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les histoires de chrislebo

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#3,241 Posted: 9 Sep 2012 16:21
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As they watched the video, they heard Cheryl laugh, "My god you two are horny today. Give a girl a change to get naked before you screw her! I've been waiting for this all week. Ralph is such a piece of dog shit in the sack. I just love getting fucked by the two of you. I hope you plan to DP me today. I just love that full feeling. It's so evil and exciting."

They heard Chad, as he began to play with her breasts, say, "So Ralph can't meet you needs, my fine little slut?"

"No way. He's such a dufus in bed. I'd love to try and teach him some of this stuff we do, but it would make him suspicious. He's a boring lover, but he is my boring lover. I do love him, but I need this wanton sex you guys give me. Now shut up and start working on me."

With that the scene became one of naked seething bodies. Most of the possible positions of the Kuma Sutra had to on the video.

I waved to my lawyer to flip it off. "So Cheryl, what is it you want this dufus to understand? That I can't satisfy you? Or Chad and Gleason are much better sex partners than I am? That you LOVE me?

You have sex with other men, so you can't possibly respect me. If you have no respect for someone, you could never possibly love that someone. Now, I'm filing for divorce under the grounds of adultery. I want to take everything but my lawyer tells me that even as slimy as you are, the court will want you to have at least 25%. So that is my offer, and be damn glad I just want this over quickly and get your cheating ass out of my sight."

With that I got up and called the guard to take me back to my cell. As I left I saw my attorney hand Cheryl her walking papers. Later that day I was released as Chad had dropped his charges and I reciprocated.

That day at the jail was also the last time I saw or talked to Cheryl. At least, until one year ago. But let me finish bringing you up to date before telling about how Cheryl came back into my life.

I'd made a fairly good success out of a little business. I now employed four electricians and two general service maintenance men that performed a wide variety of projects for people with older homes needing upgrades. Since the economy had gone down the dumper people stayed in their current homes instead of moving up to a newer home. So many people now did add-ons and renovations to their existing homes. My company provides services to these clients.

For several years after my marriage to Cheryl had imploded, I didn't want much to do with women. Oh, I still went out and would seize on a woman giving me the eye for one night stand and then promise to call and immediately throw her phone number away.

Then one day I met "her". Francine was her name. A pretty little 5 foot 4 inch brunette with a great body and three degrees from institutions of higher learning. Smart, beautiful, sexy -- and seemingly interested in me. I was attending a trade show in Las Vegas on new "must have" electrical items every home needed. Actually they were all mostly bullshit but, with a 100% markup in the Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Price, a small company such as mine could make easy money from selling these items to a homeowner during renovation.

I was standing at one booth listening to a manufacturer's rep spouting horse manure about how their new air filtration system was indispensable in the modern world with its terrible air pollution problems. Suddenly, I heard a soft female voice next to me say, "What a bag full of goose crap. This guy is a real ass."

I turned and looked into the prettiest pair of brown eyes I'd ever seen. These eyes were set into the most beautiful face I'd ever seen. When she smiled her face lit up and my heart skipped a beat. She pointed at the man speaking and stated, "He's doesn't know his ass from his elbow. Half of his facts are wrong and the other have are suspect. I wouldn't sell one of these systems to my worst enemy."

I smiled back at her and replied, "I agree. He lost me as a customer when he misstated the atmosphere carbon increase percentages."

She stared at me and said, "My, you know those stats? Very impressive."

I impulsively asked, "Would you like to do some lunch?"

She seemed to hesitate. I continued on the offensive, "My name is Ralph Larson. I own a small electrician and home renovation company. And you are?"

She smiled extending her hand, "My name's Francine Doyle. I'm an architect. I design homes for the super rich."

We shook hands and then I repeated, "So Francine. How about some lunch? This hotel has a superb Wolfgang Puck's."

She smiled again and stated, "Well, I am hungry. Are we going Dutch treat?"

"Sure. We'll split the check." I replied.

"Then Mr. Ralph Larson, let's go." She said as she wrapped her arm through mine.

We had a pleasant lunch and began to know each other. I found out about her family with her three brothers and two sisters. I found out about her failed marriage. He'd cheated on her. She found out about my family of one sister. She learned about my failed marriage but none of the real gory details. We found out that we lived less than fifty miles apart.

I asked her to dinner but she said she already had plans. My heart dropped. She asked for a rain check until tomorrow night. My heart soared. "Okay, we'll go to the Pamplemousse Restaurant. It's a Las Vegas landmark and has a highly rated French cuisine." She gave me her hotel name and I told her I would pick her up at seven.

When she came down from her room to meet me in the lobby the next night, I was floored. She wore that "little black dress" you hear so much about. We had a wonderful time at dinner and then later at one of the all night dance clubs that Vegas is so famous for. From that night on we were an item. In our case, the phrase "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" didn't apply.

That night she invited me back to her room and we made slow sweet love. The scent of sex wafted through the room and increased the intensity of our couplings. We blew off the trade show the next day and the next. We would come up for air and order room service to regain our strength then plunge back into intense sex.

She blew me and swallowed my load several times, I ate her out to orgasm many times, we fucked tenderly and then roughly loving the intense feelings we achieved from both techniques.

Upon returning home, we were rarely apart for more than a couple of days at a time when one or the other of us has schedules that did not permit us to stay at each others house. Ten months later we made it official and became engaged. The wedding was set for June. It was announced in the newspaper.

Two weeks later, Cheryl re-enter our lives. I say our lives since Francine and I were now all but married.

I was pretty much a creature of habit. Each morning on the way to my office, I would stop at the local coffee shop and have toast and coffee as I caught up on the news. On this particular Monday morning I'd just sat down with my newspaper and breakfast when I heard a familiar voice, "Hello Ralph."

My body went tense. I'd know that voice anywhere. Cheryl! I looked up with the coldest stare I could muster. "What the fuck do you want you damn slut?"

She seemed undeterred, "Can I sit down for five minutes? I've got to say some things and I promise it'll only take me five minutes. Please?" She pleaded in an almost terrified tone, "I've been seeing mental health professionals and they say I have to try to get you to forgive me before I can forgive myself and start healing. I'd like to explain what happened and why it happened and seek that forgiveness from you."

I replied incredulously, "Do you seriously think I give a shit about what the state of your mental health is? Do you think I could ever forgive you for turning yourself into a cheating slut? I tell you what you bitch. I'll give you ten minutes to say your piece. If you promise to leave my life and never let me see you're cheating face again. Deal?"

"Okay." She answered in a quivering voice.

I stare at her. She was still a beautiful woman. Beautiful green eyes, red hair, and good figure.

She sat down and clasped her hands together trying to gather her thoughts. Several moments passed in silence and I finally said in an exasperated tone, "Well, you've wasted thirty seconds of your ten minutes. Either talk or walk. I really don't care which you do."

She inhaled startled by my sharp voice. She started. "First Ralph, I apologize to you for the hurt and pain I know you felt. I desire every bit of hatred and anger you want to heap on me. I fucked up big time back then and it took my world collapsing to realize it. When you walked in the bed room door that day my own heart was stabbed knowing what I had done to you. You, my poor innocent husband, who never did anything but love me."

She took a breath and continued, "Chad and I started going to lunch and then dinner when you were out of town. At first he was just being a friend to keep me company on those lonely periods when you were traveling. Then one night, we had gone to a nice restaurant for dinner then on to a night spot for some dancing.

I had no intent on cheating on you that night; it was really just friends going out for some fun. And he was your best friend so I felt very safe with him. We both had too much to drink and in the cab on the way back to our house, we looked in each others' eyes and seemed to be drawn to a kiss. At first it was tentative but then it became almost sinful in its intensity.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as Chad moved his hand to my breast. I was horny as hell and he felt so good. His tongue probed my mouth and he smelled sweet and manly. At that moment I just wanted to be fucked. We stumbled in our house and I pulled him by his hand to our bedroom.

It wasn't an intentional cuckolding mind you. It just seemed normal to go to our bedroom. We stripped each other, fell onto the bed, and had sex for what seemed like hours. It probably wasn't because we were so drunk I'm sure we passed out shortly after our second coupling."

She stopped waiting for me to say something. I didn't, I was biting my tongue just wanting her to go away.

"When we woke up the next morning we were both in a panic. We had both cheated on you -- me as your wife and he as your best friend. We jumped out of bed and covered ourselves from each other and mumbled apologies and promised it would never happen again.

Chad called a cab and left and I showered for over an hour trying to wash the smell of cheating off of my body. You came home that afternoon and I attacked you with make-up loving for weeks trying to make amends for what Chad and I had done. After several weeks had gone by and you seemed to have no idea what had happened, Chad and I both relaxed and things seemed to back to normal."




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#3,242 Posted: 9 Sep 2012 16:22
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"Chad and I had stopped meeting for lunch and dinner after that episode. We were still cordial to each other when we were around each other, but we were embarrassed about what had happened and didn't know ho to deal with it."

Cheryl stopped and asked if she could have a sip of the coffee I had as her throat was dry. I pushed the cup over to her without a word and waited.

She took several sips and, with a sigh, started again, "At your birthday party Chad and I ended up alone in the kitchen as I was putting the candles on your cake and he was filling guests drink orders. He looked over at me and said, "Cheryl, we've got to talk about what happened and figure out how to rebuild our friendship. I want us to remain friends but we can't hurt Ralph. So can we get together for lunch next week and talk things out?" I thought for moment and agreed because if things continued as they were you would figure something was wrong just be the way Chad and I tried to avoid each other."

"So the next Tuesday I met Chad at diner close to his office for lunch. He'd taken the rest of the day off work so we could talk things out. After lunch we walked in the park for an hour and then a thunderstorm came up and we had to run to Chad's car to get out of the downpour. We were soaked and our teeth were chattering. He suggested we drive to his place and dry our clothes and finish our talk. I stupidly agreed."

She stopped and looked at the palms of her hands for a moment. Gulping, she started again, "Ralph, I went there believing we would dry off, finish our talk and find someway to put what had happened in the past so we could all be friends again. What happened at Chad's that afternoon is a little blurry.

When we got there, I remember him throwing me his bathrobe in the guest bedroom and telling me to strip and him going to the other bedroom put on dry clothes. He then took our wet clothes and threw them in his dryer. He fixed us some drinks and we sat down on the couch to finish our conversation as our clothes dried."

"It was about twenty minutes after we sat down that I started feeling flushed and things seemed to be getting a little hazy. Another ten minutes and I started feeling hornier than I had in years. Chad looked at my flushed face and taking the drink glass from my hand he sat it on the coffee table.

He leaned over and kissed me. Not easy but brutally hard. As he did this, his hand slipped under the robe I was wearing and he groped my breasts. Remember Ralph, I was getting hornier by the second. He admitted to me months later that he'd put a GHB-based cocktail of drugs into my drink."

"He pealed the robe from my body and had his hands all over me. I was getting hotter and hotter and finally just gave into the sensations he was arousing in me. He led me to his bedroom and laid me on the bed.

He wasted no time with preliminaries by opening my legs and placing his penis at my opening. The head slid in passed my pussy's lips and he slowly worked in a few inches. He moved back and forth until I was wet and then he rammed his whole length into me in one motion. He sawed back and forth at a more and more rapid pace until he exploded in me. I felt his seed spraying inside me in spurt after spurt.

For the next few hours he took me in my mouth, pussy, and ass. He took pictures of us doing all of these sex acts. He took a video of us together and made me say that he was a much better lover than you were and you were a wimp. I was so screwed up on the drugs he had given me that I'd have said and done anything that day."

"He later told me that after our first encounter he'd fallen in love with me and wanted to get me for himself. He figured that he could use the pictures and video to blackmail me into having sex with him. And it worked. Ralph, I didn't know else what to do. He had all of these nasty pictures of me cheating on you.

I didn't want you hurt so I did what he said. We began meeting once or twice a week when he and I could get away in from our jobs the afternoon. When you were out of town, he stayed at our house and used our bed."

"Mr. Gleason became suspicious that something was going on by the amount of time off I was taking once an afternoon each week. So he followed me to Chad's place one afternoon and figured out what was happening. He threatened me with exposing the whole thing to you unless I put out for him.

I discussed it with Chad. He decided it would be hot to watch me fuck him and another guy at the same time and said to tell Gleason to start joining our sex sessions. I did and he did. Pretty soon it was always the three of us and they used me every way a woman could be used.

I actually got to the point that my body responded to the intense sexual activities. I'm sorry Ralph, but I started to enjoy the afternoons of being a total slut for them. It gave me intense sexual release."

"That's the way things went until the day you walked into Chad's bedroom. I know you heard what I said to those guys and, god forgive me, I meant those words. By that point they were giving me things that you would never be able to.

But Ralph, after I finally got away from them, and got my shit straight, I realized the sexual things they gave me were mere moments of pleasure with nothing in between. You've read stories where the cheating wife says, "Honey, it was just sex." Well Ralph, it's true. It was just sex. No terms of endearment, no love, just the mad rutting of animals."

"I pray that I can gain your forgiveness for what I did to you. Before I can ever heal and move my life forward, I have to forgive myself for being so weak and so unsure of your love that I would not tell you of Chad's blackmail.

Maybe you could have forgiven me back than and we could have worked through it. We'll never know. But Ralph, I've been nearly suicidal ever since you walked in on that scene of Gleason and Chad and me. I've got to get by this some how. Please ... Please, forgive me."

I cleared my throat. I hadn't expected her purging her soul like she had. I don't know if I believed everything she said. You know most people paint the truth in their favor a little. I needed a little time to digest what she had just dumped on me. So to buy time I asked her, "Cheryl why did you show up now and how did you find me?"

She broke a thin smile on her face. It was easy. I didn't know where you had moved to. I set a 'bot up on my internet search engine. Each day the 'bot searched the web for your name.

It was a lot of years, but it finally pulled your engagement announcement when it hit your local newspaper. I understand your marrying a local architect named Francine. I hope she treats you better than I did."

While she told me this I made my decision, "Cheryl, I couldn't forgive you in a million years. Do you know one of the biggest reasons I'll never forgive you? Remember that meeting at the jail with my lawyer? You said, "It's just sex with them." You said in the present tense. If you'd really been sorry I would have hoped and prayed you would have said "It WAS just sex with them", as in the past tense. Your choice of words told me volumes. You had no plan to give up your fuck toys. I think your confession just now was a bunch of bullshit. So please just go away and leave me alone."

Cheryl flinched as if I'd hit her. Her facial features contorted into a mask of near insanity. She spewed, "You high and mighty son of bitch. I've lived in agony for years over what I did to you. I come crawling here seeking your forgiveness and you rebuff me out of hand. Don't you think anyone who is manipulated as I was could make the same mistakes? Hell, I'll bet that slut Francine would cave into being manipulated as I was."

I became angry at this point, "Cheryl, leave Francine out of this. You don't have the right to even speak hear name. Now please leave me alone."

She stood up and leaned over the table to stare into my eyes. Her look was cold. "I'll prove to you that we can all be manipulated and taken advantage of to the point we accept cheating on our significant others as the only way to save our relationship with them. Then maybe you'll forgive me."

She turned on the ball of her foot and almost ran from the coffee shop.

Had she just threaten me? Had she just threatened Francine? What the hell was her game? All of these questions crowded my brain as I gathered my things and headed for the office. Shit, what a way to start the day.

Francine's Story —

Two weeks after Cheryl's meeting with Ralph, Francine had an appointment with a potential client a house he and his wife had just purchased. She wore a very professional looking pants suit outfit for this meeting. She picked up her day scheduler and notebook and giving Ralph a warm kiss headed for her appointment.

She arrived at the address her potential clients had given her in the phone call setting up the appointment. The house sat on a cul-de-sac at the end of long lane with no other home around for a quarter mile or more. Very isolated, Francine thought, they must like their privacy.

She knocked on the door and it was answered by a very pretty red headed woman. "Francine? Please come in!"

Francine was shown into the living room where a very good looking man of about six and half feet tall and maybe two hundred and twenty pounds sat in a pair of Speedo swimming trunks. She couldn't help but notice the immense bulge in his crotch.

The woman said, "Please sit down Francine. Might I get you a drink? Maybe coffee, tea, or something else? We're just finishing our morning coffee. There is much more in the kitchen.

Francine smiled at the woman and said, "Yes please, a cup of coffee is fine."

The man, who introduced himself as Adam exchanged small talk pleasantries with Francine until the woman brought the coffee back. Francine sipped the hot liquid and she and the couple began discussing the changes to the house they wanted made.

Francine had finished the cup of coffee when her face began to feel flushed and her vision grew hazy. She slipped sideways in her seat. Cheryl grabbed Francine by the hair and pulled her face toward her own glaring at her and said, "Adam, take the slut to bedroom. She is about to experience first hand what I went through. Let's see if she makes a different decision than I did. If she does, I'll leave and Ralph will never see me again. If she makes the same decision I did, Ralph will either have to forgive us both or go find another love."

Adam picked up the almost unconscious woman and carried her to the bedroom. He dropped her in the middle of bed. Cheryl came in and injected Francine with another drug. "There, that'll make her horny as hell. Give it twenty minutes and then strip her." She ordered Adam.

Francine understood she was about to be raped, but she just couldn't get enough energy to do anything about it. She was starting to feel the need to have sex. She did muster enough command of her body to slur a question at the redheaded woman, "Who? Why?"

Cheryl laughed, "Who? Bitch, I'm Cheryl, Ralph's ex-wife. Why? Because he will not forgive me. I'm going to do to you what I had done to me and see if he forgives you. If he does, he has to forgive me. If not, you'll find somebody new who likes a well used slut."

Cheryl started a series of video cameras set up around the room to catch all of the action from many angles.

Cheryl helped Adam remove Francine's clothes. She dropped down and licked Francine's pussy to bring her heat up to a high flame. Adam removed his swimming trucks and brought his large slab of man meat to Francine's lips. He held her nose shut until she had to take a breath through her mouth and he slid his enlarging shaft into her mouth. He began fucking her mouth and penetrating deeper into her throat with each thrust. Cheryl continued to work her cunt.

After about five minutes, Cheryl rolled Francine over on her side and stopped servicing her now fiery pussy. Francine continued sucking Adam's pole with no demands from Adam or Cheryl to do so. She was beginning to get into the upcoming sexual orgy drug mode.

Cheryl went to the front door and let in the four sixteen year old boys she had made friends with. Actually she had fucked all four of them to gain their confidence for what she wanted them to do. She was going to turn Francine's horny body and mind over to them as soon as Adam was finished with her. Videos of her servicing underage boys would be devastating to her when she came down from the drug high she was on. Would she give in to the blackmail of showing these videos to Ralph? Cheryl was betting she would. After a few weeks of ever increasing depravities on the pretty architect, she would be required to make her decision.

Francine was being fucked like she had never been fucked before. Adam had rolled her over and with little additional foreplay; he simply rammed his massive meat into her almost unprepared box. She inhaled sharply as he penetrated her with the full length he had to offer her.

He began the motion of almost pulling completely out of her and then ramming back in to the hilt with all of the force he could muster. After a few minutes of this vigorous action she slowly wrapped her gorgeous legs around his body and drew him toward her. He leaned down and penetrated her mouth with his exploring tongue. Her tongue explored his and entered his mouth with audible moan from her.

They were locked in almost violent sex and wildly kissing with Francine having no thought of Ralph. Most of this was the result of the drugs, but part of it was she had turned into a rutting animal with the only thought being to get off sexually as many times as she could.

He raised himself from her mouth and spit his saliva into her awaiting open mouth. He muttered in a low voice, "Tell me slut, tell me you love what I'm doing. Tell me your fiance is a wimp who can never please you like this. Tell me he should worship my cock because it is so much better than his. Tell me or I'll stop fucking you this second."

Francine was very near orgasm. She needed the orgasm. She would say anything to just make sure he kept up his blistering pace with that marvelous tool. She almost yelled her response, "Oh yes, fuck me. Don't stop. Fuck me like no man has ever fucked me. You're so much better than that wimpy Ralph. He should suck your cock in honor of you being so much more of a man. Just fuck me, damn it! Fuck me!"

Adam continued as long as he could but he needed to get his nuts off. This hot little bitch was getting him off. He led her to two more orgasms and then ordered her to unwrap her legs, let him up and to open her mouth to receive his man juice. She did as ordered and he spurted a load into her waiting mouth. He ordered her to swallow. She gagged slightly but got it all down.


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#3,243 Posted: 9 Sep 2012 16:22
Up to the first message Down to the last message
Adam called for Cheryl to bring up the boys. Cheryl had them strip down in the living room and she sucked them all hard so they would be ready for action when they walked into the bedroom and saw the little cunt lying on the bed.

The boys didn't hesitate when the saw the choice little piece of meat awaiting them. They each took turns in each of Francine's holes. They demanded much from her for several hours until none of them could get their dicks up again. In the middle of the fuck and suck session, Cheryl administered more drugs to the hapless Francine. Soon she was avidly fucking and sucking back at the boys dicks.

She finally lay exhausted with cum covering her body and gushing in rivers from her orifices. Her hair had been used to wipe filthy dicks and lay matted on her head.

Cheryl let her sleep for an hour and then grabbed her by the matted hair and dragged her to the shower. "Come on bitch, let's get you cleaned up. You have to go home to Ralph. Make sure he doesn't smell any sex on you. Make sure he doesn't know what a slut you really are."

Francine tried to reason with Cheryl. "What good does this do you Cheryl? So you turn me into a slut. That just means Ralph will dump me just like he did you."

Cheryl said with conviction, "No! When he sees how easy you are turned, he'll forgive both of us. He has to! He has to understand I never meant to cheat on him. He'll see that when sees how easy you're turned into a cheater."

Francine tried one more time, "Cheryl, there's no way Ralph will forgive either of us. You've just damned me to lose him just as it happened to you. You're nuts, you need help. Let me help you before it's too late."

Cheryl walked over and slapped Francine's face as hard as she could. "Get the hell in the shower and get all of that slimy cum off and out of you. You smell like a cum dump."

Francine sobbed as she showered. She couldn't tell Ralph. She had acted like a complete tramp, a slut. He'd no more believe her than he'd believed Cheryl. She didn't know what she should do.

After cleaning up Francine was allowed to sit for a few minutes. She had to sit at angle because her ass was sore from where the four boys had, in turn, filled her ass with their cum. Cheryl turned on the video and showed her what she had said and done. She promised a copy would be in Ralph's hand by tomorrow unless Francine agreed to meet Cheryl at this same house at the same time next week.

Francine sobbed and nodded her head. She staggered out of the house and headed home. She took another long shower when she got home and began to prepare dinner for Ralph. She had to act like everything was fine. She couldn't lose Ralph. She had to cover all up of this and just go on.

That night Ralph wanted to have sex but Francine was sore and tired from her session that day, she asked for a rain check and said she wasn't feeling well, which was true.

It was four days later before Francine allowed Ralph to have sex with her again. By this point her body had healed and her orifices had more or less shrunk back to their normal size.

The next week Francine showed up at the house as Cheryl had ordered. Cheryl had ordered her to go to the mall and buy some very suggestive "fuck me" shoes, mini skirts and see through blouses. The ensemble was completed with dark stockings, a garter belt, split crutch panties, and a bustier bra.

Francine swung her legs out of her car and felt the cool air touch her pussy through the panties. She began to seep fluids from her pussy. My god, she thought, am I becoming a slut who likes this shit? Why am I getting so excited? It's wrong!

She knocked on door and a male voice said, "Come In". She opened the door and entered to find ten naked men in various levels of erection sitting around watching porn flicks on the big screen TV. One man with a very large and very erect penis walked over to her and pulled her close to him. He planted a juicy kiss on her and fondled her breasts through her flimsy blouse.

"My name is Rolf. Cheryl is upstairs in your favorite room waiting for you. I'll see you in a few minutes." He laughed as he stuck his finger into her wetness. He pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. It was the first time she had ever tasted herself.

He released her with a slap on her ass and she headed for the bedroom where her cruel **** took place last week.

She opened the door and saw Cheryl lying in the bed stark naked. "Come in my little slut. Come here and service this cunt that owns you." Francine looked around and saw the same cameras as had been set up last week. Cheryl was recording her again for more blackmail material. Francine sighed, there was no way out.

Francine moved onto the bed and buried her face into Cheryl's crotch. She began licking and found the woman's clit. She took it in her teeth and nipped at it. Then she slid her tongue over the little nub that was now standing at attention. It only took a few minutes to get Cheryl off. She moaned and shook as she achieved orgasm. Francine back off and sat back on her folded legs as Cheryl came down from the intense sexual release.

Cheryl focused her eyes on Francine and murmured, "Damn girl, you know how to tongue a pussy. Thanks. Now get your ass over to the end of the bed and sit down with your hands folded in your lap. Cross your legs and hike that skirt up until it just covers your cunt. You'll look so chaste for the video. Chaste until the ten pimps sitting downstairs play their little game to see who will own you."

Francine did as she was told and Rolf and two other men entered the bedroom. One got on his knees behind her. Rolf and the other man sat on her right and left side respectively. They reached under Francine's blouse and grabbed a pert milky globe. They lifted her blouse and each began licking her nipples and tweaking them with their teeth.

The man on his knees behind her was tonguing her ear and whispering to her. What he was whispering was, "Oh baby. You're so hot. All men love your body. You just love fucking and sucking." He reached around and plunged a hypodermic into her arm. It was another cocktail of date **** drugs.

In a short time she would be a horny slut begging for cock. The man kept whispering in her ear. Soon she believed what he said. Soon they had her stripped and she did beg to be fucked. Each individually took their turn with her. Then as a group they did her with one man in each orifice. Finally she begged for them for more men to fuck.

At this point the bedroom door opened and, led by Cheryl, in came the other seven men who had been downstairs. Cheryl leaned toward the nearest camera and said, "Francine, you asked me to whore you out and get you more men. I've done it. Each of these men paid $100 for your body. So open your legs, your mouth and your ass and give them what they paid for."

Francine had one rational thought before the sexual flood overtook her sanity again. She's now made me into a whore. Ralph will leave me for sure. I've got to break away somehow.

Francine spent the rest of the afternoon servicing the ten men. Two of them inserted their meat into her cunt at the same time. Her cunt was stretched beyond anything she had ever felt before. After this, two other of the men took turns fisting her, attempting to see how much of their fist they could jam into her. One man finally had his whole fist disappear into her insides.

He laughed and the other man said he'd won the bet and could take the bitch to her house and fuck her in her marital bed. Cheryl laughed and said if that was the bet, so be it. She led Francine naked and covered in cum to Francine's car and put her in the trunk.

She gave the car keys to the man who had won the fisting contest. He'd thrown on his clothes and was ready to make the pretty woman his bitch. Each of the men attending the party were pimps from the roughest sections of town. Each wanted the pretty woman as their bitch.

Cheryl looked at her watch and said, "Ralph won't be home for two hours. So take her there and fuck the shit out of her. Make sure there is cum all over their bed. Leave about a half hour before her loving fiance is due home. Give her this roofie before you leave." She handed the roofie to the man.

"I'd love to see Ralph's face when he walks in and finds his loving fiancée totally fucked out, lying in a cum covered bed, their bed, and her totally out of her mind on drugs." Cheryl sneered. "Let's see if he can forgive her turning into a slut and whore."

"Oh yes, here are a couple of the videos of last week and today's session our little lady performed in. Make sure Ralph gets these."

The man did what Cheryl asked. When he left the house, the bed was wreck, covered in male juices and smelling of Francine's sexual arousal. She was a total mess, covered in drying cum and with her cunt lips bloated and hanging loose. It would be many days before her cunt return anywhere near normal. She lay on the bed moaning, "Yeh baby, let me suck your cock, fuck me up the ass, ram your fist in my cunt, use me, abuse me, I love it." The pimp had left a note saying he would be back for his property after Ralph cleaned her up and her pussy healed.

Ralph's Story —

This was the scene and sounds that Ralph was forced to endure when he arrived home not twenty minutes later. His beautiful fiancée was now a whore for a pimp.

Ralph ran to the bathroom and threw up.

He dialed 911 and waited for them to take her away to the hospital before he fell to floor in tears. The next day he watched a portion of one of the tapes and was enraged to see Cheryl orchestrating Francine's fall from grace. He watched as she was given drugs, being manipulated, and forced into becoming a cum slut. He realized that Francine was an innocent victim of Cheryl's twisted thinking about getting forgiveness.

He stopped to think that maybe this is what had really happened to Cheryl. It was a horrendous way of making the point, but was it possible that Cheryl was just proving that her story was true?

He went to the hospital the next day and saw Francine. She sobbed and said he should leave her. He steadfastly refused. She was his fiancée and he knew she had been drugged and coerced into being a whore and a slut. He forgave her and said she would be his wife just as they intended. Francine smiled and hugged him. She asked, "Can you forgive Cheryl? I believe she is insane but what happened to me was a much larger version of what happened to her."

Ralph responded, "I don't know. She harmed you badly. She wounded us badly. She has done dreadful things in an attempt to get some form of forgiveness from me. She's warped and definitely insane. I'm giving the cops the videos and asking them to arrest her."

Two days later the cops found Cheryl and booked her on half a dozen felonies. Francine slowly recovered and seemed to be overcoming the terrible things that had been done to her. She returned home with me a week after entering the hospital.

Everything seemed fine for the first few days she was home. She was quiet and just wanted to snuggle a lot. I didn't push for sex since she had been so violated the last few weeks.

Then I came home one evening and she was no where around and her car was gone. I waited a few hours and was really starting to worry. I'd checked voice mail for a message from her but there wasn't one. Finally I played back through messages received in the last twenty four hours and already played. That is when I heard that terrible message.

It was a voice I'd heard on the recording of Francine being given to a pimp as a prize in a bet. I'd remember his voice anywhere as he prided himself on pushing his fist inside Francine. He'd left a note claiming her and that he would back for her when she healed.

I listened to the message he'd left and my body shook in anger. "Baby. Get your ass over to the house. I got some studs for you to meet. Remember bitch, you're mine now. So get your ass over here. Don't make me come and get you."

So that is why I'm sitting here down the street from the house. I see my fiance's car parked in the driveway. I've seen half dozen men enter and leave. I'm sitting here listening to country music wondering what I should do. She willingly came back to the house. Maybe Cheryl was right. Maybe people can get caught up in things they can't get out of.

Can I forgive and forget?

