couch.

Dave heard me come in and came in from the back yard.
He saw my new jewelry and asked me if I was alright.

I nodded and he went and got me a glass of water and
some Tylenol. By the time I got out of the shower the
pain had started to lessen. Dave had brought my new
clothes into the bedroom and when I got out of the
bathroom he said that Ann had dropped them off and left
instructions that these were all that I could wear from
now on. The blouses for work, the other tops for
everything else. And I could only wear the skirts that
she had bought today, the micro minis.

We needed to go grocery shopping, so we went through my
new tops and tried to pick the least offensive item. We
settled on a tank top that said, "Yes, they're real"
and I put it on over my sore breasts. It was very thin
and the little barbells in my nipples were very
obvious. It was still the least offensive of the tops
so I left it on and picked up one of the new micro
minis and slipped it on and we went to the grocery

We went to the grocery store closest to our house since
we had only been there once and didn't know anyone.

We bought all of the usual things, plus some
disinfectant for my recent punctures, and went home and
put the groceries away. I was feeling constricted by
the two tiny items of clothing I was wearing and took
them off. I had gotten to the point that I felt much
more comfortable in the nude. Dave smiled and got
undressed too.

We made ourselves a couple of drinks and went out to
relax by the pool before dinner. While we were sitting
there Roy came through the gate between our back yards
and made me stand up to inspect my new decorations.

He obviously found them stimulating and he sat me back
in my chair and pulled out his cock and stuffed it into
my mouth. While he fucked my face he told me that they
would be leaving us pretty much alone for the next
three weeks while I healed. He took a note from his
pocket and tossed it on the table.

As I worked on his cock he said, "Give that to your
supervisor Donna. It tells him that there will be no
more beatings, and nothing but blowjobs for the next
three weeks or you will be forced to quit."

If I hadn't had my mouth full I would have thanked him.
Dave asked him if we were still to report to them every
evening when we got home from work. Roy said that
wouldn't be necessary now that our treatment was

I was wishing they would stop talking so Roy could
concentrate and get this over with. They finally did
and soon I was swallowing another load of Roy's cum. He
left as soon as he had put his dick away. He stopped at
the gate and told us we could turn off our DVD player
since we weren't watching it anyway.

Roy left and we felt like we had just been given a
large part of our lives back. It wasn't total relief of
course. I still had to dress like a slut and obey every
horny old man in the fucking world.

But at least now we could watch a little television now
and then and take our minds off of what was happening
to us.

I rinsed my mouth out with my drink and then we went in
and made supper together. When it was ready we took our
food out and ate by the pool. It's funny, this pool,
this backyard, were the main reason we had purchased
this home. We were now sex slaves to the world because
of this swimming pool. Still, we loved sitting out
here. It was peaceful and pleasant.

We went inside after we had enjoyed an after dinner
drink by the pool and sat down to watch the news and
"60 Minutes" for the first time in a long time. We were
pleased to discover that our moron president hadn't
gotten us into any new wars in the last week.

We turned the TV off and cuddled together for a while.
Then Dave helped me to the floor and gently, carefully
ate my newly perforated pussy. It felt good and I was
happy to repay the favor when he was finished.

We went to bed satisfied and slightly more at ease than
we had been since we moved in.

The next morning everything was pretty normal. Until I
put one of those sheer blouses on for the first time. I
couldn't believe how naked I felt. My breasts were
totally displayed. The new barbells, which seemed to
keep my nipples erect, were glaringly obvious. They
drew the eye to my nipples. I couldn't believe I was
going to have to wear these sheer blouses for the
foreseeable future. I might as well be topless.

I put Roy's note in my purse and headed off to work. I
kept my eyes down as I walked through the parking
garage and into the lobby of my building. I heard
conversations stop everywhere I went and I felt the
eyes of every person, male and female, following me in
shock, everywhere I went.

I made my way to my cubicle and put my purse away, and
then I went and knocked on Mr. Jefferson's door. He
waived me in and I handed him the note. I stood there
while he read the note and when he had finished he
stared at my tits for a minute. Then he got up and
closed the door and the blinds and made me strip. He
examined my piercings closely. He seemed to be pleased.

"I wasn't aware that you were telling your owners about
what was happening here," he said. "Why do you do

"They make me," I answered. "Every evening my husband
and I go to their home and I have to tell them, in as
complete detail as possible, everything that happens to
me of a sexual nature as a result of the drugs they
have given me."

Mr. Jefferson went around his desk and sat down in his
chair and ordered me to come and kneel in front of him
so that I would have something to talk about when I
went home.

I sucked him off quickly and then asked him if he would
convey the contents of that note to Mr. Taylor and the
Jimmy and Dan in the mailroom.


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He nodded and I dressed and went to work. As had become
my habit since I had been forced to adopt a more
revealing style of dress, I stayed in my cubicle all
day unless I absolutely had to get up and go to the
bathroom. One of the reasons that this was such an
awful place to work was that interaction between the
employees was discouraged. If you were seen at someone
else's cubicle you would be asked what you were doing
there. You had best have a work related reason for any
conversation you were seen having.

But this now worked to my advantage. There weren't
people moving around seeing me and the way I was
dressed and perforated for the amusement of others.

The next three weeks passed quickly. I usually ended up
providing blowjobs to the same four men at work every
day, though some days not everyone got one. And Roy and
Ann ordered us over a few times. Since he couldn't fuck
me, Roy fucked poor Dave in the ass all three times
while I ate Ann's pussy out.

I had to provide oral service to the two young boys
that mowed our grass on Saturday. I also had to start
paying them. They were so excited about losing their
virginity on the first Saturday that they had forgotten
to ask for money. That didn't go over well with their
parents and they had to make up some excuse for why
they didn't get any money. We had to correct that
oversight on their second visit.

A couple of times a week, some strange man would appear
at our door and come in and demand sex. But they were
all aware that my breasts and my pussy were off limits
until I was healed.

It couldn't last forever. On Sunday, the end of the
third week, Dave and I made love and I found that the
rings, all three of them, not only didn't hurt any
more, they actually added to the experience. The extra
stimulation on my clit was really great. I had an
orgasm with Dave just from straight fucking for the
first time!

After we made love we did something else that was new
to our lovemaking since coming under the control of Roy
and Ann. We cleaned each other with our mouths, and we
found it stimulating when it was just the two of us. We
even went ahead and ate each other to another nice
orgasm, Dave's tongue, working that ring on my clit,
were magic.

We cuddled up and fell asleep in each other's arms,
trying not to thing about all the restrictions being
off tomorrow.

In the morning we ate our normal quick breakfast and
Dave left for work at the normal time. I didn't dress
until after breakfast. I found I was spending as much
time in the nude as I could when at home, but still far
too much time nude at the office.