With that thought I made the decision that it was over. I started my truck, put it in gear and headed for home. In my head, I still heard LeAnne Rimes singing that song.

And tell me now, How do I live without you? I want to know, How do I breathe without you? If you ever go, How do I ever, ever survive? How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?


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My wife loves to take a man’s prick inside her, she craves the feeling and always has, she is now just 50 years of age. When this incident 1st happened, she was 46 years of age and even now only looks in her late 30's. I have encouraged Lynn to take many men, some as long term lovers, others as one night stands. Lynn absolutely loves the feel of a cock in her juicy pussy and a man between her spread open thighs.

Her latest encounter began a couple of days ago. Lynn has been at home following a major operation, and therefore she's been taking it easy for a couple of weeks. However, when I got in last night, she was positively glowing and she was wearing a short skirt and see through blouse, brown stockings and high heeled shoes. As I walked in the house she greeted me at the door and gave me a deep erotic kiss, I could taste another man’s cum on her breath, so I reached down and ran my hand over her cunt which was red hot and very moist, her fanny lips were very slack and juicy. Lynn broke off the kiss and said do you love me? how could I say no! Lynn then led me by the hand to the sitting room sat me down, took out my hardening prick and told me her news.

Lynn said that she met old George a couple of days ago as she was getting out of her car, she told me she was dressed in her knee length skirt which was unbuttoned up to her thighs as usual, a semi see through blouse and tan colored stockings, she said she could see George, who is in his late seventies, eyeing up her bare thighs and decided not to cover up and spoil his view. Whilst they were talking George asked Lynn why she wasn't at work and Lynn told him about her hospital visit. George said that if she got bored, she was more than welcome to come to his house, which was only 3 houses away and share a coffee, Lynn said that sounded nice and would put her shopping away and come and join him. Lynn said old George was like a spring chicken as he strutted down the street.

Having put the shopping away, Lynn took her bra and panties off, she doesn't like wearing them any way, but before shopping she'd visited the doctor's so wore them for that reason. She then checked her hair was okay and walked to Georges house. Lynn said that has she reached his front door, which was open, George shouted for her to come in, which she did. George said he was in the kitchen, so Lynn walked through to join him. George apologized for the slight mess in the house, saying that his cleaner was on holiday and he wasn't much good at this sort of thing. Lynn told him it was ok and said do you want me to tidy up for you, it won't take long, George said that would be nice and that he was just going to take Scott his grandson a coffee out to the garden where he was pruning the roses, Lynn watched out of the kitchen window has George approached a young man, who Lynn said that later George had said he was 19 years of age.

They went and sat in the front room, George in his favorite chair, Lynn on the settee, as she sat down her skirt fell open and George had another good view of her bare thighs as she sat sipping her coffee. Lynn said George had a twinkle in his eyes as he told her what a good looking woman she was and what wonderful thighs she had, Lynn smiled at George and told him he was a naughty boy, George said he hadn't been naughty for over 20 years, since his wife died, Lynn just smiled at him. They drank their coffee and Lynn went to make another pot, having made the coffee she took a cup through to George and said she was just going to take a cup of coffee to Scott in the garden and would be back shortly. She took Scott his coffee and said he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, which were just visible through her blouse. Lynn began chatting to Scott about the garden, she was aware that he was starting to get a bulge in the front of his jeans and Lynn felt flattered that a 19 year old should find her sexually attractive.

Scott knelt down and said to Lynn what do you think of these roses, they are new and doing very well. Lynn sat down on her haunches to view the roses and was aware that her skirt had fallen open so that her bare thighs and stocking tops were openly on display to this young man, she said they were very lovely, Scott put his hand on Lynn's knee and said, there’s lots in the garden that’s better. Lynn smiled at him and stood up, she said she was going to drink her coffee with George in the house, Scott said, he would join them. When they entered the house Lynn sat back down on the settee and Scott sat next to George on the floor with his back to the unlit fire, again, Lynn's skirt fell open and both men could see her thighs and stocking tops. They chatted until Lynn said that she must get home and prepare tea, for me.

The next day she visited George his Grandson wasn't there, Lynn wore a shorter skirt and a see through blouse with tan stockings, she said George spent sometime looking at her thighs and she delighted him by opening her legs so that he could see her pussy hair. When she next went to make coffee, George followed her and whilst she was washing the cups, he put his arm around her waist and slowly moved it up to her tits, he mauled her right breast telling her how wonderful it was to feel a real woman’s tits, Lynn just turned to him and gave him a peck on the cheek and carried on washing the cups. George then began to grind his semi hard cock into Lynn’s arse, saying he hadn't felt this naughty with a lovely lady for ages. Lynn told George to behave and not get carried away. George said that she had been flashing her juicy pussy at him, how was he supposed to respond when a lovely woman gave him the cum-on.

Lynn turned to George who pressed his cock into her pussy mound she then said, just cos’ I don't like wearing panties and bra's doesn't mean you can take liberties with my body. Has she spoke George ran his right hand up her stocking clad legs to her thighs and on to her pussy. George said she was dying for a good slow satisfying fuck and he really wanted to feel Lynn's mouth wrapped around his cock, why else was she in his house dressed like a whore waiting for a tom to come along. George then placed his mouth over Lynn's and began to force his tongue into her mouth. Lynn parted her mouth and their tongues met at the same time George slipped 2 fingers up Lynn's waiting cunt.

Lynn said she just couldn't stop moaning with the pleasure George’s fingers were giving her pussy. She reached down and began to rub his cock, which she said was only about 7 or 8 inches long but very, very fat. Lynn then fumbled to undo George’s zip and finally reached inside his trousers and took a hold of his cock, which she said was surprisingly hard for someone his age. Lynn eased George's cock from his trousers and clasped her hand around it, she said she could feel it pulse as she slowly worked her hand along it's length. George then placed his hands on Lynn's shoulders and slowly pushed her to her knees and said go on suck my cock, I want to feel you run your tongue along the whole length. Lynn said she took his cock between her lips but said she struggled with it's size, so she licked the full length with her tongue from George's balls to the purple head of his cock.

George held her head and called her a dirty slut and then told her to undo her blouse and take it off so he could see her tits and big nipples. Lynn said she just reached down and undid her blouse and took it off for him to see her tits. George called her a slut and said, I can see why you get lots of men friends coming to call, do they all fuck you like this. Lynn looked up at George and said, yes of course they do I love taking a hard prick, I am a slut, but a lovely slut, my husband loves to see me taking a hard cock and I love to feel one in my pussy, do you want to fuck me George. George reached down and began squeezing Lynn's tits, she thought she heard a movement behind her but could not see because George was still holding her head against his hard shaft. George then told Lynn to undo her miniskirt and take it off so he could see her big white arse and thighs framed in her stockings and suspender belt.

Lynn undid the buttons and pulled her skirt from around her waist and tossed it to one side, she looked at George and said is that better. George said that now she looked like a whore and that from now on whenever she came to visit, she had to remove her blouse and skirt and walk around in just her stockings and suspender belt for him. Lynn said what about Scott, surely not whilst he was there. as she spoke she felt a hard prick nudge her pussy lips, she tried to turn her head but George held it tight, she looked up at him and has she did so, she heard Scott say, you want me to loosen the sluts cunt for you Grandad. George said, go on son, give the lady a good fucking so that she can take mine when you've got it all nice and juicy for me. Lynn moaned, has Scott eased his big cock head into her pussy, he then rammed the whole length into her making her cry out in pleasure. Lynn said it felt just as big as Georges hard prick as it invaded her pussy, she said she could feel it nudge against the entrance to her womb has Scott began to force his cock in and out of her cunt.

Scott built up a steady rhythm as he forced his cock in and out of her cunt. Scott said she was a real lady slut and couldn't wait to fire his cum up inside her belly. All the time Lynn was moaning in sheer pleasure and running her tongue up and down the length of Georges prick. Lynn said that Scott seemed to take ages pounding her pussy, she had cum at least 3 times before he started to speed up and finally collapsed over her arse having shot his cum deep into her, she said she could feel his cock spurt 3 or 4 times splashing his cum all inside her juicy cunt. George then told Lynn to turn around and suck Scott's cock, has she did so, George felt her pussy from behind and then guided his cock head between her cunt lips, she said it felt so big and hard has he forced his cock inch by inch up her pussy canal, eventually stopping when all 8 inches were embedded in her cunt.

George began to ease his shaft in and out of her pussy, Lynn said she just had 1 massive orgasm, which just kept coming and coming as George forced his cock in and out. Lynn said she moaned in sheer pleasure has she sucked on Scott's throbbing rod whilst his Granddad fucked her pussy. Scott grabbed Lynn's head and held her still has he shot a load more cum into her mouth, Lynn swallowed it all but only just he came so much spunk. George just kept pounding away at her cunt, Lynn said she thought she would pass out at the number of orgasms she had, but it felt so good taking his cock. Lynn said eventually after about 20 to 30 minutes of thrusting his cock into her Lynn said George gripped her hips and lunged his cock into her and shot 4 loads of spunk deep into her waiting pussy. Has George shot his cum into her she said he called her a big titted white arsed slut and that she was going to take a lot more of his cock in the future.

George slipped his cock from Lynn's cunt and has he did so, Lynn slumped forward and laid face down on the floor. Her legs were wide open and George said he could see their spunk oozing out of her lips. Scott moved around to where his Grandad was stood and said she looked like a real whore, he knelt between Lynn's thighs and pulled her arse cheeks apart as he did so he pushed his cock head against her ring and tried to force it into Lynn's arse. Lynn wriggled and moaned, she has taken a cock up her arse before, but not one as big as Scott's prick. Lynn tried to stop him but Scott just forced his cock into her arse and once it was in began to fuck her hard. Lynn continued to moan in pleasure as Scott said he was going to cum up her arse, Lynn just moaned as yet another orgasm hit her, finally Scott grunted and held still forcing his whole prick deep into her as he shot his cum inside her.


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My wife loves to take a man’s prick inside her, she craves the feeling and always has, she is now just 50 years of age. When this incident 1st happened, she was 46 years of age and even now only looks in her late 30's. I have encouraged Lynn to take many men, some as long term lovers, others as one night stands. Lynn absolutely loves the feel of a cock in her juicy pussy and a man between her spread open thighs.

Her latest encounter began a couple of days ago. Lynn has been at home following a major operation, and therefore she's been taking it easy for a couple of weeks. However, when I got in last night, she was positively glowing and she was wearing a short skirt and see through blouse, brown stockings and high heeled shoes. As I walked in the house she greeted me at the door and gave me a deep erotic kiss, I could taste another man’s cum on her breath, so I reached down and ran my hand over her cunt which was red hot and very moist, her fanny lips were very slack and juicy. Lynn broke off the kiss and said do you love me? how could I say no! Lynn then led me by the hand to the sitting room sat me down, took out my hardening prick and told me her news.

Lynn said that she met old George a couple of days ago as she was getting out of her car, she told me she was dressed in her knee length skirt which was unbuttoned up to her thighs as usual, a semi see through blouse and tan colored stockings, she said she could see George, who is in his late seventies, eyeing up her bare thighs and decided not to cover up and spoil his view. Whilst they were talking George asked Lynn why she wasn't at work and Lynn told him about her hospital visit. George said that if she got bored, she was more than welcome to come to his house, which was only 3 houses away and share a coffee, Lynn said that sounded nice and would put her shopping away and come and join him. Lynn said old George was like a spring chicken as he strutted down the street.

Having put the shopping away, Lynn took her bra and panties off, she doesn't like wearing them any way, but before shopping she'd visited the doctor's so wore them for that reason. She then checked her hair was okay and walked to Georges house. Lynn said that has she reached his front door, which was open, George shouted for her to come in, which she did. George said he was in the kitchen, so Lynn walked through to join him. George apologized for the slight mess in the house, saying that his cleaner was on holiday and he wasn't much good at this sort of thing. Lynn told him it was ok and said do you want me to tidy up for you, it won't take long, George said that would be nice and that he was just going to take Scott his grandson a coffee out to the garden where he was pruning the roses, Lynn watched out of the kitchen window has George approached a young man, who Lynn said that later George had said he was 19 years of age.

They went and sat in the front room, George in his favorite chair, Lynn on the settee, as she sat down her skirt fell open and George had another good view of her bare thighs as she sat sipping her coffee. Lynn said George had a twinkle in his eyes as he told her what a good looking woman she was and what wonderful thighs she had, Lynn smiled at George and told him he was a naughty boy, George said he hadn't been naughty for over 20 years, since his wife died, Lynn just smiled at him. They drank their coffee and Lynn went to make another pot, having made the coffee she took a cup through to George and said she was just going to take a cup of coffee to Scott in the garden and would be back shortly. She took Scott his coffee and said he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, which were just visible through her blouse. Lynn began chatting to Scott about the garden, she was aware that he was starting to get a bulge in the front of his jeans and Lynn felt flattered that a 19 year old should find her sexually attractive.

Scott knelt down and said to Lynn what do you think of these roses, they are new and doing very well. Lynn sat down on her haunches to view the roses and was aware that her skirt had fallen open so that her bare thighs and stocking tops were openly on display to this young man, she said they were very lovely, Scott put his hand on Lynn's knee and said, there’s lots in the garden that’s better. Lynn smiled at him and stood up, she said she was going to drink her coffee with George in the house, Scott said, he would join them. When they entered the house Lynn sat back down on the settee and Scott sat next to George on the floor with his back to the unlit fire, again, Lynn's skirt fell open and both men could see her thighs and stocking tops. They chatted until Lynn said that she must get home and prepare tea, for me.

The next day she visited George his Grandson wasn't there, Lynn wore a shorter skirt and a see through blouse with tan stockings, she said George spent sometime looking at her thighs and she delighted him by opening her legs so that he could see her pussy hair. When she next went to make coffee, George followed her and whilst she was washing the cups, he put his arm around her waist and slowly moved it up to her tits, he mauled her right breast telling her how wonderful it was to feel a real woman’s tits, Lynn just turned to him and gave him a peck on the cheek and carried on washing the cups. George then began to grind his semi hard cock into Lynn’s arse, saying he hadn't felt this naughty with a lovely lady for ages. Lynn told George to behave and not get carried away. George said that she had been flashing her juicy pussy at him, how was he supposed to respond when a lovely woman gave him the cum-on.

Lynn turned to George who pressed his cock into her pussy mound she then said, just cos’ I don't like wearing panties and bra's doesn't mean you can take liberties with my body. Has she spoke George ran his right hand up her stocking clad legs to her thighs and on to her pussy. George said she was dying for a good slow satisfying fuck and he really wanted to feel Lynn's mouth wrapped around his cock, why else was she in his house dressed like a whore waiting for a tom to come along. George then placed his mouth over Lynn's and began to force his tongue into her mouth. Lynn parted her mouth and their tongues met at the same time George slipped 2 fingers up Lynn's waiting cunt.

Lynn said she just couldn't stop moaning with the pleasure George’s fingers were giving her pussy. She reached down and began to rub his cock, which she said was only about 7 or 8 inches long but very, very fat. Lynn then fumbled to undo George’s zip and finally reached inside his trousers and took a hold of his cock, which she said was surprisingly hard for someone his age. Lynn eased George's cock from his trousers and clasped her hand around it, she said she could feel it pulse as she slowly worked her hand along it's length. George then placed his hands on Lynn's shoulders and slowly pushed her to her knees and said go on suck my cock, I want to feel you run your tongue along the whole length. Lynn said she took his cock between her lips but said she struggled with it's size, so she licked the full length with her tongue from George's balls to the purple head of his cock.

George held her head and called her a dirty slut and then told her to undo her blouse and take it off so he could see her tits and big nipples. Lynn said she just reached down and undid her blouse and took it off for him to see her tits. George called her a slut and said, I can see why you get lots of men friends coming to call, do they all fuck you like this. Lynn looked up at George and said, yes of course they do I love taking a hard prick, I am a slut, but a lovely slut, my husband loves to see me taking a hard cock and I love to feel one in my pussy, do you want to fuck me George. George reached down and began squeezing Lynn's tits, she thought she heard a movement behind her but could not see because George was still holding her head against his hard shaft. George then told Lynn to undo her miniskirt and take it off so he could see her big white arse and thighs framed in her stockings and suspender belt.

Lynn undid the buttons and pulled her skirt from around her waist and tossed it to one side, she looked at George and said is that better. George said that now she looked like a whore and that from now on whenever she came to visit, she had to remove her blouse and skirt and walk around in just her stockings and suspender belt for him. Lynn said what about Scott, surely not whilst he was there. as she spoke she felt a hard prick nudge her pussy lips, she tried to turn her head but George held it tight, she looked up at him and has she did so, she heard Scott say, you want me to loosen the sluts cunt for you Grandad. George said, go on son, give the lady a good fucking so that she can take mine when you've got it all nice and juicy for me. Lynn moaned, has Scott eased his big cock head into her pussy, he then rammed the whole length into her making her cry out in pleasure. Lynn said it felt just as big as Georges hard prick as it invaded her pussy, she said she could feel it nudge against the entrance to her womb has Scott began to force his cock in and out of her cunt.

Scott built up a steady rhythm as he forced his cock in and out of her cunt. Scott said she was a real lady slut and couldn't wait to fire his cum up inside her belly. All the time Lynn was moaning in sheer pleasure and running her tongue up and down the length of Georges prick. Lynn said that Scott seemed to take ages pounding her pussy, she had cum at least 3 times before he started to speed up and finally collapsed over her arse having shot his cum deep into her, she said she could feel his cock spurt 3 or 4 times splashing his cum all inside her juicy cunt. George then told Lynn to turn around and suck Scott's cock, has she did so, George felt her pussy from behind and then guided his cock head between her cunt lips, she said it felt so big and hard has he forced his cock inch by inch up her pussy canal, eventually stopping when all 8 inches were embedded in her cunt.

George began to ease his shaft in and out of her pussy, Lynn said she just had 1 massive orgasm, which just kept coming and coming as George forced his cock in and out. Lynn said she moaned in sheer pleasure has she sucked on Scott's throbbing rod whilst his Granddad fucked her pussy. Scott grabbed Lynn's head and held her still has he shot a load more cum into her mouth, Lynn swallowed it all but only just he came so much spunk. George just kept pounding away at her cunt, Lynn said she thought she would pass out at the number of orgasms she had, but it felt so good taking his cock. Lynn said eventually after about 20 to 30 minutes of thrusting his cock into her Lynn said George gripped her hips and lunged his cock into her and shot 4 loads of spunk deep into her waiting pussy. Has George shot his cum into her she said he called her a big titted white arsed slut and that she was going to take a lot more of his cock in the future.

George slipped his cock from Lynn's cunt and has he did so, Lynn slumped forward and laid face down on the floor. Her legs were wide open and George said he could see their spunk oozing out of her lips. Scott moved around to where his Grandad was stood and said she looked like a real whore, he knelt between Lynn's thighs and pulled her arse cheeks apart as he did so he pushed his cock head against her ring and tried to force it into Lynn's arse. Lynn wriggled and moaned, she has taken a cock up her arse before, but not one as big as Scott's prick. Lynn tried to stop him but Scott just forced his cock into her arse and once it was in began to fuck her hard. Lynn continued to moan in pleasure as Scott said he was going to cum up her arse, Lynn just moaned as yet another orgasm hit her, finally Scott grunted and held still forcing his whole prick deep into her as he shot his cum inside her.


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George picked up Lynn's miniskirt and blouse and told her to make some drinks and bring them into the sitting room. Lynn eventually managed to stand and made the drinks and took them to George and Scott, she asked if she could have her skirt and blouse to put back on but George said no and that from now on when ever she visited, she would have to take all her clothes off and just walk around in her stockings and shoes. George told her to come and stand by his chair, Lynn picked up her drink and stood where George was pointing. Has she stood there, George kept feeling her thighs, tits and pussy, forcing his fingers deep into her. For the next hour, Lynn catered for their every whim whilst dressed only in her stockings and suspenders, which she said was very erotic especially has both of them kept feeling her tits and cunt whilst she moved about. After she had tidied up the kitchen, she dressed and came home.

Today when she went to visit old George, he reminded her of the fact that she had to undress and stay in just her stockings and suspenders. Lynn took off her blouse and skirt and stood there whilst George had a good look, she asked where Scott was and George said he would be along in a couple of hours, in the meantime, she could take his cock out and suck him until he was hard enough to fuck her, Lynn knelt down between his legs and took his cock out and began running her tongue up and down his cock shaft. George told Lynn to finger her pussy so that it was nice and moist, Lynn pushed 1 then 2 fingers into her pussy and whilst sucking George's prick, reamed her own pussy, making her moan with ecstasy.

George told her to suck the end of his cock, and that he wanted to shoot his cum into her mouth, Lynn slipped his cock head into her mouth and started sucking his prick, George reached over and began pinching Lynn's nipples, which really gets her wet. George then grabbed Lynn's head and forced more of his cock into her mouth has he shot his cum down her throat, Lynn said it made her gag, almost choking her there was so much spunk coming from his prick. George let go of Lynn's head and told her to bend over the table so he could fuck her cunt from behind. Lynn stood up and straightened her stockings has she walked to the table, she then bent over the table and turned to George and told him to fuck her good and hard, and that she wanted to feel his spunk spurt into her cunt. Old George moved up behind her and dropped his trousers, Lynn then said she felt George part her arse cheeks and then felt the tip of his cock nudge against her cunt lips, George gave a push and Lynn said she felt his large fat cock slip deep into her pussy.

George began pumping his prick in and out of Lynn's twat, Lynn was moaning and telling George it felt really good to feel his fat cock inside her pussy. Lynn said she'd gone through 3 huge orgasms and still George hadn't shot his cum into her, he just kept fucking her cunt in a steady rhythm after about 10 minutes of George pounding his hard cock into Lynn's pussy, the door bell sounded and Lynn sighed as George pulled his cock from her cunt, he told Lynn to go to the door and see who it was, Lynn said it was probably Scott, but George said don't be a silly girl, he had is own key. Lynn said she couldn't possibly go to the door naked and with her thighs all covered in her own pussy juice, George just told her to be a good girl and do as she was told.

Lynn said she walked slowly to the door, not sure what to do or say, so she stood behind the door when she opened it and stood their was a parcel delivery driver who announced he had a parcel for George. George told Lynn to accept the parcel and sign the form, but Lynn told him she couldn't, so George told the driver to come through to the kitchen so he could sign, Lynn just said GEORGE, no, but George insisted, so the guy stepped in and seeing Lynn naked said nice tits love and walked through to the kitchen. George signed for the parcel and said she's a lovely cock hungry slut who comes round each day for a long fuck session, feel her pussy it's soaking, Lynn said no George, but George told her to be quiet and let the guy feel her cunt. Lynn sighed and moved over to George, who grabbed her tits and said open your legs so he can feel your cunt, Lynn shuffled her legs apart and the driver placed his hand between her thighs and felt her pussy, Lynn said the driver said to George, you lucky sod, what I wouldn't give to fuck that pussy, George said no problem then told Lynn to bend over the table and spread her legs so the driver could fuck her.

Lynn said she felt like a real nasty slut has she bent forward over the table, she said she felt the driver touch her arse cheeks then she felt the head of a cock nudge her pussy lips and slide deep into her cunt. Lynn said the drivers cock wasn't as big has Georges prick, but it felt real horny bent over a table letting a complete stranger poke his cock in and out of her fuck tube. George encouraged the guy to really fuck her pussy and to shoot his cum deep into her belly. Lynn was moaning as the guy started to speed up his strokes in to her. Lynn then said she told him to go on shoot your cum up my slut cunt, fuck me, make me cum, she then said the driver slammed into her and shot his load of spunk deep inside her. The driver then withdrew his prick from her pussy and pushing it back in his trousers, left the house.

Lynn stood up and said to George, that she felt real horny, she then kissed him whilst he reached under her and slid 3 fingers up her cunt. George told her that she was a randy little whore who loved to feel a hard prick between her thighs, Lynn just moaned and said she did. George told her to sit on the table and open her legs, so he could finish fucking her. Lynn sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs so that George could move closer and get his cock into her fanny. Lynn said she lent back on her elbows has she felt Georges prick slide back into her well fucked cunt. George took a hold of Lynn’s nipples and began squeezing them which made Lynn moan louder as George pounded her pussy with his fat cock. Lynn said she told him to shoot his spunk into her cunt and George said he intended to. Lynn said she wanted to feel his spunk spurt deep into her, George said that could be arranged as he slammed his meat into her. Lynn then said George started to speed up his strokes and again after 25 minutes or so, he slammed his cock into her pussy and stopped has his cock fired his spunk deep into her womb. Lynn said that at that point she'd had at least 5 more orgasms so far that day and was loving it.

George slipped his cock from her and playfully slapped her big white arse as he calls it and told her to go make some tea. Lynn said as she walked around, she could feel the mixed spunk of George and the driver trickle out of her cunt and run down her thighs. George came up behind her and slipped his fingers up her cunt from behind, Lynn said it made her shudder as he fingered her pussy and clit, bringing her to another orgasm. George playfully slapped her arse again and said hurry up with the drinks slut. Lynn carried the drinks through to the sitting room and George told her to stand by his chair so he could feel her pussy and tits, Lynn said she just stood there whilst George fondled and probed her very private areas as she drank her drink. For the next 30 or 40 minutes, George had Lynn pose for her and kneel between his legs and suck his cock until he came in her eager mouth.

Lynn said it was whilst she was kneeling on the floor so that George could finger her cunt from behind that they heard Scott enter the garden, George told Lynn to go in the back garden and meet Scott so that she could take Scott to the Garden shed and fuck him. Lynn walked out into the back garden in just her stockings and shoes and greeted Scott with an erotic kiss. Scott rubbed his hands over Lynn's pussy mound and said that it felt like her cunt had already had some cock inside. Lynn said that she had, 2 in fact, Scott called her a fuck slut and grabbing her hand, led her to the potting shed. Once inside, he told Lynn to bend over the bench and walked up behind her and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit teasing her before shoving his prick deep into her cunt and fucking her until he shot his load deep into her.

Lynn said that Scott fucked her again up her arse shooting his cum in her before letting her return to the house so that George could fuck her whilst she sucked Scott’s cock until he came in her mouth. Lynn said that she had been at Georges house a good 4 hours and had enjoyed the attention her pussy had received and now she wanted me to sample her sloppy wet well fucked cunt. How can I refuse such a request. Bye the way, she still visit's George's house although more for her and Scott's benefit now.


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I can't believe that I let this happen. I certainly never planned on any of this occuring but I guess I have to admit that it was my fault. Maybe I should back up and tell you my story from the beginning.........

I had graduated from High School just a year or two earlier and I have to admit, I was never all that popular. I was not real good looking and I was just a bit on the chubby side so I never really had many dates. Then one night a friend invited me to a party at his house and that was when I met Elizabeth.

Liz was his cousin from a neighboring city and when he introduced me to her I was nervous as a cat. "Brandon", said my buddy, "This is my cousin Elizabeth, Liz meet Brandon, the guy who helped me make it through Senior English class!" We shook hands and Liz was friendly and as talkative as she could be, which was a good thing because I was totally speechless.

You see Liz was one of the most gorgeous young women I had ever seen. She looked a lot like Jennifer Love Hewitt but her hair and eyes were darker and more sultry. Her long dark brown hair hung just past her shoulders and her huge brown eyes sparkled with warmth as we chatted. She had a cute little button nose and huge pouty lips. As she spoke, her soft pink tongue would dart out and moisten her lips and I couldn't help but notice how straight and perfect her teeth were. She was wearing a very conservative pair of shorts and white dress shirt that was tied at her waist along with cute sandals. Even in her conservative outfit I could tell that she had a great figure with long tanned legs and a narrow waist along with a great butt and firm baseball shaped tits that were very high and proud on her chest. Her 5'3" body was as tight and sexy as it could be since she only weighed around 104 pounds dripping wet.

We really hit it off that night and soon I learned that Liz was just getting ready to graduate from a Private Girls school. I was going to be twenty that summer and Liz was just turning 18 so we had a lot to talk about, since we both liked the same kind of music and so forth.

Much to my surprise, the next day my buddy told me that Liz had asked about me and wondered if I was dating anyone special. I had never had any girl as gorgeous as her show any interest in me and I couldn't believe my luck. To make a long story short, we started seeing each other and that summer I asked her to become my wife and she accepted.

I was so proud of my beautiful young wife that I started carrying her picture in my wallet like many men do. I was always thrilled when someone would compliment me on her looks and I have to admit that I loved it when I would see other guys staring at her when they thought I wasn't looking.

I wasn't worried about Liz because she had never dated anyone but me and had been a virgin when we were married. I knew that there was no way she would ever be unfaithful to me and so I wasn't bothered by a few guys gawking at her. Also, she had never acted very interested in sex, even on our Honeymoon.

The first time we made love I came almost as soon as I put my cock inside her because I was so excited by the sight of her hot, tight young body. "Oh God Baby", I moaned, "It feels so good and you're so beautiful!" I groaned as I shot inside her for the first time. "Is that it?", she asked innocently, "Is it over already? People sure do make a big deal out of sex for no longer than it takes."

I didn't say anything to Liz but I knew that I just couldn't last long enough for it to be any good for her. Also I had seen some of the other guys in the shower at gym class and I knew that my cock wasn't near as big as most of them. I decided that as long as she was happy I would just keep quiet and enjoy it.

So things were really great. I had a lovely young wife and we were as happy together as we could be. One day on the way home from work I was at the Mall and walked past a womens clothing store and saw a display of really sexy bikinis in the window. There was one that was really hot and I could feel my cock swell in my pants at the thought of Liz wearing it. It was a blue flowered string bikini that tied behind the neck and had a cute little string bow on either side of the panties. I couldn't resist and I bought it even though I knew I would have a heck of a time getting my shy wife to wear it for me.

Later that night, after dinner, I took the package into the livingroom and handed it to Liz, saying, "Surprise! I got this because I knew how great you would look in it!" When she pulled the tiny blue bikini out of the bag she got a funny look on her face and then started giggling. "Brandon!", she said with a red face, "I could never wear something like this to the beach and you know it. I would be half naked!"

I begged her to try it on and finally she consented to try it on just once but said she would only wear it in our house and never to the beach. I waited in excitement as she went in the other room to put it on and then I heard the bedroom door open and looked up as she walked down the hall.