I put on another sheer blouse and one of my tiny
skirts, slipped on my shoes, grabbed my purse and
headed out to my car. Ann was waiting for me outside.

"Sweetheart," she said sweetly, "I have really missed
your little bus stories. Why don't you take the bus
today?" She paused to enjoy my reaction for a moment
and then she walked away. I began my rush to the bus
stop at the end of the street. I had the routine down
by now. I handed the driver my money and got my
transfer and then took a seat half way down the aisle.
I felt the eyes of every person on the bus exploring my
all but naked breasts.

As soon as I was seated someone took the seat beside
me. I didn't look up. I hated to look in the eyes of
the people who took advantage of me. The man put his
arm around the back of my seat, his hand dangling very
close to my breast.

He said, "Hi, I'm Terry, what's your name, darling?"

"Donna," I whispered. "My name is Donna."

"I love your outfit," he said, and I could tell from
his voice that he was not just being polite.

"Where are you going, Donna?" he asked.

"I have to go to work," I answered.

He asked me where I worked and I was forced to tell
him. He asked if I always dressed this sexily and I
said yes. The next question started getting me into
trouble. He asked if they liked the way I dressed at
work. I had to say yes.

His hand was on my thigh now and when I didn't object
he was quick to move it up and explore my pussy.

"You must turn a lot of men on at work with this hot
body and sexy clothing, don't you?"

I nodded, gasping as I felt his fingers slip into me.

"Do you ever get propositioned at work?" he asked.

Before I could answer he went on to ask, "Do you ever
fuck anyone you work with?"

I nodded again.

He asked who and I told him and then he asked why,
since he had noticed that I was married.

I hated these questions, but I was compelled to answer.
"I don't have any choice. I have to fuck them."

"You have to?" he asked. "Why?"

"Because they tell me to," I was forced to say.

"Do you always do what you are told?" he asked, a
little bit incredulously.

I groaned as I was forced to answer. "Yes, I always do
what I am told."

"Why," he asked.

"I don't have any choice. I have to," I responded

"Do you have to do what anyone tells you to do?" he
asked, still not sure he believed his good luck, and
not sure yet how to use this to his advantage.

"So if I ordered you to strip naked right here and now,
you would do it?" he asked.

I nodded.

He was still unsure, but he knew that somehow he was
going to take advantage of this.

"Unbutton the top three buttons on your blouse," he

I sighed in resignation and quickly obeyed.

"Well I'll be a son of a bitch!" he exclaimed.

His hand was still suspended just above my chest, but
now he lowered it and took hold of my breast and
squeezed it gently before exploring my nipple and it's
shiny little piercing.

I saw my stop approaching and I told him that I had to
get off here.

He said, "No, you don't. My stop is not far from here,
and there is a motel right there. I think we are going
to go and get a room and fuck for a while."

I suppose it was inevitable. At least he wasn't going
to follow me home and fuck me there. I just nodded and
he continued to molest me until just before his stop.
He got ready to get up and I started to button my
blouse but he stopped me.

"No," he said. "Leave it like that, I like it."

We got off three blocks up from my stop and I followed
him to the motel on the corner. He ordered me to go in
and get a room and I pointed out that, dressed like I
was they might not let me have one. He thought about
that and said, "Okay, go ahead and button up. Now, go
get a room and come back out here and get me."

I hurried in and got the room. I got some nasty looks
from the desk clerk, but he didn't say anything. I gave
him my credit card and waited for him to run it. The
supreme irony of being in the position of having to pay
for a room so that some strange man could **** me did
not escape me. I filled out the registration card and
then went out and led the man to our room. On the way
to the room I asked him to let me call in and tell my
boss why I was late.

Once in the room he used his cell phone to call in
sick. Then he told me to call my boss, after I
undressed. I slipped out of my blouse and skirt and he
saw the bar in my clit for the first time. He put me on
the bed and knelt between my legs and while I called
Mr. Jefferson on my cell phone this stranger played
with my pussy and my little barbell. I didn't even know
his name, but then, that was the norm now. Men came to
my house all the time and put their dicks in me without
bothering to tell me their names. Not that I
particularly cared what their names were. It's just
that this is not the kind of person I am, and doing
these things was difficult for me. It hurt. And the
fact that I had no choice didn't help at all.

When Mr. Jefferson came on the line I said, "Mr.
Jefferson, this is Donna. I am not sure what time I
will be in today. Ann made me take the bus and a man on
the bus ordered me to go with him to a motel."

He asked me how long it would be and I said, "I don't
know sir, he hasn't said."

He asked to talk to the man and I held the phone out
and he hesitated for a minute, but then he took it and
said, "Hello?"

He listened for a minute and then responded, "I don't
know man. She is one hot little piece of ass and I am
going to enjoy playing with her for an hour or two I
suppose. I don't have any plans."

He listened for a while and then said, "Cool it dude.
You must be a bitch to work for! Here's the deal man.
She is with me and I am going to fuck her for a while.
When I am done with her I will let her go!" Then he
hung up my phone and tossed it onto the other bed with
my clothes and my purse.

The man stood up and undressed slowly as he stared down
at me. He was a good looking man in his mid thirties,
and he had a good body. I watched him undress and then
he got on the bed and ordered me to suck him off.

He had apparently never been deep throated before and
he really enjoyed it.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "Fuck! Baby you're good!" He
was very vocal all the way through my blowjob and when
he finally came he was holding my head tight against
his hard stomach and his hot load slid right down my
throat. I never tasted a thing.

He relaxed slowly, and I was able to pull back enough
to make breathing easier.

"Donna, I gotta tell you, that was, without any
question, the very best blowjob I have ever had in my
life! Your husband is a very lucky man!"

I murmured, "He used to be," under my breath and he
looked at me curiously for a minute. But he was far
less troubled by my situation than he was aroused by
it. He ordered me to lick and suck his balls until he
was hard again and then he fucked me, for a very long
time. He must have read the "Kama Sutra" because every
few minutes we got into another position and by the
time we finally came we had been in at least a dozen,
some of them very difficult.

After he came and collapsed on his back he watched,
amused, as I cleaned him with my mouth. I had yet to
find a man that didn't find that act just as appealing
as I found it degrading.

He made me suck him until he was hard enough to fuck me
twice more before he finally started getting dressed.
As we dressed he asked me more questions. He asked
about my husband, how he felt about what I was doing
and if he had to obey too. Before he let me leave he
made me give him my address.

When he finally released me I walked the three blocks
to my bus stop and finally made it to work, four hours
late and smelling like sex. I was in such a hurry to
get out of there I hadn't even thought to take a

I reported to Mr. Jefferson in his office and he
ordered me to come in and close the door. He looked
like he was mad at me! It wasn't fair; he knew I
couldn't say no.

He made me tell him everything that had happened, but
while I was telling him what I had gone through he laid
me on his desk on my back and flipped my skirt up and
fucked me for the first time in three weeks. By the
time I had told him, in detail, everything that
happened from the time I got on the bus he had fucked
me twice.

He finally let me up and after I sucked him clean he
made me lick up the cum that had formed a puddle under
me on his desk top. When I had finished he ordered me
to go clean up and go see Mr. Taylor.

I went to the bathroom and washed my thighs and pussy
with wet paper towels. Then I slowly walked down the
hall to Mr. Taylor's office. I knocked at his door and
he said, "Who is it?"

I told him it was me and he said, "Come in."

I opened his door and was shocked to see him fucking
one of my coworkers, a cute redhead that worked near
me. I had never spoken to her; I didn't even know her
name. I quickly closed the door and watched, I didn't
know what else to do.

He ordered me to move around to the other side of his
desk so that he could watch me undress. I asked him if
I could lock the door and he yelled, "No! Now damn it,
do what you're told!"

I moved around and stood behind his desk and quickly
undressed. Then he ordered me to lean down so that he
could introduce me to his friend Sheryl. I leaned down
beside them and he introduced me as if we were standing
out in the hall with our clothes on. I saw on her face
the humiliation that she was feeling and I recognized
immediately that she, too, was here against her will.

We quietly said hello to each other and then Mr. Taylor
pushed our heads together and ordered us to kiss. I
pressed my lips to hers, after what I had been through
with Ann it was no longer a big deal. But I could tell
that she had not kissed another woman this way before
and it was hard for her.

I tried to comfort her and tell her it wasn't so bad
but Mr. Taylor ordered me to shut up and kiss her. So I
started kissing her, gradually making it a more
passionate kiss. While we kissed Mr. Taylor took my
hand and pulled it to her breast. I did whatever I
could to make it better for the poor woman. It was
obvious that she was being traumatized by what he was
doing to her.

I heard the door open and the janitor came in and
locked the door behind him. I was starting to wonder
about this unnatural relationship between these two
men. I heard him undressing and soon he was behind me
and working his large black cock into my pussy.

As the janitor began to violently fuck me, Mr. Taylor
picked up his pace and soon I watched the agony in
Sheryl's eyes as he filled her pussy with cum.

I continued to kiss her lightly while he rested against
her with his cock still lodged in her pussy. I could
see him, he was staring at the janitor's cock ramming
in and out of me. It suddenly occurred to me what the
relationship was between them. Mr. Taylor was turned on
my black men having sex with white women.

He watched the janitor and egged him on, "That's it
man, fuck the shit out of her! Fill her nasty cunt up
with some fresh hot cum. Make her squirm on the big
cock of yours!"


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Panties And Control Are A Man's Best Friend

My wife controls the purse strings and every other
aspect of my life. She controls when we will eat and
when we will have sex, and how we will have sex. She
was the boss. I was the wimp. Some how that is what has
happened. When I realized what she was doing. I was
already too far gone. I was 28 years old married for
five years. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. Slim build. I
weighed 145 pounds.

My wife is close to my size but 20 ponds lighter. She
had the better job and she made the money. I was happy
to have a part time job and keeping the house clean.
What I did not know was Kathy’s plan for me. It started
small enough. A routine doctor’s check up. Blood work
up and low blood pressure. Not a bad check up.

The doctor set up a diet and some medication for my
blood pressure and some injections for off setting the
thin blood. The diet was ok, the pills no problem. The
workout program was a bit aggressive. After several
weeks of the program he needed to prescribe a cream for
my chest.

My muscles were sore and did not seem to heal. It has
been six months since my check up and I seem to be
better. She as allowed me to grow my hair longer as it
does seem to grow faster. I have noticed that things
that did upset me no longer do. I find my self reading
more and more. Romance novels and the like. I never
knew I liked those, I thought they were a joke. I have
also found that being healthy had reduced my body hair.
Not a bad trade off. I am a little worried that my
breasts have grown a bit.

I guess the fat there takes more effort to get in
shape. My waist as reduced and I have lost fifteen
pounds and feel great. I have had several more doctors’
appointment and I have had to take some antidepressant
drugs. They have made me a very likeable and agreeable
person now. I seem to be happy. We went on a quick
vacation and it was then that I found just how mad she
can get. The airline had lost my suit case. No stores
were open or even close if they were open. We had
dinner and relaxed. She said she needed a shower and I
should join her.

That was a no brainier for me. I stripped down and
joined her. It was when we were done that she ordered
drinks and told me that this was going to be a great
vacation. She told me that the only clothes we had were
hers. I have been feeling a bit submissive lately and
when she tossed me her panties and said to put them on.
I did put them on and they did fit rather well. She
then said that with my breasts it looked a bit funny
and she tossed me a bra. I was able to get it on and I
have to admit that I did look ok in the outfit. We
slept and in the morning we had breakfast in the room
and she again gave me my pills.

We lounged around the room and I was feeling mellow and
relaxed. It was then she said that while we were in a
foreign country that if I wanted to please her that I
could get a small operation done and make her very
happy. To know I could make her happy was all I cared
about. I agreed to it on the spot. She asked if I
wanted to know what she wanted to do to me.

I told her, if it would make her happy then it made me
happy and I slipped on her sweat suit outfit and we
took a tour of the town. We stopped at a rather newer
building and entered. When we walked in the girl behind
the counter asked if we had an appointment. My wife
said yeas and gave my name. She stood up and told me to
follow her. I did.

In a small exam room she told me to remove my outer
clothes. I did just that. She saw my bra and panties
and remarked how nice they were. She had me sit on the
table and took my blood pressure and then told me to
lie down. She put an IV in my arm and it was attached
to a clear tube that ran up to a bottle of something. I
soon was out and that was it. Later I felt being moved
into an operating room. I heard my wife talking and
then nothing. When I woke up I was so out of it.

I felt no pain and knew nothing. My wife appeared and
asked if I was Ok. I told her I was. She said so was so
proud of me and loved me even more. That was all I
needed. My upper body was wrapped in a tight top and my
lower part felt as if I was in a diaper. I stayed at
the hotel for the rest of the vacation.

She just seemed to think it was great. I did too. A
nurse would look in on me and check things out. On the
way to the airport we stopped at the doctor’s office
for some pills and shots. On the plane ride home I
slept like a baby. Once we arrived at home she had me
take a lot of pills for the next two weeks.

It seemed all I did was sleep. The following week she
said she was so happy and content that she was going to
reward me. I told her it was my pleasure. She handed me
a stack of clothes. They contained a bra and panties
and a dress. I look at it and looked at her and she
smiled. She said that first I needed a shower and that
she would give me one.