She peeked nervously around the corner of the wall and said, "Shut those curtains Brandon, you don't want the neighbors to see me in this do you?" I jumped up and pulled the curtains shut and then she slowly walked into the room.

"Oh My God", I said as my cock swelled painfully in my pants, "You look like a model from Penthouse or something!" My breath was short and my hands were perspiring as I looked at my gorgeous wife in the sexy little bikini. Her firm, orange sized tits mounded up out of the tiny top, her hard brown nipples almost poking through the thin silky material. The tiny bottom of her bikini barely covered her sexy pussy in front and exposed most of her firm round ass to my gaze as she walked through the room.

"Do you really think I look sexy?", Liz asked in a quiet voice as she batted her big brown eyes at me. I jumped up off the couch and went over to her and held her tiny hand against my cock and said, "Look at how hard you have made me. Does that answer your question?" She giggled and said, "I wish I could see what some of those girls in the magazines look like so I would know if I look as good as they do!"

I grinned at her and ran out into the garage and deep in a box I found some old Penthouses that I had from before I was married. Then I took them back inside and tossed them onto the floor and Liz and I stretched out together to look at the pictures.

"MMMMMMM" she said softly, "These girls are really beautiful aren't they? Can I ask you a question Brandon?" She then looked at me with her big brown eyes and I melted at the sight of her. "Sure Honey", I answered, "You can ask me anything."

"Well", she said hesitantly, "I heard once from one of the girls at school, well, that men sometimes looked at these kinds of pictures and then, you know, touched themselves. Is that really true?"

We had never talked about anything like this before and I was a bit uneasy but I answered and said, "Well, yes, they do when they are alone and feeling horny."

"HORNY?", she giggled, "that's a funny word, what does it mean?" I laughed and said, "That's means that you are really excited and want to fuck, like I do right now!" Then I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply and ran my hands down over her almost naked tits, covered only by the thin silky bikini top.

Liz looked at the picture of the centerfold and got on her hands and knees and copied the girl's pose exactly, wiggling her firm ass in my direction while staring at me with her big brown eyes. "Do you think if you took a picture of me right now it would make you horny to look at it later?", she purred like a kitten.

I jumped up and ran into the bedroom and grabbed my digital camera and went back into the room. There was my gorgeous young wife, leaning back on her elbows, thrusting out her chest like the models she had seen in the magazine. "Take my picture Brandon", she cooed as she posed suggestively, "I want you to take my picture so that you can look at it when I'm not around and it will make you nice and horny!"

I began to snap one picture after another, as fast as I could focus the camera. Liz kept looking at the Penthouse pictures and copying the poses. "How about this Brandon?", she asked as she leaned toward the camera and squeezed her firm young breasts together with her arms, "Do you think this would make men horney if they saw me like this? Would this make them want to FUCK ME?"

My cock jumped in my pants at the sound of my innocent wife using words like that. Never before had I heard her use the word fuck. Also I was shocked that she had gone from talking about the pictures making ME horney to MEN in general! I was a bit jealous but I was so pleased with the pictures I was getting that I decided to let it pass.

"These pictures would make any man in the world want to fuck you Liz, you look so hot.", I said. Then I moved in for a closeup of her pretty face and said, "But if you want to do some really hot pictures, why don't you take your top off Baby? Show me your tits Liz, PLEASE?"

Liz looked at me with mischief in her brown eyes and responded, "Well you are my husband after all..... Do you promise that no one else will ever see these pictures but us?" I assured her that I would put them right onto our hard drive for storage and no one but us would ever see them.

My sweet young wife reached up behind her neck and untied the bow that held up her bikini top and then slowly lowered her hands. I snapped picture after picture as she teasingly lowered her top till her firm young tits were almost completely exposed, with only her pert nipples still covered.


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Liz stood up and then slowly pulled the top away from her chest and threw it on the floor, then ran her hands over her boobs the way she had seen the girls in the magazine do. "Is this what men like to see Brandon? Would this make them want to FUCK YOUR WIFE?" she said softly, as she cupped her perfect breasts in her tiny hands.

"Oh God Yes", I groaned as I kept taking pictures, "Please Liz, take off your panties for me, PLEASE?" "You mean like this?", she teased, as she turned around and bend forward thrusting her tight round ass in my direction. Then she pulled the little string on her bikini panties and it fluttered to the floor leaving her totally naked. Then my sweet little wife did something I could have never pictured her doing only the day before.

As I snapped her picture for the last time she laid back and spread her long tanned legs and said softly, "Please Brandon, Please come fuck me, I'm getting so horny from all this!"

I tossed the camera on the couch and ripped my clothes off. As I crawled between my young wife's smooth thighs I stared at her sexy tits and felt her hand on my cock as she guided it toward her tight pussy. And then it happened. Just as the head of my cock began to enter her pussy, I felt her wiggle under me and she cried out, "Oh Please fuck me Brandon!", and I couldn't hold it any longer and began to cum all over her tight little pussy, my cum running down her crack onto the floor. All the strength seemed to drain out of me and I collapsed on the floor beside her, my four inch cock shriveling and softening almost immediately.

"NO!", she begged, "Don't take it out please, I need to be fucked, PLEASE FUCK ME BRANDON!" There was nothing I could do though. Like all the times before I was done almost before I got started.

But this time she didn't just roll over and go to sleep. All her sexy posing had awakened the horny slut inside my virgin bride and she was frantic to finish what I had started. As I watched in disbelief, my sweet, innocent Elizabeth began to fingerfuck herself for the first time while with her other hand she twisted and pinched at her breasts and nipples. Her hand worked feverishly, rubbing over her tiny clit until finally she began to moan and then to cry out as she had the first orgasm of her life. "OOOOOOOHHHH MY GOD!", she cried and whimpered, "It feels so damn good. I wish there was a cock inside me right now, OH Damn!"

After she calmed down I laid down beside her and held her. "That felt so good", she said softly, "Is that what people mean when they talk about cumming?" "Yes Baby it is, did you like it?" I said as I held her head against my chest. "It was great", she sighed, "But is it normal for you to cum so soon and then to take it out before I cum?", she asked me as she looked at me with her big brown eyes.

I stalled for a minute and then decided that what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. I told her that all men shot off right away and that it was normal for her to have to make herself cum with her fingers. She seemed to accept that and we drifted off to sleep.

After that Elizabeth started to really love posing for me and we did it on several nights, always ending with me fucking her, cumming right away and then she would finger herself to orgasm.

One Sunday I walked out of the bedroom to find Liz standing there in nothing but her tiny string bikini with the camera in her hand. "I can guess what you've got in mind", I laughed as she handed me the camera. "You might be in for a surprise Brandon", she giggled as she turned and strutted out the back door into our yard!

She had never before even talked about wearing the bikini anywhere but in our own home and I couldn't believe it as she wiggled her tight, round young ass out into the bright sunlight. I was jealous as hell at the thought that any men who passed by might see my young bride's almost naked body but I was really turned on as well. I followed her out the door and stood gaping as she proceeded to stretch out on a blanket in our back yard.

I quickly snapped a few pictures as she laid there with her firm tits almost hanging out of the tiny top and she smiled seductively at the camera. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants as my sweet wife did everything she could to drive me crazy. "Liz!", I said in a whisper, "Jack from next door is coming outside. You'd better get in the house or he'll see you!" She just laughed and said, "What's so bad about that? Don't you think your wife is pretty enough to let other men see me?" Then she got up and walked over to a potted flower on the patio and pretended to be smelling it, bending over at the waist with her sexy ass pointed directly at our neighbor.

Our neighbor Jack is a husky guy who works construction. He is older than us, probably about 45 but still in really good shape at about 6'2" tall and about 190 pounds. He was wearing nothing but a pair of cut-off blue jeans with no shirt and his hairy well muscled chest was covered with a sheen of sweat because of the hot day. He had never been very friendly towards me but he never missed a chance to talk to Liz and I knew that he had the hots for my wife in the worst way. I was horrified when I saw him start to walk toward us.

Liz laid back down on the blanket and stretched out on her back as he walked boldly up to where we were standing. "Well Hi there neighbors", he said as he stared at my wife's firm young tits. "What are you up to today, just catching a few rays huh?" I mumbled something incoherent to him but it didn't matter since he was ignoring me. Liz just smiled sexily and stretched out with her hands behind her head, making her firm round tits stick out of the tiny bikini top more than ever.

We chatted about nothing, all the while Jack's eyes were glued to Liz's body. At one point she even rolled over on her stomach exposing her almost naked ass to his staring eyes. I was shocked when I glanced down at Jack's crotch and saw that his cock was hard as a rock and was making a huge bulge in his short cut-offs. There was no doubt as to what he wanted to do to my wife and I thought my embarassment would go on forever. Finally Jack's wife called him in for lunch and he relunctantly went inside, but not till after almost fucking my wife with his eyes.

Elizabeth almost immediately jumped up and went inside the house pulling me into the bedroom and ripping my clothes off. Then she stripped the bikini off and pulled me between her legs, saying, "PLEASE BRANDON, FUCK ME RIGHT NOW! Put it inside me, PLEASE!" I was jealous and upset with the way she had displayed her body to Jack but there was no way I could refuse her. She almost ripped my cock off pulling it toward her wet pussy and then just as I started to enter her and felt the soft silky hair of her cunt I had the most intense orgasm of my life and shot my cum all over the lips of her pussy.

I was totally humiliated when Liz pushed me off of her and began to finger fuck herself and frantically rubbed her clit saying, "Oh damn it Brandon, I wish you wouldn't cum so soon, I would love to be fucked longer! You can't be doing it the right way!" I watched in shame as my beautiful wife brought herself to orgasm yet again, moaning and groaning when she did.

She was very quiet as we laid there. Finally she said, "You know Brandon, you were wrong when you told me that all men's cocks look the same. When I was laying down looking up at Jack I could tell he didn't have on any underwear!", she giggled. "His cut-offs were loose and I could see the head of his cock sticking out. His cock must have been at least twice as big around as yours and a lot longer, no kidding. It must feel wonderful to be fucked by a nice big fat cock like that! His wife is SO LUCKY."

My face burned with shame as I listened to my wife go on about how big and hard Jack's cock had looked. I knew that she would never look at things the same way after that.

>From that day on, Liz never asked me to have sex anymore. I noticed though that she started to dress more and more sexy, and after we would come home when she had worn one of her new sexy outfits she would disappear into the bathroom for few minutes. One day I stood outside the door and listened.

I heard the sound of her belt being unbuckled and her jeans sliding down and then everything got very quiet. I stood with my ear to the door and soon I heard Elizabeth's voice, soft as a whisper, saying, "Oh God, yes, Oh I want to be fucked by a big hard cock, Fuck me harder, OHHH, God YES!" And I knew that my wife had realized that she had no need of me to fulfill her lust, she was taking care of her own needs.

My reaction to all this was strange. Maybe I couldn't fuck my wife like a real man but she was still my wife and I was proud of her anyway. I used my color laser printer and made up some wallet sized pics of Liz in her bikini and even some of her totally naked and would use them to beat off while thinking about all the men that wanted to fuck her. She was still my wife damn it and belonged to me and no one else. I even started carrying one of the pictures of Liz in the bikini in my wallet where if anyone looked at my ID they would see just how gorgeous and sexy my wife was. At least that way they would all know she was mine. Anytime I had my wallet out I would "by accident" let it flip open to that picture and then take pleasure in the way the men all lusted for her.

One day I needed some paper for my printer and Liz offered to go down to the computer shop to pick it up. I didn't pay any attention when she left but when she got back I saw what she had worn. She had just jumped out of the shower before she went and had thrown on the first thing she saw. Her long dark hair was still wet and smelled sweetly of herbal shampoo and she was wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans with no panties and a pink crop top T-shirt that said "Naughty Angel" on the front. The T-shirt had stuck like glue to her still moist skin and her nipples showed through as though she was naked. I was jealous as hell because I knew that Bill, the middle-aged guy who owned the shop was always lusting after her and had undoubtedly got an eyefull of my young wife.

When I checked out the paper I saw that it wasn't even the kind that I wanted. Liz was busy by then so I hopped in the car to go back and exchange it.



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When I got to the computer shop it was almost closing time and Bill, the owner, was the only one in the store. I could tell from the smirk on his face that he was thinking about my sexy young wife and wondering how a loser like me ever got her in the first place.

I picked out the items I wanted and then began to write a check for the balance only to be told that I had to have ID to write a check. I decided to show this smug prick that I was no loser and so I made it a point to let my wallet flip open to the picture of Liz in her bikini. "Wow Brandon!", he said as he saw the picture, "Now that is some shot of that hot little wife of your's isn't it?" All the other guys I had flashed the picture to had just copped a quick look and tried not to let me notice but Bill grabbed the wallet and picked it up for a closer look. "Damn Brandon", he said with a whistle, "I noticed when Liz was in here earlier what a fine body she had, but she looks even better in this picture. That must keep you up at nights huh? She must be something else between the sheets!"

I couldn't believe that he would talk that way about my wife right in front of me. My face was red as a beet as I wrote out the check and then hurried to leave the store. She was my wife damn it and he had no right to talk about her like she was some kind of cheap slut!

I got about halfway home when I realized I had left my wallet on the counter. I quickly turned around but when I got there the doors were locked and the store was closed for the weekend. I tried to call from a payphone but there was no answer and then I realized there was no way I could get my wallet back before Monday. That was when it occured me that not only had I left my wallet but also the picture inside it of Liz in her bikini. Bill was probably slobbering over my wife's half naked body right at that minute.

I was almost in shock when it hit me that tucked inside the wallet were the pictures I had made of my young wife totally nude and playing with her tits and finger fucking herself to orgasm! All I could do was hope that he wouldn't look inside the wallet and find them. If Elizabeth ever found out that someone else had seen them I would be in for it but good.

When I got home Liz looked up and said, "Bill called from the computer store, he said you should call him back at his home number". I rushed into the bedroom and used the extension phone to call him back. "Hello", I heard him say. "Uh, Hi Bill, this is your customer Brandon, uh Liz said you called." "Oh Yea Brandon", he said in a smug voice, "Did you know you left your wallet at the store? Oh you noticed huh? You know you should be more careful with your valuables son, you never know who might find them, know what I mean?"

"Oh well", I tried to sound nonchalant, "I didn't have much money in it anyway, but would it be OK if I came to your house to get it in a few minutes?" "That won't be necessary Brandon", he responded, "I'm coming your way anyway, I'll drop it off at your house."

"Oh and also Brandon", he said with a chuckle, "When I said valuables I wasn't talking about money. I meant the pictures of that hot little piece of ass you're married to!"

My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I couldn't believe he was talking so boldly about my wife. "Uh, Bill do you mean you looked at the picture of Liz in her bikini?", I stuttered. "Hell yes I did Brandon", he said coldly, "But what I really liked were the pictures inside your wallet, the ones of sweet little Liz stripped naked and fingerfucking her pretty little pussy. She's got one hell of a set of firm titties on her don't she boy? In fact brandon, I got so worked up I had to pull out my hard cock and I just finished jacking off all over your little whore wife's pictures."

"YOU, YOU DID WHAT?" I stuttered incredulously. "You heard me Brandon", he said smugly, "I just shot a nice big load of cum all over your wife's naked pictures and it felt mighty good too, let me tell you. But first I scanned them into my computer where I will be able to make as many copies of them as I want to. You never know when I might want to show them to some of my buddies or maybe send them onto a web site on the internet."

"Please", I begged him, "Please don't show them to anybody, Liz will never forgive me". "You should have thought of that before you went around town showing off that picture of her in that bikini", he said, "I think you need to learn a lesson Brandon. If you show your wife's picture off like that you shouldn't be surprised if men want to take a better look."

"I'll do anything you say Bill", I groveled, "Please just don't show anyone those pictures". "Well, OK", he replied, "I'm a reasonable guy so I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll be over to bring you your wallet in a few minutes. While I am there Brandon old buddy, I'm going to have a nice close up look at that little wife of your's and I'm going to take some much better pictures of her than you could ever dream of taking. You tell that little slut to wear something nice and sexy for me, something that will look real good when she takes it off for the camera. Don't fuck with me Brandon, not unless you want everyone you know to see your wife playing with her cunt on the internet!"

With that, he hung up on me. I knew I had no choice but to do what he told me to do. I went in to tell Liz, knowing that she would never forgive me for what I had done.

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!", Liz screamed at me, "You dumb ass Brandon, what were you thinking carrying those pictures around all over town in your wallet? Are you some kind of idiot?" Liz stood over me as I sat on the couch, her hands on her pretty hips and her eyes boring holes into mine. "I can't believe you got me into this Brandon", she said softly, "But I guess I have no choice but to do what he wants do I? I hope you're happy now. Because of you showing off my body I'm going to have to strip and pose naked for a man I hardly know. You know what though Brandon?" she said as she looked at me in disgust, "Maybe I'll enjoy this, you know it makes me awfully horny to know that men want to fuck me!" With that she stormed out of the room and into the bedroom to change.

Just then I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it there stood Bill with a grin on his face and a briefcase in his hand. "Hello there old Buddy", he said as he shoved his way past me and into our livingroom. "So where is that hot little wife of your's?, he asked with an evil leer, "I can't wait to see what she decided to wear for me". I wanted to knock that stupid grin off of his face but I knew that Liz and I had no choice but to do what he wanted and he knew it too.

Just then we heard the bedroom door open and close and we both looked around to see Elizabeth walk down the hall and into the livingroom. "Son of a bitch!", muttered Bill as he stared at my sexy young wife, "I'll be damned if you don't look good enough to eat Liz". My shy young wife turned red with embarassment and responded, "I, uh, well,uh, Thank you I guess!, she giggled.

It was no wonder that Bill liked the way Liz looked. I couldn't believe the outfit she had worn for him. I didn't even know that she had any clothes like what she had on, but then I remembered that she had gone shopping for something to surprise me. This guy that she hardly knew was getting to enjoy my wife in the outfit that was supposed to be mine to enjoy!

She had on a tiny white pleated cotton skirt that was so short it barely covered her round ass and a tight pink cashmere sweater that had a scooped neckline and was short so that her firm tummy and cute little belly button showed above the skirt. On her feet were a pair of little pink socks with lace around the ankles and she was wearing black 4 inch spiked heels. I didn't know it yet but underneath all she had on was a very lacey white push up bra that thrust her firm young tits up even more than ever and a pair of matching lacey white bikini panties. All in all, my 18 year old wife looked like the hottest wet dream that any man could ever want.

"Don't be nervous Lizzy Honey", Bill said as he stared hungrily at her body, "I just want to get a good look at that hot little body of your's and take a few pictures. I won't make you do anything you won't enjoy. And I could tell by those pictures I saw that you love posing and cockteasing men any, don't you Liz?" I couldn't believe it when my sweet innocent wife looked shyly back at him and giggled as she said, "Yes, I guess it is kind of fun to make men want me!"

"Well let's get started then Baby", Bill said suddenly as he grabbed his camera out of his case, "How about if I tell you how to pose and we'll both have some fun with this, OK Sweetheart?" My teenaged wife just looked at him with her big brown eyes and said, "Yes Sir, just tell me what you want me to do, I'm all your's."

"Tell you what Liz", Bill said, "Why don't you just walk around the room a bit and let me look at that tight little body from all angles, that's it Honey. Now do a little spin Baby" Liz did exactly as she was ordered and her tiny pleated skirt flew up, displaying her panties and long tanned legs to her eager photographer. "Oh yeah Baby, that's it", Bill said softly, "Show us your pretty little white panties, that's it Liz, we want to see those long legs of your's."

"OK Baby", Bill ordered my bride, "Now stand right there in front of the bookshelves, that's a girl. Now turn around and spread your legs a bit and now bend over like you are choosing a book, that's it Liz, perfect!" I sat in stunned silence as my wife bent over at the waist with her ass pointed at the camera causing her tiny pleated skirt to ride up and exposing her panty covered ass to Bill's leer. "MMMMMM, this is fun!, giggled Elizabeth, "Is this how you like me to pose Bill?" Bill got down on one knee behind her almost shoving the camera under her skirt in his effort to catch her ass on film. "What a fucking ass!", he groaned as he adjusted his hard cock in pants, "You've got one fine little ass Lizzy Honey!"

Rather than being shocked at his crude language my wife looked him right in the eye and said poutingly, "Thank you for the compliment but don't you like my titties too?" Then she thrust her chest out at him invitingly as he snapped picture after picture. "Why Brandon I do believe your little wife here is a cock teaser." he said and laughed. "Do you mind if I call you a cock tease Liz? That's what you are you know. In fact why don't you pull that little sweater off and tease my cock a little more!"

"You mean like this?", she cooed as she grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled if off, revealing her firm round tits in the white lacey bra. "I like it when you call me a cock tease", she moaned, "All that dirty talk turns me on!" "Oh it does huh?", Bill grinned as he stared at her tits, "I knew that from the way you were dressed when you came in my store today Baby. That nice tight little pink T-shirt with those proud little tits of your were making my cock ache like crazy! Why don't you take off that slutty little skirt Lizzy, show me those pretty panties!"

I was horrified as I watched my once virginal little wife turn toward Bill and slowly slide the zipper down her little white skirt. Then she let it drop to the floor and stood there in her lacey bra and panties and high heels as his cock swelled in his pants. "Turn around you fucking little cocktease, show that tight little ass off!", he ordered her.


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"Now take off the bra slut" he said roughly, I want to get a good look at those fucking tits." Elizabeth didn't hesitate a bit, she just reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and then pushed the straps one at a time down over her shoulders till her bra was hanging loosely on her firm round tits. Teasingly she let it slowly drop down till her tits were naked to another man's gaze for the first time. "Do you think they are pretty?" she asked in a little girl voice. Then she twisted the nipples slowly and moaned as Bill furiously snapped more pictures.

Without any prompting Liz got on her hands and knees and stuck her tight teenage ass up in the air with her pretty face on the carpet. She turned and looked back at the camera and said,"Do you want me to pull my pretty panties down Sir?", and then wiggled her ass at him suggestively. "Get your fucking panties off you cheap little whore", he said in a rough voice, "I want to see that tight little cunt of your's now!"

While Liz stared straight into Bill's eyes with her beatiful dark brown eyes she reached up behind her ass and slowly started to pull her white panties down over her round young ass. Then she rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide open and began fingering her cunt like a total and complete slut. "Oh God", she groaned, "I'm so fucking horny. I want to cum so bad."

Bill reached into his briefcase and pulled out a huge black rubber cock at least 10 inches long and handed it to my young wife. "Here you go sweetie", he laughed, "Give yourself a good fucking with this why don't you slut."

He continued taking Elizabeth's picture as she franticly started trying to stuff the huge cock into her tight young cunt. "Oh Damn", she moaned, "I'm too tight it won't go in!" she cried out. "I would give anything to be fucked right now by a nice big cock. If only men didn't cum as soon as they put their cock's inside!"

Bill started laughing uproariously and said, "You poor little slut, is that what old Brandon has been telling you? Tell you what Lizzy, if you want to get fucked by a real cock why don't you try this one?" Then he pushed down his pants and pulled off his underwear causing his rock hard cock to be exposed.

His cock was at least twice as long as mine, probably about eight inches, and really fat around. As he walked toward my young naked wife lying spread wide open on the floor I spoke for the first time. "Please Bill", I begged, "You can't just **** my wife, PLEASE!"

"You kidding Brandon?", he snickered, "Does this little whore look like anybody is raping her?" Then he crawled between Elizabeth's long tanned legs and began rubbing his huge cock against her wet young pussy.

"How about it Liz?" he grinned, "Do you want fucked or not, say it slut, beg me!" Then he started rubbing his cock back and forth against my wife's pretty pussy lips which were wet with her juices. "OH MY GOD YES!", she cried out, FUCK MY CUNT, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!"

I watched in horror as Bill spread Liz's pretty little pussy lips with his fingers and began to force his cock inside her. "Son of a bitch,that's a tight cunt", he grunted as the head of his dick disapeared inside my bride, "Are you sure you've ever been fucked before Honey?, he said as his cock went another three inches into her cunt.

"No, never like this!", she grunted, as her hips rose to meet his thrusts, "I never knew a cock could feel so damn good, fuck me harder PLEASE!" "My pleasure Sweetie", Bill grunted as he thrust the rest of his cock deep into my young wife's body. I watched in horror as his cock plowed in and out of her cunt and his balls slapped against her tight young ass.

Bill took Liz's dark brown nipple into his mouth as he continued fucking her for all he was worth. Her long tanned legs were wrapped around his ass as if she were trying to pull him deeper into her warm pussy and her hands were clutching at his ass. "You like that don't you slut?", he groaned, "Beg me not to stop whore, say it!" "Oh God Please", she cried out, "Please don't stop fucking me, I need to cum, I'm begging you, don't stop fucking me!"

As upset as I was at seeing another man fuck my wife, I was also aroused beyond anything I had ever felt. My cock was stiff in my pants and almost without knowing it I unzipped my pants and pulled it out into the air. Then as I watched Bill breed my young wife I played with my cock till I spurted my load onto the floor in front of me.

Just then Liz's moans began to increase in volume and intensity until finally she almost screamed, "FUCK ME BILL, I"M CUMMING! Oh Damn it feels so good!" Bill shoved his cock deep within her body and began to grunt and filled my wife with his seed, marking her as his whore for eternity. "Oh yea bitch", he moaned, "Take that cum whore, you wanted fucked and you got fucked!"

Bill slowly pulled his cock out of my wife's well fucked cunt and I watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as my sweet little Liz layed there with her legs spread wide apart and her cunt gaped red and swollen and dripping with his cum. Her pretty pussy hair was matted and wet with his sperm and it ran down her pussy and onto her tight young ass. Bill finally looked over at me and started laughing as he held my wife in his arms, "Hey Liz, I think old Brandon there shot his cum all over the floor! He must have liked watching his wife get fucked by a real man." "That's nothing new", Liz said in disgust as my face burned with shame, "He always cums before he can get his cock inside me anyway, if he doesn't cum in his pant that is!"

"Your wife is one hell of a good fuck Brandon", Bill said as he toyed with my wife's tits, "Does she suck dick as well as she fucks?" "I, I, I don't know", I admitted.

"Suck dick?", Liz said with wide eyed interest, "Do women really take men's cocks in their mouths?" Bill grinned broadly and responded, "You better believe it Honey. I guess I need to teach you about that too don't I you little slut!"

Bill then put a pillow under Liz's head as she layed on the floor and he climbed up and straddled her young chest. "Open those pretty little lips Baby", he grunted, "That's it, now lick the head of my cock, that's it Liz, run your tongue all over the end of it baby. Get my cock nice and wet whore, lick it good that's it." When Bill's cock was glistening with my wife's saliva he suddenly yanked it away from her eager mouth. "Wait", she cried, "I want to suck it some more, PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK!"

"Calm down bitch", Bill grunted, "I'm going to tit-fuck you like you deserve first. Any tramp that comes into my store wearing a slutty little T-shirt like you did needs a good tit-fucking!" He straddled her firm chest and placed his dripping cock between her firm baseball shaped tits and then pushed them firmly up on either side of it and began to plunge his cock in and out of her cleavage. "Damn Brandon", he laughed cruelly, "This little whore was made for tit-fucking, you should try her some time." His cock continued to stroke back and forth between my wife's breasts and then he said roughly, "Open your mouth whore, and every time my cock comes forward I want you to lick it like the slut you are!" My precious little Liz did as she was ordered, licking his cock like she couldn't get enough.

After a few more strokes Bill let go of Liz's tits and grabbed her by her long dark hair and said, "Open wide bitch, I'm going to cum in that pretty little mouth now!" I could tell by the look on my wife's face that she had no idea men ever did such a thing to women but she opened her mouth as she was ordered and stuck her tongue out obediently. I stared as Bill's cock head laid on my wife's soft pink tongue and began to spurt his sperm in her mouth, across her tongue and onto her perfect white teeth. "Here you go Brandon", he grunted, "Look at your little wife now." He forced his cock deep into her mouth and fed her his cum, causing her to gag slightly from the huge load being forced down her gullet.

"Now lick it clean you sexy little bitch", he said firmly, "Show your husband what you are good for Elizabeth." She did too, cleaning every drop of his cum from his cock until it was clean as it could be. When she finished she rested her head on Bill's abdomen like a contented pussy cat and continued lovingly stroking his cock, licking the head every once in a while as if she just couldn't get enough.


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Now, I thought, surely he would give me back my wallet and leave, but Bill had other ideas. He rose from the floor and led my naked young wife by the hand over to our couch. My Mom and Dad had gotten it for us as a wedding gift and we were so proud of it that we had positioned it on one side of our livingroom with our big picture window directly behind it and our new TV across the room.

"Climb right up there Honey", he ordered my wife, "Show me how pretty that tight little ass of your's is Baby." My sweet little wife obediently did as she was told, draping herself over the back of the couch, with her face toward the curtains and her gorgeous ass wiggling at the man who had just fucked her. "MMMMMMM", said Elizabeth, "Are you going to fuck me again Bill? I hope so, I love your big cock!"

Bill left the room briefly and I heard the door to our bathroom close and he was back, in his hand a jar of vaseline. "It's time for you to learn something new Lizzy Honey", Bill said, as he crawled up on the couch behind my bride. "Just relax and trust me Lizzy, you know how good Daddy makes you feel Baby." Then he began to cover his swollen cock with vaseline and then spread some on my wife's tight virgin ass. "Ouch, that hurts a little!", Elizabeth said softly, as Bill began to probe his finger into her tight asshole. "SSSHHHH, Honey", he replied, "Just relax, you're gonna love it. Little whores like you love getting fucked in the ass. You're gonna beg me not to stop before I'm done bitch."

Elizabeth's hand was between her legs now and when he called her a bitch and a slut she began to finger fuck herself franticly. "Keep talking dirty to me Bill, I love it when you call me names while you fuck me." "

"Oh yeah whore?", he said as he began stuffing his cock in my wife's virgin ass, "So you admit what a fucking cockteasing little whore you are, do you? You admit that you want my cock up your tight little asshole slut? SAY IT BITCH, SAY IT!" "YES, I ADMIT IT, I WANT TO BE FUCKED IN THE ASS! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS HARD, SHOVE IT IN DAMN IT!"