She insisted while in the shower that there be no light
on. I felt her run her hands over me with a bar of
soap. My breasts did feel different. They seemed
plumper, and heavier. When she washed me below it
seemed rather smooth and easy to wash. I was pleasing
her and that was all I needed. It was when she dressed
me and did my hair and makeup that when she handed me
the mirror that what I saw was not me.

I put the mirror down and looked in the full length
mirror. There stood beautiful women. I did not see me.
She hugged me and said I was perfect. What I saw was
that there was cleavage and more cleavage. She told me
to undress. As I started to undress she would stop me
and admire me and say how happy she was. It was when I
stood there just in a bra and panties that she said
that she would finish. As she undid the bra and stepped
back I felt my breasts fall a bit. When she pulled my
panties down and had me step out of them.

I stood there naked and she just smiled and said she
loved me and was so happy. She then took my hands and
put them on my breasts and told me to feel them and
enjoy them. She then took my hands and placed then on
my lower belly. She started to push them down farther
and further. My hands were being pushed all the way
down. I felt nothing until I felt between my legs and
that was it.

She then turned me towards the mirror and there I
stood. I had full breasts and there was nothing below
the waist. My testicles were gone as well as my penis.
There was nothing. It was smooth as my back side. She
said that she was thrilled with me and loved me all the
more. I was in heaven.

She said the change was for my own good as I needed to
be more loveable to her. With all the pills I was
taking I did not disagree with her. Over the next
several months I became very comfortable with me new
body. When we went out her friends would tell her that
I had a better body than her. She would answer them
telling them how proud she was of me. She always ended
it with a, and I love him dearly. That was all I

She began to bring male friends over and they would
spend the night. She had taken the guest bed room and
converted it into my room. So she would not disturb me
with her male friends. She was so nice to me.

I kept the house clean and I have turned into a rather
good cook and have always enjoyed doing her laundry.
She does love me and when her male friends leave for
the night she always has me to perform what she call a
good cleaning. She calls me into her room using the
intercom and has me clean her up. It is always my
pleasure to lick her freshly fucked pussy. To remove
the cum from her and sallow it for her. She loved it so
much and loved me. Soon there were many more men and
many more cleanings.

She started to call me before the men would leave. She
found it very pleasurable to watch me orally receive
there cum from the source. Some times I would clean her
other times I would do them. As time went on there
seemed to be more men. Some nights it would be three or
four. On one night while I was cleaning her in between
men. One of the men in the room said he would love to
lift my nighty and nail me up the ass. The wife looked
at him and said that the only thing stopping him was my

He walk over to the bed where I was cleaning her out
and as he lifted my nighty and pulled down my panties
he spread my cheeks and began to shove his now erect
cock in between my cheeks and then hitting the spot of
entry and ramming it in. He began to pump it in and out
and went faster and faster. When he tried to push it
threw me he jerked and expelled his load in me. He with
drew his cock and turned me around and told me to clean
his cock. I looked at the wife and she shook her head
in approval. That was all I needed.

As time went on is would be a routine for me. Soon I
was pleasing her by pleasing more men than she did. She
loved to begin the night by taking a tube of KY Jelly
and inserting it into me and then squeezing hard. Then
all the later entries there were smooth and easy. They
would just slide in. When she would hold parties I was
the center of attention. She loved that and as well as
I. She would have so many men over to please her by
filling my ass and mouth with there cum. She loved it
when I would sallow it all and beg for more. She never
tired of it. I remember one night she was talking to
one of her girl friends and the intercom was on.

I heard her say that for the past six years it cost her
nothing to have a maid and a cook who lived in and
never asked for a thing. She claimed that with the
money she saved it was a blessing. She said that the
money that I have made for her well off set what it
cost to come this far. She told of how she found me.
She said I was already submissive and the rest was

She told of using drugs to alter my looks and alter my
thoughts. She even went into detail of my operation.
She explained the castration and then removing the
penis and moving the urethra down between my legs as to
create a smooth front and only a small opening in the
skin to pee threw. She said the drugs made me do
anything that pleased her. She said that by pleasing
her I was myself be pleased and happy.

Her girl friend asked how long it could last. She said
forever. She said that as long as she was pleased with
me there was no time limit. Plus the fact I was her
free servant. She then said the wedding was a complete
sham and all identity of me has long been lost. She
said this address of the house was never reveled until
after my change. She even went on to say how she used a
different name when she first met me. She said that she
erased me entirely and if I died no one would know who
I was or where I was.

Her friend asked her if she could borrow me as she had
an idea that would help her out of a tight jam. With
out a second to think she said, “Sure use him and abuse

She added that I was not be disfigured or have my good
looks damaged. She did say to remember to say how proud
she was of me. The next week I went with her friend out
into the country. I was stripped naked and had some
sort of blood wiped on my ass. It was then that there
were many people standing around a small fenced in
area. There was one light that shown down in the small

The people were talking and exchanging money. I was led
into the center on the area. I was told to get on my
hands and knees. There were small posts sticking out of
the ground. They were next to my arms and legs. Someone
tied a rope around my arms and the post. They also tied
my thighs to the rear posts. I could not move. My ass
was up in the air and I was spread wide.

My head was down and I could not see what was happing.
In a second there were several very large dogs walking
around me. One started to sniff my ass and in a second
he jumped up and mounted me. He thrust his cock deep
into my ass. He was humping me like crazy. I felt a
ball on his cock pushing against my ass. He kept
thrusting and in one strong thrust the ball entered my
body. He was humping faster and faster. He was filling
my entire area up with his hot flesh.

The other dogs were all around barking and tiring to
fuck me also, as long as he was in me they could not.
The dog that was fucking me came with a very large
load. I felt it squirt out of my ass. He tried to get
off me but the ball thing was stuck inside me. He
jerked and jerked and with a great deal of pain he
pulled it out and ran off. In seconds a different dog
mounted me and did the same to me. This dog was biting
my neck and was going like crazy. I lost count but I
know it had to have been six or seven dogs that made my
ass hurt and burned. This went on for what seemed like

It seemed to grow quiet and people were leaving. One
man asked if there was any more to watch. She answered
that the dogs were done with me. He said he had a small
stud horse next door and would love to see if I could
take it. The talked for a minute and I felt my self
being lifted up and moved to a larger area and again
some sort of cradle.

I was again tied to it but this time there was only my
ass in view and I was covered by some sort of netting
on top. I felt some one rub something on my ass and at
that moment I felt the people lead the horse to me and
help him up. The horse knew what to do. I a flash they
were trying to get the huge massive cock in me. I felt
the tip and then more and I could not even scream I was
in so much pain...

With in minutes the horse had entered me. I felt
extreme pressure and being fuller and fuller inside me.
I must have passed out as when I came too, they were
using a garden hose on me to wash me off. Some one was
pinching my ass. When I awoke I was back home and in my
bed. When I tried to get up I could not. It was several
days before I could move freely. It was later hearing
them talk that she was so grateful to have used me that
she was so impressed with me and my submission.

She also gave her a stack of money; she said that I
paid dividends. I later found out that the horse had
ripped me up really bad and I needed to be stitched up.
I have been lent out as she calls it to several of her
friends. There have been many parties and many animals
and several scars. I have even had the pleasure of
being used by her doctor friend as a teat subject.

The FDA is so picky about new drugs. I was given two
shots in my breasts and they grew. They grew a lot. I
needed to have the implants removed. They talked about
what was next for me. They said that there was nothing
that was out of bounds. They laughed and talked. She
did say that I was showing signs of wear. She was not
sure how much more I could take.

She did add that she had received several rather large
offers to take me off her hands. No questions asked.
She added that I deserved a better ending. Then laughed
and said that a larger offer solved that issue. They
also discussed the making of a possible replacement for
me as there was a very large amount of money to be made
for taking someone like me to the extreme ends.

I do not know what that means but she loves me and I am



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A Real Life Nightmare

When Bad Things Happen to Good People...

It was another very quiet ride home from work. My wife
and I worked in the same building on the Air Force Base
and we rode back and forth to work together every day.
For the last few days we had hardly spoken. We weren't
mad at each other. We were scared.

We both worked with highly classified documents in
different but related fields. We had both been working
in the same building since we graduated from college.
For me that was three years ago, for Sharon it was two.
Not long after Sharon started working there a mutual
friend thought that we would make the perfect couple
and she introduced us. She had been right. We hit it
off immediately. We had nearly everything in common.

We were both young and I am embarrassed to admit that
we were both very naïve. We were inexperienced when it
came to the opposite sex. We were quiet and shy and
much preferred getting comfortable with a good book to
a night out on the town. We had the same taste in music
and liked the same foods and voted for the same
political candidates for the same reasons.

We also shared the same distaste for religion. Don't
misunderstand. We are both moral, honorable, honest
people. We had both come to believe as we were growing
up that a lot of what was wrong in the world could be
laid directly at the door of religion and we saw it
more as a force for bad in the world than for good. I
realize that puts us in a minority of the world's
population but I'm just trying to be honest here.

We knew right away that we were perfect for each other
and we hadn't been dating six months before we had
gotten engaged. Our original plan was to get married in
six months, after knowing each other for a year. We
didn't last. We were too much in love and we both knew
that we had found our ideal mate.

So after three months we had a quiet wedding in her
parent's backyard. Her parents were very successful and
lived in a nice house outside of town. The ceremony was
performed by a justice of the peace and the guest list
was kept down to twenty-eight friends and relatives,
though not without some difficulty.

We had not moved in together before we married, but we
had become intimate after almost two months. Neither of
us had been virgins, but neither were we very
experienced. We had a lot to learn about sex but we
were taking it slow and enjoying the journey. When we
first had oral sex it was the first time for both of

We tried to approach the subject of sex like we would
anything else. We read about it and experimented and we
were quickly learning what we liked and what we didn't
like. We weren't all that adventurous though. We
enjoyed a lot of touching and we liked oral sex. I
enjoyed it more than Sharon did, but she seemed to be
getting more comfortable with it.

Neither of us was interested in anal sex or any of that
kinky stuff like bondage or anything like that. For the
most part, when we had sex there was a lot of touching
and kissing and then we made love in the missionary
position. I am embarrassed to admit that I often reach
orgasm long before Sharon does.

But I am getting better about that and I always try to
make sure that she has an orgasm after I do. She often
insists that she enjoys it and it isn't necessary but I
think it's only fair. It isn't that I am a premature

Well, that was a problem at first. Sharon is beautiful
and sexy and I am constantly amazed that she fell in
love with me. I had trouble being near her and not
getting an erection in the beginning. But after months
of more and more frequent lovemaking I had begun to
last much longer and now we were trying to figure out
what we could do to increase the amount of pleasure
that she received from intercourse. My penis wasn't
overly large, but I had read up on the subject and it
was within the range of what was considered normal, if
only just barely.

We were still working on it though and since we are
both healthy and relatively open minded, at least
within our limited scope of experience, I was pretty
sure that we would get better.

Our present difficulty resulted from what happened when
we went out for dinner on our second anniversary last
Saturday. We didn't go out often. We make pretty good
money but we had been living frugally since we married,
saving up for a down payment on a house and a house
full of new furniture and trying to put something away
towards retirement. When we did go out to dinner, which
was only about once a month, we went somewhere quiet
and cheap.

This night though, Sharon had wanted to cut loose a
little. She wanted to go out and have a nice dinner and
a bottle of wine and really enjoy ourselves. I thought
it sounded like a great idea and I made reservations at
a new restaurant that everyone was raving about.

It was just as good as we had heard it would be. The
food was great and since we almost didn't drink and
knew nothing about wine the waiter helped us select a
bottle of wine that we both enjoyed very much.

We were having so much fun that when dinner was over we
didn't want the evening to end. There was a small club
through a door at the far end of the restaurant and we
had been listening to the music all through dinner.
Sharon wanted to check it out. She wanted to go in,
have one more drink and maybe dance a little and then
go home and make love.

We had not planned on going dancing this evening. But
as we were discussing it our waiter came over and
offered us coupons for two free drinks. He said that he
had heard us say that it was our second anniversary and
this was management's way of saying happy anniversary.
The coupons were only good for this evening.

That was where the trouble started. I paid for our
dinner and we went through the door into the club. It
was crowded but we were able to get a small table after
a short wait. I must admit that I hate dancing and loud
music. Sharon knew it, but I couldn't really complain.
After all, it was the first time in two years that she
had asked to go dancing. The problem is that I am a
terrible dancer. I am what is known as rhythmically
challenged. When I dance people think I am having a fit
and dial 911.

We ordered a couple of drinks. We had to ask the
waitress for her recommendations since we didn't drink
alcohol. When the drinks arrived we paid with the
coupons. After I had a few sips of liquid courage I
asked Sharon to dance and we went out onto the crowded
floor. I tried not to make too big a fool of myself
while Sharon danced rings around me. We stayed out
there for two numbers and went back to our table. We
drank a little more and the trouble started when Sharon
wanted to go back out and dance some more.

I didn't refuse, but I kept putting it off. I had hoped
that a little more alcohol would numb the embarrassment
as I made a fool of myself out there. My normally very
patient and understanding wife was not quite as patient
this evening, probably due to the unusually large
amount of alcohol we were consuming.