Bill had the head in now and he began working the rest of his cock deep into my wife's little ass, as she moaned and whimpered. Finally his cock was buried in Elizabeth's ass to the hilt and his hands were firmly grasping her firm tits, her long dark hair flying back and forth as he pumped his cock into her tightest hole.

I couldn't take any more and I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began to jack off, my eyes glued to the sight of my young wife being ass fucked in front of me. Then I watched in horror as Bill reached up and grabbed the curtains and ripped them off the wall and threw them onto the floor behind him, the 6 foot wide picture window completely exposing to the world my humiliation. Bill continued plowing in and out of my wife's asshole and squeezing her firm young tits while Lizzy fingered herself toward a crashing orgasm. I'm not sure if she didn't know he opened the drapes or just didn't care but as her young tits hung over the couch directly in sight of anyone who cared to look in she screamed, "Oh Damn it, fuck my ass harder, it feels so fucking good in my ass, I'm going to cum!"

That was all I could handle and just as my cock began to spurt cum onto the livingroom carpet I saw my two best friends, Joey and Jack, pull into our driveway and get out of their car. I had no idea what to do and could only watch as they walked up to our house and stared in disbelief at the sight before them.

Then as my friends watched Bill gripped my sweet young wife by her hips and shoved his cock all the way into her asshole and screamed, "I'm cumming your fucking tight little ass you sexy little slut! Damn what a great ass fuck you are!" "PLEASE DO IT", Lizzy cried out, "CUM IN MY ASS! It feels so hot, OH GOD I"M CUMMING TOO! FUCK MEEEE!"

I looked out at my friends, their eyes locked on my wife's sexy body, watching intently as Bill pulled his dripping cock from her ass. I knew that there was no way they could keep their mouths shut about what they had seen and in no time everyone in town would know what a slut my wife had become.

Bill had Liz lick his cock clean and then dressed to go, but before he did he threw me my wallet. "Better be more careful with your valuables next time Brandon.", he chuckled.

Of course, Joey and Jack told all my other friends about what they had seen. Before long I heard rumours about Bill showing the pictures to everyone at the Computer Store as well. And I am pretty sure that Liz has been fucking some of my friends when I am at work. I guess I asked for it though. If you show off your sexy wife, you shouldn't surprised if someone decides to take a closer look.


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How could I let this happen? My wife and I had been married for 4 years now and our sex life was great. She has a great body and we fucked like rabbits. But lately things have gotten a little stale. Just between work and our home and schedules, it was becoming harder to find the time to spend with each other. So like most married men, I turned to internet porn..

It is unbelievable what is on the internet, anything and everything you could imagine. Recently, I had started joining chat rooms with people and trading movies, pictures, and having conversations & cyber sex. I was online when I received a message from someone looking to trade pictures. We started going back and forth, and he was mostly interested in amateur stuff. Well, after a few weeks and getting to know each other, when I had mentioned my wife during conversation, he asked me if I had any pictures of her. I still to this day don’t know what made me do it, but I started sending him some pictures of my lovely wife.

She’s 5’6” tall, about 120 pounds, long brown hair, 34-B bust and an unbelievable ass. The pictures I started sending him, didn’t show my wife’s face. They were mostly of her luscious ass and a few from the front with her covering her tits with her hands (but her face blocked). My wife has a tattoo on her back, just above her ass, and after about the 15th picture, this man revealed to me that he recognized her tattoo, and said he knew who my wife is.

Apparently, he went to the local college with her and my wife loved to show off her mid section with belly shirts and he recognized the tattoo. He told me he wanted to get together and meet me and talk about her. I told him no thanks and said that I would appreciate it if he left me & her alone.

Well, it didn’t take him long to track my wife down. Being local and all, he had a friend of a friend that knew where my wife was currently working and how she was doing it. A couple of days later, my wife came home and told me that she ran into Jerry from college at her job. She works in a retail store and he had come in. They started catching up on old times. (Thankfully, he hadn’t mentioned me sending him pictures yet). She thought it was funny that 6 years later, he still remembered her, and was especially fond of when she wore belly shirts at school showing off her tattoo.

A couple of days later, my wife came home very upset at me. My wife said that Jerry came back to her store today and asked her to dinner. When she mentioned to him that she is happily married, he said he knows. He says that your husband had sent me over a dozen pictures of you naked showing off your killer body and how I wanted her to get fucked by another man. (which I never mentioned in our conversations, but he had the photos as evidence). He said that if my wife doesn’t go out with her, that the pictures will be sent to mutual friends, her family, and to her high school reunion. He said he is coming to pick my wife up at 6 and I am to leave the house and not come home until she calls me that evening. I asked her “what are you going to do?” “This is all your fault, I am going to do what he said, and spend the evening with him” was her reply. My wife went upstairs, and put on a very short black dress that hugged her ass like you couldn’t believe. She wore a lacey bra on underneath and matching thong that was so small, it looked like a piece of dental floss went up her ass. My wife looked like a knock out. She hadn’t dressed up like that for me in months.

At 6 sharp, the bell rang and my wife answered the door. As she left she yelled to me “you better leave hun, and I will call you tonight after my date” As I walked out the door past Jerry, he said to me “I want you to leave so I can have your place all night to fuck your wife in your bed.” I walked out past him with my head hung down.

At about 2:30 AM I got a call on my cell phone that I could come back home. As I pulled in the driveway, I saw that Jerry’s car was still out front. I opened the door not knowing what to expect. But there was Jerry in my living room all dressed and my wife nowhere to be found. “She’s upstairs in the bed, she will explain what happened tonight I am sure. By the way, I deleted the pictures of your wife off your computer so I have the only copies now, and I am taking your video camera home with me because I shot lots of footage of your wife and me together.” With that, Jerry left.

As I made my way upstairs, my wife was laying on the bed naked.. Her pussy was red and puffy and both her holes were gaped open and I could see Jerry’s cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. As I climbed into bed with my wife, she rolled over and said “no more Jerry, my holes are completely sore from your cock.” “Honey it’s me” I said. “Oh, sorry I thought he was still here. Listen, I am going to see him again later this week, and I think this is going to be a regular thing now. Jerry even mentioned that he has some guys at his job that would love to see my pictures and maybe even join us.”


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As I crawled into my bed, her body was soaked with sweat. A mixture of her?s and Jerry?s I?m sure. Her body was warmer than usual as I pressed up against her. Especially coming from her ass and pussy, it was like they were on fire. I could feel Jerry?s cum leaking out of my wife as I slept next to her that night.

The next morning I dressed and headed out to work. My wife was still asleep in bed as I left. When I arrived at work, I couldn?t concentrate on anything I was supposed to be doing. At around lunch time, I got an email from Jerry. It said ?Thanks for giving me your wife, she?s my property now. Also, When I was going through the pictures on your computer, the one?s you hadn?t sent me, I took and then deleted them all from you. Why didn?t you send me the one?s of the 2 of you screwing. I loved the one of her looking right up at the camera with those gorgeous green eye?s and your cock in her mouth. (that was my personal favorite) I will seeing her again tonight, so don?t bother waiting up for her tonight after work.? Signed Lisa?s Master Jerry.

The next 4 hours of work seemed to drag on for days. Finally, When I could get out, I raced home but my wife wasn?t there. As I tried to get my thoughts together, I decided to sign online. My head was racing, but the thought of my wife being used like a slut was turning me on more and more each time Jerry took control of her. I was learning that suddenly I was being more and more of a cuckold. Wanting my wife to be used by other men, and possibly even watching it happen in front of me. As the night went on, I finally received an email from Jerry titled ?Green eye?s?. As I opened, there it was, my wife looking up at the camera, but this time with Jerry?s cock in her mouth instead of mine. That was all it took. Seeing my wife like that made my cock spray like a fountain. I jerked myself off twice to that picture that night before going to bed.

Around 1 AM, my wife came home and crawled into bed with me. As she did, she woke me and told me that ?Jerry fucks me so nasty, and I can?t get enough. You started this by sending him my pictures and thank you for it. You better get used to the idea of your wife being used by other men. If you want a divorce, I am sure that no judge will let me get out of this marriage broke and homeless. Especially since I have proof of you sending my pictures out and I am sure Jerry will back my side of the story.? All I could do was say yes dear and let her know that I was a cuckold to her new sex life.

For the next 2 weeks my wife would spend 3 or 4 nights a week at Jerry's. She would leave the house wearing all kinds of slutty outfits, or be covered with a full length coat.. One particular night, she wore a bright pink thong that said "SLUT" in white glitter stones on the front. She wore matching pink terry cloth ass hugging pants. (like the slutty girls in the mall) That had the words "Juicy" also in white writing across her ass. She had a white T-shirt on and a matching pink jacket to go with the outfit. She wore similar outfits, and sometimes slutty ones whenever she would go to his place.

At the end of the 2 weeks, I received an email from Jerry with the subjet "Another Green eye's" As I opened, I was shocked what I saw. It was just like the last picture, my wife looking up at the camera, but this time it wasn't Jerry's cock in her mouth. It was a big black cock. There was about 6 inches hanging out of her mouth, and I can only imagine how much was in her throat. Her lips where stretched to the max around his thick shaft. I now know that Jerry isn't the only one fucking my wife, and I can only imagine how many people, and who has also had a piece of her sweet ass.


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As I sat there staring at my wife with this giant black cock in her mouth, I couldn?t believe how hard it made me. I clicked the reply button to the email and asked Jerry if I could see her in action with him and this black guy. About 15 minutes later, Jerry replied to my email saying ?be at my place around 4:30 and bring some money? I couldn?t believe it. He actually wanted me to pay him to see my wife getting fucked. The day was dragging on forever, and I couldn?t wait until it ended. He said to be there around 4:30 but I don?t get out of work until 5:00.

Finally 5:00 came and I headed out of there as fast as possible. His place was only 10 minutes from work. As I arrived at his place I had butterflies in my stomach. As I knocked on the door, Jerry opened it and asked me if I had the money with me. ?How much do you want ?? I asked. ?$300 to watch today? was what he said. As I handed him the money, he let me in. He lead me into the other room, and there was my wife naked on the floor on all fours. She had a blind fold on and there were 2 big black guys with her. She was on top of one of the guys riding him while the other guy was feeding her his giant black cock. Jerry told me to sit in the corner over there and not make a sound. He had a video camera setup on a tripod and it was pointed right at all the action. He also had a digital camera in his hand and was snapping away pictures. As I walked over to the chair in the corner, the guy with his cock in my wife?s mouth said to Jerry ?Is that him?? Jerry just nodded and they started grinning at me.

My wife was humping up and down on the shaft buried in her pussy. He was fucking her as hard as possible and she was just taking it more and more. I could see her getting the cock in her mouth nice and wet at the same time. The guy with his cock in her mouth finally pulled it out. She had soaked it wet. He placed his balls right under his chain and laid this giant piece of meat up across her face. I couldn?t believe it was longer than her face as the cocks giant head laid clearly above my wife?s head. He just smiled and said ?watch this slut take this whole big bastard up her ass?. As he moved behind her, he dropped some spit on her asshole and started pushing the fat cock head in my wife?s ass. At first she tensed, but after the head forced it?s way in, she let out a moan and starting taking more of the shaft up her ass. As he worked half of this giant cock into her ass, I could see goose bumps cover her thighs and ass. Both cocks started humping her in rhythm in and out.

As the 2 cocks stretched her holes to the max, I could see my wife grinding into them. She let out a scream and I could see her body convulsing as she had her first orgasm. As she started to come down from her climax, they started fucking her harder. Her body let out a shiver as she came down from her first orgasm. These 2 giant black cocks were trying to work her body into another orgasm. ?Fuck me harder, make me your slut? my wife yelled out. As they started fucking her harder and harder, she had another orgasm. ?I?m Cumming again! MMMMMMMMMMM? As she had her second orgasm, the guy fucking her pussy said he was going to fill this white pussy with his cum. Spurt after spurt of hot nasty black cum shooting in my wife?s pussy. The guy in her ass also said he was spraying. I could see his balls twitching as he unloaded in my wife?s ass. Both her holes filled with black cum. The 2 black men were finishing spraying my wife full. As there balls emptied there motions were slowing down on my wife as they started to pull out. Cum was leaking from both her holes as they pulled out. As my wife rolled off of them, she laid on her back with cum leaking out of her. The guy that was fucking her pussy brought his cock to my wife?s mouth and made her suck him clean.

As she took him in her mouth, the guy that was fucking my wife?s ass brought his cock to my face. ?Looks like you enjoyed the show? he said. As I looked down, I could see my pants where stained from me shooting a load. My face turned red, and before I could answer, he pushed his cock in my mouth and told me to clean it. Jerry was laughing and snapping pictures of both my wife and me as we cleaned these 2 black monsters. Completely humiliated, I sucked and cleaned his cock. As he was working his cock in my mouth, I looked over and saw my wife. Her blind fold was off, and she was done with her cock. ?You are doing a good job on that cock Hun, but Jerry and I will make sure you are a pro at sucking black cock in no time? my wife said to me. As he pulled out and said I was done cleaning him, Jerry told me it was time for me to go. As I got up and went to get my wife he said ?Oh no, she stays. She may be your wife, but she?s my property now. I will email you later tonight.? As I headed out the door, Jerry put down the camera, and was unbuckling his pants.


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Carnet d'une soumise

« Tu porteras une tenue sexy ;

Aucune culotte ou apparentée ne sera autorisé ;

Pas de maquillage ;

Des bottes à talons ou des escarpins ;

Une paire de stay-up, pas de bas collant ;

Aucun poils disgracieux ne sera autorisé ;

A l'heure prévue tu m'attendras au point de rendez-vous ;

Tu ne seras pas autorisée à me regarder ;

Tu ne seras pas autorisée à fermer les jambes ;

Tu ne parleras que si je te l'autorise.

Maitre A »

Tels était les consignes.

Strict et sans détour, comme il me l'avait dit sur MSN lors de nos longue conversation.

J'angoisse un peu à l'idée de le rencontrer, il n'a pas l'air commode...mais en même temps je ressens ce besoins viscérale de me laisser guider par quelqu'un de fort, brutal parfois.

Je m'étais préparée avec soins. J'ai mis mon ma plus belle mini-jupe, une paire de bas stay-up noir, avec bord en dentelle. Un top blanc avec ouverture à lacet sur le devant.

J'ai ressorti mes plus beaux escarpins, ceux qui ont un talon très haut et fin, avec laçage en cuir sur le mollet.

J'ai pris un rendez-vous la veille au centre de beauté pour me faire une épilation complète.

A la sortie de mon bain, j'ai minutieusement exploré le moindre centimètre carré de peau pour extraire l'éventuel poil qui a échappé à la cire de l'esthéticienne.

Mon entre-jambe est lisse et net, mes jambes brillent sous l'effet de la crème hydratante, ma peau est fraiche. Bref je suis prête à le rencontrer.

A l'heure prévue je l'attends. Il n'a pas fallu attendre un long moment, une grosse allemande s'approche de moi et une vitre s'ouvre.

« Monte à l'avant et n'oublie pas les consignes! » D'un ton sec et direct.

J'ouvre la porte et m'assois confortablement, prenant garde à ne pas croiser son regard.

Je fixe mes pieds pour être certaine.

Il me jette un bandeau et m'ordonne de le passer sur mes yeux.

J'angoisse, si j'étais tombé sur un pervers fou....comment ai-je pu me laisser embarquer dans cette « aventure » complètement folle.

Je ne pouvais plus faire demi-tour à présent, il était seul maitre de mon destin.

Aucun bruit dans la voiture, elle était silencieuse.

Tout au plus je pouvais sentir les virages.

Il pose sa main avec force sur ma cuisse.

« Je t'ai interdit de fermer les jambes! »

Il me faisait peur, sa voix était sèche, le ton était strict.

Je ne me suis pas fait prier pour obéir et mes jambes étaient rapidement écartées comme il le souhaitait.

Il avait bien calculé son coup, le siège de la voiture était profond. Avec mes jambes écartées, il avait tout le loisir d'admirer mon entre-jambes sans aucune fatigue.

Ce type est un sadique!

Je peux sentir que la voiture ralenti, roule quasiment au pas.

Mais je ne sais pas où je suis.

La voiture accélère.

Quelques minutes plus tard, minutes qui me semblait si longue que je me suis permise de me laisser glisser dans une légère somnolence, la voiture s'arrête.

« Réveille-toi! » dit-t'il en me donnant une claque sur la cuisse.

« Sors de la voiture et attend mes instructions »

Je ne me suis pas fait prier pour m'exécuter.

Vu la manière dont il agit, j'ai intérêt à rester obéissante.

Cette petite expédition en voiture m'a quelque peu excitée aussi.

Me savoir jambe écartée, à la vue d'un homme que je connais à peine, n'ayant aucun contrôle sur mon sentais ma chatte s'humidifier.

Encore un peu étourdie par ce réveil brutal, je reste debout, attendant ses consignes.

Je ne sais pas où je suis ni ce qui m'attend et bien que cela paraisse complètement fou...ça m'excite.

Je l'entends, il sort de sa voiture, s'approche de moi.

Je peux sentir son souffle contre ma nuque.

Ses mains me pousse le dos et m'oblige à m'incliner.

Il remonte ma minijupe, glisse sa main entre mes cuisses et me force à les écarter un peu plus.

« Petite garce, tu es déjà trempée » dit-t'il en me pinçant le clitoris.

Je ne peux retenir un petit cri de douleur, ce qui me vaut une claque cinglante sur mes fesses dénudée.

Il m'avait positionné sur sa voiture comme les flics font dans les films pour arrêter un voleur.

Mains sur le toit, jambes écartés, mon cul cambré en plus.

Ses mains glissait sur mes cuisses, remontait le long de ma fente déjà fort humide.

La claque sur mes fesses n'atténuait pas mon plaisir bien au contraire.

Ce salaud prenait son pied.

« Tu es mouillée comme une putte! »

Dit-il en m'assénant une autre claque sur mes cuisses.

En quelques instants il avait fait sortir mon sein gauche du top que j'avais mis avec tant de délicatesse.

Il malaxait mon sein, prenant le teton entre son pouce et son index.

Je n'ai pu m'empêcher de laisser un petit soupir de plaisir s'échapper.

Soupir qui fut immédiatement et lourdement sanctionné par une série de claques allant crescendo sur mes cuisses, mon cul dénudé et ma chatte.

Il était sans pitié, ne me laissant aucun répit.

Car une fois la punition achevée, ses doigts se glissait à nouveau entre mes jambes et sur mon sein.

Mon teton était tendu, dur. Mon sein se raffermissait sous ses caresses et ma chatte dégoulinait.

Son pouce tournait doucement autour de mon clitoris.

Je devais mordre mes lèvres pour me retenir de crier de plaisir.

Il retira ses doigts de ma chatte et les glissa dans ma bouche. Je ne lui laissai pas le temps de dire quoique ce soit que déjà je les nettoyais de ma langue avide.

« Je vois que tu aimes ça sale pute, met toi à genoux, bouche ouverte, comme il se doit! »

Ni une, ni deux je m'étais mise à genoux, jambe écartée. Je pouvais deviner au travers de mon bandeau que ma minijupe était totalement remontée, offrant ma chatte humide à l'air libre.

En un instant il enfourna sa bite profondément, me tenant la tête de ses deux mains puissante.

Je failli m'étouffer tellement le geste était brutal.

Il commença un va et viens aidés de ses mains, assénant de temps en temps un coup secs propulsant son gland bien au fond de ma gorge.

Je le suçai avec plaisir, sa bite était grosse, veineuse et avait une odeur légèrement parfumée.

Bien vite le mouvement s'accéléra.

A certain moment, il sortait sa bite de ma bouche et je la léchais de bas en haut, tel une glace.

J'en profitais aussi pour lui asséner un coup de langue sur ses couilles.

Puis il reprit ma tête dans ses mains et effectua une série de rapide va et viens profond.

Son gland butait à chaque fois sur ma glotte, provoquant des spasmes de mon estomac.

Ma respiration était difficile et plus j'avais du mal, plus il allait vite et fort.

Il explosa son foutre dans ma gorge en plusieurs jets. J'en avalais une certaine quantité. Le reste dégoulina le long de ma bouche.

« Un vrai garage à bitte. Je me demande comment sont tes autres trous! »

Il avait le don de m'insulter. Ce qui m'excitait encore il le savait.

Il me laissa tel quel, la bouche encore rempli de son jus, à genoux, jambes écartées, intimité au grand air...les yeux bandés.

Je ne sais pas combien de temps je suis restée de la sorte, je sais juste que j'entendais les bruits de ses pas autour de moi.

Je pouvais deviner qu'on était dans une sorte de jardin ou parc car j'entendais des branches craquer, des bruissements de feuilles,...

J'en avais un peu marre de rester de la sorte. Je ne suis pas un objet qu'on peut oublier, non mais.

Il a dû s'apercevoir de mon impatience car quelques secondes après, une douleur assez vive me transperçait les seins.

Il venait d'y accrocher, sans ménagements, des pinces lestées.

Je m'abstins de toute tentative de protestation, par crainte de représailles immédiate.

Il fixa des bracelets autour de mes poignets et un collier en cuir glissa autour de mon cou.

Une chaine reliait mon cou à mes poignets en passant par la chainette qui reliait mes tetons endoloris par l'étreinte des pinces.

Le moindre mouvement de mes bras tirait sur mes tetons, provoquant une douleur plus intense.



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Il retira le bandeau qui masquait mes yeux. La lumière du jour était aveuglante.

Mon regard croisa le sien l'espace d'une seconde, avant que je ne regarde à nouveau parterre.

Je ne sais fichtre pas où j'étais, tout au plus cela ressemblait à une clairière.

Pas un bruit de « civilisations »...juste les bruits de la nature.

Comme je l'avais senti ma minijupe était remontée, mon top abaissé, mes seins pendait légèrement vers le bas, alourdis par les poids qu'il venait d'y fixer.

Il prenait un plaisir certain à me regarder de la sorte.

« Tes mains sur la tête! »

« Tu manques de discipline, on va arranger cela »

« Je vais te dresser, après cela tu sera aussi docile et obéissante qu'une bonne chienne »

J'ai à peine posé mes mains sur ma tête qu'il m'asséna une série de coup de badine sur mes seins.

A chaque coup, je ressentais une brulure profonde.

Les coups faisaient rouler mes seins de gauches à droites, tirant par la même les poids attachés, multipliant la douleur.

Il n'arrêtait pas, augmentait l'intensité et la fréquence.

Des larmes coulaient des mes yeux, la peau de mes seins était zébrée, rouge vif.

Je me mordais pour ne pas crier de douleur, j'étais au bord de l'évanouissement.

Il l'avait vu et cessa immédiatement.

Ses grandes mains se sont posée sur mes seins rougis et douloureux.

La chaleur de ses paumes filtrait au travers de ma peau et me fit presque oublier ce que je venais de subir.

Il me massait les seins délicatement, tendrement...

Le contraste entre sa brutalité et sa douceur était sidérant.

Il m'aida à me relever mais laissa les pinces lestés et les chaines.

« Nous allons chez moi à présent. Tu peux m'appeler Maître André. »

« Bien Maître, merci Maître » fut ma réponse avant de reprendre place dans la voiture, non sans mal avec les entraves qui me gênaient.

Il y prenait plaisir d'ailleurs, vu son regard.

« Ton regard à croisé le mien, je te l'avais interdit, tu seras donc punie pour cela »

Il l'avait remarqué??

« Oui Maître, je mérite la punition »

La voiture à roulé pendant quelques minutes pour arriver dans une maison de banlieue.

« Tourne-toi que je te retire les chaines »

Quel soulagement. Le bout de mes tetons était si sensible qu'il me faisait mal rien qu'avec le frottement de mon top.

« Quand je te ferai signe, tu entreras dans la maison. Je veux que tu ailles tout droit dans la cave. Tu m'y retrouvera »

Il était déjà sorti de la voiture, me laissant seul à nouveau.

J'étais très excitée, l'épreuve qu'il m'avait fait subir dans la foret n'était qu'un début, un je regrette que ce soit déjà fini. Je mouille tellement que ma chatte est déjà bien ouverte, dégoulinant un peu sur le cuir du siège.

Il me fit signe et j'obéis à ces ordres.

La cave était sombre, grande, paraissait plus grande que la maison.

Je ne pouvais pas le distinguer car il y avait un puisant projecteur qui m'aveuglait.

« Pose tes mains sur la tête, tourne toi, écarte les jambes, remonte ta mini et penche toi en avant! »

Je ne reconnais pas cette voix, ce n'est pas lui.

Mon dieu dans quel guêpier je me suis fourrée????

« OBEIS ou il t'en coûtera! »

Tournée vers le mur, mes mains sur ma tête, jambes écartée et penchée en avant, offrant la vue de mon cul et de ma chatte.

« Fait glisser tes mains sur ton cul et écarte moi tes fesses de pute »

Je m'exhibais de la sorte à un inconnu, dans une cave, dans un endroit que je ne connaissais pas.

Quelqu'un s'était approché de moi.

Il enfonça d'un coup sec, arrachant par la même un râle de douleur, quelque chose dans mon anus.

J'ai reçu quasiment en même temps une claque sur mes fesses pour le râle que j'ai osé émettre.

L'objet était froid et long. Je le sentais forcer mes sphincters.

De gros doigts rugueux et sec glissaient sur mon clitoris, le frottant sans aucune douceur.

« Elle mouille déjà comme une salope »

Charmant...tout à fait charmant.

Pendant que je le maudissais dans mon for intérieur il avait fixé des bracelets à mes chevilles.

Il continuait de malaxer ma chatte, tout en jouant avec l'objet planté dans mon cul.

C'est qu'il me faisait mal le bougre.

Il me prit par les cheveux en me guida à travers la pièce, me forçant à me mettre quasiment à quatre patte.

Une croix de Saint André m'attendait, j'y étais attachée face au mur.

Ma vision se limitait à des joints de briques.

Je ne sais pas combiens de temps ils m'ont laissée comme cela mais mes bras commençaient à se fatiguer.

Je pouvais les entendre discuter de moi, même se moquer de mon corps. Alors que j'étais attachée comme une vulgaire peinture.

Maitre André se leva et murmure à mon oreille : « Maintenant, tu vas être punies pour tes petites erreurs. Ne me déçoit pas! »

J'avais la gorge sèche, je tremblais..pas de froid mais de peur, j'ose l'avouer.

Une douleur intense me traversa le dos, suivie d'une autre et d'une autre encore.

Les coups de fouets s'enchainaient les uns les autres, de plus en plus.

Ils étaient à deux à me fouetter le dos, les fesses, les cuisses.

Certains coups étaient portés avec précision car le bout du fouet ne claquait pas sur mon dos mais faisait le tour de mon corps pour claquer sur mes seins ou mon bas ventre.

Mais j'ai tenu bon, je n'ai pas émis un cri. Pourtant ce n'était pas l'envie qui m'en manquait.

Ils ont ensuite alterné les vices, entre les fouets à lanières multiples, les pads, les badines,...tout y est passé. Sur mon dos, mes cuisses, mes fesses, ma chatte.

Ma peau n'était plus qu'une surface brulante douloureuse...mais je tenais bon.

La douleur me faisait tourner la tête, j'ai presque basculé dans l'inconscience.

Les coups cessèrent aussi brusquement qu'ils étaient arrivés.

Une main chaude, couverte d'un onguent parfumé se posa sur ma peau meurtrie.

« Avec ceci tu n'aura aucune trace »

La main me massait tout le corps, chaque parcelle de peau était massée.

L'onguent faisait de l'effet, je le sentais pénétrer par les pores de ma peau.

Le massage aussi me faisait de l'effet, j'étais trempée.

Toujours attachée à cette satanée croix, face au mur, ne voyant pas grand-chose, trempée à l'entre jambe, une sorte de plug dans le cul. La situation était très humiliante.

Surtout qu'ils ont pris quelques photos. J'ai entendu les « clicks » typique.

Je n'avais pas remarqué mais la croix de Saint André était pliable.

Enfin si je l'ai constaté..à mes dépends.

Ils ont reculé la croix, pendant ce temps là j'ai pu apercevoir leurs visages.

Lui était grand, musclé. L'autre, celui avec les mains rugueuses était de taille moyenne, un peu bouffi.

Une fois que la croix était au milieu de la pièce, en dégoupillant deux verrous, elle s'inclinait sur la moitié.

Résultat j'étais pliée en deux, jambes écartée.

« C'est une pièce de premier choix, elle a un cul en or »

Ca c'était le petit gros qui s'exprimait.

« Et une bouche très accueillante, j'ai eu le plaisir de la tester à ce niveau »

La c'était la voix de Maitre André.

Il chipota au plug fiché au fond de mon cul, pendant que le petit gros était parti chercher quelque chose.

Le plug s'écarte petit à petit, doucement...dilatant mon cul progressivement.

Le petit gros attache des pinces à mes seins qui pendent et y fixe des chaines.

« Voyons voir si tu dis vrai au sujet de sa bouche de pétasse »

Dit-il en approchant sa verge de mes lèvres.

En même temps, Maitre Jean continue d'ouvrir le plug. Je sens l'air chaud entré dans mon trou ouvert.

Je n'ai pas le temps de protester que déjà la bite du petit gros glisse au fond de ma gorge.

Je suffoque, j'étouffe..mais rien n'y fait, il maintient ma tête.

Son gland heurtait le fond de ma gorge à chaque coup de rein qu'il donnait.

Sa bite n'avait pas un gout très intéressant...un peu trop salée..manque de propreté sans doute.

Maitre André retira le plug de mon cul pour mieux le tartiner avec un liquide visqueux et froid.

Je devinais ma rosace éclatée, en forme de bulbe.

La bite entrait et sortait brusquement de ma bouche, se glissant d'un coup sec au fond.

Son membre était à présent bien gonflé et dur, tapant à chaque fois sur le fond de ma gorge.

Maitre André lubrifia mon cul, glissa ce qui me semblait être trois doigts, puis un quatrième s'ajouta rapidement. Il poussait fortement, le cinquième doigt était passé.

Il poussa encore et encore pour finalement glisser sa main jusqu'au poignet.

Il me fista profondément, sans ménagement. Sa main sortait et rentrait d'un coup sec.

Pendant que l'autre s'obstinait à enfoncer sa bitte au fond de ma gorge.

Ils étaient synchrones, quand l'un sortait, l'autre entrait.

Je sentais le plaisir arriver par vague, à chaque fois que la main de Maitre André défonçait mon cul. Une vague de chaleur prenait naissance dans mon bas ventre.