We weren't exactly fighting, but it was obvious that
she was upset with me. It was so obvious that the four
men at the next table noticed and one of them asked
Sharon to dance.

She didn't even look at me. She smiled and accepted his
invitation and I sat there watching her prance off with
a complete stranger who appeared to be twice her age.
She was twitching her cute butt in that little black
dress as she walked towards the dance floor with the
man's arm around her waist.

She was gone for a long time. They danced through the
rest of the song that had been playing when they went
up there and the next three songs as well. I caught
glimpses of her from time to time and she looked sexy
and beautiful out there. She was smiling and laughing
and twirling around. I got to see a lot of her firm
thighs as she danced around with that man, and I could
see that I wasn't the only one watching.

I glanced at the table next to me out of the corner of
my eye and I saw my wife's dance partner's three
friends watching just as closely as I was. Now and then
one of them would look over at me with a barely
disguised look of disdain. It was very unsettling.

I resolved to leave this place as soon as Sharon
returned to the table but when she was finally escorted
back to the table her dance partner had stopped at the
bar on the way back to our tables and as soon as Sharon
sat back down a waitress delivered two fresh drinks.

I told Sharon that I wanted to leave and she just
pouted and said, "Let me drink my drink honey! Come on,
relax Mike. I just want to have a little fun."

I sipped my drink slowly and watched Sharon make quick
work of hers. She had just about drained her glass when
another man from the next table came over to our table
and without even so much as a glance in my direction he
invited her to dance and she was off again.

I was starting to get upset now, worried and upset. I
gulped down the rest of my drink as I watched for
glimpses of my wife dancing with another strange man on
the dance floor and this time the waitress brought us
two fresh drinks before my wife even returned to the
table. I glanced over at the table next to mine and the
first man that my wife had danced with smiled and
lifted his glass in salute.

I managed to try to look less pissed off and raised my
glass in gratitude that I did not feel. I quickly took
a few sips of my fresh drink. This was my third drink
after drinking half a bottle of wine with dinner. I had
never had this much to drink before in my life.

I thought at the time that three must be the magic
number because by the time my glass was half empty I
was starting to relax finally. I felt my cares drifting
away and I was even enjoying those glimpses I was able
to catch of my sexy wife dancing and flirting with
those strange men.

Sharon finally returned to our table and the man she
had been dancing with pulled a chair up and sat with
her, talking in her ear while she quickly drank her
latest drink. For some reason it didn't bother me at
all that a strange man was sitting with my wife and
they were laughing and joking and he had his arm around
her shoulder.

It didn't even bother me when the man's friends stood
up and moved to a large booth that had just emptied out
and somehow Sharon and I found ourselves sitting with

I don't remember very much after that. Some things
stick out in my mind and as the days pass since that
evening I have had some of my memories return, mostly
from the earlier part of the evening. Most of the night
is still a blank though.

I remember not being alarmed at all when the first man
that had danced with Sharon pulled her down onto his
lap and encouraged her to finish her drink. I watched
her laughing and smiling and sipping her drink while
the man's hand moved up her thigh, pushing her little
black dress ahead of it until her underwear was nearly
exposed. I can remember thinking that something wasn't
right, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I think I remember my wife's dance partner cupping one
of her breasts and saying something to the man beside
him in the booth, whereupon his friend reached around
and cupped my wife's other breast and they laughed and
exchanged comments, presumably about my wife's C cup

First of all, my wife would never permit that sort of
behavior by me in public. She would certainly never
permit two strange men to grope her breasts in public
or private! But more disturbing is the fact that I
seemed to be amused, though not nearly as amused as she

When my wife had finished her most recent drink her
first dance partner took her back out on the dance
floor. As soon as they were gone one of the other three
men went to the bar and came back with fresh drinks for
my wife and me. I didn't even notice that they were
still sipping on the same three drinks that they had
been drinking when we came in.

I was encouraged to drink my fresh drink and it didn't
take much encouragement. I seemed eager to please our
new friends, whatever their names were. I didn't pay
any attention to what was happening on the dance floor
this time. I couldn't even tell you how long Sharon and
her friend were gone.

I looked up when they returned and I noticed that she
was flushed and looked a bit disheveled but she was
smiling and laughing and I saw no reason for concern.
Not even when her companion placed her panties and
pantyhose in the center of our table for all to see.

Sharon was pulled back into the man's lap and as she
sipped her fresh drink I watched his hand slide up her
leg again. As strange as it must seem, not only was I
not alarmed, I thought it was pretty damned amusing!

Our four new friends were totally ignoring me now. They
never even glanced over to see my reaction. Not even
when my wife's skirt was pushed all the way up to her
waist, baring her flat little tummy and her sparse
patch of light blonde pubic hair to the four men and
anyone else that happened to walk by.

I watched as all four men explored my wife's firm
thighs and slid fingers through her slit. One of the
men pulled her legs farther apart and I couldn't swear
to it in the dark but it looked very much like they
were inserting their fingers right up inside of her
tight little vagina!

Whatever they were doing she was finding it very
amusing. She was laughing and giggling like a
schoolgirl. It almost seemed like she was unaware that
her lower regions were exposed and being explored
freely by her new friends.

I also remember, vaguely, that she was leaned forward
and after a moment pulled back against the man whose
lap she was sitting in and the top of her dress was
lowered just enough to expose her black strapless bra.
After a quick exchange of words the bra was removed and
placed on the table with the rest of her undergarments
and the four men enjoyed the sight and then the feel of
my wife's firm young breasts for several moments before
her dress was pulled back into place and zipped back

After that my memories get pretty sketchy. I remember
that Sharon went back out on the dance floor at least
once more. I am pretty sure that we both had at least
one more drink. I have had a few flashbacks since then
of all six of us somewhere else. I don't know where it
was. I know that we were all naked. I can't be
positive, but I am almost sure that I saw Sharon having
sex with all four men in various positions, often with
two of them at a time. I don't know what they did to
her, but I know that some of the things that they did
were painful. I can remember her struggling with them a
couple of times and I can remember hearing her cry out
in pain.

As horrible as that is, I have some even more
disturbing memories. Well, not memories exactly. I have
vague impressions of me doing things, or having things
done to me, that I cannot bring myself to even
consider. They were terrible things that it is just not
in me to do.

Except that I know that I did them. I knew right away
when I woke up the next morning. I knew by the terrible
taste in my mouth and by the pain I felt when I moved.

As I lay there in bed beside Sharon the next morning I
had no idea how I had gotten home. I remember that I
started to get up and go to the bathroom and I felt the
sudden pains in my stomach and...and in my anus. I had
that horrible taste in my mouth and when I swallowed my
throat felt like I had been eating broken glass.