« Je t'interdis de jouir salope! » dit le petit gros en tirant d'un coup sec sur les chaines de mes seins.

Je sentais sa jouissance n'allait plus tarder à me déverser son flot de semence visqueuse et chaude.

Il acheva en s'explosant dans ma bouche et sur mon visage.

Maitre Jean retira sa main de mon cul, laissant un trou béant largement ouvert. Ma rondelle était définitivement explosée.

« Maitre Luc t'a honoré le visage, tu peux être le fait rarement »

Ainsi donc il s'appelleait Luc.

Mon visage dégoulinait de sa substance poisseuse et chaude.

Pendant qu'il frottait sa bite sur mes joues et mes lèvres.

Je jouais avec le bout de ma langue, nettoyant son gland, ce qui semblait lui faire plaisir.

« Tu avais raison André, cette putte est excellente. J'accepte de la dresser »

Me dresser??? de quoi parlait-il?

On me releva. Mes sangles étaient détachées, mes seins libérés.

Maitre André s'approcha et susurra dans mon oreille :

« Ma chère, je te laisse le choix....tu acceptes le dressage de Maitre Luc ou on arrête là et je te ramène chez toi. »

Cruel dilemme...

Viscéralement j'étais horrifiée.

Mentalement j'avais envie. dégoulinais de plaisir.

« Oui Maitre, j'accepte d'être dressée par Maitre Luc, ce sera pour moi un honneur »

Maitre Luc fixa un collier en cuir, attaché à une laisse qui pendait entre mes seins.

« A partir de ce jour tu n'es plus personne, moi seul peut décider de ce qui est bien ou mauvais pour toi. Tu m'obéiras en tout point sans jamais t'opposer à ma volonté.

Mon plaisir seul tu rechercheras, ton corps ne t'appartiens plus, c'est ma propriété.

Tu seras marquée au fer rouge quand j'estimerai que ton éducation sera complète. »

Tel était les paroles de Maitre André et Maitre Luc à qui j'appartenais.

Mon éducation s'annonçait longue, pénible mais le succès en valais la peine.

Fin de l'histoire.

Ces faits sont basés sur une histoire réelle, dont j'ai volontairement déformés les noms, lieu, actions.



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Belle histoire, merci... mais que de blanc...


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Timmy did not know why the coach or Mr. Smith had it in for him. He knew earlier in the season there was some problems and he had almost been taken off the team; until his parents had a talk with them. Timmy did not realize his mother had had to fuck both men while his humiliated father was forced to watch. He did not realize his mother was now their sex slave and had a ring through her left nipple to remind her and her husband of it, or that the two men had plans for his girlfriend, Cindy.

The coach knew Timmy had talent, but had held him back from playing in some key games. This started when the coach and Mr. Smith, his assistant, had seen Timmy’s girlfriend Cindy. She was nerdy in a sexy way, glasses, hair in a bun. But she also had a pretty, innocent face, nice firm, taunt tits that seemed to defy gravity, a long narrow waist and a tight fuckable butt. The two men determined to see if the son, like the father was a potential cuckold.

One afternoon Cindy came to see the coach and Smith in their office, the very same office where they had turned out Timmy’s mother. “Look, please don’t tell Timmy I was here but I am worried about him.” she said in that meek little voice of hers as the coach and Smith eyed her up and down drinking in that tight young nerd girl’s body. Oh they were going to turn her out, but slowly, ever so slowly.

“Well, we have to take our time with Timmy. He has the talent and all, but…” the coach said pausing, making the young woman tense.

“But what?” she said letting the worry show in her voice.

“You have to understand Timmy has the talent but there are issues. His family is one. Earlier this season his parent almost cost him his spot on the team by cursing and using racist language. Then the father almost hit me and the coach here.” said Smith.

“I did not know that. But you can’t think that of Timmy.” said his girlfriend.

“Well we have not seen him do anything, but we have to worry about the future of the sport. Suppose when he makes the big leagues, which with his talents I think he could, suppose he starts with that racist crap, or assaults somebody. I think it is best to rein him back a bit.”

“But the big games are coming up, the ones where a lot of the college scouts will be at. You can’t do it to him. Please.” She said pleading, which only aroused both men.

“Hmmm! You two seem very tight. Going to get married?” She seemed offended at the coach’s very personal question but nodded blushing. “That is good, maybe you can keep him in line, ‘cause as I said he could be one of the great ones. Man the life you two would lead, houses, travel, fame, all yours. Of course could we trust you?”

“You can.” She told the coach.

“Well me and Mr. Smith will think about it and will give you our decision later this week, you can stop by my house this Friday. Until then let’s seal this deal with a little kiss.”

“A kiss?” Cindy said taken aback.

“Why do you find that offensive?” said Mr. Smith. “Man she is prejudiced just like the kid’s parents.”

“I am not!” Cindy said indignant.

“I bet your parents told you not to date black people.”

“They did not! That’s not fair! I was just, I don’t know.”

“Well then give us a little kiss.” Said the coach.

Cindy could not help but notice the huge bulge both men were sporting. She was afraid and confused, had she blown Timmy’s chance to get in the big leagues? She wondered. These men could ruin it for him, she knew that.

Trembling the young woman approached the coach and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He put his arms around her slender waist. “That would have been okay a few minutes ago, but now I need something a little more. He moved his face forward as he drank in her scent, a soft all too flowery perfume like the young girls like to wear. She moved back her face slightly but he just moved his forward, then kissed her young lips as he pulled her tight to himself. She could feel his manhood pressing against her stomach as he kissed her and she could not help but notice how big and solid it felt.

He let her go, “Now was that so bad?”

“It was, it was…..” She said searching for the words but her mind would not let her, she was dizzy and confused. The coach let her go and she turned to leave and walked right into Mr. Smith’s arms. He kissed her on her mouth as his hands gripped her young, tight little butt. He let her pull away slightly then he pulled her back giving her another kiss, this time deeper and slower.

Laughing the men let her leave. She almost walked into a wall on the way out.

“Tim is good.” Said Smith still enjoying the young girl’s taste on his mouth.

“Yeah! I was gong to start him anyway, but why not take a little bonus? We are going to go slow on this one, not too slow, but slow enough. Then we are going to bust that little cherry of hers but good.

Cindy was pleased when she found out that Timmy was going to start in the next game, it almost made it worth those kisses and the guilty over them which she had endured. She was a little scared, and even more so when she felt the coach’s boner pressing into her. Her mother would have killed her if she had seen that. Yet, sometimes she thought about whether they really would have taken advantage of her, she sometimes got those thoughts and shook her head violently to clear them.

That Friday she went to the coach’s house just as Timmy’s mother was leaving, she stopped and waited for her to turn the corner before going in. Why was she on this block? She thought it a coincidence, but she did not want to be seen going into the coach’s house by anyone she knew, they might think she was going on.

Once Timmy’s mother had turned the corner she went and knocked on the door. The coach answered and led her in. “Uh! Where is Mr. Smith?” she asked.

“Why disappointed he is not here?” the coach said smiling, “So you see your boyfriend played this week. Just as we said he would. I think we are learning to trust him and you.”

She felt relieved, then he said, “Okay, I will talk to you this time next week, oh, better make it an hour earlier, got something to do.”

“I can go?” she said expecting him to ask her something, or was she disappointed?

“Oh that’s right. You can give me another one of those sweet little kisses but I want you to do something. Sit down here on the couch. I won’t bite.” He said then as she sat down he snapped his teeth for effect making her jump then they both laughed.

“I want you to put you hand in my lap, right here. As a sign of our growing relationship.”

“I can’t do that!” she said then thought it over, realizing what was at stake, “You won’t tell and all I have to do is put my hand there?”

“Promise.” he said. Delicately she reached over and put her hand down on his crotch. He gently put his hand over hers and pressed it down. His cock felt far bigger than the only other one she had handled, Timmy’s. Then the coach leaned forward and kissed her gently, as his hand reached forward and squeezed one of her ripe young boobs.

She walked out the door in a daze. What was she doing she wondered. But she also thought of how big it felt. Her sister had once brought home a black guy, only once and her dad almost beat her senseless, she had to spend the summer at her aunt’s house until he cooled off.

Timmy played in the game and even was talked to by one of the college scouts. Things were going great. But she also thought about the coach and Smith, she tried not to but every now and then it got the better of her. In the shower or someplace else she would think of the two men dominating her, of using her. Then she’d shudder to try to shake away those thoughts. She’d try to think of Timmy and the one or two clumsy times they had made love, she had thought they were the most exciting things that had ever happened to her, but every now and then she pictured the coach, naked, holding her by the hips as he pounded her with his large cock, sliding in and out of her, and then, and then…she’d stop herself, it was all too much to think about.

The next week she came by in time to see Timmy’s mother leaving the coach’s house again, now she knew something was happening, but what? When she went in she asked “Was that Timmy’s mom I saw leaving here?”

“And? Oh wait I bet you want to know what was gong on? Well I will tell you, she was here helping to keep her son’s place on the team by taking care of us.” said Smith.

“Taking care of?” she said aloud, then it hit her, “Oh! My! Does Timmy know? Does his father know?”

“Nah! Timmy doesn’t know.” Said the coach tactfully leaving out the fact that Timmy’s dad was a cuckold committed to having his wife take pleasure from other, more endowed men, at his expense, and humiliation. “Just like you are going to start to take care of us.” Said the coach.

“Take care of you? What do you mean? How?” said Cindy afraid. The two men outweighed her several times over, and they were black. Part of her wanted to run, but she could not.

“Come on don’t you want to help Timmy out. We can make sure he can go far.” Said the coach unzipping his jeans. She could see his underwear straining from the meat it was trying to hold in. His cock was huge, like in her dreams, Smith opened his zipper also. She knew she could run out of the room, and part of her wanted to, but part of her wanted to stay. She could hear that argument her mother had had with her sister, “Nigger lover!” her mother screamed in her mind, as the two men came closer to her.

They pulled their underwear down and their huge cocks flopped out, they were bigger far bigger than she could have ever dreamed of. She felt so small standing next to the two men. The coach went over to her and grabbed her wrist guiding it to his cock, the back of her hand brushed it, then the coach whispered for her to put her hand around it, his hot breath in her ear.

In her mind she knew she shouldn’t do it but she couldn’t help it, her small hand wrapped itself around his shaft, it was even bigger than she thought, she hated herself for comparing it in her mind to Timmy’s but the truth was even semi-hard it was bigger, far bigger. “Now pull on it. Stroke it up and down!” the coach whispered in her ear. She watched her hand yank his fat slab of meat up then down and to her shock it grew even bigger.

The coach pulled her close kissing her, his cock pressed against her belly, they pulled apart and she continued to rub his cock. Then Smith came forward and she took his cock and started to rub it. “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

“But you have wanted it. I could tell.” said Smith. He reached out and grabbed one of her tits and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah I could tell.” he said as Cindy’s eyes were focused on how big both men’s cocks had become.

The coach pulled her tee shirt over her head as she pumped them, standing in her bra she felt vulnerable and the two men did not help matters. “Oh yeah! Pump it! That is good! Bet you thought about this for a long time.” Smith said.

“Uh! Huh! But please don’t tell anyone.” She said as the men chuckled at her. They had her spit in each of her palms.

“This Friday you are going to tell your mom you are going to sleep over at your girlfriend’s house but you are going to come here.” said the coach.

“What is going to happen? What are you going to do?”


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Mr. Smith smiled at her, “What you have been wanting for a long time. If you want some of the details I will tell you. We are going to all strip naked. Then I have this dog collar I am going to put around your neck and a leash. We are going to lead you into that bedroom over there and fuck your little white pussy all weekend.”

Her knees went weak upon hearing this. “Oh and you best buy some rubbers, and some lube. Teacher’s salary is tight today. Pick up the brand that is for extra large men. Or we could ride you bareback.

“Uh! I don’t know if I can do that, couldn’t I just, um, blow you.” Said Cindy nervous, she doubted she could fit one of those cocks in her mouth, let alone her pussy.

“Oh you will do all that and more.” Said the coach chuckling. “Come here!” said the coach sitting down on the couch. Cindy sat on his naked cock, she could feel it press against her ass and pussy through the fabric of her jeans. “You like how nice and solid that feels. Don’t you? Now bounce up and down on it a few times honey. That’s it! Oh yeah! Now get off.”

She was made to kneel before the two men as she continued to jerk off their cocks for what seemed like hours, Timmy came within a minute or two. “When you, do it where should I aim it?” she asked.

“All over those nice young tits of yours.” Said Smith. The men made her say how much she liked to pull on their cocks. You’d have to have been made of stone not to want to dump a load on her and that is what they did.

Smith came first his load splattering her tits and little white bra. Then the coach came hitting her neck, with some of it arcing over her shoulder and hitting her back. The men had her pump their cocks for a full minute more to squeeze out every last drop out, then they got dressed.

“Do you have a towel to clean up with?” she asked as she felt the goo dry and tighten on her skin.

“Oh darn it the laundry lady skipped us this week.” said the coach tossing her her shirt. She put it on feeling it stick to her skin. She wiped her neck off the best she could before the men literally tossed her out the door.

“Jerks.” She said, wanting to call the police. “Oh yeah that would go over big with mom and dad.” She decided not to show up next week, little did she know what the next week would bring.

She knew it was wrong, she felt ashamed at looking Timmy in the eye. Then there were the dreams, late at night in her bed she thought of both of the men fucking her, and fucking her hard. She fingered her tight little snatch thinking of them ramming her in it and her asshole. The nastier and more forbidden her thoughts were, the more it turned her on. She thought of being made pregnant by them and kissing them in front of the other students who would all know who had gotten her that way. But then in the morning she would feel guilty again. She almost backed out of it when something happened during the week.

“That jerk!” she thought as she walked towards the coach’s house. The past week Maria, the slut cheerleader had all of a sudden discovered Timmy and she was out the picture. She had found a text on her cell phone that he had sent to her by mistake for a date he’d planned, little did she know the coach and Smith had put her up to this to manipulate Cindy into becoming their sex slave.

She knocked on the door, clutching the bag from the drugstore, she’d had had to go to another town to buy the stuff in the bag, so people would not talk, even as it was the druggist gave her a stare that just said “Dirty slut, pig!”

She waited and waited, and knocked again. Just as she was about to leave the door crack open and the coach told her to come in. When she entered she found the two men naked. She could not believe she was in a room with them. The coach came up to her and kissed her deeply, his tongue going into her tiny mouth, then he reached down and pulled her shirt up and off, Smith unsnapped her crisp little white bra, then he lifted her up and the coach took off her shoes and socks. She told the guys to slow down as her pants were undone. She stepped out of them totally naked, except for her panties and glasses.

“Mmm! Never nicer or tighter than this.” said Smith with a lustful smile. He reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties with his dark fingers. She wanted to jump back but the coach was behind her, Smith put his fingers to his mouth and told her it did not get sweeter than this. Then he put his hand back on her cunt and rubbed her pussy as the coach squeezed her tits, he rubbed faster and faster until she came. She knew she had no will of her own now, she was a slave to their passions.

They took her over to the couch and made out with her, sucking her tits long and hard, she had not known she could cum by somebody sucking her nipples, but now she did. She sat on their laps and she could feel their cocks press against her pussy through the material of her panties. Their bodies were so hard for older guys she thought.

The coach stepped away and came back holding a leather collar. “Just as I promised.” He put it around her neck locking it into place with a tiny padlock. Her fear only heightened her arousal as to what would happen next. The coach affixed a leash to the collar and had her sit back down on the couch. “Just one thing we got to get straight.” He said pulling her over his knee. She felt his hand slap her ass hard enough to sting. “Now the first thing, what I don’t want to hear out of that mouth is no! Understood?” he slapped her ass again even harder making her gasp. “Understood!” She bit her lip not to cry out and said yes real quietly. “Second off is when I tell you to say something you say it! Understood?” he said spanking her tiny ass some more. “Yes!” she said again as she saw the flash of Smith with his digital camera.

“Now get on all fours. That’s a good girl.” Smith said putting the bag from the drugstore in her mouth. She crawled into the bedroom on her hands and knees. Once in the bedroom she was made to kneel at the foot of the bed. In front of her were the coach and Smith and in front of them was a mirror. She could not believe the sight of herself between these two black men, each one at least twice her hundred and two pounds. They dangled their dicks in front of her face. She reached out to grab one and, Smack! Went the other one across her face. “No hands. Kiss it.”

She leaned forward, she could feel the heat radiate off of the coach’s cock as her tiny mouth drew near, and could smell his musky scent. There was no going back for her now as her lips kissed his massively dense cock tip. He smiled down at her beaming as Smith focused and took another picture of her ruination. Then she opened her mouth and he guided his shaft into her face. Her jaws stretched wide to take it in.

“Yeah that’s it. Up and down. Work that tongue underneath! Watch your teeth. Good girl. Suck that black cock yeah” He said. She watched herself in the mirror with a sense of wonder was that her doing this? She was being the slut that her mother had accused her sister of being, and knowing this turned her on all the more.

Smith put his cock in her face and she sucked on it, then the coach’s again. “Doing good! Now we are going to make you do it a little bit rougher.” Smith held her leash and the back of her head. As the coach pushed his cock deeper and deeper down her mouth. It was almost a relief when he told her to take it out and spit on it. “Now pump it as you suck it! Yeah! That’s good. Take it all! Take it all!” he said as she frowned from her fist taste of his precum in her mouth. But she could not move as her head was held firmly by Smith who rubbed her pussy as she sucked on the coach’s cock.

“Oh yeah! Here it comes! Here it comes.” He pulled his cock halfway of her mouth. Now when I cum, you are not to spit out any, understood?” She nodded with his cock in her mouth making it wiggle.

“Pump it! Both hands here it comes! Yeah!” she felt his hot load hit the back of her throat causing her to gag a bit but he kept pumping his cock down her throat until she felt it soften.

She was tossed onto the bed, Smith pulled off her panties and got between her legs, spreading them wide, and gave her pussy a kiss, then he stuck his tongue into it and started to lick. She began to moan softly. “Mmm! Nice.” said Smith before letting the coach lick her also. The men did it slowly, teasingly, keeping her on the edge but not letting her release.

Smith got up and took a rubber out the drugstore bag and rolled it onto his cock. “Guess what time it is?” he asked and before she could answer he added, “Time to feed that pussy of yours its first black dick.” Cindy could not believe this was happening or that she wanted it so bad. Her family and friends would disown her if they knew what she was doing, and it would kill Timmy, but then again she thought of him cheating on her.

Smith got between her legs and took his cock in his hand, he wasn’t going to make it easy on her, he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips. She moaned and groaned from the sensation even as she had the fear that it would not fit in her. Then he pushed his cock against her, slowly and steadily she could feel it start to slide in as she dilated to accept it. Then with a pop his head slid all the way into her. Smith smiled and kissed her deeply as he squeezed her nipples. He squirted some lube onto his rubber encased shaft and began to thrust into her, going deeper and harder with each stroke.

The coach stroked his own cock hard and put a rubber on it, then he said “Switch!” and Smith pulled out of her. The coach rolled her onto her stomach stuffing three pillows under her so her ass was high in the air. He stuffed his cock into her from behind, slapping her ass as he screwed her. Smith shoved his cock into her mouth so she was getting stuffed from both ends.

“That’s it lick my balls, both sides, oh yeah! I can tell we are going to have fun breaking you in.”

The two men took turns fucking Cindy to prolong the session for as long as possible. They made her say how much she liked having a big black cock in her. Then the coach had her get on his cock and ride it to an orgasm. When she got off, the rubber looked like its reservoir was ready to pop, there was so much seed in it.

Then Smith did her until he popped his nuts, and when he pulled out the rubber almost slipped off spilling inside of her, she feared getting pregnant. The men told her to open her mouth and emptied the contents of the rubbers into it. “Hold it open.” said the coach, and as Smith snapped another photograph he spit into her mouth as he held his hand under her chin.

Well into the evening Cindy was fucked by and sucked off the two men off. Finally they had diner and she went to sleep in the bed with them naked, after calling her mom to say she was okay at her “friend’s house”.

The next morning Cindy woke up. She could not believe what she had done and what they had done to her. “If it wasn’t for that stupid Timmy sleeping around on me with that slut.” She thought as feelings of guilt came to mind. She still had the collar on but no leash. The coach was still in bed, but Smith wasn’t there. She thought to slip out the door but she could not find them anywhere. She could smell breakfast being made and realized she was starving. Just then the coach woke up. He kissed her deeply good-morning, then he unlocked her collar and ushered her into the shower. Where they soaped each other up. He rubbed her pussy softly making her cum she was so relaxed she did not even mind him fingering her asshole. He told her to relax then slowly he pushed his index finger into her tight asshole as he fingered her with his other free fingers. She came several times and reached forward and started to jerk his cock off until he told her to stop and just enjoy it.

When they were done they went into the kitchen were she got her second shock of the day. Right there in the kitchen, in nothing more than a slinky silk robe was Timmy’s mother cooking breakfast. She wanted to run, until she realized she was there for the same reason, she was fucking these guys just like her, but Timmy’s mom.

“Don’t look so surprised, I saw you sneaking around and all. Don’t worry. You will make a good wife for Timmy. But sometimes you need a little more.”

Over the oddest breakfast she ever had Timmy’s mother explained how early last season, there was an incident where her and Timmy’s father got to caught up in the game and became the sort of rowdy parents you hear about in the news. Timmy was almost tossed off the team until she convinced them to let him stay.

“And Timmy’s dad is okay with this?” Cindy asked.

“He couldn’t be more turned on. Some men, like to be cuckold’s and get turned on by their women sleeping with other, better endowed men. My husband is one of them, and I think like father like son, or is it like son like father.” She said smiling. “I am willing to bet that Timmy will be a good little cuckold like his dad when he finds out.” said Gina serving Cindy a huge plate of eggs, bacon and toast, “Got to keep your strength up.” She added, just like her own mother would have said.

After breakfast they moved into the living room. “You will make a good daughter-in-law.” Said Timmy’s mother stroking her hair. Then she let her robe drop. Cindy gasped, Gina, was all curves, with round soft breasts, and a golden ring through her right nipple.

“I don’t think I am going to tell Timmy.” said Cindy blushing.

“Oh you will. Why would you deprive him of that pleasure, not only from hearing about your naughty deeds but by watching you being violated by other men.” said Gina getting close to Cindy. Cindy could feel the heat from Gina’s body. “And when it pleases our black masters we will do anything right?” said Gina drawing still closer. Cindy could smell Gina’s womanly musk as the two men watched, their cocks getting hard. Gina leaned forward and kissed her future daughter in law, her bigger breasts brushing the younger woman’s pert little ones. She guided Cindy’s head towards her breast and Cindy opened her mouth encircling the other woman’s nipple. She sucked on it feeling it harden in her mouth.

“Oh yes! That is a good little girl. Suck on mommy’s tits. Gina purred as the two men stroked their cocks hard. Gina kissed her way down Cindy’s flat little stomach, pausing to lick her naval, then as she got on her knees she went still lower, kissing the soft little mound of pubic hare making Cindy gasp. Then she made Cindy put her legs slightly more apart and kissed her pussy.

As Cindy sat on Gina’s face the two men moved in, one pushed his cock down her throat while she stroked the other. That afternoon the two men used both women in every possible combination they could imagine.

“Come on get dressed we are going out. Said the coach. Cindy looked a little bit worried, he assured her it was in the next town, where none of the neighbors would know them.

They went out to eat and Cindy could feel all the eyes on her and Gina as these two white ladies sat with these two black men who were obviously their dates. Smith made a point of kissing Cindy at the table making some of the dinners nervous.

Then they went to a club where the two ladies danced with their men. It was a racially mixed club but still Cindy felt both nervous and excited at the same time.

Then they made their last stop for the night, a tattoo pallor in the seedier side of town. The old man who ran the shop came forward, he greeted the coach and Smith and gave Gina a wink. “Why are we here?” Cindy asked already knowing the answer to her question, fear gripped her but also a certain excitement.

She was led to the back room, where her young tender breasts were exposed one at a time, and the nipples were pierced with two huge silver rings. Then her clit hood was pierced with a small gold ring. Cindy was given instructions on aftercare. The tattoo artist pulled out his cock and Cindy sank to her knees to pay the man with her mouth for his services.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” he said as he smeared his deflating cock’s last bit of sperm in her hair.

They went home and Cindy and Gina cleaned up. To the world she still looked like a school girl but she and Gina knew the difference.

“Now eventually we will have to let Timmy know but not yet. Until then you will have to be careful.” Said Gina.

“I still love him, but, everything was so exciting.” Said Cindy.

“And it will be even more so. Oh here we are at your house.” Gina honked the horn and Cindy’s mother came out to greet them. After some small talk Cindy went inside.

“Such a nice girl, and the mother is not bad looking at all, I wonder….” She said driving away as her pussy got moist at the thought of a daughter, mother seduction.


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"No Alex... You know that I really want to wait until my wedding day." Joanne Olson said softly and shook her golden red hair irratably away from her soft green eyes, her nice average sized breasts jiggled with the movement. Alex Burtin sighed for a long moment, his brown hair blowing softly blowing with the summer wind. "I just don't know if I can wait that long, after all we've been dating for a whole year and not only that but we've known each other for a good two years now!" They were walking through a fairly ran down neihborhood which was unusual for a young white prepy couple. The neighborhood wasn't all that far from Alex's place, like two miles to be exact and it was an overall good place to just get away from mundane worries. Besides his car was parked just around the corner if any serious trouble showed up which Alex was inclined to doubt but did it never the less for his girlfriends sake. Joanne came to a halt, stoping her boyfriend in midstride and made a frusterated sound, carefuly looking directly into his hazel eyes she spoke these words carefully so not to hurt his feelings, "I just have a problem making love before we're married. I meen you know before we started dating that I am a strong believer in good Christian ethics and to have sex before marriage is wrong!" Alex knew by the way she said this that to approach it any more would just spark a fight and this was the furthest thing he wanted to do. He and Joanne very rarely fought but when they did it was usually long and bitter, and worse yet accomplished nothing. One thing he hated more than anything was fighting, especially over something that had already been fought before. This was an age old game between them and several times he seriously considered leaving her for another girl but realized he would never forgive himself if he did.

As they continued walking in silence Alex in frusteration at the thought of having to wait until their wedding day, suddenly a loud whistle interrupted his thoughts and Joanne gave out a cry of surprise.

"Hey look it's a prepy white bitch and a white boy walking in a place where they don't belong." A tall about six foot at least and young looking black guy said as he came out of an old looking shack that was ran down with weeds and other over grown grass.

"What do you think we should do Jerome?" A deeper voice asked and an even taller looking black man that looked to be nothing but muscle came out casually frome the same area.

"I say we take these two out to some place special. What do you say TJ?"

Alex was not in the mood to take crap from anyone right now but at the same time he knew better then to mess with these guys. They looked to be like stone cold felons that just wanted to find an excuse to hurt someone. Also by comparing his puny frame to their rock solid builds, he knew he would never have a chance if it came down to a physical confrontation.

So instead of trying to say any smartass comment that might get them both killed he grabbed his girlfriends hand and proceeded to back up with her in tow trying to ignore her wimpers of fear.

"Look we don't wan't any trouble here, all we're doing is walking through. So just let us go." Alex said nervously. Stiring his girlfriend back into the general direction where they parked their car at and hoping that niether one of these guys had a weapon.

Alex was in for a big shock. TJ reached casually in the back of his pocket and pulled out a fourty four magnum his brown eyes meening business. "Both of you stop right where you fucking are or I will kill you both."

They stopped obediently Alex's face pasty white and eyes full of terror while his girlfriend screamed and backed up against Alex, holding on to him for dear life.

"Just take our things and leave us!" Joanne said, teary eyed as the fear of being shot grew.

"Everything will be alright if you both just shut up and come with us into our nice little house." Jerome said pulling out his own gun, his eyes just as heartless as his friends.

Niether had much choice but to obey. So Alex and his love, Joanne meekly followed these heartless, both of them way to scared to do anything but obey.

* * * *

The fear in the living room was thick as Alex sat meekly on a wooden chair as TJ tied him firmly down with rope, all the while holding a gun to his head.

Joanne watched all of this while struggling fiercely agains't her assailent in the middle of the room with a horrified expression on her beautiful face that matched perfectly how she felt inside. Never in all her life had she felt so terrified, the fact that they had guns was even worse especialy since she absolutely detested guns.

"Stop struggling or I'll blow ya fucking brains out!" Jerome ordered angrily, his thumb cocking the trigger back. Feeling defeated, Joanne stopped her feeble strugles and bowed her head down in submission.

"Now take your cloths off nice and slow so me and my buddy TJ over there can see what your made of, and you better do a good job or we'll casterate your little white boyfriend."

"Don't do it Joanne! These bastards are bluffing, they don't have the guts to do such a thing." Alex yelled trying to get out of these iron tight ropes.

TJ, smirking pointed his gun at the direction of Alex's groin and said, "would you like to make a wager on it?"

Joanne bit her lip as she looked over at her boyfriend and knew she had very little choice in the matter so she hesitantly took her necklace off that her boyfriend gave her as a birthday present as well as her other jewerly and droped it on the floor.

"I'll do it if you let us go afterwards and promise not to hurt me and my boyfriend." Joanne said, tears still falling a little at the corner of her eyes.

"Sounds good enough to me, now enough talking and start dancing, and you better do a good job!" Jerome commanded his eyes blazing with lust.

She felt her face flush self concously as she tentavily, almost seductively took her blue shirt off. The appreciative whistles made her try to cover her glorios bra covered C sized breasts but pulled them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor.

Her breasts felt nice and free in the open air and her nipples were hard like bullets from the fear and cold. One thing many guys found attractive about her was the fact that her breasts stuck out and didn't bounce as much as most womens did. The only problem was that most people that have seen her breasts (which wasn't very many and only other girls), thought that this ment that she went through some expensive surgery, which simply wasn't true.

As Joanne took her shoes and skirt off she felt an odd sensation enter her body. She couldn't describe it other than that these guys including her boyfriend are the only guys who ever saw her naked before, other than her dad of course.

For a long momment of just standing in her pantyhose and her sheer white bikini panties than kept her pleading green eyes on Alex's brown ones as she took her pantyhose off, exposing her long and trim looking legs.

"I did what you said. Can we just leave please?" Joanne asked, afraid that they would force her to take her panties off.

"Not quiet yet baby." Jerome said as he came up to her with a wide cruel smirk on his thick lips and took the edges of her pantys and tore them right off, exposing her beautifuly shaved virgin pussy.

A loud whistle and a whoop of laughter filled the room. "Hey Jerome the bitch shaves her snatch. How much do you want to bet that the bitch is a virgin and white boy over here never had the courage to break her in?"

Joanne noticed Alex's face flushing in anger at this question and he screamed while redoubling his efforts to try and escape. She tried to push by Jerome to rush to her boyfriends aid but his strong hands held her in place like a vice. After a few fruitless struggles she gave up with her head hung down low.

"Let me out of this now you black bastards!" He yelled.

Two loud slaps and loud girl like crys that didn't come from Joanne's lips echoed throughout the room as TJ's open hand bitch slapped Alex, turning his cheeks red as tomatos.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid honky before I really get angry." TJ ordered quietly and to the point.

As Jerome took his black shirt off, showing off more muscle than Joanne ever imagined Alex having he said, "look baby this is nothing personal but me and TJ over there never fucked a white woman that was a virgin before and we've always wanted to see what it feels like."

With these words Jerome took his pants off and out sprang a cock that looked like it belonged to a bulls not a man! The head looked like a helmet, oozing white stuff that she knew had to be precum. It was the raw power behind it that truelly frightened her.

"Please don't do this to us. My dad has lots of money if thats what you really want, just leave us be."

Joannes pleas seemed to have no effect on either Jerome or TJ, rather it seemed that they were getting a kick out of it.

"Shut up bitch, get down on your hands and knees and suck my fuckin' dick." Jerome ordered, his eyes hard as twin stones and his gun pointing directly at her.

Her knees trembled slightly as she kneeled on the floor, staring at the floor she decided to close her eyes in hopes that he would just go away. This of course was all in vain for when she opened her eyes once more Jerome and TJ were now both naked and her horror doubled even more than it once was. TJ was a truely fearsome looking figure with pure muscle and slightly larger cock than Jeromes.

"Crawl to me on your hands and knees, bitch." Jermone ordered, his eyes briming with lust.

Sobbing bitterly she realized she had very little choice but to obey so she crawled on her hands and kneeds near to were Jerome with his big black dick was standing. It felt degrading doing this, especially in front of Alex, a man that she loved with all her heart. Joanne knew that he would be enraged and found herself unsurprised when she glanced over at him that his fair eyes were red and accusing, filled with utter frusteration. His cheeks were still flushed like a virgin girls and his normaly straight hair was now an utter mess.

Turning her gaze filled with pity away from her boyfriend for a momment she turned back to Jerome, his big snake smacking agains't her right cheek.

"If you don't do what we tell you to do we'll kill both of you so just put my fucking cock in your mouth."

Casting this cruel black man a pleading glance Joanne placed her right hand around the middle of it, not knowing how she could ever get such a big cock in her mouth and rather doubted that she would ever in fact accomplish this. Nevertheless she opened her mouth as wide as possible and placed the tip in her mouth, shuddering in horror and revulsion at this act she began to do the act that she never imagined herself doing. Slowly, what in fact could only be described by some as tentavily she bob her head up and down, making loud gaging noises all the while.

Out of the corner of her eye Joanne noticed that Alex, her boyfriend was now sobbing and muttering over and over to the empty air, "this can't be happening to me. Oh God why are these thugs doing this to us?"

Joanne gave a grunt of surprise when she noticed that she now had him half way down her throat. Not only this but to her horror she noticed that her left hand was now cupping his balls! With a relish she brought it back on the ground, and dismissed it immediatly as just a way to steady herself.

One fact that Joanne could not dismiss so readily was her arousal. As dirty and degrading as this act was that strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that she usually surpressed was starting to bare its ugly head. Desperately she quickly surpressed it, but still it was there in the background; what was more it scared her that she could even get aroused in a situation such as this.

This was an act of pure terrorism and Joanne and the guy she hoped to perhaps even marry one day were in the middle of this sick twisted act of perversion. The possibality of escape seemed to be next to nile, even if her Alex managed to get out of the ropes that these men tied around him she doubted he could do very much other than get himself killed and that was something she definetly did not want. For one they had guns while they did not and two they were stronger than her boyfriend or her by far.

As time drawn out to seeminly endless she finally heard a loud grunt and moaned in surprise as his cock jerked wildly in her mouth and cum just poured into her mouth. Instinctively she tried to move away but found stronge hands holding her in place and Jerome groaned out, "swallow it all or expect to see yourself at your little boyfriends funeral."

These words sparked fear in this young virgin girl and decisevely she swallowed every last drop, trying to ignore her boyfriends shouts and protests.


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Jerome however seemed extremely tired of hearing this whiteboys feeble screams of rage. Pushing her off of him when she gave long drawn out gasps as fresh air filled her mouth, tinged with the taint of sperm. She watched as he stalked up to her boyfriend not knowing exactly what she should do so decided to do nothing. He slowly clenched right fist and locked his brown eyes with hers for a moment, and with a grunt slammed his right fist, the one with the golden ring right in Alex's nose.


Her boyfriend fell backwards with the chair and was nocked out or she dreaded for a moment that this thug might have killed him before hearing a slight muffled groan issuing from his lips. Getting up from her hands and knees she stumbled over towards Alex in full attention of helping her love out when she felt a vise like grip on her shoulder.

"Don't even think about it bitch, get back to where you fucking belong." TJ growled, shuving her forcefuly on the ground.

Joanne cried in pain when her knees hit the rough cement floor but knew better than to state any protest so instead stared over at where her love layed. She was starting to grow concious of TJ's big hard black cock swaying beside her and felt the strange need to turn and stroke it lovingly. She shuddered in revulsion as soon as that compulsion entered her body, she was taught by both of her parents that black people were not to be trusted. Yet all the same she couldn't deny she got a tiny bit aroused at sucking off her first black man in fact her first man period.

Jerome wiped his ring on Alex's pants leg with an almost disdainful look on his handsome ebony face before turning over to Joanne. She felt fear at this man's look and noticed to her disgust that Jerome was fully erect agian. It must have been the excitement over hitting a helpless person she thought with a cold feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.

These men were monsters, out to make her life a living Hell! How could anyone do this to her or Alex? After all they were good semartens and they both had jobs and believed in a good clean environment, yet still none of this stopped these two men from kidnapping her and Alex and doing terrible things to both of them.

"Bitch suck off TJ or I'll do more than nock your boyfriend out." Jerome said menacanly, his brown eyes totaly lacking any sort of pity or compassion.

Reluctantly she turned towards TJ, feeling intimidated by this mans presense. Their was something about this guy that just gave her the shivers. He had an icy coldness about him that was the oppisite of Jeromes fiery attitude, as if he would shoot his own mother for money. To top it off he had an even bigger and thicker cock than Jeromes.

With fearful look at this monsters huge cock, Joanne hesitantly took it in her small white hand and closing her eyes tightly in denial she tried to put it in her mouth, more afriad then ever but found to her shock that it wouldn't fit no matter how far she stretched her mouth.

"Your not going to fit in my mouth." Joanne simply stated dreading what this hulking monster might do.

TJ's simply smirked and said, "Is that so bitch? Well maybe it will fit in your other mouth, what do you think?"

Realizing what those words exactly ment she opened her mouth even wider but could get no more than the head in. It was embarresing looking so desperate in front of these men but she wasn't about to get her virginity taken by these cold hearted killers.

Looking over at her boyfriend at the corner of her eye she was thankful that Alex's chair was back in place and his eyes were closed. She didn't know how he would reacte if he saw her acting like such a slut, even if it was in order to save herself for him. As long as Joanne could remember she was always a good little girl who was taught that sex was evil and wronge yet now here she was giving a blow job to the biggest man and biggest cock that she ever saw. Even if it was agianst her will she still felt a flash of shame in doing this.

Noticing she could only get two inches in her mouth she sought to bring him off with her right hand as well, hoping that after this it would be the end to it.

"Damn bitch you can't do anything fucking right. Now lick my balls nice and good."

Lifting his huge cock upwards a moment and shuddering in disgust she licked his balls tasting even more of his raw animal scent. As sick as the act of giving a blowjob was to young Joanne, she found it even more disgusting to lick a mans balls. Yet despite the disgust she felt she began to feel a strange sensation enter her lower stomach once again as her pussy began to moisten slightly than the last time.

After licking it nice and good Joanne began to put his cock back in her mouth when TJ's hand stopped her.

"I'm tired of your pathetic attempts of getting me hard. Lay down on the fuckin' floor!" TJ ordered as Jerome snickered loudly.

"How 'bout you give me a chance to get a crack at this bitch? After all I am not as big as you and if she is a virgin like she says I could break her in a little." Jerome said to TJ as Joanne fearfuly did exactly as TJ told her to.

TJ smirked as Joanne tried to cover her tight looking white pussy. God why did she decide to shave today she thought as she noticed that even a half blind person could see the moistness of comming from her pussy. Her hard pink nipples were also a source of embarresment for her. Joanne always had sensitive breasts and although it could easily have been the coolness in the room that certianly couldn't explain her moistened pussy. Desperately she closed her legs and thought about other things such as that new job she might be getting and was thankful that her arousal slowly went away.

TJ was nodding his head while moving out of the way, saying all the while, "go right ahead my brotha, go right ahead."

Before she knew it she felt Jeromes hard warm body mesh agianst hers. His black eyes had a drunken lustful look and his once soft cock was hardening rapidly against her inner thigh. The feeling of having his flesh against hers was so natural that as her breasts flattened agains't Jeromes muscular chest that the moisteness of her pussy flooded back agians't her will.

"Please don't do this to me!"

Joanne pleaded, more than a little desperate as Jerome positioned himself at her opening, "I gave you both what you wanted just let me and and my boyfriend go, please."

"Your wronge, you only gave me one thing that I wanted and now I happen to want your little white pussy." Jerome said just before he thrusted all the way in, breaking her chery and smacking right agianst her cervix.

"OOOOWWW!" Joanne screamed in pain that she only dreamed of, putting her small white hands pushing agianst his now slightly elevated chest as she desperately tried to push him off her. It felt as if she was being torn in two! Never did she imagine it to be this painful, not even her friends reassurance that it always hurt at first compared to this feeling.

As she felt the blood began to flow from down below, salty tears slowly began to fall. For a long moment Jerome just layed still, she felt his balls resting agains't her lower pussy area. It was a foriegn feeling and more than anything it hurt, not knowing that she was unconciously spreading her legs wider.

Jerome grabbed her small wrists in his large hands and pressed them painfuly on the floor as he tentavily began to thrust in and out of her now painfuly stretched pussy, causing her to gasp in pain.

Looking over at her tied up boyfriend Joanne was horrified to notice that he was now stirring from the blow that Jerome delt him.

What made it even harder was how her pussy was starting to adjust to this monsters girth and she found that her body was betraying her. As his hot rod banged continuasly agianst her cervix, Joanne began to feel her fear start to litarily melt a way and a new feeling began to give way. A loud moan of pleasure issued forth from deep within her throat and almost agianst her own morals she began to thrust back as flush slowly began to creep up her fair cheeks.

What was she doing? Here she was, raped and deflowered by a black man who wasn't only foul but violent and what was more she was starting to enjoy it!

"OHHHH! You fucking bastard, get off me!" Joanne shreaked pushing as hard as her small white frame could against her assailents chest. All poor Joanne got for her efforts was a harsh laugh and even harder thrusts.

Joanne's mouth opened in a large 'O' as he hit her archiles heel and all Joanne saw for a long moment was pure white. Not realizing that she was screaming in a long and violent orgasm and her legs parted even further agians't her own violation and than closed around Jeromes buttocks, holding him in her, not wanting to let this feeling go even if it was from a vile rapist.

A few more violent thrusts in her and judging from his grunts she knew Jerome was about ready to come himself and when he belowed out his own yell she kissed his chest as he came violently in her white pussy.

They layed connected; like two souls that finally found each other. Reluctantly Joanne looked over to where her boyfriend was sitting and noticed to her sorrow that her boyfriend was now awake and this time he had foul looking underwear stuffed in his mouth. His eyes blazed in rage at her betrayal and tears started to fall silently down his flushed cheeks. Alex's once straight nose was broken side ways, blood was still pouring from it and she flinched in pitty, looking away before the guilt could overwhelme her.

Jerome pulled away from her and Joanne found herself regreting the loss of contact but quickly stopped herself realizing how stupid such feelings were.

"Come on white boy I'm not about to fuck a cum filled pussy." TJ was saying as he untied Alex.

A sharp gasp shot out issued from her lips as Joanne noticed that TJ and Jerome were holding Alex in a tight, painful looking headlock.

Bringing him down hard on his hands and knees, Joanne could only look away desperately trying to think about other things than what her poor boyfriend was about to go through. As she felt Alex's warm breath on her cum filled pussy she couldn't resist but to look down.

His eyes had a wild look to them that they didn't have before as he reluctantly opened his mouth and sucked on her pussy. Giving out a sharp in take of breath she looked away towards the entrance. How could this be happening? She thoat in in trepidation as she felt Jeromes cum in her pussy being emptied in her loves mouth.

"That's right faggot you better empty her nice and good and swallow all of it or I'll casterate you're white ass." TJ ordered, his empty eyes guaranteeing that he would do exactly that.

These words caused Alex's face to go slightly off color and he sucked even harder causing Joanne to gasp sharply as she began to feel the stirrings of pleasure at this act. Luckily he was done before she had another orgasm.

Getting up shakily Alex angrily turned towards the two thugs. That turned out to be his next mistake; right when he turned around TJ and Jerome came down on him hard with fists smashing down on his once handsome face and knees going sharply in his gut. Soon Alex was a sobbing mess begging for mercy that wasn't given until he was once agian nocked out.

As this was happening all poor Joanne could do was look away and sob quietly feeling hopeless to do anything but wait and hope that this would all go away. Yet as her boyfriend was once more angrily being tied up she couldn't help but realize that this was hardly the end of her and Alex's torment.


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Bunny Fanwell held the black gardener’s cock in her hand. Her mother stood aghast at the sight of her daughter enthralled to a household servant, and a black one at that. The cock was so massive and long, that though solid it bent from its sheer size and gravity. Her daughter wiggled it in her hand. Then she told her mother what she must do to save the family name. The mother thought it over, then in her Paris original outfit she got onto her knees and hesitantly reached out her hand to the rod her daughter held. How had this come about? What started it all? It began ten years ago…..

Bunny ran through the garden, it was summer and she was hiding from her girlfriend’s Fawn and Babs. She thought the gardener was out and she could hide in his shack for a few minutes. She carefully opened the door and snuck in. She had never been inside before and after Fawn passed by she decided to go exploring. She thought she heard a noise, was Babs in there with her? The young blonde girl opened the door and saw a sight that froze her in her tracks, there was the grounds keeper, sitting on an old chair which he salvaged from the attic of the house before it was tossed away. On his the old black and white television was a porn film playing in on the VCR. But what held her attention and burned itself into her mind was his hand pulling back and forth on his own cock. She had once seen some pictures Babs had taken of her brother coming naked out of the shower with his cock hanging down, but this one looked so much more, menacing. It was three or four times the size of the one she had seen. He kept stroking it for another minute, then he noticed her wide presence. He yelled at her to get out. She hit her knee on a tool box as she ran out.

Outside even though Babs and Fawn both tagged her she kept walking until she went to her room and then she sat down on the floor for a few hours. That night she could not sleep. She kept thinking of the gardener pulling on his own massive cock. Several days went by, and once she caught herself reaching down to finger her young little pussy as she thought about his dick…

Flash forward a few years. The wealthy choose the mates for their children just as has been done for hundreds of years. Chip had been chosen for Bunny, he was handsome, a good dancer, and an even better kisser. Chip was going to leave the next day to attend a prep academy across the state, meaning they could only see each other over weekends. After debating with her girlfriends Fawn and Charlotte, Babs having moved away after their family lost most of their money; Bunny decided to go all the way with Chip. They chose a weekend that the family would be away. She entered the bedroom excited, and ten minutes later she left disappointed. Her mother had told her she would marry Chip one day, but the sex, he was so small, and it was over in under five minutes. He wouldn’t lick her pussy or even play with her tits much. As he laid there napping thinking he was the world’s greatest lover she walked down the hall to the kitchen to drowned her sorrows in a big bowl of ice cream. She heard a noise coming from the maid’s quarters. The door was slightly ajar and she peeked in.

They had hired a new maid from England to help Conchitta with the housework. Bunny had found the new girl, Prudence, to be a bit of a stick in the mud. Now she saw prudence on her bed, wearing an erotic sexy French maid’s outfit, as oppose to the gray uniform they normally wore in the performance of their duties. Her pale legs were spread wide and the gardener was pumping her pussy full of his oversized cock. Prudence’s screams might have woke up the whole mansion were it not for Conchitta’s ample ass sitting on her face, or that Prudence’s tongue was occupied with the task of licking the Latin maid’s snatch.

Bunny stood transfixed watching the tableau unfold, Conchitta noticed her but did not move from her perch on top of the other woman’s face. The gardener turned around and chuckled and told her to either “Join in or get out.” Bunny was frozen for a moment, then she turned, shutting the door and ran down the hall back to her room.

She had a second round with Chip, a bit better than the first, but still not as satisfying as the way she wanted it to be.

A year later Bunny was home for the summer. She was still with Chip, and they loved each other, but the sex was lacking, it was not that Chip did not try his best, he did, but in the back of her mind she found his cock, small, and the sex was unexciting. In the back of her mind she knew how she had to resolve it. She had to confront the gardener and the image of that huge black cock that haunted her mind. She thought since she had seen it as a little girl she must have remembered it as bigger than it was, it could not have been as large as she thought it to be. She had read articles regarding such occurrences.

She gathered her nerve and went to the gardener’s shack. “And what can I do for you today little missy?” he said from the back room in which he slept. He had a room with the other servants on the estate, but chose to sleep there instead. Bunny wondered if he did this to punish himself, or was he just a grouch?

“Um I came in here to….” Now Bunny realized how foolish she was to come to him, what was she going to ask him?

“Well missy do you need some help or are you here to wake me up in the middle of the night?” He said getting off the couch he slept on.

She bit her lip hard and then continued. “When I was a little girl I came in here by accident and saw you, uh, pleasuring yourself. The image, I was impressionable, and articles say such sights can be exaggerated. It has corrupted my view on what a man’s….genitalia should look like.”

There was one of the most awkward silences that Bunny had ever experienced, then the gardener chuckled, his bitter little chuckle, “You are not remembering it wrong, it is as big as you thought it was.” He said. He opened the fly of his pants even as she screamed for him to stop and pulled out his cock. Hanging there it was huge and thick, far thicker than Chip’s, with its huge veins and eggplant colored head. Despite herself she stared at it a good moment or two before she recovered.

“Please put that away.” She said trying to reassert herself.

“Put it away? I am not your child. You came here to confront me over it. You peeked on me when you should not have, and now you are telling me to put it away. Fuck you!” he said walking closer to her.

Bunny thought to turn and run, but did not want to turn her back on him. He came closer and closer, then in an all too quiet voice he told her to grab it. She said she did not hear what he said. “Grab it! You’ve thought about it all these years now grab it you little white bitch.” he snarled, as he drank in her appearance. Real blonde, fair skin, tiny but shapely tits, a tight waist and an ass, soft from one too many of those overpriced high calorie coffees. He knew he would own her that night. “I-uh!” she said not knowing what to do. He moved in even closer, and her hand brushed his cock. It felt so solid. He told her again to grab it. She reached out and put her tiny hand around his shaft, it felt so hot and big. He told her to rub it and excitedly she did so.

“Mmm! Yeah! Pull on it you little bitch! Your problem is you need some of this black servant dick!” she looked down wide eyed to see it growing still bigger in her hand. She remembered how small Chip’s cock felt in comparison. She pulled on it some more using both hands.

Suddenly he reached down and pulled her dress up and over her head. “What are you doing Stop!” she said but her dress was already over her head and off.

“Let me tell it to you straight, I am going to fuck that little rich pussy of yours like you are a cheap whore in the ghetto, after that I don’t care, fire me! But I am going to give you what you really need.” He pulled her tight to him and kissed her hard and deep as he squeezed her tits. She felt her pussy getting wetter by the moment. He was forcing himself on her and she realized that this is what she really wanted. No, this is what she needed. He pulled off his shirt and she could see his buff muscles created from all the labor he performed.

Reaching around he unsnapped her bra and sucked on her tits until her nipples were sore, his hand played with her pussy through her panties, then he snaked a finger inside and fingered her faster and faster until she came, she could hear the wet sound his black fingers made inside of her, she wanted to stop it all but could not. She gasped as he pushed his finger into her pussy telling her that that was the last time it would ever feel so tight.

He picked her up and carried her to his couch and dropped her on it. Her panties were pulled off and tossed into the corner of the room. Out of an old scratched up nightstand he got out a handful of rubbers in their bright cellophane packages and threw them on the top of the stand. “Yeah I think I will need them all.” Rolling one onto his cock he walked over to her, his fully inflated black rubber encased cock bouncing up and down.

He got on top and spread her legs wide, she felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy, it was so wet it began to slide in, he stopped the pressure for a moment and saw the look of disappointment in her blue eyes. That told him all he needed to know. He pushed slowly letting her gasp and feel every inch, and just when she started to adjust, he pushed still more in.

He fucked her slowly at first as he sucked her tits telling her she was now black owned. She wanted to argue but she was too busy moaning to speak, his cock filled her completely hitting every nerve ending.

He picked up speed fucking her well past Chip’s best time of ten minutes. Then when she could not take it anymore he pulled out of her with a satisfying wet sound. He picked up a cushion; for a second she had the irrational fear that he was going to smother her and started to thrash, but he just put it under her chest.

He got back on top of her straddling her rib cage, powerful black calves entrapped her. His hot wet cock rested on top of her chest between her tits. “Finger your pussy.” He ordered. He turned around to look, “Dam not like in the bathroom at home, get nasty, stick your fingers in there, play with it. Get nasty. That’s it.” He said satisfied.

He took his cock and slapped her tits with tit hard. He pulled off the rubber and a little bit of pre-ooze ran out of it. His cock was placed right in her face. “Open up! Now! No shit! Take it all!” he said. “Suck on it!” She realized the purpose of the pillow under head were to bring her up to a good position to suck him off. Every now and again he would pull it out of her mouth and slap her across the face.

“Hey what are you doing?” she screamed as he got off of her and stuck his unprotected cock in her and thrust about three times.

“Relax! This is just a test.” He got back on her chest, his cock now coated with her pussy juice, he told her to open up. She kept her mouth shut tight. Not even for Chip would she do that. He reached his hand around and fingered her pussy rougher and rougher, putting one of his hard calloused fingers in, then another, and another, working her cunt hard until she finally opened her mouth wide and tasted his cock with her flavor coating it. He rammed her throat deeper and deeper, his hand pinched and twisted her nipples to the point of pain as he told her in the future she best obey the orders of a black man the first time they are said. She tasted his first spurts of cum, and then he flooded her mouth with his rich seed telling her to swallow every drop. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and smeared the remainder on her face, rubbing it in with his fat bulb shaped cock head.

Not nearly done he went between her legs and licked her pussy coming up for air to tell her to say such things as she loved black cock. “Oh shit! I do! Oh fuck! This is what I really needed. All this time. It would kill mother if she found out but I cannot help it.” She said as tears came out of her eyes.

Sitting down she got on top of him holding his shaft steady as she impaled herself upon it. The fucking continued until the early morning. Sore she waddled back to her room.

A few weeks later her and Chip fucked again, but he felt so small compared to the huge black cock that had occupied her before. She tried her best, surprising Chip with her enthusiasm, but inside she knew the only thing that would satisfy her was the gardener’s big African cock.

Her mother comment one day that Bunny and Chip were getting along so well that a wedding might be in the cards for the future. Bunny shuddered at the thought of years of boring vanilla sex. It would drive her mad. She went out that weekend to see the gardener, her pussy wet the whole time, only to be told by him that he had work to do and did not have the time. She went away hurt and crushed. She was rebuffed several more times, finally it go to the point that she went out and bought a black rubber dildo and some lube and used it until she was raw.

She even took out some of her frustration on Chip, much to her mother’s chagrin. “Chip is a very good prospect. You should be happy to find someone like him.” She droned on and on.

“If you like him so much you marry him.” She said under a breath and left. Her mother felt she was acting rather odd and made a note to see what was going on with her daughter.

A few weeks later on a Friday night when her parents were out of town and Chip was away, Bunny returned home to find a package on her bed. She opened it and inside was a French maid’s outfit, such as you would find in an adult novelty store. Nothing else was in the box but a note stating “Maid’s quarters at 8.”

Bunny went down the hall with a robe on, she should not have worried as most of the staff had gone home were off. Reaching the door of the maid’s quarters she knocked. Prudence came to the door and let her in. “Take your robe miss.” She said in her British accent. Conchitta laughed to see her mistress in an outfit that matched theirs. The gardener was on the bed naked stroking his big cock. She got weak at the knees as she wondered with a mix of excitement and dread what was planned for her.

“Come here love, must give the master a proper show first.” Said Prudence kissing Bunny harder and deeper than any woman had ever kissed her. Her and her girlfriends had kissed at raves to get the guys excited, but this was something else entirely. Then Conchitta kissed her, it was a deep slow kiss as the maid felt her tits, she took Bunny’s hands and guided them up to her ample cleavage.

Prudence came up behind her and fingered Bunny’s pussy as Conchitta took her hand again and guided it to her cunt, she was not wearing any underwear. The girls mutually fingered each other. Then Prudence went to her knees and pulled down Bunny’s underwear. “Such a prude, wearing panties to an orgy.” Prudence lamented, then she spread Bunny’s legs apart slightly and kissed her cunt lips.

A shiver went through Bunny, the whole time she was aware that her black lover was watching her. Prudence brought Bunny to her first female induced orgasm.

“You know as senor maids she ought to be taking care of us. Come on missy.” They said leading her to the other bed. Conchitta climbed on top of Bunny’s face and told her to lick. Bunny could smell the strong must of her cunt, she hesitated until Prudence started to eat her twat again and she could not take it anymore and started to service the Latin maid’s dark haired bush.

“Oh yeah! That’s good little missy. Faster! Mmmm!” said Conchitta as she played with Bunny’s breasts, pulling them out and over the low neckline of her maid’s outfit. “Now my asshole, it’s clean but lick it anyway.” She said pinching and twisting Bunny’s nipples.

When Prudence had her turn at Bunny’s tongue she rubbed her pussy vigorously in her the mistress’ face as she had Bunny reach up and play with her pale British tits.

“Oh yes! Now ladies take it up here.” Said the gardener patting at both sides of the bed. Conchitta sat on his face, Bunny and Prudence licked his pole, their tongues often meeting on the way.

“Do you want me to put a rubber on you?” asked Bunny who almost regretted asking the minute she had done so. She was told from now on it was bareback or nothing. She knew she could not argue with him and would accept his unprotected cock inside of her.

Bunny mounted the gardener’s cock marveling on how good it felt inside of her naked, little did she know what was going to come next. Conchitta got off of his face and he sat up. Conchitta and Prudence held up their left breasts. Each had been pierced with a heavy iron ring with a rose woven into the design.

“You’re about to join the club now love.” Said Prudence as Conchitta went and got out a plastic bag.

The gardener held her left breast steady and began to pinch her left nipple hard. The Latin maid rubbed a powder which numbed it. Conchitta steadied her breast as Prudence took out the needle and nipple ring.

"Oh my! You are not going to. Please don't!" she sobbed even as her cunt squeezed his cock harder.

"Welcome to the club." Prudence said as the needle pierced Bunny's nipple followed by the ring which she locked into place. A tear ran down Bunny's eye. Conchitta wipe her breast with a disinfectant.



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"Calm down girl I have a surprise for you now." Said the gardener, he told her to relax as he repositioned her with her tight little stomach against the bed. Conchitta lubed his cock up well, Bunny could hear the farting sound of the squeeze bottle as the maid squirted still more liquid onto her master’s cock. Bunny knew what was happening, she was scared but did not run. He pulled her hips up then spread her ass cheeks as he pushed his well oiled cock against her asshole and slowly pushed.

Bunny wanted to say it was too big, but she wanted it inside of her. As Prudence and Conchitta encouraged her he kept applying pressure until his head slowly disappeared inside of her. It felt like she was taking a shit in reverse.

Once the head popped inside, he slowly began to fuck her, Bunny knew she was now totally owned by the gardener. Prudence fingered her pussy and Conchitta put her tits in Bunny’s face for her to suck on.

Two hours later Bunny walked back to her room, sore but satisfied. Cum dripped from her asshole and cunt, she wanted to shower but fell asleep instead as her nipple ached.

Over the weeks Bunny’s mother became still more suspicious that something was going on, but she could not dream in her wildest imagination that her daughter was sleeping with one of the servants.

Then came the day, Bunny’s mother, Diane, pretended to go out for the evening, getting into the car and going into the city. She told the chauffer to come back that evening, and then took a cab back to the estate. She walked though through the gardens on the side of the estate and went through the back door. She wondered if it was drugs and what the best clinic to take her daughter to would be.

Diane carefully used her key to open the locked door of her daughter’s room, she expected to find her daughter at worst shooting up, at best maybe with Chip in bed, but this? She was naked on her knees sucking the gardener’s cock. She felt her knees get weak but managed to stay standing. “What is going on here?” began a triad that included threats for Bunny to be sent away to boarding school, the gardener being fired and arrested.

The gardener was about to talk but Bunny, to his surprise, spoke instead. “No mother none of that is going to happen.” Her mother was stunned. “All my life you have told me what to do and when to do it. Picking out Chip to be my husband, but no more. I have been sexed by this man’s black cock for well over a year now, I have tons of videos.” Bunny bluffed, not about the sex but about the videos. “If you do anything I will post them all on line, heck I will make a pay per view web site if you cut me off in order to support myself.”

Her mother was stunned. Then Bunny went for the killer blow, “And I know enough of the family secrets that if something should come of this I will call the daily papers and give them the insiders scoop on, I don’t know, maybe the insider trading at daddy’s company from a few years ago.”