I lay there quietly then, trying to remember. Some, a
very few of the events of the previous evening started
coming back, slowly, with great difficulty. But it was
all hazy and most of the night was still a blank. I
know that we had had a lot to drink, but I am
intelligent enough to know that what happened to us was
not the result of alcohol. We were drugged. Both of us
were drugged.

I glanced over at Sharon and I realized that she wasn't
sleeping. She was lying on her back and she was naked.
We both were! We never sleep in the nude. But the
disturbing thing was that there were tears running down
her cheeks onto her pillow. She was crying quietly.

I reached over to hold her, to try and comfort her but
she pulled away. I thought that she was mad at me but
she sobbed and said, "Don't touch me Mike! I''s don't want to touch me, not now."


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I reached out and pulled her back and took her in my
arms. She struggled at first and then she collapsed
into my arms and cried like I had never seen her cry
before. She was nearly hysterical and it scared the
hell out of me.

I said, "Honey, we need to call the police. We need to
go the emergency room."

She shook her head violently and said, "No! I can't! I
can't tell people that I was ****d. Besides, we don't
have any idea who those men were."

I tried to insist. "Sharon we need to report this. We
need to be tested for diseases. We have to make sure
that they don't do this to anyone else. You know they
have done this before."

She shook her head and said, "I don't care! I can't! I
can't tell anyone about this. Besides, I don't remember
everything I did last night, but I remember that I let
them do anything that they wanted and laughed and
smiled like an idiot. Everyone in that club that saw us
would testify that I was a slut last night."

"Oh god Mike, I'm sorry. It's all my fault." She sobbed
quietly for a moment and then she said, "How can you
stand to touch me after what I did?"

I didn't want to say it, but I thought it might help.
"Sharon, it wasn't just you. They...they did things to
me too."

I shivered in revulsion and I saw that she already
knew. She buried her face in my neck and sobbed a
little longer before she said, "I can't remember much,
just bits and pieces, especially towards the end of the
evening. Oh Mike, it was horrible. And it was all my
fault. You didn't even want to be there!"

I held her tight and said, "It wasn't your fault
Sharon. We were drugged. You, I mean we had every right
to go into a dance club last night. We didn't give up
our rights by entering that place to dance a couple of
dances on our anniversary."

We were quiet for a few minutes and Sharon asked, "What
do you think that they will do with the pictures?"

That was something I didn't remember!

"What pictures Sharon?" I asked in a whisper.

She started sobbing again. Finally she was able to say,
"Oh Mike, there were two men with movie cameras. They
filmed everything. They filmed every perverted thing
that both of us did."

I didn't remember that at all. Oh god, our security
clearances! If those pictures got out we were as good
as dead.

Sharon pushed away from me and sat up and stared down
at me, looking me right in the eyes as if trying to
read my mind. Finally she whispered, "You don't
remember the last part, do you?"

I guess she could tell by the look on my face that I
didn't have a clue what she was talking about. She
swung her legs out of bed and groaned in pain as she
got up and ran to the bathroom.

I heard her lock the door and I heard her vomit loudly
for several minutes. I finally struggled to my feet,
despite the pain in my lower body, and I struggled to
the guest bathroom and relieved myself.

I washed up and went back and stood outside our
bathroom and I heard Sharon crying quietly. I tried to
get her to open the door but she just kept telling me
to go away. I finally went to my nightstand and got out
a little screwdriver and unlocked the bathroom door
from the outside.

I opened the door and saw her sitting on the toilet
with the seat down. She was holding her stomach and
rocking back and forth. I rushed in and she tried to
fight me off again but I took her in my arms and held

I told her that I loved her and held her tight. She
sobbed, "You won't. You won't love me when you know
what I did, what they made me do."

I led her back out to the bed and we sat on the edge. I
tried to calm her down and convince her that if she
could live with the memory of the things that they made
me do then nothing they did to her would make a

I didn't try to find out what it was that was so awful.
I just tried to assure her that it didn't matter. We
had a horrible thing happen to us. We were still soul
mates. Maybe it would be difficult, but we were
intelligent people and we could get over this.

She made a high pitched keening sound that raised the
hair on the back of my neck and she screamed, "I fucked
a god damned dog! They ordered me to kneel down and I
let a fucking dog lick me between my legs and then fuck
me while they laughed and took pictures!"

I'll admit that gave me pause for just a moment. And
not just because I had never heard Sharon say fuck
before! I had not expected that. But I pulled her back
into my arms and said, "I don't care. We were ****d. We
were drugged and ****d and made to do terrible things.
It's over now. I still love you just as much as I did
when I watched you getting dressed to go out for dinner
last night. Sharon, we will get over this."

She finally seemed to get herself under control and she
looked me in the eye and said, "Mike, I don't think
it's over."

She saw the confused look on my face and she said,
"They took those horrible movies and made us to
terrible things. They must know where we work. They
know where we live. If those pictures get out our
clearances are gone. Our jobs are gone. The only jobs
we will be able to get will be at a fast food
restaurant or cleaning bathrooms in gas stations. And
think about our parents! Mike, your dad has already had
one heart attack. Those pictures would kill him."

It didn't make sense. We didn't have any money. The
documents we worked with were all highly classified,
but not really the kind of thing that spies were
interested in. What could they hope to gain by
blackmailing us?

We sat there on the bed despondently for a long time
before Sharon got up and said, "I need to take a

I thought about joining her but she didn't seem to want
my company at the moment. I put my robe on and went to
the kitchen and put the coffee on. I thought about
getting out the bacon and eggs but I couldn't stand the
thought of food right now. Instead I went back to the
bedroom and waited for Sharon to finish her shower.

When she got out I took a long shower and after
brushing my teeth a couple of times and throwing my
toothbrush away I got dressed and went to join Sharon
in the kitchen. We sat quietly at the kitchen table and
sipped our coffee.

As I sat there some of what happened came back to me.
Not the dog. I didn't remember the dog, thankfully. I
remembered more of what happened before we left the
club. I didn't want to. It just kept flashing into my
mind. I remembered seeing Sharon stretched out across
all four men's laps at one point. Her dress was
gathered at her waist and her breasts and her lower
body exposed. She was being groped freely while the
waitress stood at our table and smiled as she watched.

I remembered Sharon being pulled to her feet and one of
the men casually letting her dress fall back into place
over her hips as he pulled the top back up over her
breasts, very slowly, as the crowd of amused onlookers
enjoyed the show.

I remembered Sharon dancing naked in a living room. It
wasn't our living room though. I have no idea where
they took us.

The hot coffee soothed my sore throat but I suddenly
remembered how it got so sore. I can't remember the
man's face, but I remember his hairy belly and I
remember that I had not struggled even though the pain
had been awful. It wasn't a clear picture though. I
couldn't actually swear that it had happened.