Diane was speechless; she did not know her daughter had paid any attention to the family’s business. In one way she liked the fact that her daughter had a spine.

“As a matter of fact mother I will give you a choice now. You can leave and I will start my website, or you will come here and guarantee my silence by joining me in pulling on this massive, evil, black cock.

Bunny’s mother stood there shocked. The gardener took in the sight of her. Bunny had gentle curves and small but nice tits. Bunny’s mother had wide hips, and full breasts that filled out whatever overpriced designer clothing she wore.

Bunny waved the huge cock in her young hand. The mother focused on it. The temptation, the pressure, keeping her daughter quiet, she could always say she was forced. Diane took several steps forward. Then in her Paris original outfit, costing more than most people’s cars she got to her knees. Her hand with the big wedding ring from her, in comparison, small cocked husband. Slowly she reached over. She thought of their family lines going all the way back to the Mayflower, as her hand encircled this servant’s cock. She could see how massive it was with huge veins. It was like a nightmare. And it would continue as her and her daughter, along with her husband and Chip were dragged deeper and deeper into slavery at the hand of the gardener.


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The first time I met him was at a staff party; everyone was pretty shocked when he turned up, he was a billionaire media mogul after all, and we were just a small newspaper he'd obtained when he bought a bigger outfit in Chicago that owned us.

But there he was, in the flesh, right in our grimy little office.

He spent most of the evening talking to my wife.

Now Joyce was never a woman who stopped traffic, she wasn't in the same league as the models he was normally associated with, or the supermodel he'd recently married. My wife was [and still is] a beautiful woman, but it's her personality and intelligence that sets her apart.

"What were you talking to him about last night?" I asked her the following evening, the first time we had time to talk.

"Lots of things. He's such a nice man, Rick; and so interesting."

"Did he say anything about the future of the paper?"

"Not really. He asked me a lot of questions though."

"What kind of questions?"

"About the staff mainly, but he was really nice."

"You said that."

"I told him about your ideas to help the circulation. I think he liked them."

We were still talking about him when there was a knock on the apartment door. I opened it to find Him standing there; Him, our new owner, my boss, the billionaire entrepreneur, alone at my very humble door!

He offered me his hand; "Rick isn't it?" he asked.

"I... yes." I said, stunned.

He shook my hand and entered. I wondered how he'd gotten through the downstairs door without getting buzzed in; I never did find out.

The big man looked around our small place, until his eyes settled on Joyce, who seemed fairly flustered.

"I wanted to talk to you in private." He said, "Mind if I sit down?"

"Of course not, please..." I stammered, still not believing He was here. "Can I get you anything? Wine, juice?"

"A glass of wine would be nice." He said, seating himself on our sofa. "Sit with me, dear." He said to my wife, patting the cushion next to himself, "I enjoyed our conversation last night."

I poured us each a glass of wine, feeling confused and threatened, yet helpless.

"I came by the newspaper last night to announce my intention to shut it down." The big man said, putting his arm around Joyce's shoulders; she just looked straight ahead into empty space, her eyes big and round, like an animal on a lonely country road shocked by the headlights of an unexpected truck.

"I'm sure you know that the losses it runs are significant." He continued, "But then I started talking to Joyce here, about all the people involved. You all seem so nice; well, what's the point of all my power and wealth if I can't give a second chance every now and then."

I struggled to come up with some words; I'm a writer, not a speaker. "But sir, I'm just a junior editor. Why have you come to me?"

His powerful hand clamped my wife's bare shoulder; she was wearing a simple strapped smock. Joyce just stared at me in shock, as if seeking some direction from me; but I had none to give her.

"Because of your wife, Rick. I'm very impressed with her; a PhD in mathematics is really an achievement. Now she's told me of your energy and ideas. I like the idea of throwing a new man into the ring, giving someone a chance to make a difference. Perhaps you can turn the paper around, perhaps you can preserve all those jobs and the families that depend on them. The position pays well, so Joyce could stay home and work on her theorems. Would you like that?"

My throat was dry; was this a joke? "Yes; yes sir I would."

"Excellent. I like to do something really good every now and then; I also like to do something bad on occasion. Sometimes, I do both simultaneously."

And with that, he shifted his hand to the back of Joyce's head, and twisted her face around towards him. He wrapped his other hand around her neck for good measure, and he kissed her, he kissed my lovely young wife on her mouth. Her eyes bulged in shock, but she let him kiss her, making absolutely no effort to stop him. How could she, after what he'd just said?

I stared in helpless shock; what should I do? A hundred jobs, our local paper, my future, or my wife? He was a hundred times the man I was, and we all knew it. A million dollars was pocket change to him, the business I worked for was just a nuisance.

"Now here's how this would work." he said, breaking the kiss, and running his hand behind Joyce's back. "You'll do an article about me, you'll accompany me around for a few weeks. It will be mainly complimentary, with just enough criticism to make it seem balanced."

He brought his hands to my wife's thin pale shoulders and pulled the straps of her smock down before I realized he had just unzipped her dress; her small firm breasts stood proud, the pink nipples erect in the cold air of the room. Her face was blank with confusion, and I guess mine was probably pretty much the same.

"Your publishing director is retiring in a month anyway. I'll promote you to the post, everyone will say it was because of the article, no one will ever guess the truth."

"And what is the truth?" I asked.

He turned to me for a moment and smiled, before tugging her dress right out from under my astonished wife and threading it over her long thin legs.

"I think you know the answer to that, Rick. Let's not discuss the specifics, all right?"

I looked at Joyce, and she looked back at me, her big innocent eyes begging for an answer to this conundrum; how could we agree? Yet how could we refuse?

In the next few seconds, his shoes and trousers were off, he pulled my wife's panties off, her milky pale legs were splayed out, and right before my bulging eyes, he was holding a large and stiff old penis against her groin.

"Relax my dear." He coaxed her persuasively, "Just relax and lean back."

"But I couldn't!" she objected feebly.

"Of course you can, my dear." He answered her, the full force of his considerable personality focused on her. I was simply ignored, as if I was no longer there.

My tongue was swollen and parched, my limbs had gone weak; what kind of a man were we dealing with? who could do such a thing and expect to get away with it?

He could.

Joyce is a delicate creature, with thin limbs and long slightly wavy orange hair. Her complexion was smooth as a baby's; at 24, she was still asked for ID when we went to clubs. Her slim fine youth was in stark contrast to his large grey middle-aged bulk. Her innocent beauty was the opposite of his corrupted desire.

He lifted her long legs in either arm, opening her and pushing her slightly back. She stared up at him silently, as helpless and stunned as I was.

I felt a weird numbness, like when I'd had a bad car accident once. I had not yet acknowledged what was happening, that an overwhelming force had suddenly crashed into our lives, and was now taking my wife right before my eyes.

On his knees on our carpet, the powerful man maneuvered his stiff rod to Joyce's spread pink snatch. She stared at him silently, her mouth hanging open, the tension of this weird moment painted across her face.

His penis rested on her for a moment, then he pushed his hips forward, and the tip entered her; before my eyes, my young wife was being defiled by the billionaire.

"This is wonderful!" the media mogul exclaimed as he worked his bottom tighter into the valley of Joyce's smooth spread thighs. She looked at me for a moment, her clear eyes impossible to read, then looked away.

"There's just no feeling like this in the world; total domination, complete power, to take a young wife while her helpless husband watches." He said, sliding his big stiff member right into her. I realized that there must be some lubrication coming from one of them.

"I have thirty-five thousand employees, I have dinners with world leaders, but this is true power. How old are you, Rick?"

"Thirty five."

"And have you ever watched your lovely wife with another man before?"


"Well that's good. It was once normal for a chieftain or a king to have his way with whichever woman he desired, but things have changed."

He was not obese, but he was fairly overweight. I knew he was past sixty, he'd had several wives, several children, and some grandchildren. His big ass moved up and down, driving his big cock into Joyce's body as he spoke.

"This is something primal, Rick." He continued, "I'm alpha male right now, I'm having your woman and you've chosen not to oppose me. As you watch, you will probably feel aroused; this is nothing to be ashamed of. Your instinct is to have her as soon as I'm through, so that your sperm will have an at least equal chance."

My wife was sprawled on the sofa below him, one leg trailing on the floor and the other thrown over his pudgy thighs; she stared into his eyes with a strange expression, as if unsure what she felt herself. As if she was ashamed of her own feelings, her unspoken consent to his desire and my utter humiliation.

"The thing you should know is that your wife is more than willing, Rick." He said as he thrust himself into her, "She was flirting with me for hours yesterday. You have to realize what I represent, I'm the ultimate successful male. She's flattered that I should choose her, that a man like me would compromise myself this way for her. Yes, I'm old and not in perfect physical condition, but I'm top dog."

He loomed above her, his hands on her slim hips; her knee fell to the horizontal, and I could see right between them, I could see her sweet pink snatch and the stiff old cock slipping easily in and out of it. She looked so sweet and young below him, so fine, like a child. It was too horrible to watch, too fascinating to look away from.

He stopped for a moment, and taking her head in his hands, kissed her tenderly for a minute before resuming.

"You're a lovely woman, Joyce, but what really gets me is your intelligence. The idea of mating with a really brainy woman is totally appealing to me. Tell me, do you love Rick?"

He stopped fucking her while he awaited her answer.

Joyce spoke for the first time since this madness had begun, several minutes and an eternity before; "Yes... yes I do."

"Excellent! And you Rick, do you love her as well?"

"Of course." I said, my voice sounding weirdly normal.

My employer started up again, banging my wife hard at the end of each stroke, so her body shuddered at each impact.

"You love her even at this moment, as you watch me defile her, as she succumbs to me?"


"Say it again, tell her. Go on, tell her!"

"I love you, Joyce." I said, as my eyes began to run and my voice choked.

Her hands gripped his wide shoulders, her skinny legs wrapped around his middle, and her breath came in short sharp gasps; her long orange hair fell over the edge of the sofa onto the floor, her green eyes stared at the face of the old billionaire she was coupled with; he fucked her hard, his big body dominating her totally.

My wife came, groaning with the intensity of the sensation; the conflict, the outrage, the pleasure, the passion. He groaned as well, and holding her tightly, ejaculated deep inside her.

"Fantastic." He said after a minute's quiet. He kissed my wife again and sat up, his cock pulling out of her. "There's nothing in the world that can top that, and believe me, if there was I'd know about it." He said.

Joyce lifted her leg over him and got to her feet. She looked at me with tears brimming in her eyes, and silently went into the bedroom.

"Ok, Rick, here's the deal." He said, making no move to dress himself.

"You, and your wife of course, will spend a few weeks traveling around with me and my entourage while you write your piece on the new owner of your paper. Is she on the pill?"

"She has an IUD."

"All right. That will have to come out as soon as possible. You can catch up with me in a few weeks."

"Wait a minute! You want to make my wife pregnant!"

"Of course, Rick. Why do you think I find her so attractive? I want fit children, smart children.

"As a wealthy man, I want to diversify my assets. As a father, I want the same thing. I don't have the time to raise and love all the children I'd like to have; so this is the deal. I place my child in your house. No one will know, you will bring him or her up as your own. That's it, that's all. I know, you know, Joyce knows, no one else. I keep your paper open, you're in charge, good salary, respect. Joyce doesn't have to get that job in the city to pay her student loan, she can stay home with her computer and our child, thinking deep thoughts, perhaps solving a theorem or two, while being a mother."


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I stared at him; even after what had just happened, this was way too far.

"Forget it! No way. I know you're a big guy, but we have our pride too! We'll get by somehow."

"Rick." Joyce spoke from the bedroom door. "We should do it."

"What? Are you crazy?"

"I want to do it, it's a good arrangement."

She was now wearing a short robe; her hair was disheveled, her feet were bare, but her green eyes were clear.

Janet was a stunning woman, and the big man's PA. She was about 5'9", six feet in her heels. Her complexion was perfect and pale, her eyes clear and blue, her hair very blond. Joyce seemed almost dull next to Janet; although the PA was dressed for business in a dark skirt and white blouse, she reeked of an efficient glamour. She took my wife away to a gynecologist for a complete checkup and to have her birth control removed.

We heard nothing from the man himself, but after another couple of weeks, Janet turned up again, and took us and our luggage in a limo to the airport. We boarded a private jet, and were flown to New York. Another Limo took us to the Waldorf Astoria hotel, where we were booked into a suite.

That night, the mating of my wife and the affluent man who had bought us began for real.

Janet came by our suite first. She brought some things for Joyce to wear; black pumps and stockings, a pair of diamond ear studs, a bottle of perfume. She helped my wife get ready, fixing her hair and telling her what a wonderful man our employer was. I wondered why he didn't breed with Janet instead; she seemed pretty suitable. But then of course for all I knew, he had.

He let himself into our suite with his own key. He shook hands with me first.

"Good to see you again Rick, how are you?" he said affably. "Janet. Ah, Joyce; I've been thinking of little else for these last few weeks, how are you feeling?"

He took both her hands and looked down at her in apparent concern.

"I'm fine, thanks." She said. She was wearing a short silk robe over her nakedness, but the sexy nylons and shoes were very much in evidence.

"Excellent." He said, "Let's go into the bedroom. You too, Rick. I want you to be there."

"Why?" I asked despairingly; the reality was bad enough without having to actually witness it.

"Because it's more fun that way." He said with a laugh, leading my wife through the door.

"Sit there and watch." He instructed, waving at a chair opposite the bed. I sat down as he gently removed the robe from Joyce's shoulders, as they tentatively kissed each other.

She was small in his arms; tiny and young, vulnerable. We were just ordinary people, we stood no chance against his charisma, his confidence, his awesome wealth. He'd pressed us into a corner; we could save the paper, the jobs of all our friends, we could jump into the life we wanted. All we had to do was let him impregnate Joyce. Just pretend that his child is mine; the child would be mine actually, I would be the psychological father. All He wanted was the biological part. And the sex of course.

Joyce was on the bed now, and he was lowering his head between her thighs. He pushed her knees farther apart, spreading her so wide that I could see his tongue stroke her gleaming pink vaginal lips.

Joyce shuddered, clutching at his head, squirming at his attentions; he didn't have to pleasure her. He could have just done the deed and gotten back to his very busy schedule, but he clearly intended to take his time.

"I adore the taste of woman, don't you?" he said to me.

"I like the taste of my woman." I answered.

"The way Joyce wraps her thigh around my neck is sweet too." He said, reaching behind himself to stroke her foot as he licked her some more.

"There's just one problem." He said, looking up from his task again; "The smell on your mouth can be offensive to some women. My wife won't kiss me after I've been in her box. Take over for me, Rick, while I rinse my mouth."

"Take over?"

"Come on, man! She's your wife after all, keep her warm for a minute."

He gestured at her orange framed hole, the entrance of her womb, soon to be filled with his seed.

Her pale thighs were spread wide in invitation; against my better judgment, I stepped to the bed and lowered my head to my wife's waiting clit. I didn't have the gumption to disobey him, even here in the privacy of the suite.

She moaned, clamping my head between her legs. I pushed my tongue into her, tasting her sweetness while I still could.

After a minute, I wondered what had become of the other man; I looked up to see that he was back already. He was kissing Joyce on her mouth as I did her lower parts. There seemed to be something wrong with that, so I pulled away, back to my chair.

He rolled into the gap I'd left, filling the vacuum between her thighs with his bulk; I saw her reach down to guide him into herself.

"Ah, that feels good." He said to her with a smile, "How is it for you, my dear?"

"Wonderful." She said, "It's really nice."

"And you Rick, are you alright over there?" he asked considerately, "Why don't you pull it out and please yourself while you watch?"

It did feel good to have my cock in my hand, to stroke myself while they did it together. It was a humiliation of course, but it hardly mattered; there was no lower to go, so I figured I might as well take my small pleasure.

He wasn't very talkative this time, which was a relief really. He just held my lovely wife tenderly as he screwed her energetically, his big barrel of a body moving above her, pushing his big stiff cock in and out of her, readying her to receive his sperm.

Joyce began to come; he pumped her harder. She began to whimper, clutching him tightly; he stiffened, she cried out, he held her tight and grunted in satisfaction as he filled her waiting tubes with his premium sperm.

I held my stiff dick as they finished; he turned and looked at me. "Joyce darling, would you like to take Rick in your mouth? He's looking a bit left out."

She looked at me sadly, her big clear eyes regarding my lonely dick. She nodded her assent. I went to the bed, and she sucked me off as he watched.

It was a busy few weeks for me, I had to follow him around all the time, staying out of the way and making notes for my article. Every night, he made love with my wife, and I had to watch.

The second week though, he asked Janet to come into the room.

"Yes sir?" she asked.

"Janet, would you please give Rick a blow job? Watching his wife and I has been getting him a touch frustrated."

"Of course." She said, as though it was just another task. I guess it was.

"Janet loves cock." He explained. "You don't mind, do you Joyce?"

"No, it's a good idea." She said. "Then I won't have to feel sorry for Rick anymore."

The stunning Janet dropped to her knees in front of me, and took my cock into her mouth; it was incredibly friendly, so warm and wet. She sucked me gently, stroking my balls as I watched the couple on the bed.

She was very beautiful, in a very different way to Joyce; she used cosmetics skillfully, her lips were ruby red, her lashes teased out, eye shadow accentuated her face, her thick blond hair was done twice a week, never a split end on Janet.

I came in her throat, and she milked every drop from me before she was through, pulling at my cock and balls for more.

After that, she would sit with me each evening, and we'd make out as we watched. Janet loved two things, kissing and giving head. She liked me to strip down, but she never took her own clothes off. She'd feel me up, playing with my cock as we shared some tongue; then always sucking me off, swallowing it all down.

She was an extremely proficient woman.

At last, our strange time with the superrich was over; we returned to our town, our life, our friends.

And Joyce was pregnant.

We didn't see him for about five years. Administration people would come from headquarters to check up on the paper, he didn't waste his time with such trivia.

Joyce and I never discussed those weeks, the dark secret of our success as well as the conception of our first child. We just got on with our lives, and I loved our first baby as much as our second, which came along a couple of years later.

Then one evening there was a knock on the door; it was him.

He shook my hand and kissed my wife; with some passion, too.

How are you, Joyce?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"Very well, thank you." She said, her eyes shinning up at him.

He strode into our house and our lives; he was too big, too powerful for us to change his set course, and we all knew it.

"So, I see a lovely house now, a happy family... two children, mother, father. Very nice. How are you two getting along? Has your relationship held up well?"

"I'd say so." I said, following after him as he looked through our ground floor.

"Me too." Joyce said. "I love being a housewife and taking care of my children. I have enough free time to do some nice math as well. I've had a couple of papers published, one of them has picked up a lot of citations."

He sat in our living room and we talked for some hours, he smiled at the baby photos and

played with the child he'd fathered. It was strange to see him this way; he wasn't an omnipotent financier, he was just an old man, a father who had never known his own child.

As little Amy fell asleep in his arms, he got to business.

"Rick, I know you've been trying hard, but your paper still lost three million dollars last year."

We discussed the details for a while; they aren't important to this story.

"I can't justify keeping you afloat much longer." He said, "It's a bit hard to explain to the board."

"So you're going to shut us down?" I asked, deflated. "Just when I've got sales on the rise?"

"Well, I could give you another five years to get it into the black. If..."


He looked at me piercingly, then shifted his gaze to Joyce.

"Amy is a wonderful child." He said, "I've listed her on a scholarship trust fund I started a while back. If she gets accepted to one of the top ten universities, tuition is covered."

"That's good to know." I said.

"Another five years." He said again; "In return, I want another child with Joyce."

I looked at my wife; she just stared at me wide eyed. That same blank poker faced look I'd seen the first time he proposed his little deal, that look that meant nothing, but really meant everything.

"I'll just step into the other room and make a call while you two discuss it." He said, easing our sleeping child onto the sofa as he stood up.

"What should we do?" I asked.

"Have another baby." She answered. "We sort of wanted one anyway, so why not?"

"But I wanted it to be my baby."

"It will be your baby. Isn't Amy your baby? Don't you love her as much as Sam?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"So what's the problem then? You aren't uptight about the sex are you?"

"I was never really comfortable with that."

"Well you'd better get used to the idea then."

What else could we do? If I lost my job, we'd have to sell our house and move to the city. And of course, nearly everyone we knew was employed at the paper. It was more than a job, it was a community.

We had a responsibility to do what we could; all my wife had to do was let him fuck her a few times, and we

Could keep everything floating along.

He came back to the living room, and we told him our decision.

"Do you know when you'll be menstruating?" he asked her.

"In a week or so." She answered.

He stood, took Joyce's hand, and kissed it gallantly. "I'll be counting the hours." He said.


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She stepped closer to him; she reached up and put her arms around his neck, he put his hands on her narrow hips. They kissed, lips and tongues, bodies held close, their passion for each other nearly palpable. Their passion had an odd simplicity; it was sexual in the purest sense. They didn't want to live together or know more about each other, they just wanted to have sex to make a baby. They wanted to mate, each respecting the reproductive fitness of the other.

"You're welcome to stay." She told him.

He hesitated; "I should get back to town. I have a plane waiting."

"Let it wait." She suggested.

In response, he lifted her off of her feet, he kissed her again, deeper, harder. He lifted her teeshirt from her, he began to fumble with her bra.

"You have big breasts now." He observed.

"Suck them." She whispered, ignoring my presence in the room.

The old man held her, his big hands under her ass, her legs wrapped around his waist and she arched backwards as he lowered his face to her pale breast. He sucked one nipple, then the other; she laughed in glee, clamping herself to him.

"Where's your bedroom?" he asked.

"Upstairs." She told him.

He set her down, and they started up the stairs, holding hands. Joyce stopped for a moment, turning to look back at me; I was just standing there in our living room, waiting for feeling to return to my legs.

"Put Amy to bed and then come join us." she said with a grin, as if it was all about nothing.

By the time I got to the bedroom, my wife and her wealthy lover were undressed, legs entwined, kissing on our bed.

The years and two children had left their mark on Joyce's young body; she was now 29 years old, with a more generous rear and larger breasts about the size of small grapefruits. They hung slightly, but were full with enormous nipples. Her hair was as ever, that angelic orange. Her skin was still smooth and pale, and her belly was fairly flat, the stretch marks the proud trophies of her childbearing.

Her lover, on the other hand, was definitely looking the worse for wear; his age had caught up with him now. His hair was very thin, and white. His belly had grown significantly, and he had bags under his tired eyes that weren't there before.

I watched them for a minute, standing alone in the doorway. I could understand she wanted him as a sire for our baby; he was a self made billionaire, he'd been born in utter poverty. He was still essentially fit at sixty eight years old; what man could be better breeding material? But I didn't understand why she was so into having sex with him. He just wasn't very attractive physically.

He pushed her onto her back, then spread her knees so that her soft middle was open and vulnerable.

"Look at her, Rick; her long red hair, her smooth skin, her big breasts. She's a perfect mother, nurturing and loving. She does higher math just for fun, yet she likes to keep your house and care for our kids."

His big hand stroked over her naked body.

"Just now, she told me that she's never been with another man since she met you, except me of course. Do you love her as much as she deserves, Rick?"

I looked at her, shivering at his touch, waiting to mate with him, eager for his old dick to slide into her pale frame. She had his organ in her hand, she was pulling on it gently but emphatically.


"Does it hurt you to see me make love with her?"

"Of course."

He smiled; "But you've had her all to yourself for all these years. Surely you don't mind sharing her a couple of times with your benefactor."

He lifted his bulk over her, he kissed her, his knee pushing against her groin.

He rolled back again, and stroked her open crotch. "Do you give her head when you make love?" he asked.

"Sure." I said.

"Show me. Come on, man, pleasure your lovely wife. You owe her everything you have, don't you? So then. Put your face between her thighs."

Joyce looked at me expectantly; she looked so edible, so tender, so tasty.

He was right, of course. Although I was the boss at the paper now, the editor in chief, a respected man in our little town, it was all fake. My position was entirely due to Joyce and Him, my true job was cuckold, playing father to another man's child. That was what I was really paid to do.

I crawled onto the bed and did as he told me.

As I licked her, they kissed; after a while, they twisted around, and she sucked his cock as I licked her clit.

"Move aside, Rick." He said at last. "I'm going to have sex with your wife now. Sit back and watch, watch closely; see how much she likes it."

As he spoke, he took my place between her legs. He held his powerful old cock in his hand and pushed it into her wet waiting tunnel. Joyce arched her back and pushed back, her younger body sucking the big man's organ into herself with a happy sigh.

I just stepped back and watched in painful humility.

We'd been happy the last 5 years. We had fun together, we laughed at each others jokes, we had good sex. But somewhere underneath all that, this was always present; the knowledge of Him, the awareness that she would have sex with him anytime he wanted her to, that she would accept his sperm and carry his baby not only for the material gain it brought, but because she wanted to. Because she wanted him, his time, his approval, his attention, and his genetic material. She wanted his kiss, his cock, and my suffering was included in the deal. My humility was part of their foreplay, it turned them both on as much as the potential for procreation did.

He pushed her knee onto the mattress, so I could see where his cock was clamped by her wet vaginal lips, and he began to pump her that way, his bulk rising and falling over her small frame, his billionaire cock ruling her.

"One of the things that I find so special about Joyce is the way she sees me; not as an overweight old man, but as a powerful and attractive man. Am I right Joyce?"

"Of course! Powerful and sexy."

"You want to have my baby, again?"

"Oh yes!"

"Now that's sexy to me. Very Very Sexy!"

With each word he spoke, he drove his big cock home for emphasis, bouncing the mother of my child, and his, below him.

"Are you going to come, my lovely?" He asked her, "Will you come for your daddy?"

"Oh yes! I will if you just... if you just... Ahhh..."

I sat on the edge of the bed as she climaxed in his arms, pinned below his expensive expansive bulk.

He pulled out of her and held his cock to her lips. She opened wide and took him into her mouth, sucking happily at his pleasure. His cock was perfectly rigid, the shaft quivering in her mouth, on the delicious edge of climax.

"Ah, that's good." He said, kneeling over her face, "Do you ever have anal sex, Rick?"


"You should try it, it's great. What about you, Joyce? Anal sex?"

She stopped sucking for a moment. "I haven't done that for years, since before Rick and I were together." She said. It was the first I'd heard of it.

"Honey, there's some Vaseline in the medicine cabinet." She added.

I got the jelly and came back into the bedroom, where Joyce was still working the rich man's cock with her mouth, stroking his big loose balls with her hand.

"Don't just stand there, man! Grease yourself up." He insisted.

Joyce lifted herself onto her hands and knees, her knees splayed out, her rear end open in invitation.

Well, I was pretty horny; watching her with him always did that to me, despite the pain and jealousy that was always there as well. And Janet wasn't there this time to administer her efficient blowjob. And I'd always wanted to try it...

Her ass was tight as a fist around my dick as I pushed it into her. She kept sucking his cock while I reamed her, I fingered her clit at the same time, and she started to come again.

He held her head in his hands, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. I avoided looking at him, I closed my eyes and reached forward and around to fondle Joyce's generous breast. She was shaking and moaning, clenching my cock in spasms of her ass; I came.

Soon afterwards, the tycoon squirted into her mouth. My wife rolled over onto the mattress, exhausted.

"Get packed Rick." He said, stepping off the bed, "You'll have to spend the next week with me."


"So I can be sure that you don't make Joyce pregnant, but I do. She has to take care of the kids, otherwise she could just spend a few weeks with me like last time. Quick now, my plane is waiting for us."

We flew to New York, and then to London, then by helicopter to his estate. We had a lot of time to talk; it was a privilege to have that much of his time nearly to myself [he was on the phone a lot, and there was a flunky or two around].

"Janet doesn't work for you anymore?" I asked him.

"Janet? No. he's gone back to being Gene now. Has a wife and a child on the way."


"Just an experimental phase he told me. Too bad, he made a great girl; multitalented one could say."

"Do you know what a cuckoo is, Rick?"

"A stupid person. A type of Swiss clock."

"A cuckoo is a large black tropical bird. It lays its egg in the nest of a crow, among the crow's eggs. The cuckoo hatches first, eats more, and grows faster than the crow chicks. The parent crows feed it diligently, unaware that they've been fooled. Or, if you prefer, cuckolded. Of course, what I'm doing with you is slightly different, you know you're nurturing my offspring."

"I love her like my own."

"I know that Rick, and I appreciate it."

His wife was a few years older than mine, a few years younger than myself. She seemed surprised that he was home at all.

She was a remarkable woman; I'd never been in the presence of someone so gorgeous. It was very difficult to not simply stare at her continuously.

She was tall, at least 5'10". She was thin, yet shapely; she had long auburn hair and longer legs.

Her face was stunning from every angle; every expression was a new delight, a new vision of beauty. Yet she seemed sad; her life wasn't a very happy one.

We had dinner together, but my boss was gone before breakfast the next morning.

"Make yourself at home, I'll be back for you in a few days. We'll travel back to the states together." He'd said.

I guess I made myself more at home than he might have intended; I slept with his wife.

She was hungry for company, and I had little to do. She told me all the anguish of her life, and we became intimate.

It somehow doesn't have much to do with my story, except to add a small touch of poetic justice. She was into appearances, and I was still a good looking guy; powerless, [relatively] young, and handsome. The opposite of her husband. I fantasized of making her pregnant, and did my level best; blasting my sperm repeatedly up her middle, as she clamped me between her long shapely legs. It's a rare privilege to make love with a [former] supermodel, but it was a bit spoiled by fact was that I love my wife.

He phoned me from New York;

"I'm going to leave you with my wife while I'm with yours." he announced. "I like you Rick, and I don't mind. Hell, I'd have divorced her years ago except it would cost me too much. She isn't too bright you know, but she did get one over on me; she's not fertile."

He laughed, as if that was something really very funny.

The tall beautiful woman seemed to loose her allure; we slept together anyway. We chatted, kissed, made love, and enjoyed our artificial relationship, passing our lonely hours together.

Her husband sent his jet to take me home, after he was sure my wife was pregnant with his child. I never saw either of them again.

After his suicide, it was revealed that the whole empire was built on massive debt.

He had plundered the pension funds; my newspaper was closed immediately, and we had little to fall back on.

We had to move to the city. I keep the house now, and take care of the three children. Joyce, with her PhD and published math papers, got a high paying position with an international bank.

The only resources that seem to be entirely intact, and cunningly protected from all creditors, was a massive scholarship fund. The beneficiaries are 97 children of varying ages; as well as 26 older kids that have already been paid through school. It wasn't hard for me to discover that all of these children have a parent who had been promoted to a top position by the big man personally, mostly in loss making divisions that just kept making losses until the whole corporation went under.

They say he was a loser, he was never the success everyone had thought he was.

But I say they're wrong. Altogether, I believe he fathered no less than 134 children with 75 different women. Isn't that the true meaning of Success?


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Wife Watcher Back in the 70's my wife who was 22yrs, slim with firm small breasts and long black hair and gorgeous sexy legs, wanted to go and see her favourite rock star at a local concert hall.

Outside the place was swarming with people. Fans, ticket touts, just about everybody, a jumble of people pushing and shoving. We eventually found our way to the back of the queue that was right outside the stage door. We where waiting patiently in line when the stage door opened and out came a 'roadie' or 'stage hand' anyway he was quite scruffy, hair unkempt and a beer belly hanging over his belt.

"Hey! Have you got your tickets there my lovely?" He inquired of my wife, Pat. "Er, yes." then to me "We have, haven't we Darling."

"Yes there right here." I replied.

"Let's have a look then." said our gruesome friend, taking the tickets he rubbed his chin. "just as I thought, forgeries, there's a lot of them about. This tour's been plagued with 'em." "Oh no!" cried Pat "Won't they let us in?" "Not with these." he said as he handed them back.

"But I suppose that you can get us in?" I said rather sarcastically, which was entirely wasted on this oaf. I knew that the tickets where not forged as I had purchased them myself from the box office 2 weeks before as a surprise for Pat but I played along with the gag just to see how much money he was going to try and take us for.

"Well, yes I could get you in." he replied.

"How much?" I asked. I was completely taken aback by his reply.

"Nothing." he said.

"No. I couldn't take money of a lovely lady, er couple of nice people like you." Had I misjudged this person, was he after all going turn out to be a nice human being, despite the fact that he didn't much look like a human being. But no, I had been right. He was a complete sleaze ball.

"No, I couldn't take money but if the little lady would be nice to me...."

"Now just a minute!" I cut in. I was just about to tell him what I thought of him when Pat chirped up all excited with.

"Then we could get in."

"Sure could little lady." said the oaf, grinning from ear to ear.

"Now hold on a minute..." but I was cut off by Pat's excited voice.

"But Darling, we could get in and you know how much I have wanted to see this show."

I was absolutely gob smacked. My own sweet little angelic wife, the woman who would not allow swearing in the house was actually contemplating having sex with a complete stranger and a rather disgusting one at that. I was that annoyed at her that instead of telling her that the tickets where OK and that the guy was just fooling her so that he could fuck her, I just let her get on with it. Also curiosity got the better of me and I wondered just how far this little bitch would go.

"OK then, if you insist." I said in my best 'giving in gracefully' tone of voice.

"Great, come in this way." said the oaf and held the door open for us. As he led us down passageways and stairs. I was completely baffled as to where in the theatre we where but realised that it was somewhere in the basement. At last we came to a room, he opened the door and ushered Pat inside and said to me.

"Wait here!"

"Are you OK Pat?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll be alright."

The door closed and I stood there for what seemed ages but on looking at my watch saw that it had only been 5 minutes. But strange feelings where churning up inside of me. I was pleased that I was teaching Pat a lesson. I was annoyed that she was having sex with another man (even if he was Neanderthal.) and the strangest part was that I was getting turned on. I had the most solid 'hard on' I had ever experienced. It felt like it was going to burst, as did my face. I felt as though my face was burning. The whole thing was crazy, I was burning up with a mixture of anger, passion, exhilaration and jealousy all rolled into one. I was just about to burst into the room when another guy came up from behind me and entered the room. As he did, I could see Pat lying on her back on a table. She was completely naked, her legs where wrapped around the 'roadie' as he, fully dressed, rammed his cock in and out of her. It was only a brief glimpse as the door shut behind the guy but it stopped me in my tracks. I just couldn't understand what was happening to me. I had just witnessed my lovely wife being defiled by a loathsome stranger and the only thing that I could think of was how annoyed I was that I couldn't watch.

After a few minutes the 'roadie' came out and as he did I could see that the new guy was in his place and was fucking my lovely little Pat. The 'roadie' just walked past me, completely ignoring me. I grabbed the door before it shut and quietly went in. The guy fucking Pat looked up at me then carried on with what he was doing. I noticed a chair behind the door and sat down and watched. Watched as my wife was being shagged by a second man.

From her moans of pleasure I could see that she was in no distress and I do not remember doing it but I found myself with my cock in my hand, slowly wanking in time with Pats fucking.

The door opened and in walked 3 more guys, one in a tuxedo, they gathered around Pat and played with her tits and sucked them and the guy in the tux' shoved his cock into her mouth. They then started taking turns fucking her. Not coming, just fuck for a few minutes then change around so that everyone had a turn of her cunt and her mouth and sucking her tits.

Pat was enjoying herself enormously as cock after cock entered her cunt and her mouth. Her own excitement became more and more obvious, the noises that she made became loader and loader until as her climax came a scream of pure pleasure was escaping from her lips but was muffled (or should I say gurgled) as her mouth was filled with spunk. Tux' had fucked her mouth and emptied all his spunk down her throat. Then one after another the other guys came into her cunt. The first one came and was shoved out of the way by the next who, as his cock went into Pat's cunt made load slurping noises on the first guys sponk. Then the third one fucked her slowly. The others grew bored and left "Thanks for the use of your missus!" one of them shout to me. As the door closed the guy who was still fucking Pat called me over.

"Do you want to have a fuck of this lovely little cunt?" he asked.

"She's my wife!" I said.

"Was your wife." He answered quietly. "Was your wife, she's now our groupie. Our little 'fuckbag' that we can shag when ever we want to use her."

Did he know what he was saying? Did he know that his words where turning me on even more than I was already.

"Do you want to shag this horny little cunt?" he asked again.

"Oh yes! Yes!" I blurted out.

"Then get down on your knees and beg me to let you." As I hesitated for a moment he shouted out "Kneel." I did, I knelt down by his feet with my head almost touching Pat's arse. Can you just picture the scene, my wife lying on the table with her legs up over this strange man’s shoulders and me kneeling with my face practically opposite his cock going in and out of the cunt that I had always thought of as 'all mine'.

Suddenly he grabbed me by the hair and as he swung around his big dick, dripping with all the other men's spunk, hit me in the face. He wiped his cock deliberately over my face and then shoved into my mouth, not just in my mouth but right down my throat. It only took him a couple of thrusts and he came in my mouth and made me swallow it down.

He then shoved my face into my wife's spunked up pussy and turned around and left us alone. I pulled all my clothes off and gave Pat the best fucking that I had ever known.

We eventually cleaned ourselves up and took our seats, we had only missed about 15 minutes of the show. As we where leaving, the guy in the tux' handed me a card. It was an invitation to a party at the groups hotel. We had a wonderful time, Pat was fucked by all the same guys as before plus what really blew her mind was that this world famous group fucked her as well.

For myself, I got to fuck the wife of the lead singer of the group and also the back up singer who is now a household name.

That was the start of our swinging and we are still at it today. Pat is still as lovely as ever(and just as horny.)


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"Just What the Doctor Ordered

My wife works for a group of doctors and makes good money. They pay her a six figure salary to rule with an iron hand and keep their practice in order and she does. I on the other hand work for her father's janitorial business making $7.00 an hour. Her father took pity on me when I couldn't find work anywhere and hired me. I hate the work, it's so demeaning cleaning other peoples houses and offices. The hours are long and the pay sucks. Since my wife is the major breadwinner, I'm also made to do all the work around our house.

One of the doctors is a guy named Frank. He's a good looking Italian guy very powerfully built. He and his wife just got divorced and she moved back west. All the while they were going through the divorce, my wife was 'there' for him. Going out to dinner and spending weekend afternnons talking on the phone about the divorce. Now the divorce is final, they still spend a large amount of time together. About a month ago, we were at her father's house and he mentioned that he had just landed a big contract out of town and needed some workers to go set up for 14 days.

"Harold will go Daddy." Stephanie said, beaming at the table. I sat there like I had no say in it, which I didn't.

The next morning, me and four other guys were crowded into the back of a van and on our way. We would sleep in a two bit motel and work 12 hours a day. The first night I returned to my room that I shared with the other four and called Stephanie. The phone rang and rang and finally Stephanie picked up.

"Hello. Oh hi Harold. Oh, yes, Frank and I worked late and then went out to get a bite to eat." We spoke for another few minutes and right before I was about to hang up, I heard a man's voice and ice clinking in a glass. "Who's that?" I said, the other four guys in the room all quiet now staring at me. "It's Frank, silly. He followed me home for a drink and to finish up some buisness. Oh well, gotta run. Bye dear." Click.

My heart was in my throat as I placed the phone in the receiver and went to bed. I lay there awake thinking of what Stephanie and Frank were doing. Although I had no proof she would ever be unfaithful, I have to admit we'd talked about it in great length one night. You see, my cock is rather small (2 inches soft, 4 inches rock hard) and I cum rather quickly. One night after inserting my cock into Stephanie, I immediately shot my load and she pushed me off her and told me to get her off with my tongue. It was the first time I would lick a man's cum from wife wife and the last time it would ever be mine. After that night she made no bones about the fact that she wanted a bigger cock and I couldn't please her. Our sex life evolved into me either fingering her or eating her out. My orgasms were inconsequential to her. She could care less how or when I came as long as I made her cum.

The next morning I called Stephanie at work. She told me she was very busy and didn't have time to talk. I asked her how long Frank had stayed the previous night. "I have to go we'll talk later," was all she said and hung up. The next seven nights were torture. I called every night and the phone rang and rang and rang. Since I was staying with four other guys, I couldn't call in the middle of the night and they already had a hint of what was going on. I tried her at work every day and received the same response, that she was busy and couldn't talk.

On the tenth night, we got off work early and all the guys I was staying with were going out to a strip club. I declined and stayed in the room to try and reach Stephanie again. I was shocked when she picked up the phone on the first ring. "Hello."

"Hi Steph."

"Oh, it's you. I thought it was Frank." She said, with disappointment in her voice. "How are you? I've missed you and missed not talking to you."

"Harold, we need to talk. I have been having a great time while you've been gone. Now I don't want you to be jealous. But, Frank and I have been seeing each other every night. It started out with just drinks and dinner, but he's alone and I'm alone and we've been spending quite a bit of time together. Oh Harold, he is such a great guy. I'm now realizing what a bitch his first wife was. He deserves so much more."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I hadn't talked to my wife in days, and all she could talk about was her boss. "But honey, I've missed you so." She laughed. And I've missed you to Harold. I've missed your tongue!! I shrank with embarassment. "Stepanie, I'm not happy about all the time you're spending with Frank." I was trying to sound stern. "Harold, I don't give a damn what you like and don't like. You need to understand something. I am the breadwinner in this family, I am the one who is responsible for you having a job at all! If it wasn't for me you'd be out on the street. And besides that, you can't even satisfy me. So tell me Harold, where do you get off telling me what you are happy about?

"I-I-I-..." The words wouldn't come out and I don't know what I'd have said if they did.

"Now you listen to me Harold. There will be some changes when you get home. First off I'm going to be spending more time with Frank. Secondly if you don't like that you can get out. Of course it means you won't have a job or a place to stay. Third, I've found a real man that satisfies me. Due to our business relationship, we can't make our relationship known right now, so you'll accept it and get used to Frank and I being at our house or his house quite often." "Are you telling me you want a divorce?" I asked increduously.

"A divorce? Don't be silly Harold. I won't divorce you, so long as you do as your told and are a good little boy."

I couldn't believe my ears. "Stephanie, I'm not exactly sure what you're telling me."

"Okay dumb dumb let me spell it out. I will see Frank whenever I want. He will fuck me raw. We will go out together to movies, concerts, dinner, and you my little pet, will stay home and do the cooking, cleaning, and any 'other' services we may need performed. You see Harold, life's too short to put up with not being happy and Frank makes me happy. I've taken the liberty of moving your stuff from the bedroom to the spare room. That's where you'll stay when Frank is here. I may let you sleep with me from time to time if you're extremely good and only if I decide." I heard a doorbell in the background. "Hang on Harold." I heard her giggling and laughing and then she came back on the line. I also heard another extension pick up.

"Harold, Frank just got here, we have plans for tonight and he's on the other line."

"H-h-hello," I stammered.

"Harold, you have a great little women here. We've been having some fun while you've been gone, hope you don't mind?"

"Oh he doesn't mind," Stephanie chimed in. "I was just explaining to Harold how things are going to be when he returns home."

Frank said, "Harold, look I know this is probably a little hard for you to accept right now. You being away from home and all. But you had to know this was coming. I mean Steph is a beautiful woman with a powerful job who makes great money, and you're a janitor who works for her father making seven bucks an hour and can't even satisfy her sexually. Now you had to know sooner or later this was going to catch up with you. This just means that you've come to realize your true standing in life. I admire that in a person. Someone who knows their rightful place and is willing to accept it."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but somewhere deep down inside what he was saying was making sense and hitting me right where I lived.

He went on. "Now that we all realize our respective roles things hopefully will run smoothly. I'm not out to steal your wife and marry her, at least night yet. And, we both enjoy each other very much in a variety of ways. Now that doesn't mean that you can't serve a purpose in that relationhip. As a matter of fact, you'll be a big part of it. As a cuckold husband, you'll come to understand that a superior man is taking care of your wife, while you are serving both of us and making everyone happy. Oh there may be some embarassing and unpleasant things from time to time in the form of punishment, but neither Steph nor I are cruel people and we're not out to hurt you, merely to make you the true submissive cuckold you are."

I didn't know what to say so I just sat there. "Are you still there Harold?" Frank asked.

"Y-y-y-es I am."

"Well we're going out to dinner now. I want you to realize this is not a bad thing that's happening. It's a very good and normal thing for a man like you. I'm going to hang up now, but Steph wants to talk to you." The receiver on his end hung up.

"Harold, I'm so glad Frank was here to talk to you. Frank! stop that! Oh honey he's kissing my neck and you know how that drives me wild. Well we're going to dinner and then coming back here. Honey you don't have to call me for the rest of the time your away, as a matter of fact it might be better that way. It'll get you used to things. Well we'll see you in a few days. Oh honey Frank is just what the doctor ordered!!"



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"Prescription Cuckold

My wife Stephanie and her boss Franks affair was now out in the open. Frank is a doctor and my wife runs the office for him. I work for her father in his janitorial service. As I wrote in a previous story, I was out of town while Frank and Stephanie made their affair known to me. They let me know I was to be their cuckold upon returning. I was heartbroken but agreed. Here is how things have progressed.

I came back to town to find all my belongings in the spare bedroom and Frank's moved into what used to be known as 'our' bedroom. The night I returned I found a note tacked to the back door. "Cucky, we've gone to dinner and dancing. There is a load of laundry that needs to be done by the time we get home, also the house is a bit messy. Please clean it and make sure it's spotless by the time we get home. Frank brought you a present, it's on your bed. Make sure you're wearing it when we get home. Steph."

Making my way into the house, I discovered it was a mess! It would take me hours to clean it and I was exhausted. I put the laundry in and started cleaning. I almost forgot about the 'present' Steph mentioned in her note. I made my way to 'my room' and there on the bed was a tiny bag. I peeked inside and there were two items, a t-shirt that came to just below my balls and said, "CUCKOLD - PROPERTY OF FRANK & STEPHANIE" and a metal chastity device with instructions. I sighed and put both of them on, the chastity device fitting snugly even on my small penis. I then continued my cleaning routine. When I reached the bedroom, I was astonished at what I saw. It looked like there had a been an orgy in there. There were underwear and sexy lingerie scattered about the room, along with used condoms, tubes of KY-Jelly, and sex toys of every shape and size.

On the mirror, written in lipstick were the words, "clean up good cucky!" I cleaned until almost after midnight. The laundry was all done, folded and put away, the house was spotless and finally sat and turned the television on. There on the screen playing from an endless loop videotape was a five minute tape of a man and woman fucking. It didn't show their faces, but it was obvious to me it was Frank and Stephanie. I was amazed at the size of his cock, it was huge! I watched him pummel in and out of Stephanie and my cock grew instantly hard. I sat there mesmerized by the tape watching it play over and over. My cock strained for release against the chastity belt and I know in my mind I had an orgasm. I drifted off to sleep watching the tape.

"Well the little wimp seems to be adjusting nicely!" Frank's voice brought me back to reality. He and Steph stood looking down at me. I hadn't seen Step in a couple weeks and was amazed at how she had changed! Her hair was frosted blonde and all poofed out, she wore heavy makeup and a tight very low cut dress, high heels with a gold and diamond ankle bracelet and black stockings. In all our years of marriage she never got this decked out for me. I stared at her for a good minute. "What's the matter cucky never seen how a woman will dress for a real man?" She said, hugging Frank. "y-y-y-you look great Steph." Was all I could manage to say.

They both laughed. "Well look is all you're going to do. Now get your fat ass off the couch so we can sit down and get us a couple of drinks." Frank said, immediately taking charge. I bolted off the couch and made my way toward the kitchen and fixed them drinks. When I returned Frank and Stepanie were snuggled up on the couch, her shoes off and her feet on the coffee table. "You like the present Frank bought me with the overtime money you made while you were out of town?" She said, lifting her leg and showing me the ankle bracelet. "B-b-but I don't understand." She cut me off abruptly.

"Oh I called Daddy and told him he could have his bookeeper send me all your paychecks from now on. So Frank thought since you were away it would be fitting for you to get me a present so he picked out this nice ankle bracelet. He also got the T-shirt and the chastity belt with your money, so you see you've cuckolded yourself!" They both laughed. A small key dangled from the ankle bracelet. "You see this key cucky? Well it unlocks your 'little device' I say 'little', because we bought the smallest one they had and it still looks big! Anyway this key unlocks the device and the device needs to be unlocked for you to cum. And for you to cum you have to be extra special nice.

I was so hot at this point, I was dying to cum and would've walked across hot coals. "Steph, I'm so horny right now I would love to cum." I said pleading. "Well cucky, here's the way it's going to work. Since you're Frank's cuckold, he gets to decide when and how you cum. So you see, you have to make him happy and convince him you should be allowed to cum." They hugged and I hung my head. "F-f-f-f-frank, may I please cum?" I said, sheepishly. "Well cucky you haven't actually done anything to deserve cumming." Frank said firmly.

"I cleaned and did laundry." I said eagerly. They both chuckled. "Well it's going to take more than that. Cumming is something you're going to have to earn from now on and it's not going to come easily. Now I'll tell you what. You go get your sneakers on and run down to the corner store dressed just as you are and get me some condoms. Now when you get there ask the person behind the counter if they have extra large and make sure you tell them they're not for you." Silently I obeyed. My only hope was that since it was so late no one would be out and no one at the all night convenience store would recognize me. I darted out of the house wearing sneakers, the t-shirt just about covering my balls and the chastity device. I sprinted the block to the store and was relieved when I saw there was no one out.

I stood around the corner from the store and waited for the only customer to leave then made a mad dash for the door. I entered the door and the guy behind the counter eyed me suspicously. "Excuse me can I have a package of condoms?" The man reached behind him to the rack and then I remembered what Frank had said. "Do you have extra large?" He turned and looked at me. "They're not for me." I said, bowing my head. He placed the condoms on the counter. All I wanted to do was pay for them and get the hell out of there, when the phone rang. "Hello. Yes, why yes he is, why yes he did. Okay." The man behind the counter hung up. "The man on the phone said you've got five minutes to get home." I threw some bills down and raced home condoms in hand.

Upon entering the house Stephanie and Frank were naked in bed. I ran to the bedroom and handed the condoms to Frank. "Good boy." He said. "Now I suppose you think you deserve to cum?" I breathed heavily trying to catch my breath from running. "Y-y-y-yes." I said. "We need to get some things straight. First of all, when you address me, you will call me Sir, and when you address Step you will call her Ma'am. Now when you are in our presence, you will be on your knees unless I tell you otherwise is that clear?" I immediately dropped to my knees. "Yes Sir." I said. "Okay, well you're not quite ready to cum yet." At that he rolled over and proceeded to unroll the extra large condom onto his massive cock and stuck his cock into Stephanie.

They fucked and sucked for a good hour and a half as I knelt there quietly listening to her scream his name out and how good he was. Her ankle bracelet glistened in the light as her legs bounced up and down on the bed. She brought her to two orgasms, more than she had ever had with me. Finally I saw Franks ass cheeks clench and he drove his cock deeper into her with five slow thrusts and I knew he was cumming. They lay exhausted in each others arms, him on top of her. I knelt there silently not wanting to disturb them. Finally Frank rolled off her and lay on his back. Stephanie removed the key from her ankle bracelet and ordered me to her side of the bed. I complied and she unlocked the device and my tiny cock sprang to life. They both laughed.

Frank said, "Now come her cucky." I walked to his side of the bed and stood there. Frank stood up and the extra large condom hung off his massive cock with a load still in the tip. He unrolled it and handed to me. "Here," he said, "Fuck this and cum. It'll almost be like fucking your wife!" He walked toward the bathroom laughing and Stephanie rolled over and went to sleep. There I stood in what used to be my bedroom, ready to put my cock into a used condom of my wife's lover and cum!!!!


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Ravished Nurse

Archie, a big stalking black, had only one goal in life. To **** beautiful young white women. To defile their proud innocent and immaculate bodies with is filthy black nigger cock. He loved to see the fear on the face of a beautiful young white wife, as she looked upon the black cock that would 'ruin' her precious tender body. To hear them scream was music to his ears, especially the screams that were brought about as he thrust his big black cock, 12" in length and 4" in diameter, into their tight little pussies. Archie had one additional element that he looked for in a beautiful young white woman - he wanted only young married women. To heck with popping cherries, he wanted to screw a white boy's prized possession and soil their pretty little white wives.

Once his prize was captured, he had them handle the quivering black snake that would defile their beauty. He loved to see them weep and sob in fear. Never in their young lives had they seen such a monstrous cock, a black one at that. He had them jerk him off first, soiling their dainty white hands as his creamy load would start to ooze down onto their dainty fingers.

His escapades were many. The ***** hardly were ever reported. The young white wives were too ashamed to tell their husbands that a black cock had soiled their precious little gems. When a husband found out, he was too embarrassed to have others know of his precious wife being ****d and ruined by a nigger. He loved to think of the young white wife or husband and wife worrying whether or not the prim and proper young wife had gotten knocked up by her black rapist.

Archie was now looking for a new and fun conquest. One that would be challenging and exciting. Of course, the prize target would have to be a young beautiful wife, white of course. It excited him to know he was defiling some white boy's prize possession. To **** and knock up a beautiful white woman was the icing on the cake. He loved to humiliate and debase a young white wife, with his 12" black cock, as nothing got him hotter and harder than hearing the pleas and screams as he wormed his black snake into virgin territory. His hot seed was quite potent, for it always managed to find a white bitch's egg when he planted his seed.

On Saturday, Archie began his new part-time job in upkeeping the hospital grounds. He had no previous reason to go to any hospital before. But he sure was going to enjoy coming to this workplace. Never had he seen so many beautiful women in one location. For some reason, seeing a beautiful young woman in a nurses uniform made his cock twitch like crazy.

As work ended that first day, Archie went to the hospital cafeteria for employees. Archie couldn't believe he was among so many beautiful women, of course he was only interested in beautiful white women. He quickly stood in the line and ordered a cold drink, taking it to a far corner where he would have a good view of all the young beauties. He finished his cold drink and got up to leave, when he saw a gorgeous young nurse enter and go to the ordering line. His cock immediately began to rise at the sight of this beauty. He sized her up at being about 25 years old, about 5'5", and 120 lbs.

Instead of leaving, Archie got into line behind this lovely creature, with long white legs. Archie had his mouth watering just looking at this beautiful nurse with honey colored hair. He got a good smell of her sweet perfume as he stood behind. Then he glanced down at her dainty left hand. His cock began to rise when he observed her wedding rings, for now she would be his next prey. Then he purposely dropped a pencil so he could get an even closer look at her trim legs, encased in white nursing hose. He licked this lips wondering just how long it'd be before having those long beautiful white legs were wrapped around his neck and back.

After getting another cold drink, Archie followed his prey to the cashier's line. Glancing at her name pin, he observed Deidre Simmons, R.N. on it. Well, Mrs. Deidre Simmons, you'll soon be spreading those beautiful long white legs for my black baby maker! Archie thought to himself as he looked at his next victim.

Archie followed the beautiful nurse, who had purchased a couple of cold drinks and was headed out to the front entrance. Taking a seat in the main lobby, Archie watched his prey await for a ride. Five minutes later, a new corvette convertible pulled up. He watched the beauty get in and give a loving kiss to the white punk, who obviously was her husband. "Well punk, I'm soon going to get a piece of your lovely white sweetie pie. Don't worry, I'll give you something in return for the loan of your beautiful wife. Yeah, a little black bastard for you to take care of!" he chuckled to himself. As the car drove off, Archie wrote down the license plate number.

Once he got home, Archie quickly called his cousin who worked at the records department of the local police department. Quickly he learned that the corvette was registered jointly to Deidre Simmons and her husband. He jotted down the residence address as it was given to him. Then checking the city map, it was easy to find where that street was located. He circled the area on the map, for he'd have to begin by checking the lay out of the neighborhood. His cock began twitching as he mentally pictured the beautiful nurse, who would soon be screaming at the end of his long black snake.

After work the next day, Archie drove to the Simmons' beautiful suburban home and did a quick survey of the area and snapped a few photos of the general area. Then he saw the corvette approaching the home. The beautiful Deidre Simmons had taken off her nurse's cap to let her honey colored hair blow in the breeze. He drove slowly as he approached the home. As the garage door open, he observed a blue BMW sitting in the two car garage. Archie sighed, thinking it was going to be tough if the couple kept this schedule each day. How was he going to get to the lovely young wife when she was alone.

For the next week, Archie stayed after work to stalk his beautiful prey. But it was quite discouraging to see the beautiful nurse being picked up each day by her loving husband. Each night he would have to go home and jack off dreaming of her.

Then at the start of the next week, Archie waited to get his glimpse of the beautiful nurse but she didn't show up at her usual time. Then it hit him that many of the nurses had rotating shifts. He drove through the employee's parking lot and there was a blue BMW, that appeared to be the one he saw in the Simmons' garage.

Archie went out to a diner and ordered himself a steak. Lots of time to kill till the current work shift got over at the hospital. A half hour before the new shift started, Archie was parked at a location that would give him a view to see if in fact the beautiful Deidre Simmons came to this car. He did not want to go too near to the car and arouse anyone's suspicion.

At 11 p.m., the evening shift was over and many employees were headed to their cars. It seemed that the women traveled in a group or at least with another person to avoid being accosted. Fifteen minutes went by and no sign of anyone going to the BMW. The elevator opened and Archie immediately recognized the beautiful Deidre Simmons, who was accompanied by two other nurses. He whipped out his pulsing rod to stroke it as he eyed the beautiful nurse.

He could follow her home and try to get her to pull over. But that could easily get someone else's attention. Once she got home, she would be in the safety of her punk husband. No, getting her in the parking lot and during the drive was out of the question anyway. The only place, that Archie wanted to tag this honey, was right in the marital bed that she shared with her loving husband. Raping a white beauty on her marital bed was the most pleasurable fuck ever. He loved to have them beg and plead in fear when they saw the 12” black snake that would slither all the way up their precious little bodies. And the humiliation that was easily seen when he had ruined them and seeded their fertile wombs.

At work on the grounds, Archie nosed about and learned that all the nurses had a particular shift for a two week period and then automatically went to the next shift thereafter. Thus, he calculated that all he had to do was wait another week. Then the beautiful Deidre Simmons would be working the midnight shift that got off in the early morning. That meant the beauty would be all alone in her home during the day. Archie planned it for the next Wednesday, wanting to be certain that Mrs. Simmons was indeed on the night shift. He'd call in sick and say he was in bed, but he wouldn't tell them he'd be in the marital bed of the lovely Mrs. Deidre Simmons.

Sure enough, the work shift changed like clockwork. Deidre Simmons only rode with her husband when she worked the morning shift. Now Archie got his old pickup ready to transport him to the big event. He put on the phony magnetic sign giving the name and number of a legitimate yard maintenance firm. Then he put on the stolen license plates that he kept for such an occasion. People seeing the sign on the truck, would get an actual maintenance firm if they wanted their yards done. Some lawn equipment would be left visible in the back of the truck to give it a legitimate look. If anyone took down his license plate and furnished it to the police, if the innocent wife did report the ****, it would not be traced to him.

Early Wednesday, the hunt began for the beautiful white prey. Archie was parked near the Simmons' home when he observed the punk husband's corvette leave. Making sure the coast was clear, he got a rake and hedge clipper and casually strolled up the driveway to the back of the home. From this point, it was a snap to break in. Once in, he made a call to his boss at hospital advising that he was at home and would be in bed all day. He neglected to say that he was actually in the home of the lovely Mrs. Deidre Simmons. Nor that he'd be spending the entire day in bed, between the lovely wife's long white legs.

Archie toured the neat home, then made it up to the prized master bedroom. There he observed a large king-sized bed, the marital bed that he was about to breed the innocent white wife on. Then to feel he soft undergarments in the dresser. Going to the master bath, he observed the clothes hamper and retrieved a silky lime green pair of panties. He balled the tiny piece of cloth up and held the crotch portion to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent of pussy.

A half hour later, he heard the garage door open and then a car engine. He smiled knowing that the beautiful nurse had just gotten home. He had already undressed completely, hiding his clothes deep in the closet, where he remained hidden behind hubby's suits. A crack was left open so he could observe his unsuspecting prey.

He held his breath as the unsuspecting beauty entered the bedroom. She was in her uniform, minus the nurse's shoes that she removed upon entering the home. Clad in her white uniform and white stockings, the nurse's cap was first to be removed. Then Archie watched as the uniform was unzipped and dropped to the floor. He then began to stroke his pulsing black snake when Deidre sat on the bed, slowly removing her white pantyhose to expose her flawless milky white legs and dainty feet. Now in only bra and panties, the beauty stood up, gathering the clothing from the floor, and went into the master bath.
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