I didn't remember the other, what they must have done
to make my anus hurt like this. But I was reasonably
sure that I knew what had happened and I really didn't
want to remember.

I glanced up at Sharon and I saw that she was trying to
deal with these horrible memories too. She had finally
stopped crying but the look on her face was enough to
make me cry.

I thought again about calling the police. If nothing
else I thought that it might protect us from being
blackmailed later. But we had washed away the evidence
and Sharon was right, if this came out it would kill my
father. And I wasn't so sure that we wouldn't lose our
jobs anyway.

I reached over and placed my hand on top of hers and
squeezed lightly. Sharon looked up and tried to smile
but it didn't work. I wanted to say something to make
her feel better but damned if I could think of
anything. I could keep saying that it would be alright
over and over and we both knew that it didn't mean a
thing. The odds were that it was not going to be
alright. We both had a very bad feeling about this.

We had no plans for Sunday beyond going grocery
shopping. As it turned out neither one of us could
stand the idea of going out and facing other people. So
we put it off. We had enough food in the house for a
few days. If we ran out of real food we could always
eat soup.

We finished our coffee finally and went into the living
room and sat together on the couch. I held her in my
arms and we sat like that most of the day without
talking. I didn't even think about the Sunday paper
until almost bedtime. We normally spend an hour or so
doing the Sunday crossword puzzle in the morning, but
not today. Maybe we should have. We could have used a

Just before we went to bed I went out and got the
Sunday paper out of the box so that there would be room
for the Monday paper. But we didn't even open it. I
suddenly realized as we were getting into our pajamas
that we hadn't eaten all day. I guess we were both
still too upset to eat. I was anyway.

I glanced at Sharon as she was putting her pajamas on
and I saw the scratches and the bruises on her back. I
couldn't even imagine what it must have been like for
her to let that dog...oh Christ! I couldn't even say it
to myself!

What I went through was horrible, but it had been so
much worse for her. She had been ****d over and over by
those four men and then forced to be with that dog. I
couldn't remember most of what had happened to me, and
I was so very grateful for that.

Apparently they had given me more of the drugs than
they had given her because she seemed to remember a lot
more. Or maybe I was just more susceptible. I wish that
I could forget the things that I did remember from last
night. Every image was more disturbing than the last.

We both lay in bed for a long time before we went to
sleep that night. I tried not to think about it but
several new and unwanted memories flashed through my
tortured mind. I had a fuzzy image of Sharon taking on
three men at once with apparent eagerness. Another
image of Sharon with two men that I didn't remember
from last night came to me and I puzzled over it for a
few minutes before I realized that those must have been
the cameramen. For the life of me I couldn't remember
anyone taking pictures of us.

Sharon got to sleep before I did and not long after she
fell asleep she began making terrible noises and
sobbing quietly as she slept. I debated with myself
over whether or not to wake her but I decided that it
would be better if she slept.

The next morning we got up and went through our normal
Monday morning routine without speaking. We ate a
little cold cereal and I drove us in to the office. I
dreaded having to interact with people but it turned
out to be a relief to be able to throw myself into my
work and not think about what had happened to us. Or at
least not think about it constantly. As much as I tried
to avoid them those flashbacks kept stabbing me in the

We met at lunch time and went to the small break room
and had a can of coke for lunch. We sat together
quietly after I asked her if she was doing okay. She
shrugged and we sat at a small table and held hands and
tried to ignore the other people in the room.

The people that we worked with left us alone except for
Anne, the woman that had introduced us and almost
ordered us to go out together. She came over to our
table and said, "You guys look like hell! You aren't
fighting are you?"

I tried to smile at her and said, "No Anne. We aren't
fighting." I couldn't think of anything else to say but
Sharon said, "We just lost a friend from college and
we're feeling kind of down."

We did go to the same college but I was a year ahead of
her and as far as we know we didn't have any friends in
common. But Anne didn't know that and she accepted
Sharon's excuse easily.

After she offered her condolences and walked back to
her table I smiled wryly at Sharon but we still didn't
feel like talking.

After work I drove home nervously. I was terrified that
someone would be waiting for us or there would be
something in the mail from a blackmailer. I could tell
that Sharon had the same fears.

But when we got home there was nothing but a handful of
junk mail and a dark, empty house. We ate a light
supper and after we cleaned up we sat at the table and
had a glass of lemonade. After a long silence I said,
"I feel like we should talk. I want to say something to
make it all okay. I would give anything if I could turn
back the clock or even just make you feel better in
some way. It is tearing me up to see you suffer like
this Sharon. I love you so much and I can't stand to
see you like this."

She lifted my hand and kissed it and gave me a tiny,
fleeting smile. She said, "I know Mike. It's just going
to take time. Don't worry. I'll be okay after a while I
guess. But there are no magic words and we both know
that 'it's going to be okay' is a pile of crap. It is
going to hurt for a long time. I keep remembering
things that happened and I want so much to forget it,
all of it.

Maybe you were right yesterday. Maybe we should have
called the police. Maybe we should have gone to the
hospital. It's too late now though. Still, I am
starting to wonder if maybe we shouldn't both talk to a
**** counselor. I am really having a hard time dealing
with this."

The idea of telling someone what had happened to me,
what little I remembered of it anyway, was more than I
could stand. But if that's what it will take to get our
lives back then I'm willing to try.

I told Sharon, "If you want to see someone I'll make
some phone calls."

She squeezed my hand and said, "Let's give it a week. I
am not sure that I could actually tell someone what
happened to me, to us. But we have to do something if
we can't get over it on our own. We can't live like

I nodded. It would be harder for her I'm sure. But she
was right. We can't go on like this.

I said, "Okay, let me know if and when you are ready.
Why don't we go to bed and read? Or would you rather
watch television?"

She replied, "I can't stand the idea of all of those
happy people saying all of those stupid things on
television. I vote for reading."

We took the Sunday paper to bed and read it. When we
finished reading the paper we worked on the crossword
puzzle together. It was such a little thing but it
seemed to make us both feel better. It was such a
normal thing to do I guess.

It was still too early to try to go to sleep when we
finished the puzzle and I don't think that either one
of us wanted to lay in the dark any longer than we had
to and have those horrible mental pictures play out in
our minds. So we read our books for a while.

I read to the end of a chapter and put my book up. I
turned my light out and snuggled up to Sharon and held
her in my arms while she read. She tensed up when I
first snuggled up behind her but then she took a breath
and relaxed. I held her like that until she finished
reading and then she turned her light off and lay down
on her back.

We lay there in the dark for a few minutes and I said,
"We haven't kissed since Saturday."

She turned on her side and faced me and said, "Do you
really want to kiss me?"
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